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Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Bain Shampoo 250ml 250ml

4.5 of 149 reviews


4 instalments of $11.00

Or 4 instalments of $11.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $11.00

Or 4 instalments of $11.00 with LEARN MORE

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Is this for you?

A strengthening, restorative shampoo that helps hair reach new lengths.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Breakage and split ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Bain Shampoo 250ml

Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Bain Shampoo 250ml

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Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Bain Shampoo 250ml Reviews

4.5 of 149 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great result when paired with the Extentioniste Conditioner.


I was pleased with the results I got from washing my hair with this Kerastase Shampoo. I paired it with the Extentioniste Bain Conditioner which is why I feel I got such brilliant results. I will continue using it for the improvement in my hair health.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but not Great!


Whilst Kerastase is a quality brand by far, I found this shampoo to be under-performing. Whilst the smell is amazing I found nearly every wash took at least 3 shampoo's to even produce a mild lather. Hair feels somewhat dry afterwards and never really clean. It just doesn't cut the mustard.
  1. So drying! Not for fine bleached hair


    The smell is pleasant but I am not enjoying this product range. I have long, fine bleached hair and after using this shampoo, I’m unable to even run my fingers through my hair. It’s very drying with the SLS and since it’s not cruelty free and full of the “nasties”, it’s hard to understand why people rave about this brand. A lot of the ingredients are harsh on the hair, I think this may be better s...
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  2. Not sure


    I was so excited to try this because of the hype as my hair is looking so dull and fragile lately, but this hasn’t given me the results I was hoping for. I can get the same results from a drugstore shampoo, and my hair is not strengthened if anything it feels dryer since using this. It’s too overpriced and nothing special! Sorry
  3. smells amazing


    This is an excellent product that smells amazing and effectively shampoos. However I'm not sure it's worth the high price tag as other cheaper shampoos are just as effective.
  4. Underwhelming


    I know this is a holy-grail product for lots of people but it missed the mark for me. My hair is thin with oily roots and dry mid-lengths and ends. I was hoping this product would help strengthen my hair but if anything, it felt drier and harder to manage. On the plus side, it smells beautiful.
  5. not for oily hair


    I have oiily hair and I found out this shampoo not a great choice for me, it smells alright.
  6. Great result when paired with the Extentioniste Conditioner.


    I was pleased with the results I got from washing my hair with this Kerastase Shampoo. I paired it with the Extentioniste Bain Conditioner which is why I feel I got such brilliant results. I will continue using it for the improvement in my hair health.
  7. Nice smelling shampoo


    It smells and feels fancy, which is what I was after but I'm not sure whether I've noticed a massive difference in the health of my hair or scalp. I've been using it with the conditioner and it has lasted me a while but still not sure whether it's worth repurchasing.
  8. Worth splurging


    Great product that delivers results. Worth adding to cart
  9. Great for hair the breaks


    Great high quality shampoo for hair that prone to breakage! Hair feels and smells great after use. I followed this up with the conditioner and mask
  10. Not for me


    I have used this Shampoo together with same series conditioner. I was hoping to see the difference in my hair that had split ends and just didn’t want to grow long. Unfortunately I feel like it didn’t do much to my hair. It feels bit drying too so I discontinued using it. Lots of better options on the market.
  11. Best shampoo to protect and love your hair


    I always buy more- I have coloured hair, between using colour enhancing conditioner or shampoos I use this, my hair is so much healthier, I have NO split ends, and I have had blue to pink to orange hair
  12. Lovely shampoo


    Great smell, great texture. It makes my hair feel very soft. Will have to use for a bit longer to see its repairing abilities.
  13. Great for my hair


    I have been using this shampoo for more than a month with the conditioner and I really like it, it smells great and my hair is so soft and shinny afterwards. I will probably purchase it again.
  14. Amazing for dry hair


    I am so impressed with this shampoo. I have long dry hair, and find that my hair usually feels a bit limp and dry after washing however I can shampoo ( without conditioner even!) and my hair feels so much softer and way less dry. I feel as though the thickness of my hair has improved greatly too!
  15. Shinny and strong hair


    It’s my second bottle for the Shampoo and Conditioner, certainly not disappoint. Makes my hair soft but bouncy and I realised after the first bottle of using shampoo and conditioner I have less hair loss ( I could tell from my paddle brush ). Love the smell, little bit overpriced but wouldn’t stop me from buying it as it worked as what it say it would :)
  16. Helpful


    I can definitely see an improvement for my dry and damaged hair. Great product.
  17. Love This Shampoo! Great for Damaged Hair!


    This shampoo by Kerastase is incredible! My hair is quite dry and brittle from being bleached and heat-treated so I am always looking for products that can improve the quality and softness of my hair. My hairdresser recommended this product and I am so glad she did! My hair is so much healthier after using Kerastase and I won't use anything else! 5 Stars!
  18. best Shampoo


    Kerastase is such a great brand ! this shampoo is great, really helps me to improve the quality of my hair, and you can notice the difference just after one use.
  19. Good but not Great!


    Whilst Kerastase is a quality brand by far, I found this shampoo to be under-performing. Whilst the smell is amazing I found nearly every wash took at least 3 shampoo's to even produce a mild lather. Hair feels somewhat dry afterwards and never really clean. It just doesn't cut the mustard.
  20. My go to shampoo


    I purchased this shampoo again after trying to Kerastase Extentioniste 123 pack. After trying a new hairdresser who over processed the foils in my hair, I was left with so much breakage and loss of length. This shampoo is so gentle on my hair, it doesn’t leave it feeling dry, and you only need the smallest amount. I now use regularly with the masque treatment in Extentioniste, and my hair has hone...
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  21. Love it


    I am a huge fan of Kerastase products and this shampoo is no exception. It smells fantastic and really made my hair feel so soft and nourished. I have dry, curly long hair and really want something to help with breakage. I loved this paired with the conditioner and the serum.
  22. Disappointing


    I have fine hair that usually is fast growing but for last 12months has slowed down. So I was excited to try this to see would it make a difference. It's made a difference alright but not a positive one. It made my scalp very itchy, my hair would get super greasy quickly and even started getting pimples on my scalp. Disappointing for the price and considering other reviews that gave the opposite e...
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  23. Nice


    Gives a nice deep clean, my hair gets oily super easily and I find this helps to get rid of it! Really nice.
  24. Didn’t work for me


    Positives - smells amazing.
    Negatives - I found it quite drying, and didn’t see any improvement in strength or texture.
  25. Great


    Such a nice shampoo, works well makes my hair feel so clean without stripping got completely. Love the smell.
  26. Great Shampoo


    My hair is dry and curly and this is the only shampoo that doesn't leave my hair feeling like straw before I use conditioner. This shampoo also leaves my scalp feeling really clean and fresh.
  27. believe the reviews


    My bleached blonde hair is feels smooth and more alive after using this - and I've only used this for 3 washes so far. Wish I would have just purchased this sooner! It is pricey, but a little goes a long way and I only wash my hair 3 times a week.
    Not overly perfumed either.
  28. Excellent


    Another excellent product. Not as thick as the next erosion level up but does leave hair feeling thicker and more nourished. Has definitely minimised breakage. Excellent product.
  29. Incredible scent!!


    I have long, fine, curly hair so finding a shampoo which works for me has been a challenge. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this product!
    First off the scent is incredible! Secondly, I found that just a small 10 cent sized blob was more than enough product, so the bottle has lasted me a long time and justified the more expensive price point. I did however find that in order to get a ...
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  30. Great for strengthening weak/brittle hair


    I love this product to help reduce breakage caused by heat styling and other environmental factors. I have dry brittle hair that is constantly breaking and I found that this product helped to reduce breakage significantly. I definitely recommend it.
  31. Will never use anything else!


    I purchased the entire range as soon as it was released and have gone on to buy them all several times, which is big for me because I like to change things up and try different products. I LOVE THIS RANGE and it does everything it says.
    I was suffering from some hair loss due to stress and after starting this shampoo and conditioner I noticed a Significant decline in the amount of hair that...
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  32. I keep coming back


    I experienced noticeable growth while using this. I have been most recently using Shu Uemura products but am going back onto this and the accompanying conditioner, I think that says a lot.
  33. Great shampoo


    I use this shampoo with the Extentioniste conditioner and it's great! It leaves my hair feeling so clean, shiny and smooth - and what I especially love, is that it doesn't leave my fine hair looking limp. It's too early to tell whether it's strengthening my hair but I definitely recommend this shampoo.
  34. shine shine shine


    Lovely shampoo. I have fine hair that gets oily extremely fast in winter time and this has been nice to use. I can't say that I have seen any miracles in my hair but it definitely smells amazing and does give some great shine and bounce. I am very fussy when it comes to hair products as I have found that some can leave an oily residue or leave my hair limp, I did not have any issues with this part...
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  35. pretty good


    I have loved using this shampoo, I probably won't rebuy just because it isn't what my hair needs but it is a great shampoo and I would definitely recommend for people wanting to strengthen and grow out their hair
  36. Nice shampoo


    I can’t say that this made a dramatic difference to my hair growth but it is definitely a quality product that helped with the overall condition of my hair. I can never fault kerastase products!
  37. Very good


    Really good shampoo. Using the conditioner as well, I am pleased to say I can see a difference in my short fine, getting thinner hair. It is definitely worth the money.
  38. Nice shampoo


    This is a nice shampoo. Smells great and does it’s job but I’m just not sure this amount of $$ should be spent on a shampoo?
  39. meh


    it is a nice shampoo but wouldn't say it did anything for length or longevity of hair beyond other high quality products.
  40. Great shampoo


    I love this shampoo. I’ve been using this product for a while and find that All I need is about two 20 cent pieces of the shampoo to clean my now close to waist length hair. Like all the products in this rang it has a great smell and it doesn’t affect my hypersensitive scalp. Definitely recommend even for the price.
  41. Must try for Dandruff suffers


    This shampoo is instantly cooling on the scalp and doesn't leave the scalp itchy after use. It's only been my first wash and it has *ALMOST* got rid of any flakeyness.
  42. Smells great - Salon Quality


    I was recomended this Shampoo from my hairdresser. It's perfect for my hair type and it smells great.
  43. Healthy Hair


    I purchased this product hoping it would help with hair growth and after using it for a month my hair is definitely looking and feeling a lot healthier, have not seen any growth as of yet but still hopeful as it has only been a month
  44. Really great shampoo


    Made my hair feel super healthy!
  45. Unbelievable how good this Shampoo is - Love it


    I have very fine straight hair. My hair used to break all the time. This Shampoo has helped me so much. I started using it every day for a month and then to just twice weekly and it has helped my split ends, my hair is stronger and it feels amazing to touch. Highly recommend it.
  46. Impressed


    The shampoo smells delicious and is very moisturising (I use it in conjunction with the rest of the line). I feel as though I already have less breakage and my hair feels considerably better to touch. I still have as much natural fall out though, so I don’t believe it retains hair any better than normal. Also of note, my hair is normally wavy and has some frizz but when using the line it tends to ...
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  47. LOVE


    Took me a while to commit to this because of the price but I'm so glad I did! My hair feels so amazing every time I use this and its helping me grow it so quickly! Love the smell & packaging as well - makes me feel like I'm at the hairdresser
  48. Amazing!


    Brilliant set of products! This is great to hydrate, repair and doesn't weigh you down!
  49. Great product


    I have been using kerastase for a while now and won’t go back. I believe this has helped my hair grow longer. Also use it in conjunction with the purple shampoo pair.
  50. Made my hair thick and healthy


    Love this shampoo. A little big goes a long way so it lasts forever. Goes super foamy and makes my hair feel nice and clean. I noticed a difference in how healthy my hair looks and feels. Love it!
  51. Great shampoo


    Cleans well, smells amazing, lightweight and foams up really well! (Also works well on my tape & weft extensions although I don't know if that is necessarily recommended!)
    It's a must in conjunction with the rest of the extensioniste range
  52. One of the best shampoos


    Really love this shampoo! I bought this and the conditioner in an effort to thicken the baby hairs at my temples and to protect my hair when I’m styling. After about 2 months I noticed that the hair is thicker and healthier. The shampoo smells nice and works well into the hair. I’d definitely recommend this product.
  53. The best shampoo ever.


    Awesome product and smells very nice. Positive experience... I'd buy again for sure.
  54. Good product


    A little bit goes a long way! Always used Kevin Murphy and this is better in my opinion, doesn't weigh your hair down and my split ends are gone!!! So good
  55. Its ok


    For the price I don't think this product is the best on the market, but it's a nice cleaning shampoo.
  56. Great


    This stuff is great, my hair is pretty thin and find most shampoos weigh my it down, but this stuff makes my hair feel light and clean.
  57. Love Kerastase!!


    I love this shampoo and have used it for a while now! Not only does it smell devine but it keeps my hair healthy and smooth and lasts longer between washes!
  58. Must have to grow hair!


    This is a must-have product if you'd like to grow your hair. I'm using it with the rest of Extentioniste range and see amazing results.
  59. Kerastase


    It seals your split ends, and leaves your hair feeling silky, soft, lightweight. This shampoo has restored my hair after a few weeks of using this. my dry, hair become manageable, healthy and shiny.
  60. Lovely


    This is definitely one of the best shampoos I have ever used. It has excellent clarifying properties, it is light and fortifying to the hair shaft - and it smells lovely. I would recommend it again and again - this is not my first purchase. Highest rating.
  61. Not sure about helping with length yet but...

    Little goes a long way

    I use this with the conditioner in the same range and I love how my hair is felt feeling. This is such a lux product, I recommend!!
  62. Shampoo


    This shampoo worked ok to clean my hair but I didn't notice any improvements worth it's pricetag.

    I have thin fine hair prone to oiliness and found I needed to wash every second day or it was a greasy mess. The light scent was good for those who don't like heavily perfumed products.
  63. I love this shampoo, great for damaged hair.

    debbie p. via BeautyCrew.com

    I love this shampoo, great for damaged hair. This shampoo was recommended by my hairdresser as my coloured hair was lacking shine and strength. After using this product my hair is now stronger, healthier and shinier. The consistency is thick and creamy and smells lovely. Easy to use, it lathers well and rinses clear. The packaging is lovely and the product lasts a long time so great value for mone...
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  64. As all Kerastase products, this shampoo is also exceptional.

    A K. via BeautyCrew.com

    As all Kerastase products, this shampoo is also exceptional. I noticed a difference in my damaged hair after one use.There was a change in the texture, shine and strength of my hair. I loved the pleasant fragrance of this shampoo and I liked that it had adequate lather to make you feel like you were giving your hair a good wash. I think that this shampoo made my hair less frizzy as I believe a lot...
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  65. Best shampoo


    This is the best range of shampoo I have ever used. It's pricey, but if you can afford it, I would highly recommend it. I tried for a long time to grow my hair but the split ends meant I had to keep cutting it. After using this, I've grown my hair to halfway down my back and get so many compliments. I have fine, straight hair. This range give me body and shine. It really works!
  66. very moisturizing


    This really helped my dry ends and made my hair nice and silky plus its quite a reasonable price.
  67. Bye breakage


    It seals all your split ends, and leaves your hair feeling silky, soft, lightweight and bouncy. This shampoo has completely restored my hair.After a few weeks of using this my dry, brittle hair become manageable, healthy and shiny.
  68. It works


    I can definitely see improvements in my hair using this in addition to the other Kerastase shampoo. Mainly my hair is not shedding. I usually have clumps of hair after washing and shampooing my hair. I can definitely notice a difference. In addition to taking supplements for my hair. I wish it was a bit more affordable. But it does last due to concentration
  69. Hair of a goddess


    I used to have super thick, shiny hair but with hormonal issues, one of the side effects is hair loss.... My hair became brittle, dull and quite fine. This shampoo, along with the matching conditioner has made my hair feel like it used to again. 5 stars
  70. Hair of a goddess


    I used to have super thick, shiny hair but with hormonal issues, one of the side effects is hair loss.... My hair became brittle, dull and quite fine. This shampoo, along with the matching conditioner has made my hair feel like it used to again. 5 stars
  71. Great for repairing!

    Bronte M

    There were definitely pros and cons to this shampoo (along with the matching masque).
    I found that it really helped strengthen and repair my hair! However, keep in mind that this is not a hydrating or nourishing range. It's really important to use something to help with that post washing your hair, before drying. Before I blow dried my hair I would use my Olaplex No6 (bond smoother) to help ...
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  72. I Love Kerastase

    IK, Surry Hills

    I’ve been working my way through the Kerastase range, and feel that my hair is definitely stronger with less breakage! I have used the Resistance Extentioniste Shampoo & Conditioner a couple of times now, and it has given me beautiful shine with a lovely bouncy, thick, definition to it - without having to do much more than just washing it. I love how the product gives a thick lather by just using ...
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  73. Smells divine


    Started using this shampoo a few months ago and I love it! Cleans my hair without needing too much or being too squeaky! Smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling soft.
  74. Perfect for thick fine hair


    Love this range from kerastase! Keeps my thick fine hair shines and sleek and healthy. Love it!
  75. Disaster


    It is a disaster for my scalp but a friend liked this product.....
  76. Awful


    This makes my hair feel dry and tangled. I don't like this brand at all and think there are much better brands on the market.
  77. Love it


    I’ve been using this shampoo for a while now and I love it. It’s helped repair my hair which has been damaged from heating products and bleaching. It’s helped my hair grow and leaves it feeling light and soft. Definitely worth the money
  78. It leaves my hair tangled


    Im not sure about the hair growing part, but for me a shampoo has to have it all. Help woth damamge and also be nourishing. I guess it wasn’t for me. I need something with more nutrition.
  79. Good cleanse


    I like this shampoo however it is not my favourite, I have used for almost a year but don't find it hydrating enough, I have just purchased the pink one to compare
  80. Life Changing Shampoo

    Caitlin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I cannot rate this product and range highly enough!! This stuff is seriously amazing and worth every single penny! I have naturally straight hair that normally is healthy and grows quite quickly.. But in the last year or so it has started to break and snap due to excessive heat damage (curling my hair without a heat protectant almost daily..). I started using the shampoo and conditioner from this ...
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  81. You get what you pay for


    Originally recommended by a hairdresser this shampoo over a period of 8-9 months has taken my hair to badly over processed to hair that is silky smooth, soft and in really great condition. My hair has also grown about 10-15cm in that time. One bottle lasted me approximately 6-7 months with shoulder length hair. Definitely a product to try if you are interested in long term hair health and one that...
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  82. The best


    Love this brand! The smell is beautiful, l have a full head of foils in my hair and this product leaves my hair soft and manageable.
  83. Love


    Made my damaged hair feel so much stronger after a few washes. Smells amazing
  84. repeat purchase for my favorite shampoo


    This is by far the best shampoo that I have ever used on my blonde hair. It has completely restored my hair to be soft, beautiful, and smooth ends. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been. This is a repeat purchase and something that I will continue to buy over and over. Highly recommend this!
  85. Staple shampoo


    Has greatly increased the growth of my heavily foiled blonde hair. Like all Kerastae products this shampoo has kept my hair soft, tangle free, and smelling fresh.
  86. Improved my hair


    Such an amazing shampoo from Kerastase that majorly improved the condition of my hair, especially after dying it blonde quite a few times. I would recommend this shampoo to hydrate dry and brittle hair.
  87. Great for damaged hair!


    this kerastase shampoo is great for chemically damaged hair! dry brittle bits due to over coloring or straightening!
  88. Fine damaged hair


    I have short, very fine and damaged hair. I have noticed a great improvement after using this shampoo. My hair is starting to grow stronger and ive noticed that I had less damage after using heat tools as well. This shampoo is worth the price tag!
  89. Best shampoo


    Effective and gentle cleanse is achieved and leaves the hair feeling strengthened and nourished.
  90. Nice


    A great shampoo. Makes my hair feel amazing and love the scent
  91. worth it


    This product has saved my hair, I have bleached hair and was previously in bad condition and had to chop it into a bob, I've been using this for about 4 months now and I've noticed such a difference my hair is growing healthier and much faster
  92. Did not make my hair grow BUT SO MUCH STRONGER


    This shampoo took me some time to get used to. Usually I use the Kerastase Balancing Shampoo for my oily roots, this shampoo made my scalp a little dry and itchy for the first week but later on, I got used to it. It has not made my hair grow longer, I used the mask and the conditioned too but instead my hair stopped falling out and has made my hair much stronger over 3 months. Definately recommend...
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  93. Magic


    This is magic in a bottle. After only one use my hair was noticeably stronger and shines like never before. Highly recommend
  94. Amazing!!


    Such an amazing product range, my hair has grown so much and feel so unbelievably healthy!! Highlight recommend!!
  95. Another great Kerastase product


    I switched over to this range from Densifique as I've got a head full of split ends after a European summer trip. I was pleasantly surprised with this shampoo, it's not too heavy as some lengthening shampoos can be. I think it may be the protein content, but I find my hair tends to look 'dirty' faster than it did with Densifique, so I have to be disciplined about washing.
  96. Not 100% Sold


    I've heard great reviews of this shampoo making your hair grow longer. I definitely did see hair growth, but also found it quite drying on my ends.
    I have dyed blonde hair and even with the use of a rich conditioner, my hair has definitely dried out.
    Giving this another try, potentially only using it once a fortnight.
    Would recommend to brunettes as a shampoo.
  97. No complaints


    This is a solid shampoo and I have no complaints. I've been using it for almost a year now. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, but have noticed my hair feels dry lately (could be the winter weather).

    My hair is wavy/curly and I still have issues with frizz, so I'll be trying a different Kerastase product.
  98. I love this!!!


    I am loving this amazing shampoo, it lathers well and is easy to use, smells great, and really makes my hair feel silky. I have fine, long, bleach damaged hair so I am trying to restore its health, and this is making a big improvement!
  99. Changed my hair


    I was ready to cut all my hair off before I started using this.
    It has honed in my unhealthy bleached hair to feeling more sleek and nourished.
    Love it and so glad to have finally found something to stay with permanently.
  100. Protein!!


    Have been using this range since there is such great reviews, but when i went back to my hairdresser she told me it had so much protein in it, you cant use it more than once a week! Do still love the range, but be careful.
  101. Review & Earn
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