What is a Hair Gloss Treatment & How Does It Work?

You may have heard the term 'hair gloss' before and been left with some confusion. Is hair gloss a colourant? a conditioner? a shine treatment? In a word, yes.

Hair gloss is a relatively recent phenomenon that's changed people’s hair colouring routines. Applying a hair gloss treatment between hair dyeing is a great way to ensure your colour lasts well and doesn’t fade unevenly. A hair gloss is used to maintain vibrant hues whilst reducing dull and brassy tones. At the same time, these products tame fly-aways, frizz, and split ends for a high-shine finish.

Hair gloss treatments can be performed in the salon or at home. Whether you regularly colour your locks or want to enhance your natural hue and add shine, a hair gloss is a product to consider.

How does a hair gloss work?

A hair gloss is a semi-permanent dye or treatment that can last from four to six weeks. Most formulas are tinted, although transparent shine treatments are available. Whereas a traditional dye opens the hair cuticle to change the colour from the inside, a gloss coats and seals the cuticle for a smooth surface.

What’s the difference between permanent and semi permanent hair color?

Gloss treatments aren't an alternative to hair dye. However, glosses help maintain a rich colour and enhance vivid tones. Glossing products can also help remove unwanted tones, such as brassiness from blonde hair and a red cast from brown hair.

You can also use a gloss to subtly change your hair colour with little commitment. If you want to warm up your hair colour for summer or cool it down for winter, you can easily make a change without using harsh chemicals. This is especially good if you have virgin hair and want to experiment without causing damage.  

What are the best Hair Gloss Treatments?

Hair gloss treatments aren’t just about colour, you can also buy transparent versions, which nourish your hair as effectively as hair masks such as MOROCCANOIL Intense Hydrating Mask 250mland serums like Kérastase Serum Thérapiste Dual Treatment.

An incredible 2-in-1 repair treatment with a rich, nourishing formula infused with essential nutrients. This serum is perfect for thick, damaged or overprocessed hair and will leave hair feeling smoother, stronger and rejuvinated.

Both transparent and colour glosses work as great conditioners to leave your hair healthy and soft. A gloss treatment creates a protective barrier against damaging elements. Coated strands will be less porous and more light-reflective, which helps enhance shine and tame fly-aways.

Looking for a Hair Gloss Treatment with a bit of colour?

These three are some of our favorite coloured hair gloss treatments. Not only will they help you maintain your favourite shade, but they will also nourish and hydrate your hair.

Using a gloss just once or twice a month will make a big difference in how long your colour lasts between salon visits. And if you're just playing with temporary colours, you'll still be indulging your hair with extra conditioning and shine.

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