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Conditioner is one of the most important steps in your haircare routine. It will lock in moisture, help to detangle, add shine and nourish. It’s vital to always use the conditioner that's right for your hair. To choose a KEVIN.MURPHY rinse that is right for you, first consider your hair type and what you want to achieve.

Which KEVIN.MURPHY conditioner is the best for dry and fragile hair?

If your hair is brittle, opt for KEVIN.MURPHY SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE (Previously LUXURY.RINSE) or the HYDRATE-ME.RINSE -  you'll notice increased silkiness and moisturisation right away. Dry and fragile hair will be a thing of the past with these deeply nourishing conditioners. 

My hair is fine - which KEVIN.MURPHY conditioner should I use?

Designed just for fine hair, you’ll love KEVIN.MURPHY ANGEL.RINSE and BLONDE.ANGEL. Delicate, and without any sulphates or parabens, this moisture-rich conditioner protects against colour fade and repairs damage. The low-foaming blend is loaded with fruit extracts, proteins and antioxidants, for your most nourished strands ever.

Which KEVIN.MURPHY conditioner should I use for damaged, thicker hair?

If you have medium to thick hair that is damaged or experiencing breakage, the KEVIN.MURPHY REPAIR.ME.RINSE will help rid of your worries. Filled with shea butter and aloe vera, your hair will be protected and nourished for increased manageability and a lovely shine.

I want to protect my hair from the damages of ageing - which KEVIN.MURPHY is right for me?

If your hair is ageing, try KEVIN.MURPHY YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE, to strengthen and rejuvenate each strand. It's like a time machine for your hair!

Which KEVIN.MURPHY conditioner is the best for thin hair?

For thin hair, you can't go past KEVIN.MURPHY PLUMPING.RINSE for amazing height, body and lusciousness.

How to use KEVIN.MURPHY hair rinses/conditioners:

Apply a small amount to freshly washed hair on the mid-lengths and ends, leave for 1-2 minutes then rinse. For optimal results, use following a KEVIN.MURPHY wash.

Why choose Kevin Murphy?

 All KEVIN.MURPHY hair rinses are cruelty-free and made of natural ingredients that are both sustainable and renewable. All KEVIN.MURPHY conditioners are free from sulphates and therefore safe to use on coloured hair.

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KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse
KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse

This brings the volume

The wash plumps the hair but for me it pushes it too close to frizzy! Other styling products would be need in conjunction to this product.


This conditioner really makes my hair feel great. So hydrating and smells amazing
KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.RinseKEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Rinse
KEVIN.MURPHY Hydrate-Me.Rinse


Purchased in a set with the shampoo this is a great hydrating conditioner with a lovely scent. I find it smooths frizzy dry hair as it’s very hydrating without making hair heavy and limp. If you were washing your hair daily this could end up being expensive but a great treatment a few times a week. Highly recommended for over processed dry or damaged hair.

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