Is There Such a Thing as Over-Conditioning Hair?

Conditioning too much can leave your hair limp and difficult to style. It’s important to understand how and why over-conditioning occurs in order to maximise the benefits without ruining hair texture.

What's the Right Amount of Conditioner to Use?What's the Right Amount of Conditioner to Use?

What's conditioner used for, and how does it work?

Conditioners are used for two main purposes: to moisturise the hair and to protect the hair. Such products hydrate, nourish, and strengthen the shaft whilst coating the cuticle in a protective seal. This extra layer helps protect your hair from damage and lends a glossy finish.

What's over-conditioning?

Each time you use conditioner, you're coating your hair in a new layer of product. If you over-condition your hair, each the cuticle will be heavily coated, making it impossible for other products, such as serums and oils, to penetrate and work effectively.

Over-conditioning can occur in several ways:

Woman with blonde hair using a wooden brushWoman with blonde hair using a wooden brush

How can I tell if I'm over-conditioning my hair?

If you have thick and dry hair, over-conditioning may seem impossible. However, product build-up is possible on any hair type. You'll notice your hair becoming unmanageable, soft, limp, or flat. Any sort of updo will be impossible, as your hair has no natural grip.

Over-conditioning thin, fine hair weighs it down and makes it look oily and perhaps stringy. It's probably easier to see signs of over-conditioning on this hair type.

What's the Right Amount of Conditioner to Use?What's the Right Amount of Conditioner to Use?

My hair is over-conditioned. What can I do?

The best way to tackle over-conditioned hair is to use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up. Christophe Robin Clarifying Shampoo is perfect at reviving over-conditioned hair and making it more manageable.

You can also try a clarifying scrub such as Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub. Exfoliating your scalp once a week will help prevent product build-up that blocks follicles and leads to itchiness and a greasy feeling.

If your hair has become soft and limp due to over-conditioning, consider a protein treatment. Proteins help to strengthen and stiffen each hair strand to add texture back into the hair. We recommend evo mane attention protein treatment 150ml.

christophe-robin-cleansing-purifying-scrub-by-christophe-robin-122.png?transformations=f auto,w 500,h 500christophe-robin-cleansing-purifying-scrub-by-christophe-robin-122.png?transformations=f auto,w 500,h 500

How can I prevent over-conditioning?

To prevent over-conditioning, it's important to use the right amount of conditioner and rinse it out thoroughly. Building a clarifying shampoo or scalp scrub into your regular routine will also help to stop product build-up. Conditioning is a crucial step to achieving healthy, beautiful hair, regardless of your hair types. However, conditioning is also a step that has to be carefully monitored and managed for best results. If you see signs of over-conditioned hair, it's important to remove the gunk to retain gorgeous locks.

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