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Jane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm SPF15 UVA/UVB ++

4.2 of 64 reviews

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4 instalments of $7.43

Or 4 instalments of $7.43 with LEARN MORE

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Two new shades of Jane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm SPF15 UVA/UVB ++ are here to protect your lips. The colour Sheer hydrates the lips with a barely there sheen, while Buff and Crush give just a touch of healthy colour to brighten your face.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free
  • Has SPF

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GREAT - 80% recommend

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Jane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm SPF15 UVA/UVB ++ Reviews

4.2 of 64 reviews

80% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A staple balm!


I have been a regular of this product for some time now & it is something that I always have on me at all times. I use the Buff colour after having tried the other colours & love the colour, the look & the feel on the lip. This balm is so hydrating and nourishing it really lives up to its name.

Most Helpful Criticism

Like it but a bit pricey


It gives a nice sheer tint with seem hydration. I like that it also has SPF. Not sure if I would repurchase though as it is too expensive for me.
  1. Nice balm with SPF


    It does moisturize my lips, unscented, but to be honest, nothing special for the lip balm. I will choose the other brand
  2. Like it


    It feels so smooth, moist and soft on your lips. My lips get very dry in winter so this has been a life saver.
  3. Buff


    Nice moisturising balm, lovely light lemon scent, good depth of natural colour and quality packaging... The only downside for me is it takes a few moments to sink into the contours of your lips, maybe would have preferred a tube so I can control the amount and use the heat of my fingers to melt it in.
  4. Nice but pricey


    I wouldn't normally spend this much on a lip balm but I loved the sample I received a while back so I splashed out on the 'sheer' and 'pout' when they were on sale. I love the fresh and natural lemon smell and end up applying it far more often than necessary just for a hit of lemon. I don't notice much of a taste with it, more waxy than lemon, but it's not unpleasant. The pout shade is barely n...
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  5. Nice lip balm


    I received the sample of this in the sheer. It was hydrating and felt nice on the lips. It has a nice scent and finish on the lips - not sticky or thick. It was easy to apply and the hydration lasted for a couple of hours. I've heard great reviews of the pink one so I'll try that next.
  6. Smells amazing


    I received a sample of this (sheer)and I do love it, it smells and tastes amazing and I love that it isn’t super glossy and gets all over anything I put in my mouth, but I’m still working up the rationale of spending this much on essentially a chap stick. I’m sure I will buy it eventually though.
  7. A staple balm!


    verified purchaser
    I have been a regular of this product for some time now & it is something that I always have on me at all times. I use the Buff colour after having tried the other colours & love the colour, the look & the feel on the lip. This balm is so hydrating and nourishing it really lives up to its name.
  8. Lovely!


    I absolutely love this lip balm in sheer. It tastes amazing like fresh but sweet lemons. I have also tried buff which is a great sheer brown colour for everyday however it is not as moisturizing as the sheer. For that reason I would buy sheer again but not buff.
  9. Hydrating AF


    I was planning my trip to Japan and decided to splurge on this lip balm and I'm glad I did. It was so hydrating and gives a nice sheer wash of colour which is exactly what I wanted. The added SPF is a great bonus
  10. Amazing lip balm


    I received a sample of this lip balm and absolutely loved it. The formula is amazing. It's so smooth and taste delicious. I didn't think I would be willing to spend $30 on a lip balm but I actually think this is worth it
  11. like it


    i apply it overnight before bedtime and is still got the moisturizing feeling in the morning but on the pricey side.
  12. Summer necessity


    I’ve been loving this during the warmer months! Gives my lips hydration and protects them while giving a bit of colour.
  13. Super hydrating lip balm


    I got the sample size of this and it has almost run out so I've just ordered the full size since I now can't live without it!! Makes my lips feel so smooth and hydrated. Best lip balm I've used.
  14. Nice!


    Really nice everyday balm for a splash of colour and SPF. I have the Berry and it has a pretty good payoff
  15. Good lip balm


    Best lip balm for dry lips, very hydrating and moisturising. love using this before bed to keep my lips hydrated. stops my lips from chapping. Adds nice natural glow to lips
  16. Great product but too rich for my blood


    I bought this in buff which is a very versatile shade. I like having a lip balm that is a mineral spf and not super glossy. It’s a good all rounder but I won’t repurchase as the cost is too high for me for a lip balm. Good if you’re looking for a no-risk spendy though!
  17. Not bad


    It’s okay! I like it! I have been using it but don’t reach for it like some of the other products I have at home.
  18. Sheer


    Sheer tint with hydration for chapped lips. Great alternative to lipstick in winter - doesn't flake or crumble off.
  19. Like it but a bit pricey


    It gives a nice sheer tint with seem hydration. I like that it also has SPF. Not sure if I would repurchase though as it is too expensive for me.
  20. Moisture with a great colour!


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  21. Good for chapped lips


    Very hydrating lip tint that gives a nice wash of colour.
  22. The perfect Nude


    I love the JI Lip drinks, such a subtle colour with a creamy finish. My lips always feel smooth when using this, plus it adds just a touch of colour for those days when you can't be bothered doing a full face of make up.
  23. Heals dry lips quickly


    My lips get extremely dry during winter and this balm saves me after 1 day of use. The smell is great also.
  24. No nasties, SPF lipbalm


    I wanted an SPF lip balm with limited chemicals. This ticks that box. The sheer does leave a bit of white residue so I'd go for a tinted one (I also got the Buff). Lovely sumptuous lip balm, beautiful smell & does the trick reducing the tan line on my lips. My go to luxurious SPF lip balm if you want to treat yourself. Packaging is divine!
  25. Nice lip balm with sunscreen


    a beautiful lip balm with sunscreen! a bit pricy though. If you can afford it, get it!
  26. Smells amazing, glides on.


    When I stumbled upon this product, I needed something that would hydrate my lips but not take weeks to bump them back.

    Well this is it! Although its not something I use everyday(which I probably should) it is still a great product.
  27. Great apart from the price point


    I received a sample of Sheer. First of all- the scent is DIVINE! It’s pretty hydrating and feels nice on the lips initially but I wouldn’t say it dramatically improved the dryness of my lips. Definitely not enough to justify the price point.


    I really love the tint/colour this lip balm gives my lips! I use the shade buff and it gives the a really nice natural yet rosy colour.

    Hydrating and I LOVE the smell!

    Although I would be reluctant to repurchase given the price.
  29. Lovely scent


    I received a deluxe sample of this with an order and it is lovely. It feels nourishing on my lips and smells gorgeous.
  30. Soft and smells divine!


    I received a sample of this in 'sheer' with an order... this is incredible! Doesn't feel sticky, and smooths dry lips. The lemon scent reminds me more of lemongrass.
    Will definitely be buying a full size <3
  31. An okay lip balm


    I received a sample of this in flirt. It's an okay lip balm. I wish it was a little bit more pigmented. It is somewhat moisturising, but I wish it was a little thicker.
  32. Smells amazing


    I have the sheer Lipdrink and aside from being compact, hydrating and light, it also smells glorious! I like that it leaves no gunky lip balm residue.
  33. So lovely


    I received this in a sample and would recommend it - I will be buying a bigger size for sure. It is super nourishing and leaves a lovely sheen on the lips. I love how it has UV protectors in it too - a big tick for me!
  34. Hydrating...


    I received the Sheer lip balm as a sample from Adore. The first thing I noticed when I applied the lip balm was probably the citrus smell that came from it which was pleasant and not too overpowering. I did like the texture and found it to be somewhat hydrating. The only thing I didn't like was the slight hue that it left on my lips so it was evident that you had something on. So, I guess it's not...
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  35. Smells heavenly!


    I got this as a sample in “Sheer” from a previous order and had to purchase it because it was soo moisturing on my lips and the scent smells like lemon candy/fruit tingles!! It’s addictive to put on and I will be definitely trying the other shades. Sheer leaves a nice subtle glow on your lips (natural look/nude)
  36. Lovely and nourishing


    I received a sample of this in sheer. It is lovely, and very nourishing without any tackiness. However I probably would steer towards the tinted versions if I was to purchase. The price is probably a little high for the untinted version compared to similar products.
  37. Great but too pricey


    I received a free sample of the LipDrink in Sheer (thanks, Adore!). I have dry lips so I always love receiving a new lip product and was also looking for something to wear under lipstick.
    This is a highly moisturising product and with SPF15, it's an excellent choice for daily wear. It isn't too shiny or glossy so it's perfect to wear under a matte lipstick - and I've been searching for a lip...
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  38. Handbag essential


    I bought this after being given a sample with another purchase from Adore. This is the best lip balm ever. It’s scent is pleasant and isn’t over powering and the sheer colour is just right. Lips stay hydrated hours after application. Definitely recommend to anyone who likes hydrated lips but doesn’t like applying lip balm every hour, like me!
  39. Divine smelling lipbalm


    I purchsed the BUFF colour after receiving a few samples with other items ordered at Adore.
    The balm is lovely and leaves lips softened and the added SPF is a bonus.
    To be homest- the buff colour does not show up on my lips at all- in fact I prefer the no colour sample, which left my lips quite shiny and pink.
    Its easy to apply and carry in my handbag for anytime application.
  40. smooth and hydrating


    I received a free sample of this lip balm in sheer and am pleasantly surprised. It's nice and smooth to apply and has a nice lemony taste and scent. It's definitely luxurious to use but perfect for everyday use
  41. Ok but not Amazing


    I received this is my sample pack. It’s a nice lip balm, I’ve been using it mostly at night and when I wake up my lips are nice and soft. For the price I probably wouldn’t buy it though.
  42. Smells sooo good


    I use the sheer lip balm and it feels nice, smells good and makes my lips feel healthier. Not gluggy or sticky like a lot of other lippys.
  43. Not at all worth it


    It is simply a tinted lip balm, it's formula and sheen is very comparable to the Burt's Bees tinted lip balms. I received a small sample to try and came here to buy it, but after looking at the price I will not be purchasing this.

  44. Moisturising lip balm


    I received a sample of this in the colour "Sheer" and found it to be moisturising and hydrated my lips nicely :)
  45. Sheer - good lemony smell


    I got sent a deluxe sample in 'sheer' by adore as part of a gift pack. It smells great - like old fashioned lemon drops, but that's where the good ended for me. It doesn't taste good and doesn't pack nearly enough hydrating punch for my liking. Much prefer the lanolips spf balm.
  46. the best if you can afford it


    this is my second purchase of this lip balm. Very moisturising on my lips. I love the colour and SPF protection for my lips. It is a bit pricy but totally worth it!
  47. Amazing lip balm perhaps a little pricey?


    Adore beauty send me samples which I’ll admit after researching I end up purchasing and falling in love with. Same with this lip balm in sheer. Love that it’s a stick, love that it’s not a sticky tacky finish, and even though it is sheer, gives my lips a kind of whitish tint (which I love like my cool pinks, I do not wear lipstick) however doing my price check for purchasing it not sure on the pri...
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  48. Not bad lip balm


    I have very dry lips so this wasn’t moisturizing enough for me
  49. A nice change from my usual


    I recieved a free sample of this in the sheer. Im usually a fan of lanolin for my lips but this was nice. It smells amazing and left my lips feeling pretty smooth. I also liked that it didn't leave any tint or anything on my lips.
  50. Nice


    Received this as a sample in 2 different colours and I like it. It leaves lips soft and moisturised and imparts a little hint of colour. Really good as a lipstick base.
  51. Nice every day lip balm


    Bought this in Buff for an everyday sheer nude lipbalm. The colour is very quite sheer and barely noticeable but I'm okay with this as i wanted a natural nude shade anyway. It's quite moisturising but will need reapplication every hour or so. My favourite thing about this balm is that it has the added benefit of spf which can be hard to find these days
  52. Not moisturizing enough as a lip balm


    I got the sheer version of this one as a gift with purchase. It works well under my lipstick as it is not greasy at all. However, I do not find it moisturizing enough as a lip balm - I still have flaky lips after using it.
  53. Good if you want a lip stain


    I saw a sample of the Jane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm and thought it looked and sounded good, so instead of spending a certain amount to get the free sample, I took a punt and bought a full size product. I chose the colour Crush as I thought it was the nicest colour, and being a hydrating lip balm I thought the colour would just be a sheer tint. Well, the colour is pretty, but when I applied it, it...
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  54. Super Hydrating!


    I absolutely love this lip balm! I receieved a sample size of this sheer balm and fell in love. It is so smooth and not greasy at all. My lips instantly feel soo hydrated. Will definitely be purchasing the full size when I run out.
  55. Moisture plus a hint of colour


    I love this product. In fact, it lives in my bag permanently as I often forget to put on lipstick! It's moisturising without being tacky and it's got a good amount of colour that does stay well. I also like that it's got sun protection factor, albeit would like higher SPF, but hey something is better than nothing!
    I also like how soft it makes my lips and it doesn't have a nasty taste, un...
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  56. Great Feel! Colours very subtle


    I got a free sample of the sheer lip balm and I love the feel of it and bought one in the Buff colour. It's not sticky at all and really soaks into the lips. The only thing to note I think with the colours as they are very subtle, so probably not a huge difference on which colour you chose.
  57. Great Feel! Colours very subtle


    I got a free sample of the sheer lip balm and I love the feel of it and bought one in the Buff colour. It's not sticky at all and really soaks into the lips. The only thing to note I think with the colours as they are very subtle, so probably not a huge difference on which colour you chose.
  58. My new favourite lip balm


    This is my new favourite! Very moisturising and keeps my lips soft for longer than other balms. Does not dry them out. No colour but that is ok. It is buff after all.
  59. Life changing


    Received as a sample and fell in love! I have used paw paw forever when my lips feel dry or chapped and I was happy with it. Until I used this. It is incredibly soothing, and honestly "fixes" your dry lips. I always reach for it now and barely ever use anything else. Now that I have used this product, nothing else seems to stack up against it. I am not crazy about the citrus scent but it is refres...
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  60. Really great moisturiser


    I have tried probably 15 lip balms for my really dry lips but usually find they feel waxy or heavy or smell unpleasant or don’t last well or slide off my lips. This is one of my favourites, matched only by ‘Baume de rose by terry’ which costs $80. This feels lovely and light on my lips, lasts well and doesn’t slide off, and is very moisturising. The scent is lovely, a herbal lemon myrtle type fres...
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  61. Super effective


    At first I wasn't sure the product was transferring onto my lips but I quickly realised that my lips were so dehydrated that the product was immediately sinking in.

    This product has a pleasant scent, a smooth finish and no greasy or sticky residue. A great product that does what it says.
  62. Very hydrating


    I do really like this balm, it has a very natural finish to it.
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