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Foreo The Luna Play Plus - Available in 3 Shades

4.3 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $18.75


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4 instalments of $18.75


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Foreo The Luna Play Plus - Available in 3 Shades

Foreo The Luna Play Plus - Available in 3 Shades

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4.3 of 43 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

An awesome cleanser! I use it with a foam cleanser and it takes off all the days makeup quickly and gently. Great travel size!

Most Helpful Criticism

Hard to use
I find the Luna difficult to use. It is very small and doesn't really create much foam. I also find it difficult to determine if it does much. It's does aid in removing makeup, but is quite expensive when other tools can do the same.
  1. Hard to use

    I find the Luna difficult to use. It is very small and doesn't really create much foam. I also find it difficult to determine if it does much. It's does aid in removing makeup, but is quite expensive when other tools can do the same.
  2. Good for in the shower

    Love taking this product in the shower and using to cleanse my face - great as you can get it wet compared to some other brushes.
  3. Fantastic

    An awesome cleanser! I use it with a foam cleanser and it takes off all the days makeup quickly and gently. Great travel size!
  4. Not a fan

    First, the positives: easy to use and leaves my skin feeling ridiculously smooth, like I've had microdermabrasion done. Unfortunately, it has no visible effect, runs out of battery quickly, is very expensive, and takes a lot of cleanser to use (and doesn't make it foam at all). Overall, I think the cons outweigh the pros - I'd recommend just getting one of those face muslins instead, cheaper and nearly as effective!
  5. So far so good!

    Reviewing after one week’s use and I’m happy so far! My skin’s texture is lovely and smooth, and I think the Foreo is helping eliminate some small milia around my eyes. I use it with a gentle cream PH balanced cleanser, and it feels really gentle on my skin. I bought the smallest/cheapest one to try it out, and I can definitely see myself buying a bigger one in future.
  6. Highly recommend

    I bought this for my mum and one for myself as an introduction to the range. It’s a good price point to test out this product. We both loved it so much and i’ve now invested in a LUNA 2.
  7. Loveeee!

    Loving this product and the fact that it is more hygienic and gentler on the skin when compared to brush heads! Perfect size, easy to take away as it is doesn’t take up much space at all. Wouldn’t be without a foreo now that I have tried one!
  8. Transformed my skincare routine!

    I received this as a gift and it has completely transformed my skincare routine! I use it with my facial cleanser and it does an amazing job of getting rid of any makeup residue, unclogging my pores and deep cleaning my face. Since using this I have had minimal breakouts and also have super sensitive skin but this has not irritated my face at all! It is unfortunate the battery is non-rechargable, however I've been using it since the battery had died and it still works just as well. I'll definitely be repurchasing this and I can't recommend it enough!
  9. Great for price

    I have been eyeing off the more expensive foreo cleansers but didn't want to commit the money so compromised on the Luna play instead, - i am not disappointed, it is worth every cent and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. I will probably invest in one of the fancier devices now but keep this as my travel one.
  10. Did not work for me

    I recently purchased the Luna 2 and really liked it but then I had to go overseas and did not want to bring it since it is bulky, so I purchased this one to bring along. It is a great quality device and works perfectly well to clean the skin but unfortunately it broke me out after only a couple of days. Sadly I had to give it away to my sister who ended up liking it, so it may be suitable for those with less sensitive skin!
  11. Great cleansing tool

    I had been thinking about purchasing this for a few months now, and finally did I am so glad it’s a nice compact tool love, the small silicone bristles which are excellent for a thorough cleanse but are gentle enough for even sensitive skin types. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth everyday and I haven’t experienced any over exfoliation or flaking while using this. Great product to start at if you want to try this product but don’t want the large price tag.
  12. Cleans well

    Cleans well and leaves my face feeling very cleaned after using.
    My face was definitely smoother and brighter after using.
    It is better on foam cleanser.
    The only one thing I would advise is dry it off completely after each use.
  13. Great face cleansing tool!

    This tool changed my skin! I use this with my second cleanser after removing my makeup, and my skin has never been cleaner. It helps get every little bit of dirt, dust, makeup etc off your face! It is gentle enough not to irritate my skin too. This is has become a permanent part of my skincare routine, and a must-have when cleansing my skin.
  14. Excellent!!

    The compact size is perfect for travelling, fitting in your skincare case. It thoroughly cleanses your face and I found it surprisingly gentle for my sensitive skin. I found within the week I had noticeable changes to my skin and helped unblock my pores and minimise breakouts. It's easy to use and leaves my skin feeling soft and smoother than it has ever been before. Definitely recommend!
  15. lovley

    this is such a good gadget to invest it. i feel like this really helps me clean my skin thoroughly! love that it is not the bristle type head. love that it is silicon like. wish i purchased this in the larger size though.
  16. So soft

    I'm shocked by how soft and gentle this is. I will use this every now and again as it's lovely and relaxing to use but I am worried about irritating my sensitive skin too much.
  17. Perfect For A Young Teen

    I purchased this for my daughter as I want her to start caring for her skin and she absolutely adores it. She keeps asking me to feel her face
  18. Minimal fuss, maximum benefit

    The small compact size is perfect as it easily and gently cleanses your face while taking up minimal room which makes it great for travel. I'd debated for a while if the price made these worth buying and after using it for a week I'd say yes. It's gentle on the skin, easy to use and leaves skin feeling soft.
  19. Gentle and effective

    I really like that I can basically turn any product into an exfoliant with this. I have really sensitive skin and was worried that this might inflame it but it’s really gentle and leaves my skin looking and feeling great.
  20. Obsessed

    I had done my research into Foreo products trying to decide which model to purchase. Due to the price of this model, I decided it was best to start here and work my way up. I am so happy with this purchase!!! It is the perfect introduction to the Foreo cleansing line and my skin has never looked better. Although the smallest of the range, it works beautifully to remove all dirt and grime from my skin and leave it feeling soft and refreshed. If you are unsure whether cleansing devices are for you, I would highly recommend giving the Luna Play Plus a go! You won't regret it :)
  21. Great little device

    I use this device with my foaming cleanser. It's amazing how much foamier my cleanser gets compared to just using my fingers, and it does such a great job of removing any traces make up, leaving my skin feeling super soft and fresh. You can definitely notice a difference just after the first use. The battery on this has lasted longer than I thought too. It is a great product to try before investing the the bigger, more expensive versions.
  22. Handy!

    A handy little device. Seeing a difference in skin after consistent use and feel like skincare products absorb better.
  23. It can come in handy - sensitive and oily skin

    When I first got it, I was using Luna once a day. After a week, I find that my forehead and the side of my face is getting more small lumps. I thought it was mainly because my skin is very sensitive. So now I only use it once a week and it has been working fine for me. It helps to clean areas that are difficult to wash like the side my nose. It has been 3 months, and I cannot say I have seen a drastic improvement. I was also using goats milk soap which did give me a dramatic improvement over the small lumps on my forehead (80% of them were gone after a week). I will continue to use the Luna to see if I will receive better complexion or tightening of the pores.
  24. Good facial cleansing tool

    This is a great cleansing tool but if you're going to splurge, just buy the Luna Mini. Changing the batteries is a pain. Regardless it is great and gentle on my skin
  25. Love this

    I have combination and sensitive skin. I purchased this after not loving my Clarisonic that much anymore as i always have to replace the head. Since buying this I'm in love! It works so well at cleaning my skin and it is much more hygienic. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry at all. Definitely recommend.
  26. Amazing product!

    This tiny product makes one hell of an impact! It is so gentle on my skin that I didn’t think it was doing anything but once finished my skin was so smooth! I can see a difference in the brightness of my skin also! And for once in my life I feel like my skin is thoroughly cleansed!
  27. Convenient

    I feel that this really does a good job of cleaning my skin while still being very gentle. The size also makes it very easy for travel. I dont use this everyday, just about 3-4 times a week. After using it my skin is really very soft and I think it looks brighter but I'm not sure if thats the placebo effect haha
  28. Not sure what I'm missing

    I was expecting so much more after reading all the reviews and hype. Its ok...but I am not sure if I am missing something. I have used the cleansers that came with it of the same brand as well as other high quality products and they don't seem to foam or work in any better by using this product. I won't be rushing to repurchase when the battery dies
  29. Great

    This is a great little deep cleansing tool. I can't say that I always remember to use it, but I do when I really want a thorough cleanse. I like that it is gentle unlike the clairsonic (I don't like the idea of bristles on my face) and the two different sections help target different areas of the face. I like to combine this with a lightly foaming gel cleansing but it also works well with non-foaming cream or milk cleansers.
  30. Amazing!!

    I brought this after not having used my Clarisonic for a few years. I really love how this leaves my skin feeling, and in combo with a cream cleanser I get a really deep clean. Super handy and easy to use, and great for travel
  31. Amazing !!

    Love how clean and soft this makes your skin feel ! So worth the money and so easy to use . Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has problems with their skin
  32. Handy

    Great product I've been using mine for the past 6 months. Really nifty, I just keep it in my shower. It's great
  33. Good and Gentle

    I bought this to try something gentler than my clarisonic.This was a good small and relatively affordable model to try. It is battery operated so unlike the earlier version of Luna Play I can get more uses from this.

    I use this twice a week with a cream based cleanser and it is great. Will be switching to Foreo from Clarisonic.:))
  34. Great product - travel friendly

    this tiny palm sized foreo is great! its so compact and for the price is very reasonable. i tend to reach for my clarisonic more often but the foreo is my travel friendly option.
  35. My lifeline product

    I’ve never used a face brush before. After doing some research, I found that bristle brushes may not be so good for my skin type (combination/adult acne prone) and decided on trying this little GEM! I use it twice a day for 1 minute at a time. You can really feel it getting deep into the pores. I also use it over masks to help the products penetrate deeper into my pores. The Luna play plus in conjunction with the skinstitut glycolic 12% cleanser has actually saved my skin. I’ve gone from 10+ active pimples to having 3 active pimples in just over 2 weeks with no new ones popping up. You won’t regret it!
  36. Great little tool

    Have been loving this little tool for cleansing. It's soft on the skin and gives skin a really thorough clean. It's gentle enough for every day and has worked with pretty much every cleanser I've tried it with. Has been helping to keep breakouts at bay and its small and portable so perfect for travelling.
  37. Never thought I'd love a face brush this much

    I really feel like this gets the job done, I sort of always felt facial brushes were a bit of an added extra I didn't really need and felt with other styles I'd seen (rotating brush heads) that it was too much of an upkeep for the price and it was a pretty enviromentally unfriendly option throwing something out every few months. After reading and watching reviews for this I gave it a chance, and I do really like it, defintely helps active ingredients soak in better, smooths the skin and subtly removes dry skin without having to scrub hard. Not sure if this smaller version helps with anti aging but it certainly helps my serums soak in!
  38. Spa treat

    For me this is like my mini spa treatment. The vibration and soft silicone bristles are gentle and gives the face a nice massage while cleansing. I use it also to apply moisturiser as it helps the creams or serums sink in. The gentle vibration and nodules feel like someone else is giving me a face massage. Very therapeutic as well as cleaning. Also easier to keep clean than brushes. Great size for travelling and easy to recharge. Cute colours too.
  39. Amazing!

    I love my Foreo! it gives your skin that extra boost, especially in this harsh winter weather.

    my skin feels so smooth and plump
  40. Gentle but maybe not for everyday

    Love my luna and use it whenever I feel a bit dull or have a touch of dry skin. Tried using it every day (once a day) to start but my skin started feeling a little dry and sensitive so I only use it once a week or so now and it's great. Much more gentle than a Clarisonic and super easy to keep clean.
  41. Worth the expense

    Even though it is a bit $$ I can feel the difference. My skin feels cleaner. It really removes the dirt and makeup build up. I look forward to seeing the future results.
  42. Massive difference first use

    I received this as a gift from my mum and I was keen to see what the hype was about around this product. After I used it the first time, there was a noticeable difference in my skin - my pigmentation was more even, my skin was brighter and it closed and cleaned out the bigger pores on my nose. I have used it every night since and my skin is getting better and better.
  43. Cheaper than a clarisonic

    I'll be honest, I bought this primarily because it's cheaper than a clarisonic and I wanted to see for myself if the hype about sonic facial cleaning tools was even true! I'd watched some reviews on youtube of foreos and the general consensus seemed to be that they're good but clarisonics are better (but hey, cash is tight so I gave it a whirl!)

    I definitely think my skin is brighter for having used it and I like to use it to really get my serums into my skin as well (another thing I saw on youtube and thought was kind of genius). I have been breaking out a little more but that is typically when I've not used it for a day or two so that's probably actually an indicator of its efficacy!

    I love that it is small and portable, it's hygienic and overall much more cost effective than a clarisonic as you don't have to replace brush heads! If you're looking for an entry into the sonic face cleaning world I'd say this is a great start!
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