Kevin Murphy Angel Wash: The Best Shampoo For Fine, Coloured Hair

If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me I’m lucky to have fine hair, I’d be have enough money to buy several wigs.

If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me I’m lucky to have fine hair, I’d be have enough money to buy several wigs. Why wigs? Because that’s what us thin-locked gals crave – body, height and general lusciousness. Things those with thick hair simply take for granted!

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash


Inspired by said wigs, KEVIN.MURPHY has set about helping fine, dry or colour-treated strands with Angel.Wash. The fruit of Australia’s favourite celebrity hairdresser’s travels around the globe, this nourishing shampoo sets the standards in home haircare.

What are the Benefits of Kevin Murphy Angel Wash?


  • It has a low-foam formula that doesn’t strip colour
  • Hair is protected and treated, while gently cleansed
  • Ingredients include grapefruit oil, angelica root, papaya, kelp, bergamot mint, white camphor, lime and niaouli
  • It’s so delicate it’s suitable for hair affected by long-term medication use
  • There are no parabens or sulphates
  • The scent is absolutely divine – a lolly shop in a bottle!


How to Use Kevin Murphy Angel Wash?


  1.  Wet hair thorough and dispense a 20 cent piece-sized amount of KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Wash into your palms.
  2.  Massage the product into your hair and scalp. Rinse, and repeat if desired.

How to Use Kevin Murphy Angel Wash


Kevin Murphy Angel Wash Reviews


“I have super super super fine hair that is weighed down by absolutely everything. I bought this last October and have only just had to repurchase (5 months use).  This stuff is amazing. Doesn’t weigh my hair down but still manages to moisturise it. I’m finding now I’m needing to wash my hair less and it’s not as greasy!” – Ash

“I have blonde brittle hair and found this shampoo excellent. I have to use two lathers when my hair is quite oily but it does a great job. Smells divine. Doesn’t leave my hair too tangled. Definitely recommend!” – Eden M

Expert's Tip: Use Angel Wash for Chemically Lightened Hair


If you’ve got the double whammy of thin AND chemically lightened hair, opt for KEVIN.MURPHY Blonde.Angel.Wash. Designed specifically for all shades of fair or grey locks, it keeps brassiness at bay while enhancing your colour. Winning!



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