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Dyson Airwrap™ Styler Complete

4.6 of 92 reviews


4 instalments of $199.75

Or 4 instalments of $199.75 with LEARN MORE
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4 instalments of $199.75

Or 4 instalments of $199.75 with LEARN MORE

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Curl. Wave. Smooth. Dry. With no extreme heat. The Dyson Airwrap styler is a ground-breaking new tool that will change the way you do your hair. With a powerful digital motor and a range of attachments to create almost any look, the Dyson Airwrap effortlessly styles without extreme heat, for healthier hair and longer lasting hairstyles.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Dyson Airwrap™ Styler Complete

Dyson Airwrap™ Styler Complete

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 92 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Complete Game Changer !


Okay so I am super late at reviewing this, I have had my airwrap since they first came out, and I use it almost every time I wash my hair, it gives me the perfect salon worthy blow dry every time... one of my favourites attachments is the straightener brush; it blow drys my hair so quickly, and for some reason extends the time I can go between shampooing my hair.
I also love the curl attachments for when I know I am going to want curls the next day, (It should be noted that my hair really struggles to hold a curl and I have been known to get my hair curled and my hair is straight by the time I leave the salon)....I will use the curl attachments the night before after washing to give my hair the body and hold - if I do this the night before my curls stay in soo well and I just use my curl bar to touch up the curls in the morning before work !!

I absolutely love my airwrap and in my opinion it's worth every cent !

Most Helpful Criticism

hard to use


I found this really hard to use. Probably best if you have thin and even lengthed hair but I have layers and medium/thick hair and I have to divide my hair into tiny sections which is really time consuming
  1. Worth it!


    A little tricky to get the hang of it at first, however after a few trials, its easy to realise which add-ons work best for your hair. It really is a game changer!
  2. Great for some but not for everyone


    This isn’t for everyone so I would recommend to try buy. A lot of reviews I’ve read are from people who haven’t owned it very long and this baby needs a lot of practice to perfect. I have fine frizzy hair and it gives a very soft professional finish that I can’t achieve with my parlux. It’s light to hold and easy to use. And it gives a great bouncy revamp if my hair needs washing but I don’t h...
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  3. Perfect Blow Out Look


    Takes some practice and time to learn how to use properly, but once you know it creates so much volume and that hair salon blow out look. Make sure you use pre and post product so it holds though. E.g. I use Aveda Cherry Almond Leave In Conditioner and Eleven Miracle Hair before and Eleven Give Me Hold hair spray after.
  4. Complete Game Changer !


    Okay so I am super late at reviewing this, I have had my airwrap since they first came out, and I use it almost every time I wash my hair, it gives me the perfect salon worthy blow dry every time... one of my favourites attachments is the straightener brush; it blow drys my hair so quickly, and for some reason extends the time I can go between shampooing my hair.
    I also love the curl att...
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  5. I make an effort now!


    I never used to be a hair girl, always threw it up into a pony or bun, until this came along
  6. Joey Scandizzo Made Me Do It


    I have wanted the Dyson airwrap for so long and finally caved when one of the hairdressers at Joey Scandizzo was raving about it. I AM OBSESSED, I never was able to properly blow dry my hair the way hairdressers do but with my airwrap it can pass as if a professional has done. So pleased with my purchase.
  7. my hair is thin whispy and this is awesome for it

    Kellie J

    I bought this not really knowing whether it would do anything great for my extremely thin, body-less hair but I absolutely love my other Dyson products so I trusted it enough to give it a go and WOW.
    It is so good. My hair strands fly around all over the place but I kept going and it fell into a smooth style that lasted all night long. I'm very pleased. I haven't tried the curling yet but h...
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  8. Alternative to Salon Blowouts


    Because of the price, this styler won't be for everyone. However, if you are someone who likes the look of a salon style blowdry then it could actually save you money in the long run. It can only be used on wet/damp hair so it's not at all useful for styling hair that isn't freshly washed. I like the effect of curls it gives but it is more of a glamorous blowdry tool rather than a beachy wave styl...
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  9. An amazing tool


    There's so many amazing aspects to this hair tool. A bit tricky to play with at first but once you get the hang of it it revolutionises the way you style hair
  10. Seriously good


    This is the best styler I have ever used. It helps to style my hair without damaging it. Absolutely brilliant.
  11. Amazing


    I love how quickly this dries my hair! I used to hate styling my hair but this is great.
  12. A range of new looks...at a price


    I bought the Airwrap shortly after it was released so have had plenty of time to play with it. It's incredibly versatile and each of the multiple attachments create a few different looks. I was surprised by how much I like the brushes, specifically the Firm Smoothing Brush - it's a great alternative to using a straightener. The curling attachments give you a much more voluminous finish than a trad...
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  13. game changing


    difficult to first get the hang of but once you've got it you'll be set, it is truly worth the hype
  14. Love it!!!


    I couldn't wait to have this in my hands when it just came out and had to pre-order and wait for 2 months. I absolutely love this styler. It's quite expensive and takes a bit of time to get used to, but it's so worth it if you want to keep your hair healthy, and this is a life-time investment. I don't use it as often as my Supersonic dryer, but when I do, I end up with salon like results in 10-15 ...
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  15. Highly recommend


    Received as a gift and thoroughly impressed. I will say it does take awhile to get the hang of it(I had to watch a fair few youtube tutorials) but overall makes it so much easier to style and dry your hair. I found when using other hot curlers my hair would become very knotty and dry. Using the dyson has left my hair soft and bouncy and it does not get as tangled or damaged after styling. It did t...
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  16. It's great!


    I was very wary prior to purchasing, I went into the Dyson shop in Sydney to 'trial' first and was still slightly wary. I cannot for the life of me curl my hair with a straightener and curling tongs are overrated so I was pleased to see something different hit the market and I can actually curl my hair now. You do need to grab the right amount of hair and learn the technique. My hair is long, but ...
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  17. Best hair investment I have ever made!


    I have had the Dyson Airwap Styler for three months now and absolutely love it, since using the air-wrap I've had so many hair compliments and not just from the hubby! I have very unruly blonde fine hair which tangles/ knots easily and looks like a hot frizzy mess after hair-drying. I decided to buy the Dyson as I liked the idea of styling my hair without direct heat and hoped I would style and we...
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  18. Love it!


    I love my dyson. I cannot curl my hair with a straightener so this is a great option (Curls don't hold super well though so need product in addition). Using the straigtnering brush makes my hair feel like I've just had a blow dry at the salon!
  19. Adore this product!


    I bought this as a treat to myself a few months ago, having previously bought the hair dryer and loved it. This is even better (and has pretty much negated my requirement to even use my dyson hair dryer)! The smoothing brush is brilliant, and extremely quick, and gives you a salon-esque blow dry. I also like using the round brush to create curls around my face. The curlers are a little bit tri...
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  20. Game Changer


    I have wanted the Dyson airwrap for so long, finally caved and got it a month ago now, and can I just say it has completely changed my life. Saves me so much time styling and drying my hair at once, less damaging and so easy to use, I never was able to properly blow dry my hair the way hairdressers do but with my airwrap it can pass as if a professional has done. Couldn’t be happier with my purcha...
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  21. Best hair drier ever!!


    when I first heard about how expensive this product was I thought it was ridiculous. But then I looked into it and spent so long deliberating about buying it, and when I did I had no regrets! This is the most amazing hair drier and styler, it makes my hair look I’ve been to the hair dressers for a blow dry every time I use it and it dries my hair so fast. Although it is expensive, if you equate ho...
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  22. Really good product


    This is really good but still not sure if the price is worth it. It does work well but I think it really takes practice. It is also quite good for hair health due to the lower heat it uses, so I don't get scared of frying my hair with this unlike with other hair tools that I feel I can't use everyday because of that.

    I did make the mistake of taking this to Canada/US during a trip and...
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  23. Life-changer!


    I deliberated over this purchase for so long, but I am so happy I finally bought it. Yes, it's very expensive, but after using it I can see why. I have very, very thick unruly hair. It is coarse and curly and there's lots of it. I find every single head very easy to use and each one produces excellent results. If you're looking for a super smooth, ironed look- this won't do it. But if you want a m...
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  24. Best


    This is the best styler I have ever used. It helps to style my hair without damaging it. Absolutely brilliant.
  25. Game Changer


    I'm someone who has fine hair but lots of it, it's also my natural colour. Previously I could not get a blow wave to hold more than 2 minutes after I walked out of the salon door. When curling with an iron, I would have to spray half a can of hair spray into my hair to ensure it lasted...well somewhat* lasted.
    The airwrap is a game changer. I use the curling attachments on my damp hair and I...
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  26. 5 stars

    Eva Steva

    So far I have only used the brush attachment and already its worth every penny!
    If you have thick hair it a blessing. 10min your hair is dry and looks professional without you being over heated from the hair dryer and really easy to use.
    It's also massively reduced the frizzy look I get with normal hair dryer
  27. Expensive but worth it


    Takes some time adjusting to it but gets easier.
    I probably find waving hair with a ghd easier and the curls probably last longer too
  28. No more messy mum bun!


    I am so happy that I lashed out and purchased my dyson airwrap styler. With little kids, time is of the essence when it comes to doing most things, but one thing I found challenging was doing anything with my hair and so I’ve been sporting a mum bun for quite some time. The airwrap is quick, easy to use, quiet (bonus can be used while the kids are sleeping!), and all together amazing.
    My fav...
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  29. Amazing product!


    I absolutely love this hair styler! You can create so many different looks with it. It's undeniably super expensive, but very worth it if you have the budget and money to spare. It doesn't dry your hair out at all and is super easy to use. Overall, a very good product.
  30. Best purchase


    It's so expensive, BUT, it's totally worth it ! It won't dry out your hair, you can create so many different style with this airwrap. Totally worth your investment !
  31. Versatile


    I like how it has a lot of options which gives you great styling options and makes it a very versatile product to have - it also kind of justifies the price. I did find the curling tools a bit hard to use, so it's probably not the best value for money if you're just after a hair curler
  32. Worth it!


    I love this tool. I can’t believe how much I love it already. I have no doubt in my mind that this is totally worth the money.

    I have straight, long, bleach blonde hair. I love the look of undone waves and don’t like very sleek straight hair. This tool is perfect for creating a bouncy blow wave you get at the hairdresser. I love the round brush and the larger curling barrels. It’s n...
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  33. hard to use


    I found this really hard to use. Probably best if you have thin and even lengthed hair but I have layers and medium/thick hair and I have to divide my hair into tiny sections which is really time consuming
  34. Love it


    I always get compliments when I use the volume brush to do my hair! I use to hate blowdrying my hair after a shower, I would just let it dry naturally because the blow dryer would make my hair more frizzy. But with the dyson I love using the blow dryer attachment first, then once its semi-dry I'll switch to the smoothing head (the non-straightener one) and finish it off like that! Leaves my hair l...
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  35. quick but curves never stay


    l have very thick but fine hair, and this styler seems not style my hair at all. It curves my hair when using it, but ten minutes later all curves are gone. It's quite expensive as well. I don't recommend.
  36. Time Saving Wonder


    I really delayed purchasing this due to the price. I bit the bullet though and did it. It really is fantastic for my hair. I have medium length, wavy, frizzy hair and a lot of it. My previous routine involved having to wash my hair at night, dry it with a hair dryer as much as possible, sleep on it so it was fully dry and then put the hair straightener through it in the morning. Now I can actually...
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  37. The BEST Hair styler by far!


    I have got medium (45cm) length 1B/European Type hair. They are fine but I have a lot of them. Due to highlighting and using straightener to curl them (or blow dry them using a round brush), the ends are really DRY and DAMAGED. damaged. I decided that the Airwrap would be a perfect substitute for the straightener and rather than burning my hair with hot plates it will be much less damaging to trea...
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  38. My new best friend


    It styled my hair super easily, I bought it for the hair curling function and it does that super easily and perfectly for me. The dryer attachment dries my hair in a short time, and the brushes help make my hair super smooth and sleek.
  39. Great product


    Love tis easy to use so many attachments no need to go to a hairdresser for styling anymore
  40. Great for medium length -long hair


    The Airwrap is amazing on mine and my 2 daughters hair one with thick curls medium length the other with long straight finer hair and my short curly hair, I define my curls with the curlers or straighten it out leaving it bouncy and beautiful any which way, trick for styles to last really is setting the curls with the cool shot and waiting for it to be cool before turning it off and removing the h...
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  41. Game Changer


    I have two teenage daughters one with long straight hair and one with thick curly hair like my own, the curling barrels give a beautiful bouncing wavy blowout look and the paddle brush straightens our thicker hair well leaving it shiny and smooth. They curls did drop but the hair still looks amazing. The Pre Styler dryer is great I really wish the had a diffuser. Love this item and it will get a w...
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  42. love it


    so great and easy to use every day, makes styling my hair so easy
  43. Absoultey amazing !!


    I bought this being sceptical since I can't curl hair with a normal curler for the life of me. I curled my sisters hair in 10 minutes ,she has medium length but very thick hair. Turned out absolutely gorgeous.
  44. Much better for your hair


    I have been using this for about a month now and my hair feels much healthier! I use it as a hairdryer mostly and will use the brush and curling attachments. Looks great also!
  45. not that great for thick hair


    My sister has one and I've been using hers while contemplating whether to get my own. I have thicker hair and it takes a long time to get all my hair curled. Have to split it into small sections and for the price, I wouldn't invest in one
  46. saved my frizzy hair


    it's really a great product, make my hair so smooth, and plus with so many different functions, it's good value. I have to straight my hair at hair dresser before, now I can do it easily at home, really love it
  47. Best thing that has happened to my hair


    Was honestly so sick of my normal hair dryer screaming in my ear and over heating my hair so though I would spend and get the Dyson Airwrap - it does not disappoint!

    My hair has never been happier, the different heat settings are great and the attachments are super easy to use and dry my hair so much faster than a regular dryer and it is much less noisy!

    Since buying mi...
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  48. Not worth it


    It takes a lot of practice to use and still doesn’t produce long lasting curls or straight hair. Disappointed wish I could return mine or sell it.
  49. not working at all


    It is easy to use and I believe it does protect the hair. However It couldn't hold my hair at all. It curves my hair by heat but becomes straight when the hair cools down. I have to use a lot of hair styling spray to hold the curves.
  50. Learning to love!


    Purchased this a few weeks ago, and falling in love with it!
    Love the flat brush - i use this straight from washing hair in the shower, and hair is dry and styled within 10mins to silky smooth and voluminous!

    Recently dyed my black hair to balayage, and noticed I have generally more frizz with this and the Airwrap smooths this.

    Slowly learning to use the cur...
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  51. Great for frizz


    This is amazing for taming frizz. Previously I've never been able to get a blow out because of how frizzy and fluffy my hair would get, but now I can! Life changing!
  52. Very versatile - I just wished the curls lasted longer.


    The Dyson is great - I love the hairdryer function and hardly get my GHD hair dryer out anymore. It dries quickly and my fair definitely feels smooth and I have less flyways (my hair is quite dry and not dead straight and not curly).

    The curls are lovely, however they don't seem to stay in all day (I find myself going back to the miracurl if I want a longer lasting curl).

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  53. Absolutely love!


    I have coloured thick/ frizzball hair that usually requires a lot of time and heat to style. The Airwrap has completely changed my hair routine! Curling my hair, which I have always found difficult, is so easy and last for days (even after sleeping on it!). The smoothing brush and blow dry tool I found a little harder to master but I’m slowly getting there. Overall, I am so in love with this produ...
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  54. It works!


    I have thick, unruly hair that takes a significant amount of time to dry and style. It took me a while to make the final decision to purchase the Dyson Airwrap and I am so glad that I did! My drying time has lessened and I am loving the smoothing hairbrush attachments. I am still learning how to style my hair using the curling attachment, but I have used it on friends and have loved the final look...
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  55. haven’t looked back


    I spent months looking at reviews and watching how to videos on YouTube before committing to this purchase! I Honestly have never looked back! Absolutely love the ease of use and the amazing soft and silky feeling it leaves with my hair. I am still getting used to the air wrap for the curls but with practise I’ve learnt little tricks on what works best for my hair! I have thin hair so i find I nee...
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  56. Worth the cost


    Been wanting to get this device since it first came out and was watching and reading so many mixed reviews. I ultimately decided to purchase it and don’t regret a single cent. Definitely has a learning curb, but not matter what attachment is used it leaves your hair so silky soft. It’s been used more than my basic blow dryer and round brush and I actually look forward to using it to style my hair....
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  57. Expensive but high quality


    I debated for so long before getting this because of the price but now I use it every day. I love the inclusion of the hair dryer. I tried the curlers but for some reason the curls would not last longer than 2 minutes on me before they drop and I have tried everything to make it work. My most used head is the smoothing brush. I usually start from wet hair because the style won't last if I start wi...
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  58. Pricey but does a good job


    Now this is a BIG investment so its only worth it if you actually use it! i love to use this as an every day product after i wash my hair i let it air dry for a bit and then use one of the 5 tools to finish it off. Does a great job and love that its better for your hair
  59. Hairdresser in my ensuite


    I bought this because I was sucked in for a 5-6 tool in one. I cannot curl my hair with an iron - no matter how much I practice. But I can use to airwrap heads to get this curls easily. But more than the cool girl curls I am in love with the brush head attachments that give me a sleek blow dry. It gives it better volume and polish than I ever got with a seperate drier and brush combo. I love that ...
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  60. Love it!


    Have been using a GHD & blowdryer for years, tried to get my hands on this for about 3 months but was sold out everywhere. Finally got one and i absolutely love it, its very easy to just change attachments. I love the straightening brushes and hairdryer attachments. The curler works great but i don't often curl my hair. It makes my hair feel beautiful and soft without harsh heat.
  61. Amazing, but not sure if worth the price tag


    I'm the type who is usually not bothered to style my hair, so having paid this price definitely motivates me to style my hair more often (and it still isn't very often). The styler is a very efficient tool and gives you great hair in about 15-20 minutes (+6 more for out of the shower hair).

    Because I'm lazy, I only mostly use the dryer + brushes. The drying tool is great on its own f...
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  62. Game changer


    Omg game changer!
    Easy to use, beautiful soft curls :)
  63. Easy curls


    Before the Dyson airwrap I was never able to curl my hair using any type of iron. That all changed with this product and for that alone it is totally worth the money in my opinion as I can now actually curl my hair on special occasions! I also love using the brush attachments to straighten my hair and I haven't touched my ghd straightener since I got this. I find the pre-styler on this powerful en...
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  64. so much better than expected


    I received this as a very generous Christmas gift and I cannot stop using it. I have long, wavy, fine hair but quite a lot of it. For reference if I let my hair air dry it takes 3+ hours, if I sleep on it wet it will be wet in the morning. This thing dries and styles my hair in minutes. I don't think it would be great for heavily textured hair, but my waves look much nicer using this, I even have ...
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  65. ALL in one


    Wow I had read and watched so many review on this product I was a little concerned I was wasting money but that's not the case this is the best purchase I have made.

    So easy to use I have had it in a month and my hair already feel healthier.

    If you use it the right way its so so easy to use. Don't watch review where they have not used it because they have no idea I went ...
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  66. Purchase for wife!


    She absolutely loves it! Well worth it for Valentines!
  67. Dyson Airwrap is Life


    As a person that has tried and tried and tried, but still can't to use a GHD to style her hair...this is phenomenal! It's quick, relatively idiot-proof and my hair is so much healthier now I don't use high heat to dry or style my hair.
    I'm throwing my hairdryer and other stylers away now!
    The Dyson Airwrap is totally worth the investment!

    I'd also like to mention Adore Be...
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  68. Works for me


    I have thick curly hair and find that the tight brush gives me the same results as if I was to go get a blow dry at the hairdressers and in about half the time. For this alone, I am happy with my purchase.

    From what I’ve read, if you hair doesn’t usually hold a curl well, it still won’t hold a curl well if you use the Airwrap.

    Though I do understand the price is quite hi...
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  69. Good blow dryer


    I love the blow drying accessories, but I have to say the curler is overrated and not that necessary compared to a normal curler
  70. I love this - it's easy and fast to use


    I was nervous to buy given the high price tag, but I'm so glad I did.
    For me, it worked on both dry and wet hair. My towel dried hair only required 30 seconds each side with the hair dryer component before I used the barrels to curl. All up it was just 15 mins start to finish. My hair was smoother and more voluminous than if I had used a regular curling wand.
    The curls are more loose a...
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  71. Lives up to the hype!

    Rebecca (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have to admit, I was skeptical that this styler would live up to the copious amounts of hype around it. I also thought 'What can it do that a curling iron can't in the same or less time?'
    Well, the first thing that won me over is how well made the whole device, attachments and box is. It really feels and looks like something special that was made with a lot of thought and care.
    All ...
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  72. Life saver


    It’s the best hair tool ever, came with a nice luxuious box. My daughthers also love it too. Luckily, we got this before it is sold out again and again.
  73. Quicker and easy enough


    I have thick long hair, it’s takes 20-30mins drying with my parlux. Takes only 30mins to get from towel dried to loose curls, it’s amazing and is still a little fluffy but nothing major and still super shiny. It does need to be touched up daily as the curls will definitely fall out to only slight curls at the ends but I like that look on day 2-3. It will not replace your drier or GHD as I have a l...
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  74. Intelligent product, tricky to use at first


    I’m not her convinced regarding the curling wand, i have short hair and it doesn’t quite curl my hair the same as it would curl long hair, if I want to curl I’m better off using my GHD. However I think the product overall is amazing. The hair brush connection is so far my favourite, it easily dries my hair into an almost straight non frizzy sleek style as if a hair dresser has done a real blow dry...
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  75. You need this


    Hair type: long/thick/brunette

    I know what you're thinking, its very expensive.. and you're right but its sooo worth it. This Airwrap replaces so many of my tools and does a better job with less heat and less damage.
  76. Feels like the future!

    Kate Morris (Adore Beauty Founder)

    You know that scene in Fifth Element, where Milla Jovovich puts a Chanel compact up to her eyes and clicks a button and magically she has eye makeup?
    Yeah well this feels like the hair version of that. It is SO COOL.

    My hair is very thick, just above shoulder length, slightly wavy and prone to frizz. Usually I would dry it off with a Parlux dryer, then straighten with a GHD or ...
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  77. Alright


    I borrowed this from a friend once and it was alright for curling my only problem was that my hair is naturally quite frizzy and this didn’t really help so my curls ended up frizzier than usual which was a bummer. An alright product but not worth the price tag if you have frizzy hair.


    This product lives up to the hype, its very different to your convention products but once you're used to it its honestly such a versatile all in one tool! Worth the expense as now I have 3 products in one essentially, and I can feel a noticeable difference in my hair already since using, its less dry.
  79. A highly versatile styling tool


    This is obviously such a unique luxury, product and has the price to match. But I was so intrigued that I took the plunge and bought it...and I'm so glad I did - I absolutely love it. I have long, fine, hair that can look flat and lifeless; but now I can get salon quality styles every day. No matter what the style, my hair looks healthy and has volume, body and incredible shine.
    There's so m...
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  80. Amazing new hair tool


    I am in awe of this new hair tool. At first I was sceptical that it would live up to the reviews. But it is totally worth the money if you style your hair regularly. I have fine hair but a lot of it and it would normally take at least an hour and a half to dry and curl my hair but I think it took less than 20 minutes. Not only the time but my hair feels soft and shiny and not the normal crunch fee...
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  81. Love but dont love


    This is actually an AMAZING tool. However its not really made for my hair type. My hair is frizzy / curly and very long so the problem I have is that it doesn't really smooth my hair enough. You need to have already relatively smooth and easy to manage hair to get a perfect result. The finish I get is extreme volume and the curl doesn't really last so I need to tame it with a lot of hair oil. It's...
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  82. It lives up to the hype


    I was lucky enough to purchase this prior to selling out. Delivery was super fast. The Airwrap does takes a little getting used to, and should be fabulous with practice.
  83. Replaces my hair dresser for blowdrys

    Meike ( Adore beauty staff)

    I was very excited to try the new product from Dyson and it didnt disappoint. It worked well on my hair and was super fun to use.

    The airwrap curling feature makes getting volume and the perfect wave easy and it is the MAIN reason to buy this product.

    First thing to know it comes with 2 sizes for curling which ensures you can get the perfect wave for your hair type and ...
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  84. The most amazing styling tool ever


    This product surpassed all my expectations, I can achieve a salon quality blow out in less then 20 minutes, my hair is the softest and shiniest it has ever been. The curls are of equal quality and last as long as GHD curls, except without that crispy stiff feeling you get when using high heat. When I curl my hair with the Dyson it feels soft, floaty and silky. Just amazing! This has replaced my hi...
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  85. Great product - high price point though!


    I've had the Airwrap for a week, and have tried out a few different elements for a few events.

    Overall, I can't comment on my hair health, as the product is too new, and I think that kind of observable change will take a few months.

    * The time and convenience of drying and styling at the same time.
    * The speed of drying
    * The different attachme...
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  86. Absolute Game Changer


    Dyson's done it again!!
    Can't believe my luck for getting this Airwrap as it's sold out everywhere!
    Thank you Adore Beauty...
    I have now been using this product for over a week and am so impressed with it, I have been raving to everyone I know about it.
    Yes, it's pricey, but it's such a worthy investment for your hair just like the Dyson Supersonic dryer, they are so good f...
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  87. Best hair styling tool on the market


    I am absolutely in love with this product. I already had a Dyson hair dryer so I knew the product would be quality but the airwrap is a game changer for me. I have long thick hair with a wave so I used to have to dry, straighten and then curl my hair which took way too long. Even just drying left my hair wavy and unruly. Now I can dry my hair and while its still damp I use the hairbrush attachment...
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  88. Great accessories for a DIY blowout


    This is a very fun product to use. I love all the extra head accessories it comes with. The smoothing brush is amazing for straightening hair with a healthy shine and the round brush creates a lovely finish on the hair.
    The curling heads are fun to use but take some time getting used to them. They do create a nice curl but I'd have to say my standard curling wand creates better beachy waves ...
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  89. Not for my hair type

    Sarah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I don't have the most desirable hair. It's fine and fluffy/curly. Urgh. I was super excited to trial the Airwrap.

    Honestly, it wasn't the best item for my hair.


    - I didn't feel like the drying 'head' was smoothing enough for my hair.
    I really need to smooth my hair, and then curl it.

    - When I tried to curl it, I found the power of t...
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    Well done Dyson!
    I'm in love with all the attachments this set comes with, the curlers are my favourite, makes styling simple and with much less heat damage.
    my hair is curly, thick and long. I have always had to straighten my hair prior to curling because the roots of my hair are wavy, I was worried the airwrap wouldn't straighten those parts however it does! I have curled my hair tw...
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