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innisfree Aloe Revital Skin Mist 120ml 120ml

4.5 of 50 reviews


4 instalments of $4.25

Or 4 instalments of $4.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $4.25

Or 4 instalments of $4.25 with LEARN MORE

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Refreshing toner-mist formulated with organic Jeju Aloe Extract to rehydrate tired skin with moisture for a healthy look of vitality.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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innisfree Aloe Revital Skin Mist 120ml Reviews

4.5 of 50 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

aloe mist


super refreshing and lovely to use throughout the day to inject some life into my face full of makeup.

Most Helpful Criticism

Average face mist


I love a good face mist in the morning and like to try new sprays from time to time. I love Innisfree green tea face wash so thought I would try the mist. Price is amazing!
However the spray offers very little hydration or anything extra that wakes your skin up. Even the scent is super mild.
I would not purchase this again and will stick to Aesop or Jurlique in future.
  1. aloe mist


    super refreshing and lovely to use throughout the day to inject some life into my face full of makeup.
  2. mist


    one day I noticed that my skin became more calmed after application of this product...strongly suggest to keep it in your fridge
  3. Refreshing


    Refreshing mist for right after the shower, and to use on top on my makeup throughout the day. Must for summer when you lose a lot of moisture from the skin.
  4. i loved this


    this was super refreshing and soothing on my dry/sensitive skin. really good before serum and as a refresher during the day
  5. refreshing


    verified purchaser
    Nice on hot summer days to refresh the face, but I don't know that it's any better than other face mists out there (or just water for the cooling effect). Still, feels nice on the skin and no issues
  6. Great Toner


    The mist in this product is great, let alone the cooling and soothing feeling the formula gives my skin. As a skincare toner it absorbs into my skin so well and can just refresh the skin quite well. Perfect for my dry and sensitive skincare regime.
  7. awesome


    a great product for tired skin. really hydrates my skin and makes me feel so fresh
  8. Feelin’ fresh


    This product began as an offhand, “yeah looks about right” kind of thing. As soon as it arrived it’s turned into a “cannot live without regularly for every day for the rest of my life”. It has exceeded all expectations and for someone who suffers from 10/10 allergies that directly impact on my skin, it is well worth every penny.
  9. Gentle on skin


    verified purchaser
    My skin feels lite and fresh. I use it along with serum.
  10. Amazing


    It is so hydrating and great on my skin
  11. Absolute staple piece


    This light and gentle spray is so essential in my cosmetic kit. I use it as a toner after cleansing as well as spritzing whenenever I feel like my skin is in need of a refresh. Perfect for those beach days!! #yearofinnisfree
  12. My favorite product ever


    There is never a bad time to use this product- before sleep, after sleep, before or after the gym, after a swim. It’s always in my bag! Such a great product.
  13. Life saver


    I love this mist toner! I find sometimes a spray toner can be too much and will drip off my face, however this is such a fine mist and soaks right into the skin. Really glad I have it for the dry Melbourne heat to save my skin!

  14. Gentle Hydration


    I love this mist. I use it every day as my final step in my skin care routine for a boost of hydration. It is so gentle and doesn't irritate my skin at all. I also love it for after the beach or time in the sun. #yearofinnisfree
  15. Very good!


    Just received this product and on first use it is so refreshing! My skin feels so clean and pure! Highly recommend :) #yearofinnisfree
  16. Best hydrating face mist for dry Skin.


    My skin is very dry and dehydrated and this face mist have been helping me with hydration and getting rid of dryness, I love it and it is a must have in your skincare routine. I use it every morning and it keeps my skin hydrated for the whole day. I would definitely recommend this product if you have dry skin.
  17. It is fine - a lovely light mist


    I LOVE Innisfree as a brand and was really hopeful for this spritz. It is fine. It does the job - keeps me hydrated and fresh, but honestly its not life changing.
    Now I think of it though, I guess life changing is a high expectation of a skin mist. Sorry Innisfree...Ill lower my expectations!
    This is a nice skin mist.
  18. Perfect for dry summer


    Absolutely love the fine mist coming out the bottle. It’s light & covers the most of my face with no overpowering fragrance. It leaves my skin super hydrated and not overly damp like most toners with spray nozzle. Overall it’s a great product to use whenever your face feels dry especially during dry summer in Australia. #yearofinnisfree
  19. Calming and refreshing!


    I use this face mist everyday and I absolutely love it. I have incredibly sensitive skin that flares up with most products but this product has been really refreshing with no irritation! #yearofinnisfree
  20. My forever mist


    So I’ve recently started buying innisfree products and this mist is one of the first things a got. I absolutely love it, it makes me feel so refreshed, i have dry skin and after cleansing this mist just makes my skin sigh with relief! I bought this product because I wanted a mist that was cheap but still amazing as I am a bit of a glutton when it comes to spritzing my face

    I truly don...
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  21. By far one of my favourite skin mist!!


    Up to my second bottle of this mist, and I absolutely love it, i spray it onto my face throughout the day or just after i cleanse my face and it gives me that hydrated feeling!
    The price of this mist of so affordable and does the same, if not more for my skin then any higher price mist.

  22. Refreshing!


    I use this everyday with my morning and night skincare routine and really enjoy using this. I have used this throughout all the seasons this year and have found it to be consistently refreshing and hydrating. I use this in conjunction with the green seed cream and find it to be a great pair for my skin that is usually on the drier side.
    Great value for the product and will like to keep usi...
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  23. Very refreshing


    Currently using this as a toner after cleansing as well as a facial mist to refresh throughout the day. It has a cooling and calming effect that is great for the upcoming warmer months. Doesn't have any strong fragrance so its good for sensitive skin.
  24. So fresh


    Smells so nice and really wakes me up in the morning when I leave it in the fridge, also a good pick me up throughout the day
  25. Favourite Refreshing MIst


    I've repurchased this a few times, because I love it! I use it as a step before applying makeup or throughout the day and it really works for my dry skin! SO much more affordable compared to other skin mists, love it!
  26. Does the job!


    Nice hydrating mist. I like the bottle and the volume of spray.
  27. So Refreshing!


    This face mist is honestly the most refreshing one I've ever owned. It wakes me up in the morning or after a long day and has the most amazing smell! When i run out of this I will definitely be repurchasing
  28. Moisturising


    I bought this mist on a whim during the end of winter to help with keeping my skin hydrated. The scent is light and not at all over-powering so I like that. Does its job and will definitely repurchase as its so affordable!
  29. Refreshing


    Really nice to freshen up your skin with, and feels soothing on my sensitive skin- but don't expect this to be as moisturizing as toner!
  30. Average face mist


    I love a good face mist in the morning and like to try new sprays from time to time. I love Innisfree green tea face wash so thought I would try the mist. Price is amazing!
    However the spray offers very little hydration or anything extra that wakes your skin up. Even the scent is super mild.
    I would not purchase this again and will stick to Aesop or Jurlique in future.
  31. Refreshing but not as hydrating


    This toner/mist is refreshing to apply onto cleansed skin but I found it hasn't left my skin as hydrated as I had hoped. However, I have found it is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin.
  32. Nice and cooling


    Refreshing in summer and soothing for redness too
  33. Glowing, dewy and youthful skin


    I find that when I order skin products online, i am not really sure what to expect as I have extremely sensitive skin. However, with this aloe mist the fragrance is absolutely minimal, meaning minimal irritation! This product is great if you have dry skin, and as a student the glow it gives me on a day to day basis it is honestly appreciated. I have tried quite a few toner facial mists, (including...
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  34. Love it


    Really like this spray as it’s super hydrating. I put this on before my serums and they go on really nicely.
  35. Refreshing!


    I love how mild and gentle this mist is. I use it as a toner underneath my serum and cream and I find it's worked quite well. I'm not too sure how well it actually works, but it's nice to spritz on a dry, windy day.
  36. nice and refreshing


    I use this spray before any serums to help them absorb better, as well as throughout the day if my skin feels a little dry. it feels nice and cool and absorbs into my skin quickly
  37. Refreshing Mist


    Not sure if it has much effect , but the mist is lovely and refreshing to put on the skin and the fragrance is nice. I have sensitive skin and this was not irritating.
  38. amazing


    amazing mist for dry skin love it


    This is my first time using this brand, and it does NOT disappoint! It is so nice to use, and I swear my skin has been more plump and going since I have been using it. It definitely will now be a staple in my beauty bag.
  40. Summertime dream!


    I couldn't tell you if this product really does overly help with hydration, it certainly does something. But it is perfect in summer to mist over yourself to feel refreshed on a 40 degree day or by the pool. I wouldn't go to the beach without it. And it smells divine!
    It's not one of their go-to products but I say treat yourself.
  41. summer


    this is a good product for summer, keeps the skin refreshed
  42. A spritz to feel refreshed


    I love spritzing this mist whenever my skin feels dry from the environment. It's gentle on my easily-irritated skin and have this as a staple in my cosmetic bag.
  43. Summer essential


    This is great for sun exposed skin as aloe calms and hydrates
  44. Perfect


    Everything about this is perfect for my dry sensitive skin, I use this to hydrate my skin throughout the day and it's a game changer before makeup as it makes your skin look flawless! The price is amazing and it delivers in what it says
  45. Hydrating


    I have dry skin and always looking for that extra hydration which this mist provides while smelling lovely.
  46. Fresh


    A loyal user of Innisfree and this product does not disappoint. Will definitely repurchase.
  47. where has this been all my life?


    Possibly my favourite product from Innes Free. My skin has been absorbing other products more effectively with this mist in between some steps. The mister is lovely, the scent is really pleasant and it feels so lovely on my skin when damp. would highly recommend! absolute game-changer.
  48. Refreshing toner


    I love this toner as it is easy to apply and it gives an extra fresh and clean feeling to the skin. I often use this to freshen up during the day, as well as in my morning and night regime. For the price as well it is hard to beat.
  49. The aloe is refreshing for dry skin


    I love spraying this mist whenever my skin feels dry or in need of some plumping. The aloe is soothing to my constantly aggravated skin. I occasionally use it as a toner underneath my face cream. One bottle has lasted me over three months and it's definitely a staple in my cosmetic bag.
  50. Refreshing


    This product is very refreshing and cools down the skin, however, I wouldn't call it a holy grail. For the price point, I would purchase again
  51. Love this mist!

    Jen B

    I love this mist because it is very fine and sprays nicely. It is hydrating and soothing and has Aloe Vera in it which is good for after sun exposure. I have repurchased this and would definitely recommend.
  52. Refreshing


    Great mist. Really nice to use on flights to freshen up
  53. Soothing


    Love using this as an everyday hydrating mist for my skin -- tends to be red/irritated quite easily!
  54. Soothes


    Love spritzing this over my face after a day in the sun to cool the skin and help lock in moisture
  55. Refreshing


    I love spraying this after sunburn to ease the pain! Also works well whenever you need to freshen up on the go!
  56. Smells good and nutritious for the skin


    This spray is soothing and refreshing and there's no overpowering scent. I use this one before and after apply my makeup, such a great product to set your makeup without feeling sticky and keeping your face moisturised throughout the day. I would recommend it to all my friends.
  57. Refreshing!


    Such a lovely calming and refreshing spritz that I use when my skin is feeling inflamed again or right from seeing too much sun! Very refreshing and brightens the skin
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