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innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream 50ml 50ml

4.5 of 99 reviews


4 instalments of $9.25

Or 4 instalments of $9.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.25

Or 4 instalments of $9.25 with LEARN MORE

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The all-day water bank your skin is crying out for. Featuring fresh green tea seeds from Jeju that are free from pesticides, Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream is a deep moisturising cream that leaves your skin feeling comfortable and well-hydrated.

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream 50ml Reviews

4.5 of 99 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

green tea


makes my skin feel very moisturised and smooth. I like that it feels lightweight and not greasy

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells great


Feels really nice on the skin, smells great but doesn't stick around for a long time so it's not too overpowering. Don't see much significant change to my skin though
  1. Perfect for dry skin


    My skin was going through a rough time during Australia's weather (hot and dry) which caused my dry skin to be even more dry, rough, flaky and inflamed. The cream was great in moisturising my skin, very gentle for my skin and did not cause any inflammation. A small amount can already go a long way and it's enough to last me a whole day. Definitely will buy again.
  2. green tea


    makes my skin feel very moisturised and smooth. I like that it feels lightweight and not greasy
  3. Great moisturiser


    verified purchaser
    I love how rich this moisturiser is, without feeling heavy. It makes my skin feel so lush and never oily. I find that you don't need to use too much either.
  4. Green tea seed is the secret


    Love the products! The cream is light weight and absorption to the skin quickly. I have bees trying so many products but INNISFREE products is suitable for my skin type best. Great value of money! Highly recommended #yearofinnisfree
  5. Great to use at night

    J L

    I love using this moisturiser before sleeping at night, however I wouldn't recommend it for use during the day since it is quite heavy. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. #yearofinnisfree
  6. Smells Amazing


    The smell is great and makes me look forward to doing skincare. Moisturises well without feeling too thick and heavy
  7. Amazing


    This is lightweight and not thick. It hydrates my skin well
  8. Lovely moisturiser


    Smells beautiful, skin feels very soft after use.
    Does the job. Good price for a moisturiser that performs well.
  9. Amazing Value Night Cream


    I wasn't expecting to much at this price point but thought I would give it a try. SO glad I did. I apply at night before sleep after my serums and wake up to skin that isn't crying out to be moisturized like it used to be. I think this helps to lock the serums in.
    Fragrance is pleasant and it does not leave my skin feeling greasy.
  10. Sensitive


    I love this moisturiser ! I have sensitive skin and it really does the job ! It’s light and goes so well in my skin ! It’s not a heavy cream you need to rub in ! Love love love!
    #yearofinnisfree will be filled with a lifetime supply of these for sure
  11. Best hydrating cream!


    Really hydrating for your skin without it being too thick. I've been using it for ages and have seen improvement and my skin feels way less dry. #yearofinnisfree
  12. Absolutely Tea-riffic


    Both my mother and I use this this moisturiser and it is absolutely nourishing, gentle and hydrating on the skin. We have already gone through 2 bottles each and it is absolutely worth the money. It is light on the skin and keeps my skin soft throughout the day. I use it twice daily, and it doesn’t irrste the skin. #yearofinnisfree
  13. Very nice, great scent


    This is a great product, very smooth and not gunky on the skin. Settles in well. Lovely scent. #yearofinnisfree
  14. Smooth


    Smells great, absorbs into skin really well, will buy again. Excellent value for money
  15. super light and moisturising


    Loved this cream! it's super light, moistures well and smells great. It gives my face a slightly dewy look and leaves me feeling refreshed. super happy with the product. #yearofinnisfree
  16. So hydrating and refreshing


    I love using this cream everyday - it's super soft, hydrating and smooth on my skin and lasts for the whole day!
    I use this with and without make up and it always makes my feel skin really soft and not oily. The scent is not too strong but smells really refreshing! It's a great day cream especially for the price it is
    would recommend this to others
  17. Excellent light and hydrating cream!


    The cream is great for daily moisturising and feels cool and light on the skin. The smell is good and also not too strong. We have bought this several times already and will be buying again.

  18. Perfect face cream for summer


    This cream is light but is quite moisturising so I think it is perfect for the warmer months (but people who tend to get dry skin may require something with a thicker base during winter). I can still feel the hydration from this product hours later and it works well under makeup. This is now my go to face cream!
  19. Very hydrating


    I found the green tea seed cream very hydrating and lightweight. It applies really smoothly and does not feel heavy on the skin at all. I have very dry skin, and since I started using this cream, I have seen a lot of improvement on my skin. #yearofinnisfree
  20. Great for combination skin


    First time to use innisfree's product and it exceeds my expectation. I have no more shiny T-zone around midday and my skin feels fresh after using it for a week. Very happy! #yearofinnisfree
  21. Smells great


    Feels really nice on the skin, smells great but doesn't stick around for a long time so it's not too overpowering. Don't see much significant change to my skin though
  22. Excellent moisturiser


    This product really adds moisture to my skin. It also prevents breakouts, brightens up the skin and smells amazing! Definitely recommend trying this out if you have dry skin.

  23. Refreshing


    Nice night cream, not too thin but not sticky or thick either, and smells really refreshing. My partner has irritated combo skin, but has found this smoothing for night-time use. #yearofinnisfree
  24. Lovely moisturiser!


    I've used this for a few months and it feels really nice on the skin, not oily and a nice smell. #yearofinnisfree


    When I first received this product, I was shocked out how large it was for the price. The scent is super fresh and natural, adding a feel of luxury to your skincare routine. The formula is super hydrating and lasts all day, however, It does not do much to reduce the look of puffiness or dark circles—nevertheless, amazing value for money.
  26. Just right


    i have a combination skin, that is more on the oily side. i needed something that provided the nutrients to my skin without it hovering over it and blocking my pores. I have looked at so many different brands, more expensive and found that this product was the right one. it is smooth and absorbing in minutes and leaves skin soft and matt like. it is not too heavy for an oily skin and good enough ...
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  27. Natural and sensitive safe


    I really liked how calming and sensitive this cream is, I finished the whole bottle!
  28. very moisturizing and refreshing


    Really liked the product. This is the second time I have bought this face cream. I have dry skin and It is very good for my skin. It doesn’t leave your face feeling oily and it’s scent is very refreshing and nice.
  29. Definitely recommend this


    I've been using this product for about a year and it truly has done wonders for my dry skin. The cream isn't too thick and it feels great on your skin! #yearofinnisfree
  30. Smells refreshing


    This smells really nice which is a plus, but other than that it doesn't 'wow' me. There are plenty of other creams I use that actually seem to make my combo/oily skin better.
  31. Best for dry skin!


    Literally the best cream I have ever used. It’s so luscious and hydrates the skin. I have literally very dry skin and this is the best remedy I got. Buying again and again for his richness in hydration ❤️ #yearofinnisfree
  32. Great product


    As someone with dry skin, this product has really worked for me and I rarely have any dry patches ever since I've started using this product. It's a lightweight formula, and it feels very hydrating on the skin. #yearofinnisfree
  33. I love this product!


    I love everything about this product! The smell, the texture, what is does to my skin, everything! My face looks more smooth, bright, fresh and plump. I will definingly be buying it again!
  34. its okay


    smells like green tea which i do like, makes my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. i dont know if its really doing anything for my skin. definetely not the best ive used, its okay not sure if ill repurchased
  35. Smells amazing


    Light yet hydrating and the smell is so calming and pleasant
  36. Lightweight cream


    Moisturising but not heavy. I usually use this during the day and something a bit heavier at night
  37. Love this cream


    Smells great and hydrates well
  38. Meh


    Really didn’t notice much of a change. Nothing overly impressive and I don’t love the ingredients... cheap brand though!
  39. Nice moisturiser, great smell


    I use this as a nighttime moisturiser. Does it's job pretty well, but nothing extraordinary. Has a pretty strong but pleasant fragrance which may be a turn off for some peope.
  40. fresh cream


    this one can be use day and night, keep fave and neck moisture all day, and very cheap to buy, I love it!!
  41. Worth a try

    Nice face cream

    I really like this face cream, unfortunately though I can only use it consistently in winter , it’s a little too heavy for my skin due to our hot ,humid climate in summer. However I still do use it in summer around my eyes as a eye cream In the morning and it works wonders..
  42. Best moisturiser and great value


    I love this cream/moisturiser! I use it morning and night as my last application. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and glowing and is so easy to apply. A beautiful consistency and a pleasant odour, and great for sensitive skin. Highly recommend.
  43. amazing


    amazing for sensitive skin it improves skin healing time
  44. Love it


    I love this product, currently on my 4th tub, it's super hydrating but also lightweight so it doesn't feel thick and sticky on the skin. I have combo skin and find it doesn't make you look oily. Use it day and night, only downfall is how small the tub is, I find I have to rebuy quicker than some other brands, wish it came in a large size.
  45. Good lightweight moisturiser, provides nice glow to skin


    This cream is quite a joy to use. It smells very fresh and refreshing, and the texture is in between a gel and a cream. You do not need to use much of this product at all, on the skin it is very watery and absorb quickly. This product was wonderful for achieving the dewy, hydrated look, providing a really nice glow to the skin. However for dry skin I do not think it is moisturising enough and you ...
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  46. Unsuited for dry skin


    Purchased this as my first innisfree product a month ago. I was looking for a non-greasy moisturiser. I was pleased that it wasn't oily and didn't leave residue, however found it wasn't as moisturising as i presumed. It's more of a gel consistency, which I assume is good for oilier/combo skin types. Overall, I probably will only use underneath makeup, however have not incorporated it permanently i...
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  47. Really moisturising


    Great for moisturising oily combination skin in the summer
  48. Great overall cream


    Love using this cream together with the Green Tea Seed Serum. Keeps my skin hydrated for the whole day!
  49. Skin feels soft


    Helps moisturise my skin and feel soft but it seems to sink in very quickly and not leave very much moisture through the day in winter so I prefer this during the summer when I need hydration without looking greasy
  50. heavenly on sensitive skin


    This cream was so heavenly on my skin, the light, natural scent and cooling whipped cream texture was so nourishing without feeling heavy. It's not specifically a night cream, but as someone who has dry, somewhat sensitive skin, this felt perfectly balanced to be used both morning and night! Highly recommend this product for the incredibly reasonable price point!
  51. Smells nice


    This cream smells really light and refreshing but feels a but feels a bit heavy on my skin. Not the right feel for me but definitely moisurising.
  52. Decent


    A nice cream that I'd gladly use, but probably not as my first choice. Still very nice though
  53. Lightweight Hydration


    I have oily skin so this worked as a great moisturiser in conjunction with the green tea serum by Innisfree without feeling oily or greasy throughout the day.
    Light amount of fragrance which I found quite pleasant.
  54. It's a 4/5 moisturiser cream


    As a fan of Innisfree, of course green tea range is my fav. I like the texture of it as it's not so thick, which suits my combination skin mostly in summer. I find it a bit light meaning not hydrating enough for my dry cheeks area in winter. Therefore, people with dry skin would probably need to use a much hydrating serum before applying this greentea cream as last step to achieve optimal hydratio...
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  55. Winter saviour


    This cream has definitely helped my dry skin this winter. I apply it morning and night. I've been using the green tea range for months now and always get compliments on my skin. Definitely recommend!
  56. Hydrating


    This leaves my skin feeling plump the next day and super hydrated. A great price for what you get.
  57. Goes well with the Green Tea Seed Serum


    I have started to use the Green Tea Seed products more than 2 months ago and I am so happy as my skin has been glowing. I have combination skin and already have fine lines problem under the eye. This is the first time that I used an eye cream and so far I can see the results. My fine lines has minimized and it has soften the skin making the lines less visible. I got this as a mini sample and I am ...
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  58. Goes well with the Green Tea Seed Serum


    I have been using the Green Tea Seed Serum together with the moisturizer and I must say I have been loving the results. People tell me that my skin has improved and it glows. I love the Green Tea smell so although it has fragrance, it does not bother me and my skin does not get irritated as well. I got it as a sample at first and like it so I bought the regular size jar. I have combination skin an...
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  59. Great Cream


    I use this in conjunction with the Green Tea Serum. The compliment each other so well. Very light cream but provides good moisture. I use this cream and Serum during the day and at night I use the Innisfree Orchid Cream.
  60. Finally found the one


    I was in need of a new moisturiser so decided to give this one a go. I have re-purchased 3 times now! Only need a small amount for the whole face and leaves my skin feeling soft, glowy and moisturised! I have found my moisturiser finally.
  61. My favourite thing


    I LOVE this moisturiser. This is my second tub of it and when I don't have it I notice a bad difference in my skin. The only moisturiser I've found that hydrates my skin without leaving it oily. I love the smell and the feel. I'll probably use this until I die.
  62. game changer


    I've used a variety of moisturisers before, but this one really takes the cake. I use it day and night (following a small variety of retinol, hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil) and it has seriously started putting moisture into my skin more than any other kind has (in conjunction with those serums/oils). It's maybe a little pricey for the pot size, but I'm a broke pal and even milk can be pricey to me....
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  63. Great moisturiser for oily skin


    If you have oily skin and are in need of a moisturiser this green tea seed cream is your best option! Super light weight and absorbs instantly.
  64. Complimentary cream to serum


    It's good to use it together with Green tea serum but alone it's not enough moisture for my skin. Good as make up base but nothing very spectacular.
  65. Love it!


    Personally, I find this cream to feel great on my skin and when used in conjunction with the serum and eye cream my skin is left feeling super soft and with a subtle glow. I love this product.
  66. Doesn’t get enough credit


    My skin is the type of skin where I will buy a moisturiser and it will feel amazing on my skin, then a week into use my skin starts to feel crappy again and dry and rough.
    I heard good things about Korean products, so I did some research and found this brand. I have been using this moisturiser morning and night for a few months now and it STILL makes my skin feel dewy, soft and just overall ...
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  67. Amazing pruduct!


    This is my absolute moisturiser! I have used 2 packages so far and loving it! It suits me and will keep buying this.
  68. Good


    I have dry skin so this works well with my skin type. A burst of hydration whilst smelling very soothing and fresh.
  69. love it


    One of the best creams which leaves your skin nourished. Have used it over several months and no issues.
  70. Amazing


    I’m so glad I discovered this, it feels amazing on my skin and day or night. It’s nourishing without feeling heavy or greasy and is a perfect last step paired with the other green tea products
  71. Good


    Good cream. Very moisturising.
  72. lovely


    This is a very nice moisturiser and absorbs nicely. I have to use it more at night time as it is a little heaving under my makeup. The scent is love and the cream feels refreshing on the skin.
  73. a great classic


    I love the smell and texture. it absorbs well and is light under makeup! I would recommend
  74. Smell is to die for, but a little too rich for combination skin...


    This cream was a little thicker and oilier than I would have liked it to be. Not great under make-up, but smells gorgeous and works better at night rather than day time!
  75. Stunning product


    I love the lightweight liquid-y consistency of this product. It holds perfectly and I'm glad I made the jump and tried it out!
  76. A little sticky and on the richer side for face moisturiser


    If you love a light water based moisturiser, this product will likely not suit your needs. The moistures appears to be quite light on appearance but when applied, has a slight sticky feel to it.

    The product is light scented. I got this as part of the serum essential kit and used it after the eye cream and with the sleeping mask. My skin does feel hydrated but a little sticky.
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  77. Love!


    This moisturiser is the perfect night cream for me, feels really fresh on my skin and nourishing without being too heavy
  78. A pleasure to use


    Feels and smells so good. The consistency and way it absorbs is lovely and makes me look forward to using it.
  79. A pleasure to use


    Feels and smells so good. The consistency and way it absorbs is lovely and makes me look forward to using it.
  80. Favourite moisturiser


    This is definitely my favourite moisturiser. Its very lightweight which surprised me as I still got amazing hydration from it. I have used it both morning and evening on my dry/combo skin and it is consistently great.
  81. Good overnight cream


    I received a sample of this, I have been using it for a few weeks and it is a great hydrating cream for overnight but it's too much for me during the day.
  82. Great dewey cream


    I use this for morning and night and love the smell and texture. Gives my skin a great glow
  83. Best Cream!

    Michelle S.

    My skin loves the green tea seed line from Innisfree! This cream goes so well right after putting on your green tea seed serum. + It smells absolutely amazing!
  84. Forever favourite


    I have normal to dry skin and absolutely love this as an easy day moisturiser. I can forego every other step in my morning routine as long as I have this. Smells lovely and absorbs fast and doesn’t have a greasy or sticky feel after. It’s light and refreshing.
  85. Amazing


    This is the best moisturiser I’ve ever used! It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I use the cherry blossom jelly cream as a day cream and this as a night cream as it is a little heavier than I need during the day.
  86. lovely moisterizer


    i have gone through 2 jars of this moisterizer. Korean skincare cant do any wrong! this work so well with my skin, makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. the scent is a really nice fresh green tea so make the skincare routine much more enjoyable as well.
  87. The best


    This is my 2nd jar of the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream. I absolutely love the texture, smell and end results. My skin is normally quite sensitive and dry, this product leaves my skin feeling hydrated and my complexion has never been better.

    All my friends are also using this cream and we all love it. I use it as a day and night cream along with the serum.
  88. Light day moisturiser


    I use this before my makeup and its a great base. Very light and not too moisturising but that works with my oily skin. Smells fantastic also!
  89. Fresh


    A good everyday moisturiser for fresh and bouncy skin
  90. Lightweight and Fresh


    This cream hydrates my skin well without feeling oily / greasy. I use it as a day and night cream, with the addition of the serum as part of my night time regime.
  91. Favourite new skin care


    I use this as a night cream but can be used during the day. Formula is so light weight and cooling but hydrating as well. Doesn’t make skin feel oily or heavy. Perfect for sensitive skin
  92. Works great as a day cream


    The consistency is fairly light. It absorbs well into the skin so I generally use this during the day rather than at night. Smells good and helps hydrate my skin. I would not recommend this for those with super dry skin as they would most likely need something stronger than the green tea cream. I would recommend this for those with problem skin, normal, combination or somewhat dry skin. I've repur...
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  93. Not bad


    If I use this during the day, it breaks me out for some reason but at night it leaves my skin feeling hydrated. I like the thick consistency for my dry skin at night time.
  94. Loving this range


    Loving this whole range. Super cooling on my skin during summer and softens my skin!
  95. Super hydrating and soothing cream


    This cream is one of many amazing products from Innisfree's Green Tea Seed line. It's a very hydrating cream and feels so soothing to massage into the face. It is rather thick so I'd only recommend to use a little in the morning. Otherwise this cream would be best used at night to lock in the moisture from previous skincare products. The packaging, as with all Innisfree packaging, is so cute and c...
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  96. Supple skin


    For those who find that their skin always dries out after a nights sleep, this cream is very good in retaining that moisture throughout the night. The texture is rich which means it needs to be massaged into the skin well to ensure everything is absorbed. Since it is rich I really like using this after a face mask to lock in all the essence and get rid of any stickiness.
  97. Amazing!


    It smells so good and is super hydrating. It’s made my skin so soft. I am definitely buying it again after I run out.
  98. So so


    This is a nice cream however I find it a little to thick and struggles to absorb into my skin.
  99. Cream


    This cream is great for my skin and I enjoy using this especially during winter.
  100. its a nice cream


    i would say its a nice cream for summer or for people with oily skin.
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