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Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash 177ml

4.6 of 120 reviews

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4 instalments of $6.38


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Looking to clear your skin, remove build-ups and a deep cleanse? Then get yourself the new Dermalogica clear start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash!

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash

Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash

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4.6 of 120 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good cleanser


I have acne prone and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning with a glycolic cleanser in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin. Very affordable

Most Helpful Criticism

Too drying for my skin


I found this too drying and strong for my skin. I have combination skin and this took out all the moisture in my cheeks
  1. Good product, not exceptional


    I'm now onto my second bottle of this, though I'm not sure I'll keep repurchasing after going through this one. I like this cleanser, however I don't absolutely love it. I think it does a good job at cleansing the skin but it might be a little too bit harsh on my semi-sensitive dry skin, therefore I find myself using this only a couple times a week. Good value for money, as I find it lasts a long time.
  2. Love


    I have acne prone, dry and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning before applying makeup and in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin.
  3. Repeat purchase


    This is a Repeat purchase, works well for me. Reduces the number of break outs
  4. Good cleanser


    I have acne prone and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning with a glycolic cleanser in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin. Very affordable
  5. I Use it Every Day


    At first, I didn't really notice any differences in my skin but after using it twice a day for a number of weeks I noticed that I wasn't getting any more blemishes popping up. The only thing that has changed in my skincare routine is adding this wash to it.

    Now it's a staple in my routine. It makes such a massive difference, you just have to use it long-term
  6. Absolutely love


    Using only a 5c piece worth of products, allows it to last a while! I love this for my oily skin and have purchased and used 2 bottles already!
  7. Good cleanser


    Helps keep breakouts away and cleanses nicely without stripping moisture from the face. Packaging can make it hard to get product out towards the end of the bottle though
  8. One of my favourite face cleansers!!!


    Such a nice face cleanser, it made my face feel so nice and deeply cleaned and refreshed. It definitely does help to clear breakouts, but if you suffer from acne it’s probably not going to help much preventing things like cystic breakouts. It foams up so nicely and you don’t need a lot of product so a little goes a long way. Would define my start using again once my skin is cleared because I loved it so much whilst my skin was good. Would be excellent for teens with a few breakouts especially if used with a dermalogica moisturiser too. Even my younger sister loved it.
  9. Definitely recommend


    This product is definitely recommended to those who suffered from acne. It helps to calm the skin and prevent future pimples.
  10. A great start and affordable


    I used this product when I was a teen and I loved it! It has a citrus scent to it which really wakes you up in the morning. Definitely would recommend this product to teens looking to start up a skincare regime as it’s more affordable than the adult range.
  11. long term results


    The cleanser itself is very thick so a little goes a long way. It also take a while to show results if you have acne, this isn’t an “instant acne free” treatment, but if you are looking for long term results this is the cleanser for you.
  12. Clear skin without irritation


    This is good for those suffering for small break outs, it keeps the skin in check but without being super dry. I have quite sensitive skin and this cleanser didn't burn me unlike some others.
  13. Kids love this


    My kids love this to help keep their skins clear! Not too harsh or drying
  14. Cant get enough


    Absolutely love this product. I have hormonal acne and dehydrated skin. I have tried so many different cleansers, but I always come back to this one. Removes make up. Soothes my active acne but prevents new pimples. So obsessed!
  15. Clearest skin!


    i wasn't much of a skincare person up until i received this facial wash for my birthday! Since then I've been using it continuously and my skin has improved so much, with a decrease in breakouts and also an improvement in my skin tone! Loved it so much i re-purchased it even before i ran out!
  16. its good


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing!
  17. Absolutely amazing!


    My face had never broken out before in my life but a few months ago it decided to break out really bad. I tried lots of products, spent so much money on trying to find something that would work.
    This product completely cleared up my skin within 1 week.. I use this twice a day religiously as it has done wonders to my skin.
  18. Deep cleaning


    Love this for an extra boost around my hormonal cycle, really gives a deep cleanse. A little drying so I don’t use it daily, and make sure to use moisturiser after.
  19. Great as a first cleaner!


    I got this for my 12yo daughter as her first proper cleanser and we're really happy with it so far. It is gentle enough on her young skin and is helping with keeping it clear. We'll be buying again!
  20. Love


    This product combats my hormonal pimples really well with out upsetting my sensitive skin! Great price too
  21. Love Dermalogica


    I swapped to this cleanser after my last Dermalogica cream cleanser got discontinued. I was breaking out regularly until using their products and it has really cleared my skin up. I love this foaming cleanser. It's gentle but cleans really well. People have said it dries out skin but you need to complete a full skin care routine to get the right results - I follow with The Ordinary 'Buffet' and an SPF moisturiser in the morning/night moisturiser at night and I've never experienced drying out.
  22. Great


    Great product, I use the entire clear start range and find it really clears my skin.
  23. good for teenage skin!


    this foaming wash is great for teenage skin! or acne prone! helps clear breakouts!
  24. Hyrdrating and helps acne


    I have been using this product for 1 week now and already seeing results, clearer skin, more hydrated and glowing.
  25. Too drying for my skin


    I found this too drying and strong for my skin. I have combination skin and this took out all the moisture in my cheeks
  26. not bad


    good for teens with heavy acne skin, does help to clear skin but does leave it feelings a little stripped and dry
  27. Alright


    Unfortunately this didn’t clear my skin very well however it did seem to stop it from escalating. I would only recommend this to people with good skin who are just avoiding getting pimples.
  28. Great for Teenage Skin


    I bought a gift set for my teenage daughter recently and this product was part of the set. My daughter has quite acne prone skin with blackheads and hormonal breakouts.

    This face was has done wonders for keeping her oily skin under control. She recently begged me for a new kit now that she's living with her father and had run out of the last set I bought her. A real winner!
  29. Amazing


    This face wash takes of all my makeup and keeps my skin clear, it has a nice smell too
  30. Best face wash!


    I couldn't recommend this any higher. I have used it for around 18 months now and its perfect for cleansing the face but also getting rid of excess oils and helping with small hormonal or oil breakouts. 10/10 Product!
  31. Easy, effective and cost efficient.


    I purchase this face wash for my 12 year old son and also my partner.
    The foaming action is a plus as both can be quite lax with their face wash technique, it really gets in and does the work for them.
    Since using both have seen a huge improvement in skin appearance and a reduction in breakouts!
    Easy to use, effective and cost efficient. I will continue to purchase this product to help with hormonal and/or stress related breakout.
  32. Works well


    This work so well when I have hormonal breakouts, it settles the breakout down without over drying the skin. I like the foam style cleanser.
  33. amazing for teen acne


    I’ve tried so many cleansers but this is the best and so cheap, I experience mainly hormonal breakouts and it doesn’t leave your skin feelings dry and settles down those red horrible breakouts!
  34. Tween Product


    Bought this for my tween son who was starting to have regular breakouts. Gentle enough for his skin, but made a great difference overall,


    honestly I’ve tried cleanser after cleanser, I experience mainly hormonal breakouts and I have to admit after a long journey I think this cleanser is the BEST, It doesn’t leave your skin feelings dry, it doe exactly what a cleanser should... CLEAN ! And settle down those nasty breakouts!! TIP dry cleanse and wash away with water
  36. Super fresh and cleansed


    I have really problematic skin and suffer from bad acne. I’m not really able to be too adventurous with my skin care so I was apprehensive about trying this out. But I’m so glad I did! My skin was instantly more refreshed after using this product. I find it to cleanse my skin well without stripping or leaving my skin too dry like a lot of other breakout specific products. It does occasionally leave my skin a bit tight after use so would recommend using a moisturizer or giving your skin a bit of a break from time to time (I sometimes only use once per day instead of twice in this case) but other than that it’s the best cleanser I’ve found that actually makes my face feel clean.
  37. Easy Peasy Cleanse


    Super happy with the results over the past 3 months using this cleanser. It is packed with break out fighting ingredients but doesn't completely strip my skin every morning and eve whilst cleansing. It is great priced and has a super durable packaging!
  38. Best cleanser


    Love this face wash and have re purchased multiple times it is a bit more on the expensive side but definitely worth it leaves my skin feeling glowing and refreshed and find it really helps with clearing my breakouts while still being gentle on my skin
  39. Great for pre/teen aged kids!


    I have been buying this product for my 12 year old son who has occasional hormonal acne.
    The foaming formula is great for young ones not yet skilled at washing their face as it does most of the work for you.
    Since using this product, his breakouts have definitely reduced. He uses every morning and in the shower.
    We’re onto our third bottle now and have been using for approximately 12 months so great value for money
  40. So good for acne-prone skin!!


    I love how effective yet gentle this cleanser is. Super impressed with the price as well, perfect to get your kids started on a skincare routine. My daughter gets the occasional pimples and she loves how easily this clears up her skin!
  41. Major skin improvement!


    Bought this for my 13 year old son after he started breaking out on his nose & forehead. His skin has improved dramatically & even he is impressed.
  42. Cleans your skin without drying it out!


    Great wash, removes makeup and dirt well, without stripping your skin completely, great for everyday use!
    I bought this to help with hormonal breakouts, and has done the job well!
  43. Great for acne prone skin


    I’ve been using this cleanser for a few months now. I’m in my late 20s with combination skin prone to hormonal breakouts and this cleanser has helped keep breakouts at bay. My face feels thoroughly clean after using. This cleaner fits perfectly into my regime day and night.
  44. Great


    Has a strong smell but other than that, it really cleared up my acne!
  45. LOVE IT


    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  46. Great for acne based skin


    really helps unclog pores whilst giving your face a proper clean
  47. Great Product


    I trialled this product during a breakout and I have repurchased 3 times. Extremely affordable, and works better than other cleansers I’ve trialled with price tags of $100+! It really calms my acne prone skin without aggregating it! A must have in my beauty regime.
  48. Great for gentle cleaning


    I’m not normally a fan of foaming washes but this one actually worked quite well. It was nice and light, definitely worked well to help with problematic pimples and at a great price.
  49. Great pair with topical acne treatments


    I purchased this product to use as a gentle cleanser while using topical acne treatments. It is soothing, gentle and leaves my skin looking so clear and refreshed. Definitely recommend if you are using acne treatments and looking for a gentle morning and night cleanser.
  50. Will purchase again


    This was one of the first dermologica products I purchased. I was so overwhelmingly impressed with it! I still have a little left and it’s last me months! Worth every cent and will definitely purchase again.
  51. Perfect entry level cleanser


    I trialed several skin care ranges for my young teen. She needed something effective and active but not too harsh as she is still so young.
    I used the full clear start range in conjunction with a glycolic scrub from another brand.
    Her skin was very congested but within a week or two it’s bright and clear. Definitely the perfect range for preteen/early teen
    This cleanser is very effective but not harsh or drying


    I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. I would recommend to anyone with a similar skin type to mine. I used this wash every morning and it would help keep my oil at bay.
  53. Works!


    Loving this cleanser, I am now onto my second bottle and have been recommending it to my friends. Clears breakouts and doesn't leave the skin dried out after using.
  54. Great


    Never thought I would love a cleanser as much or more than the Dermal clay cleanser from Dermalogica, but honestly I have been loving this cleanser! The cool packaging is just a bonus.
  55. good


    bought this for my partner, and he loves it. leaves his face moisturised and smooth, unlike other face wash that dries it out
  56. Have not broken out since purchasing


    Straight away this product got to work in preventing any pesky pimples I may have had brewing! I have not had to wear any makeup since purchasing. It does make my skin slightly dry in the morning but nothing moisturiser cannot fox afterwards. Have already purchased a bottle of this again
  57. Great product


    I have used this product before when holidaying with a friend and I HAD to have my own. It is brilliant at clearing the skin from problem breakouts and I’m so glad to have found it.
  58. Gentle acne wash


    Gentle foaming cleanser with salicylic acid. I really love that this wash doesn't strip my natural oils but still helps with clearing blemishes.
  59. Great product for a great price!


    If you suffer from breakouts like I do this product is for you! It's a bit more on the cheaper side compared to other Dermalogica products but works just as well! I've only been using it for 3 days and have noticed a visible difference! My skin feels smooth, fresh and super clean after each use PLUS I can use it morning and night without it over drying my skin :)
  60. amazing


    started using this a few months ago and i can’t imagine using anything else. effectively clears skin in a matter of days without drying it out.
  61. Best cleanser I've tried!!!


    I have tried quite a few different cleansers, but this one is by far the best! I have normal to oily skin and have found that this cleanser cleared up any breakouts I had and continues to keep my skin clear! I am so glad I found this stuff and will continue to repurchase again and again.
  62. Nice gentle face wash


    It's nice to use, very gentle. Personally I prefer a cleanser than a foaming wash but I did use this for a few weeks to give it time. I liked it but I think the Clear Start breakout booster gel did more for my pimples than this wash did.
  63. Pretty Good


    i think this is a great product for teens who are just starting out there skin care routines. it does a great job at cleansing the skin. i do find that this product leaves my face feeling quite dry so make sure your moisturizing.
  64. Price point is great


    I and my teenage son have been using this product for almost a year this face was is gentle and yet gives the skin a good clean and leave you feeling fresh and soft
  65. Great


    If you're having problems with your skin then definitely give this a go! it clears up skin, and doesn't leave it dry, red or flakey!


    I have been using this product for about 6 months and I absolutely love it my skin has never been so clear before . In the first weeks I noticed my acne had started to disappear now nothing. I LOVE this product so good !!!!!!
  67. it works.


    This cleanser helped clear up my skin and helps clear quickly when I do get a breakout come through. It smells nice and doesn’t feel too harsh or drying on my skin.
    Would repurchase.
  68. Godsend!


    I was dealing with cystic acne one the left side of my jaw for about a year and tried almost everything! I read the reviews of this on here and gave it a go and had such amazing results!
  69. Made me break out


    I have quite sensitive skin that breaks out all the time from food, face products etc. I bought this product hoping it would help clear my acne however upon trying for roughly a month, my skin broke out worse than it was before I tried this product and made my skin even more sensitive. Unfortunately I had to throw the product away :/ If you have sensitive skin I definitely would not recommend.
  70. Excellent Product


    I purchased this for my teenage daughter who plays lots of sports so sweats a bit which causes lots of breakouts across her forehead. She was using a similar Dermalogica Clear Start product but this product has cleared her skin up within a week.Highly recommend this for the teens with mid skin problems. It also smells beautiful.
  71. Great cleanser


    This is a really great affordable cleanser, I have gone through about 3 bottles of this so far and found it really helps keep breakouts at bay. I struggle with bad congestion, it’s helped improve this a bit but I think my skin as gotten used to it. It’s been fantastic at keeping hormonal breakouts away and have not suffered from any bad breakouts since using it! It is gentle on the skin but still deep cleansing, also gentle enough to use over the eyes.
  72. good product but haven't noticed a noticable difference in my skin


    I like this face wash, it was gentle and didn't dry out my skin. However, I didn't notice any improvement in my skin while using it.
  73. Noticeable Difference


    I use this in the morning and night and my breakouts have noticeably cooled off, I also use this to help control acne on my chest and back and it has really helped :)
  74. So good!


    This cleanser is perfect. Makes my skin so soft and smooth. It's good to help remove any makeup leftover.
  75. Nice and Gentle


    I have been using this product for a few months now and it is gentle on the skin but still leaves in nice and clean, I haven't noticed a difference in my acne getting better but it hasn't made it worse. I would definitely recommend for teenage skin but not so much for an adult if you wish to see a difference.
  76. Great skin cleanser!


    I bought this for my 2 teenagers however, find myself using it too. Leaves skin feeling soft and clean yet gentle enough for 'young' skin. Definitely helps with breakouts when used on a daily basis. I have bought numerous times now and am super happy with the product - not a bad price point too.
  77. Great for breakout prone skin


    This is the best cleanser I have found for my oily, breakout prone skin. I was initially hesitant to try it, as it's designed for teenage skin, and I am not even close in age to a teenager. But I've now been using it for around a year with great results.

    Before switching to this cleanser, I had regular breakouts of painful cystic pimples. Since switching to it, most months I have no spots at all, or on the rare occasions I do have a breakout, it is minimal, not painful, and quickly disappears. This cleanser also does not overly dry or irritate my skin.

    I apply with the Dermalogica face cleansing brush, as I've found this give the best results.
  78. Great cleanser


    I've been using this for 3 months now and my skin has never looked better. I've always had acne, and this combined with a few serums has managed it very well. Not drying, smells lovely
  79. Great clearing wash


    I bought this cleanser to try and clear up and prevent future pimples. So far it seems to be working well.
  80. Love it


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    I really like this for makeup removal its really gentle and leaves me feeling really clean, and its super affordable compared to other Dermalogica products.
  81. not bad


    not a great fan of foam washes like gel more but still worked alright didn't clear my skin but cleaned it
  82. Great


    Clearing my skin!
    I started using this product about a week ago now and have noticed a huge difference in my skin! Existing pimples are smaller and drying out and hardly any new breakouts have formed. The most change I have seen is on my shoulders/chest where I often have breakouts, they have cleared up! I have tried so many products to help this and I feel I always come back to Dermalogica products, they are great for my sensitive skin.
  83. Not for my face


    So I have combination skin, breakouts monthly. I was recommended this product by my local dermatologist and thought I’d give it a try.
    Worked great at getting rid of my pimples, but found I soon after was getting patches of dry skin on my cheeks as this product was quite drying.

    So yes, does get rid of breakouts, but I would only recommend this product if your face is oily all over.
  84. Great Gift


    As a skincare afficionado I am usually ranting at my family about "how important a proper skincare routine is and please please actually use a cleanser to remove your makeup at least!!"

    As such I have made it my duty to gift the wonders of easy skincare to all who surround me (based on skin type of course) and this product is seriously wonderful for easy cleansing in the shower, has clear skin benefits and does not have an overall strong scent.

    Packaging is sturdy for the more clumsy and has a great dispersion system to keep product where you want it!
  85. LOVE


    I've been having troubles with my skin and hormonal acne. I've been doing a few different things but incorporating dermalogica and this cleanser into my routine has been amazing. Gets all make up off and lets you feel super clean without drying. Love it!


    I've tried so many cleansers and I always come back to this one. The scent is light and fresh, the consistency is a liquid gel that foams nicely and applies to the skin gently, while leaving it feeling clean and refreshed. Definitely works to clear problematic without drying it out. Will continue to re purchase.
  87. great for young teens


    I bought this for my 12 year old daughter as she was experiencing breakouts and it has made a huge difference. It doesn't sting and she really notices a difference if she misses a day. Definately recomend
  88. Great gentle face wash that is suitable for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive combination skin and as a result, I have to be careful of what I put on my skin. I found this to be very gentle and suitable for my skin type. This cleanser smells of tea tree and feels lovely on the skin. I was a bit worried about the tea tree possible drying my skin out but my skin feels clean and hydrated once I have washed my face with it. I bought this cleanser to help with hormonal acne and I think it has been very helpful in dealing with the acne I get on the lower part of my face. I recommend to people who have sensitive acne prone skin and would like to try something that does what it claims plus the bonus is that this product is very affordable! I’ll be repurchasing.
  89. Great product


    I've only recently started using this product and so far I love it! Helps get rid of any excess makeup left of my skin after I take my makeup off... Smells incredible too and not harsh on your skin at all
  90. really helps with breakouts


    I have seen an improvement in my skin
  91. Great Cleanser!


    I started getting quite bad hormonal acne around the sides of my face and along my chin. I wanted a cleanser that would be strong enough to tackle these breakouts but not dry out the rest of my skin and this cleanser was perfect that! It is now a continuous product in my skincare regime!!
  92. Lovely breakout cleanser


    I've been using the product for 3 days and I'm finding it a very gentle cleanser. It cleans all my makeup off beautifully, is very gentle even though it has BHA's in it, has calmed down my skin's intense redness and breakouts (due to a bad reaction to a chemical peel). It's surprisingly hydrating! I'm very happy with it!
  93. Effective and not drying.


    I have Combo/oily skin, and am prone to breakouts. This face wash is great for the times my skin is a hot mess, it's gentle and effective, and doesn't dry my skin out.
  94. Great product for young, breakout prone young skin!!!


    I always had super clear, beautiful skin until about a year ago and I had tried everything, my mother who is a trained esthetican, had always recommended me dermalogica and I used a lot of their products including the dermal clay cleanser which is also grand and the daily microfoliants but they didn't seem to show dramatic change. Finally, I tried this and it works wonders on my skin, yes it does slightly dry out skin but anyone who has a knowledge of pimples knows that the really stubborn ones need to be dried out in order to go away!!! Overall, amazing product. All I use is this and that breakout clearing booster and it is heaven!
  95. My new go to facewash!


    The only face wash that's reduced my breakouts and doesn't leave my skin feeling so dry after! Its defiantly replaced my other face wash's and will defiantly repurchase when i run out!
  96. Saves my face!


    This is the best! I found adult acne really hard to deal with after having flawless skin my whole life. I tried so many products and every hair brained home remedy, with my skin left looking worse, my face hurt, or my skin was left peeling from medicated creams. This actually works, it calms my face and regullar use takes away my acne or any breakouts. I don't bother using anything else now
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