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FOREO is the Stockholm-based beauty company taking the world by storm with its range of innovative sonic cleansing devices, the LUNA and LUNA MINI.
FOREO uses groundbreaking technology to create unique products that are being raved about by beauty editors across the globe. FOREO provides a smarter and more effective way to care for your skin.
The promise is simple – FOREO is here to give you a new-found confidence, through innovative skincare that works.
Foreo LUNA offers total beauty care, combining sonic cleansing with anti-ageing benefits. The Foreo LUNA mini is a simpler device that offers deep, gentle cleansing for all skin types. Foreo LUNA for men is the ultimate in pre-shaving care.

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FOREO The Luna 2 – Normal SkinFOREO The Luna 2 – Normal Skin
FOREO The Luna 2 – Normal Skin

Skin feels so soft

Your skin seriously feels so soft after using this! I use mine every night with my cleanser and my skin feels so smooth and soft after every use! I love the light exfoliation it gives too
FOREO The Espada - Available in 3 ShadesFOREO The Espada - Available in 3 Shades
FOREO The Espada - Available in 3 Shades

When it works, it does work but products often faulty!

I don't even know how to describe my disappointment in this product at this stage. My sister got a pink one and I was using it on my pimples and without a doubt it helps, they are often much smaller and less sore by the next morning. So I ordered my own, once it arrived I was so excited to begin using it. Within a week it kept stopping a few seconds into the 30 second cycle and would flash before starting again and flashing flashing again, over the next week it just kept happening more and more. I contacted Foreo support and sent them a video of the problem. They said I could return it with very specific instructions (at my own cost of $11) and they would assess it and send me a new one if it was found to be faulty. They did and a I had a new device within the week. I opened it and charged it as instructed and was horrified to find this one doing the exact same thing straight out of the box!! I ran it flat and recharged again to give it another try but the same thing kept happening. I contacted customer service again and it took awhile to get a reply, I was told I could return it again and after stating I wouldn't be paying the shipping fee they sent me a postage paid label. I received my THIRD Espada and fully charged it finding the exact same problem!! I can't be bothered with the very specific returns instructions and sending it back again because they just keep sending me faulty items so I've given up! My sister has never had a single problem with hers so I don't understand whats happening here.

If you get one that works the really do help with acne, pimples are smaller heal much quicker when used a couple of times a day. Buy at your own risk though because I am totally at a loss as to how this can happen with THREE separate devices!!! I have had experience with four of them have been faulty so keep that in mind. My sisters device is pink and mine have all been blue so to stay on the safe side I would get a pink one if you're going to purchase!
FOREO The Luna 2 – Normal SkinFOREO The Luna 2 – Normal Skin
FOREO The Luna 2 – Normal Skin


This works so well at providing clearer skin, minimising pores and giving it a smooth texture. Best cleansing device I’ve tried so far.
Foreo LUNA Fofo - Available in 4 ShadesForeo LUNA Fofo - Available in 4 Shades
Foreo LUNA Fofo - Available in 4 Shades

Use this twice a day and have noticed less breakouts and decrease in milia

Love this Foreo device, I use this twice a day with a foaming cleanser and now I can't go back to cleansing with just my hands. This makes a huge difference- makes me skin feel clean! I now have less breakouts and a decreased in milia seeds. I find it provides mild exfoliation around the eye area which is gentle.

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