Best Kevin Murphy Hair Products for Men

Looking after your hair shouldn’t be a full-time job. After shampooing and conditioning in the shower, getting out the door and gulping down a coffee usually takes priority over spending ages in front of the mirror. Of course, looking good takes care and attention. But with the right hairstyling products, you needn’t spend ages getting the job done.

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The Kevin Murphy range has made hairstyling for men a breeze. Whether you want a cool look for a boys’ night out, are a serious hairstylist in training, or are just a guy with a mirror and no clue, there’s a paste, a spray, and a hair wax to get your ‘do the way you want it, fast. From a Timothée Chalamet tousled, undone vibe to a high-rise quiff with a slick fade, hair products for men that suit your style are available in abundance.

If you’re new to this haircare game, the first thing you want to do is work out the texture of your hair. Curly, straight, rough, fine, frizzy, or barely there—once you know what you’re working with, you can stock up on Kevin Murphy products accordingly.

If you have fine hair, you’re going to want to build up some body and give each strand some texture, starting at the scalp and roots. If it’s a long-hair look you crave, maximising your shine and keeping it looking healthy should be a priority. Those with enviable curly hair should avoid anything that’s gonna give hair a crunch.

From texturising paste for short hair to the best styling products for men’s wavy hair, you can start to maintain your mop accordingly once you’ve got your kit in order. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. Effortless, quick, functional, and always useful, every product in the Kevin Murphy collection will help you style your fine hair with ease.

There’s no doubt about it: Kevin Murphy Night Rider Paste is a must-have product for men who love a strong look. KEVIN.MURPHY Night.Rider is a workable, easy-to-mould men’s styling paste. Perfect for men who have short hair, this paste lets you achieve a high-rising quiff that lasts all day. It won’t leave any residue on the hair, and you can use it on damp or just-about-dry hair. Named ‘Night Rider’ because it keeps your look on lock all through the night, this texture paste will add volume to your hair without weighing it down.

Perfect for creating a rough, matte texture that works well on short, choppy locks, the paste can be used to create height, spikes, or something a little more slicked back. With a revolutionary firm hold, KEVIN.MURPHY Night.Rider Texture Paste helps seal moisture into the hair with Beeswax, which also keeps hair looking shiny. Boronia, which is indigenous to Australia and grows only in Victoria, combines with Grapefruit and Tangerine to give the product an invigorating scent. Tangerine Peel works to keep your hair shiny. The paste is water-soluble and perfect for all hair types. Use this product for a night out, and you won’t experience any flakiness or crunchiness.

Kevin Murphy Rough Rider clay gives the hair supreme texture and effortless volume. The perfect product for creating rough, ready, and defined matte looks, KEVIN.MURPHY Rough.Rider contains Sandalwood Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Diatomaceous Earth. This nourishing blend supports hair from the roots. Soya Bean provides moisturising strength, and Golden Bamboo keeps the hair soft and shiny. This formula can be applied to damp or dry hair and has a matte, moist finish. Perfect for all hair types, this styling clay offers volume all along the strands and adds texture to the ends.

To achieve the matte, voluminous look you crave, work KEVIN.MURPHY Rough.Rider between your palms to warm it up. Once it’s warm, you can easily work the clay through your mop. It isn’t always easy to choose the best curly hair products for men, but this is one of them. If you have curly hair and want some volume and separation, apply Rough Rider to freshly washed, wet hair. If you want to create texture on fine hair, apply the product sparingly to dry hair. This formula is a strong-hold matte clay, perfect for creating volume and adding definition. Use in the morning when you want a lasting big hair look with minimal effort.

Kevin Murphy Night Rider vs Rough Rider?

While at first glance they might seem similar, in reality, KEVIN.MURPHY Night.Rider Texture Pasteand KEVIN.MURPHY Rough.Rider create very different looks. Night Rider is oil-free and gives the hair a wax-like finish. Perfect for creating spiky textures looks or a quiff that lasts all day, Night Rider is a paste that sets the hair quickly.

On the other hand, Rough Rider works to give the hair a more voluminous look and features oils to keep the hair moisturised. This is a great men’s hair product for frizzy hair. The product won’t make the hair look shiny, but instead creates a matte, moist finish. Perfect for building fine hair out and giving it a bit of body, this product can be used on slightly longer locks for a textured but defined, flexible look. Rough Rider is ideal for when you want to work a big hair look with minimal effort.

This leave in thickening treatment is designed for men struggling with hair loss. Using Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, an ingredient used in eyelash thickening products, this formula works to plump up the hair for a visibly fuller effect. This peptide formula also helps to seal the cuticle while deeply conditioning the hair, adding strength, shine and extra vitality. The fine mist this product deposits is easy to spray all over the head making this product simple to use. We recommend using KEVIN.MURPHY THICK.AGAIN product regularly with every wash, concentrating it on the roots and scalp, to stimulate hair growth.

A Limited Edition Value Set
A Limited Edition Value Set

Some gift ideas are best kept to yourself! This KEVIN.MURPHY Night Balancing Pack is valued at almost $80 and features an essential hair-styling duo. Super affordable, this is the ideal pack for someone looking to get into a new haircare routine. Featuring a full-sized shampoo and a texturising paste, the set lets you create the looks you crave with minimal effort.

This antioxidant-rich shampoo protects the hair to prevent damage. Great for daily use, this softening formula won’t strip the hair but will add body and shine. The sulphate-free formula is perfect for normal-to-oily hair and promotes healthy hair growth and strong locks.

Perfect for a choppy style, this texturising paste gives short hair a rough, matte texture. Offering firm hold, Night Rider keeps the hair moisturised and your style stuck for as long as you want. The weightless formula won’t drag your look down. Work into the hair for a night out with the boys.

If you’re a guy with a new look in mind, it’s worth getting stuck into some Kevin Murphy products. From styling pastes that hold your look in place to shampoos and conditioners that make your daily maintenance easy and pleasant, there’s a quick and easy solution for every hair type.

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Quick recap! What are the Best Kevin Murphy Hair Products for Men?
  1. 1. Volumising Texture Paste
  2. 2. A Strong Hold, Matte Clay
  3. 3. Thickening Treatment to Stimulate Hair Growth
  4. 4. A Limited Edition Value Set
    • KEVIN.MURPHY Night Balancing Pack
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