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ICONIC London Prep-Set-Glow 120ml

4.4 of 154 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50


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4 instalments of $12.50


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It’s the versatile skin-friendly makeup mist that keeps selling out. Try the refreshing, 100% vegan superhero mist that is responsible for most of that glow you keep seeing on social media! This skin-boosting mist not only hydrates the skin, but gives you that 8-hours-of-sleep freshness with caffeine, and a beautiful blend of light reflecting molecules that make you glow.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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4.4 of 154 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I like it


I receive it as a gift from Adore beauty. It's really beautiful. The colour suits me well and it has a good smell.

Most Helpful Criticism

Bit too pricy


This product is a bit pricey but i love the way it makes my skin look radiant and glowing. Could definitely find a product similar for less.
  1. I like it


    I receive it as a gift from Adore beauty. It's really beautiful. The colour suits me well and it has a good smell.
  2. Smells nice


    I do like this product but not so much for my face. I find it too glittery, so I use it on my body instead and it gives a beautiful sheen glow. It also smells amazing too like vanilla
  3. Pretty but pricey


    This spray is very pretty and leaves a really nice, dewy glow on the face. However, there are so many similar sprays out there for a lot less money that perform just as well. Still a really nice, luxe addition to my collection.
  4. The Perfect Glow

    Zara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Honestly, if you're looking for a facial spray for over your makeup to add some glow to your skin - look no further! The particles in this are so small that your skin just looks as if it's naturally radiant - you won't find any chunky glitters or sparkles - all sheen.
  5. subtle glow


    I really like this spray. I use it to turn matte makeup into a slightly more dewy finish. It gives a subtle glow and has a fine mister pump. Im sure there are great dupes but I really like this one and 1 bottle lasts 6 months at least! I have fair skin and find the original is a great shade match. When I am tanned I think the darker shade would be better but the original sill gives a nice glow
  6. Makes me look alive


    This product has been a staple in my routine for about 9 months now. I have both the original and the glow and really like both. I thought the glow might be too dark/ shimmery when it first turned up but it’s perfect for summer when my skin is a little more tanned. I use it as an all over face spray once I’ve finished my makeup. I wouldn’t say that it’s effective in setting my make up but it provides a really nice and subtle glow. I often then set with a powder because my skin is on the oily/ combination side. I also use it on no makeup days to make me look more alive. I can’t see myself without this product.
  7. Glowing!


    I received this product as a gift with purchase - what a great gift! I use it to set my makeup & I love the glow that my skin has when I use it. Lovely product, gentle on skin & easy to use.
  8. That glow tho!!!


    Love this setting spray! It’s expensive but worth it. Leaves my skin so glowy! And makeup lasts all day long!
  9. Bit too pricy


    This product is a bit pricey but i love the way it makes my skin look radiant and glowing. Could definitely find a product similar for less.
  10. Expensive but worth it


    Works really well, doesn’t irritate the skin, if you’ve got the extra cash go for it!
  11. Lovely glow


    This is a nice product that does give a lovely glowy effect. I sprayed some on my arm the other day only to realise it actually has sparkles in it which I never realised so I’m hoping they didn’t look to over the top on my face.
  12. Gives you a beautiful glow


    I love this prep-set-glow spray ! It gives you the most naturally glowing skin, and really does illuminate your complexion. I always get so many compliments whenever I use this.
  13. Amazing Glow!


    This gives the prettiest, healthiest looking glow ever, without looks greasy or oily!
  14. Awesome


    adds a nice glow to a matte face without making it glittery, beautiful colour
  15. Very glowy and pretty


    If you want a subtle glow and shine I found this product was really nice and did not make me oily. Love that it is also cruelty free
  16. Gives a nice glow


    I tried this in store and it gave me a really subtle and flawless glow! It is quite shimmery though so I would say it’s more for special occasions rather than daily use. And I would definitely purchase with a voucher or on sale instead of paying full price
  17. good for dry skin


    Product adds a natural shimmer all over face after makeup. I apply over my makeup and it keeps my face looking fresh all day. Without it my skin tends to look dry, especially in winter. This is a perfect solution!
  18. Love this


    Got this beauty as a gift however I would buy this regardless.
  19. Not what I thought it was, oops


    When I got this, I thought it was skincare. It’s definitely for makeup. Not for me unfortunately
  20. Its alright


    I mean its good but for the price I don't think it compares to my mac fix plus. Probably wont purchase it again.
  21. Amazing for dry skin


    Love this product. I apply over my makeup and it keeps my face looking fresh all day. Without it my skin tends to look dry, especially in winter. This is a perfect solution!
  22. Smells Great


    Lovely shimmer on your skin. Smells great too. Definitely buy again.
  23. Glow heaven


    You need to be aware that this is probably only going to ever be used as a night time/event spray because it's far too glowy for most people to use everyday. The bottle is huge and will likely last years. WARNING: Make sure you're not wearing any clothing (especially dark clothing) when you go to spray because the glitter shows up on your outfit and looks a bit stupid
  24. Good! (But not for oily skin)


    I gave this product a 5 star because it’s BEAUTIFUL on the skin when first applied. Being an oilier skin type I can’t get away with using this on myself but used it on some clients I’ve done makeup on with a dryer skin type and it gives so much life! Not mega glitter but a super fine shimmer. Looks amazing in sunlight! Little pricey but I think it’s worth it. Note: only downside is when you’re nearing the bottom of the bottle the nozzle on the spray will spurt out large dots of concentrated shimmer!
  25. Nice


    Smells nice and leaves a nice glow to the skin and décolletage !
  26. Cruelty free alternative to Mac Fix+


    I love the Mac Fix+ product, however I am making a conscious effort to no longer support brands that are not cruelty free. This is a beautiful alternative. The shimmer is subtle and looks beautiful on its own, or on top of makeup. I also really like the scent.

    So glad I found this!
  27. Not really worth it.


    I’ve always been an avid urban decay all nighter setting spray user and I decided to try this for something different. I kind of wish I hadn’t. While the shimmer leaves a nice highlight on your skin, the product itself leaves your skin feeling tacky and oily and I’m pretty sure my makeup comes off easier now than if I weren’t using a setting spray at all. All in all, a disappointment as I love the iconic illuminating drops.
  28. Expensive but worth it!


    Amazing natural glow on the skin and hydrating. I use this daily!
  29. Ok but too pricey


    Doesn’t compete with the MAC spray. Don’t love the scent and the shimmer is nice but I only use it on my décolletage. Glad I got a free travel size.
  30. Nice and dewy


    I like this for a dewy finish. It has nice shine to it without being oily. Makes makeup last longer and look less cakey/matte
  31. Glow glow glow!


    This spray is so nice to spritz on as a final step of makeup. It makes everything look so dewy and finished. Only need one spray so the bottle will last for ages


    this spray it so good! i use it after i put on my makeup and gives me a nice glowly dewy finish i love it so much!
  33. Beautiful shimmer


    I got this in a sample, and I love this! Plan on purchasing full size when my sample is low. Holds make up all nice & gives such a pretty dewy look. Love it
  34. Amazing


    I had already tried the darker of the two of these sprays and loved it but got the lighter one and LOVE it. i love the smell and the feel of the product as well as the effect it gives, i always get compliments on how much my skin glows!
  35. Dewy glow look


    I love a dewy makeup look and this product certainly does that. I have only used it as a setting spray, but it leaves a beautiful glow on the skin. I have both colours, I use the lighter one for my face and the darker on on my body.
  36. It’s great!


    I surprisingly received this product with a purchase I made and was not expecting it, but am so glad I did! I haven’t used it as a prep, but have used it as a setting spray and it adds such a lovely glow to your skin without over doing it
  37. I wish I loved it more


    This product is lovely, don’t get me wrong however, I just feel like it doesn’t live up to the hype!
    It makes your face glowing when it is wet but I feel it drys weird on my face and a bit odd looking, but maybe this is due to the colour being a bit darker on my skin tone!
    However I love using this on my Body for a body highlight! It lasts all day and doesn’t transfer onto my clothes! Also the product has a great amount in the component !!
  38. I wanted to love this


    I bought this in 'glow' and so wanted to love it, but I just don't! It's 'nice' but that's about it. Leaves a little tan over the skin and a slight shimmer, but once it dries down it's a bit disappointing. If you were in direct sun constantly it would look ok, but other than that it is underwhelming.
  39. So pretty


    I have dry skin which can look quite dull throughout the day if I'm wearing makeup. This spray rejuvenates my skin and makes it look so dewy which is how I love my makeup looking. You have to really shake it up (which looks so cool in the bottle) and don't spray too much otherwise you will look a little too sparkly. Also, it smells just amazing and it has a lovely spray that distributes it evenly and doesn't leave big droplets all over your face. Haven't tried it as a primer though.
  40. Just received and LOVE it


    Great subtle glow over make up. Haven’t used it to prime yet but as a finishing spray I love it
  41. Good touch up option


    I received this as a sample in my recent purchases and I do enjoy it but dont find myself reaching for it over other options I have. I might not be spraying enough but I dont find the glow lasting that long on my face throughout the day and glitter gets everywhere. You just need to cover your top with something when using it and you will be good to go. This is a good product if you were to carry it with you and touch up throughout the day. So love it for touch ups but not so much a once off spray.
  42. Subtle glow


    pleasant, refreshing spray with a very subtle glow. Good setting spray over matte foundation.
  43. Love it!


    I received this recently as a gift with purchase from
    Adore and it’s amazing. It looks so beautiful in the bottle but even better on. I’ve only used as a finishing spray but need to try under my makeup.
  44. Not best for dry skin


    I was very happy to receive this spray complimentary with an Adore Beauty order.

    I have only used it to set my makeup, not to prep skin yet.
    On both occasions, my skin felt dryer than usual. My dry patches were more noticeable.
    I'm not sure if this product especially increases the longevity of makeup as my foundation was easily disturbed from my runny nose with a tissue.
    The spray bottle works really well, and apart from the dry patches, my skin did look more 'glowy'.
  45. Glowy glow

    Perfecting skin

    I used it at a friend’s house and im SOLD. it is just so amazing. It smells so nice and when u spray it on top of your makeup you feel like you are in heaven. It gives a light bronzed glow to your skin
  46. Makes me feel healthy


    I got this as a free sample and I am so impressed with it. The glow makes me feel super happy with my skin. The sparkle adds a really nice touch to my look whenever I wear it.
  47. Obsessed!


    I received a deluxe sample of this, and oh my goodness it has changed my life. I lightly mist it over my makeup and it leaves my skin looking so fresh and glowy! I tried it on bare skin and it made my face look super hydrated and awake. Love love love!
  48. AMAZING!!!!!


    I absolutely ADORE (haha get it) this product! Worth every cent! Gives you a beautiful glow, inexpensive, lasts all night I love it
  49. Love it!!


    Really adore this spray! I’ve been using it to set my make up and I absolutely love it! Doesn’t seem glittery etc for me like others have said and the nozzle works fine if you do one hard press rather than trying to do it gently as it then just sort of drips. Great product for a fresh glow!! Looks absolutely beautiful and makes my skin look healthy and hydrated
  50. Lightweight glowy effect


    Very light and subtle glow effect on the skin.
  51. Glow!


    If you want to look like a glowing bronzed mermaid buy this! It will make you look stunning. Very very fine glittery particulars that shimmer when the light hits. Everyone needs one of these
  52. Surprised


    Never thought I would ever like something like this. Spraying a glitter spray on my face would never have crossed my mind but I received a sample of it and I'm really pleasently surprised! Shake it well and don't hold it too close to your face and it creates a really nice glow over the top of makeup. It doesn't dry out my skin and it doesn't clump in places. It does smell, almost like a perfume, which I'm not crazy about as I prefer non scented facial products but it's not a deal breaker :) I will continue to use this!


    BEST SPRAY EVERRRR! My makeup has never looked so good before using this product - use it underneath and on top of your makeup and you look like a GODDESS! It creates an actual glow not like a lot of other products that just put sparkles all over your face - this is nothing like that! The mist is so fine so it never creates any dots on your face - I spray it everywhere else too, my chest, shoulders, arms, legs - literally everywhere and you look so perfect and healthy and glowy! I must have this in my kit at all time!!!!
  54. Gorgeous Shimmer


    Creates a lovely shimmer and glow! The glitter is subtle which is nice, I didn’t find it to over the top and would use this for day or night. I would probably use this more on just my cheeks as it creates a bit too much shine on my forehead than I prefer. Overall happy with this product and most likely will buy again!
  55. very hydrating and glowing


    i got it as a gift with purchase and i am loving it. it smells so nice. i spray it all over my face just before my foundation and it gives me a glow from within. i have dry skin and it is very hydrating for me.
  56. Lovely finish


    I received this as a bonus gift with my past Adore Beauty order in the shade original. It has such a lovely finish with fine glitter particles. It shimmers beautifully on bare skin and is great to wear on shoulders, chest and collarbone for a glowing effect. Looks great in photos too!
  57. LOVE


    God this is the nicest setting spray ever. I thought the glow version would be too dark for my pale skin but it isn’t! The glitter is very subtle and fine so it doesn’t look over the top. It’s just perfect. I’m going to buy the original when I run out
  58. Very subtle glow effect


    Pleasantly surprised at the very subtle glow this face mist supplies. You need to shake the bottle well before spraying.
  59. Glitter


    I received this free from Adore as a promo and was really hoping for a dewy mist, potentially something light and hydrating that would be ok for my combination skin. Unfortunately, instead of dewy, this is glittery. It's not suitable for a natural makeup look. As far as positives go, it is light and has a pleasant fragrance. Not something that I'll use.
  60. Ready set GLOW!!!


    I love this spray and honestly didn’t find the glitter particles over the top especially for every day use.. gave my skin a pretty radiant glow. I only use the smallest amount so lasts a very long time. Definitely recommend this one!
  61. Just the right amount of glow


    As above, this product gives you just the right amount of glow needed for everyday wear.
  62. Glowy and best for body use


    I tested the MAC glowy spray and found the glitter particles to be too noticeable and decided to purchase this spray instead. I wanted a radiant setting spray for daily use. I am dark skinned and this added a nice glow for an event or a night out. Although the glitter particles are finer than MACs, I still found it better for body use or when I want my face beat for a done-up look. I also dropped the bottle and the nozzle stopped working. That’s my bad though. I would recommend if you’re not looking for a daily setting spray for day-use.
  63. Dewy sparkly finish


    Absolutely love this finishing spray. The glitter is gorgeous and the spray leaves a lovely dewy finish. Probably not the best setting spray but it does finish your makeup off well. Refreshing and very pretty. The end of the bottle does tend to become very glittery though.
  64. Nice glow for body


    I bought this to potentially wear over makeup, but I realise now that it's probably better suited for a body glow. The fine glitter particles don't look great over makeup, but it definitely has a bronzey glow - great for a festival or beach use.
  65. Had high hopes but...


    I had high hopes for this product and ordered it as soon as I could, it ticks all the boxes for what I love in a face product but haven't really got much out of it to be honest. The spray nozzle leaks somehow so glittery water is always running from it and it tends to fall from my face over the morning so my work clothes are covered in a fine glitter... I'm disappointed it really doesn't seem to be working for me..
  66. bit pricey :/


    loving this spray, definitely gives you a great glow but Im just upset about the price! i mean surely it could be cheaper, great product tho.
  67. Pretty


    This is a really pretty finisher to your makeup routine! Very fine glitter not disco ball glitter so is pretty and gives a soft and subtle result!
  68. Gives me a fresh glow


    Love this product!!! I wear it over my makeup or on its own. A few mists and my skin looks so fresh and glowing! Not sticky either but holds makeup well.
  69. Love it


    I've been quite unwell recently and look pale and sickly. Literally all I use on my face is a tinted moisturiser and a spray of this, and everyone is telling me how well I look! It gives a lovely subtle glow and really brightens your face. Love it! The only thing I don't like is that it tends to go everywhere so you risk ending up with glittery clothing if you're not careful when you spray it. Easily worked around, though.
  70. Great product


    Glitter is so fine it looks like my skin is luminescent and not glittery. I love using it for mornings I don’t want to use foundation. Also sets makeup well.
    I’m not crazy on the scent and the product lost one star because the nozzle needs cleaning regularly otherwise you get blotches of glitter - this sucks when you’ve already done a full face of make up and using this to set.
  71. my favorite product


    super pretty and smells so nice keeps my makeup in place all day
  72. Fantastic product


    I have never used a setting spray before but I couldn't resist the great reviews about this product and I had to try it.

    I am so glad that I did. The spray sets my make up beautifully and my face now lasts all day. I had so many positive comments about my make up after work (when I haven't touched up at all from the morning) since I have been using this spray.

    The only drawback is that it can be a bit glittery. It is lovely on the skin but I found i noticed it on my clothes if I sprayed it while I was dressed. I now just make sure I put it on before I am dressed - problem solved..
  73. smells nice


    This smells nice but I didnt really get the glow everyone raves about. Not sure I would repurchase
  74. Cannot get over it!


    I cannot get over how much I love and use this thing! I bought it as a replacement toner, having used spray toners before and knowing how quick and convenient they are. Not only do I use it as a toner morning and night, I also use it to freshen up my face or my makeup throughout the day if I’m feeling a bit grimy, and have used it as a makeup setting spray - I like a matte look, so I was a bit sceptical, but it gave me this beautiful inner glow, rather than a “dewy” (aka shiny) finish. Gobsmacked by how much I love it - it smells amazing, too! I bought my bottle a few months ago and am only halfway through, even though I use it 2-3 times a day - will definitely be repurchasing when it eventually runs out!
  75. Glowy finish


    Love the way this looks on my face after it’s dried! Glowy fresh summer skin! ❤️
  76. Amazing!!


    Love this! Perfect setting spray. Love the smell and the glow it leaves on my skin. I’m quite pale naturally but I went the darker shade and am really happy with the results. Don’t be afraid to go the darker shade, it’s actually quite subtle.
  77. So pretty


    This is a really pretty setting spray. It leaves my face looking glowy and fresh.
  78. glowy


    gives a nice hydration to the skin without becoming oily, love how nice and cute the bottle is and you can see the product
  79. Awesome


    This gives an amazing glow I have really dry skin this is perfect I cover my eyes with my hands so I only get it on my face and not under my eyes as I dont want it to be shiny under my eyes its perfect!
  80. amazing glow


    love this product! will be a essential to my kit 5*
  81. Must have product


    I adore this product! My skin is oily but can get quite dehydrated, this helps hydrate my skin before applying the rest of my skincare and foundation. Then I apply it again when I've completed my makeup but before applying mascara. It gives me a beautiful glow! The smell is divine too!
  82. What a glow!


    I thought the Original spray was very subtle, but I had so many compliments saying how much my skin was glowing! Will definitely be purchasing the darker glow!
  83. Nice for summer


    I thought I'd try an alternative to the MAC spray I love - I wanted something to make me have that 'glow' over the festive season fake tan. I bought the darker shade and was scared I'd look like Malibu Barbie, but it actually comes up really nicely (I'm a light - medium skinned chick) Although I'm still loyal to the MAC for everyday, I would buy this one again for the warmer months.
  84. good setting spray


    really nice setting spray as i have dry skin and hydrates it well with makeup
  85. Amazing


    I was scared this would make me look like a slim ball but it is sooooo amazing! the first day i wore it i got heaps of compliments! Even a man complimented my "glowing"skin!!! i love the smell and i love the flow of the product out of the spray nozzle. For the price it is SO worth it. Holds make up well too!
  86. Dodgy nozzle


    I wish this sprayed the product more evenly over your face. I’ve found the best way to use it is to spray your beauty blender with it.
  87. Great subtle glow! Super longlasting!


    This spray ensures my makeup stays in place all day and has quickly become a staple in my beauty bag!
  88. Disappointed


    Was so excited to try this as it looks gorgeous. However it sprays so unevenly on your face and doesn’t give me the effect I was hoping for.
  89. okay


    I prefer the Mac one, this one a bit too sparkly, but great if you like that look
  90. Disappointing


    I was looking forward to trying the iconic spray in original because it looked so beautiful online, sadly there was no shimmer at all. When I used it the second time the nozzle stopped working and won’t pump any product out. There are far better shimmer oils and mists out there with better packaging that cost a lot less.
    I’m returning this item due to the faulty bottle.
  91. Great product and must have in beauty routine!


    I had been looking for a new setting mist and heard great reviews about the Iconic range. I suffer from dry skin and was not disappointed when I purchased the ICONIC LONDON PREP-SET-GLOW in Original, it hydrates my skin and leaves a little bit of a glow. It is now a must have in my beauty routine. However I don't really find it 'sets' my makeup or foundation, and sometimes you can see the droplets on my skin (until it drys). This is despite using the bottle at the recommended distance. Overall, a great mist for dry skin.
  92. Shame about the spray bottle


    I do like this product and will buy it again. But, I had only used about 1/4 of the product when the spray bottle stopped working. I had to find another empty spray bottle in order to keep using the product. And of course it then no longer was a "mist" spray. That was very disappointing. The good thing was I could actually open the top of the bottle to dispense it into another container. If it had been sealed closed I would have needed to return the product for a refund.
  93. disappointing


    looks absolutely beautiful but doesn't really do anything to the skin which is disappointing seeing the price is so high
  94. Glowing

    Elle A

    OMG!!! Where has this been all my life?! Great with foundation. While my skin is still damp from the spray I buff my foundation in and it gives a beautiful glow. Also amazing for no make up days to give yourself a bit of oomph.
  95. THE GLOW!!!!


    This product actually glows rather than shimmers or glitters which is the case with most glow sprays. It's perfect for summer and makes the rest of your makeup look absolutely gorgeous. An added plus is that it also looks amazing on clean skin. A definite must-have.
  96. Gorgeous but not great


    the look of this product has me in love but the product itself i feel doesn't provide much of a purpose
  97. Underwhelming... wanted to love it but just didn't


    When I looked at the swirling shimmer in the bottle I was a little scared and thought it would go on too shimmery but it doesn't. In fact, you can only see shimmery pigments very close up. It looks pretty much like other dewy setting sprays that I have.
    Don't get me wrong, it looks nice but the cons will not have me repurchase this. The spray bottle is weird! It's almost impossible to get the right amount of product, big blobs and very wet if you put too much on. It also feels sticky on my face if I use it to set, but if I blot it I feel like I take off it's nice illuminating finish. Can't win :( also there's the high end price tag.
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