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Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair 50g 50g

4.6 of 60 reviews

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4 instalments of $30.58

Or 4 instalments of $30.58 with LEARN MORE

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Dermalogica Super Rich Repair is a super-concentrated, heavy-weight cream that nourishes, restores and defends chronically dry, dehydrated and prematurely-aging skin.
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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair 50g Reviews

4.6 of 60 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

great quality


the ingredients in this are phenomenal they do an amazing job at refining your skin and keeping it hydrated and smooth, one of the best moisturisers on the market in my honest opinion :)

Most Helpful Criticism

Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair


This is what you want on your face when you're out on a cold, windy day. It is not messing around! It's a very thick, protective cream that really protects skin from the elements. Used overnight, you can expect to wake up to plump, velvety soft skin.
  1. Very thick and rich


    This cream is so thick and rich. It goes onto the skin very nicely and you don't need much at all. I found the cream dried well with no residue or greasy feeling left on the skin and it sat nicely under my makeup. My skin is not dry or dehydrated so I think it's more than what I actually need day to day, so I probably won't repurchase.
  2. great quality


    the ingredients in this are phenomenal they do an amazing job at refining your skin and keeping it hydrated and smooth, one of the best moisturisers on the market in my honest opinion :)
  3. Rich


    This is a very moisturising night cream and is very rich. I like the smell too
  4. Super Rich!

    Kristina B

    This is a deeply nourishing skin treatment. I have quite dry skin and I use this at night to relax and replenish my skin. Leaves my skin hydrated and even toned in the morning. Really miss it when I run out!
  5. really nice on skin overnight


    lovely thick texture, very moisturising
  6. very nourishing


    this has a very rich texture, I love using this as my night cream my skin looks so good the next day
  7. The best


    verified purchaser
    I got a sample of this face cream and had to buy it straight away. It feels super thick but it soaks I’m leaving your skin feeling plump and moisturised. I noticed a difference in my skin straight away. Definitely the best face cream I have used in a while.
  8. Really Works


    Only just started using this cream. And I’m very impressed. Since being in my 50s my skin has become very dry and dehydrated. And the first sign for me that a product is great is when my skin still feels soft in the morning.
    I’ve been looking after my skin since I was young girl n cleanse and moisturizers x2 a day n always get told my skin looks amazing. So if you look after it. For sure...
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  9. A Product That Works!


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this before my European summer holiday and used it as my night cream for the ultimate moisture against days in the sun. I've since switched back to my normal night cream, but use this sporadically underneath my night cream for when my skin is looking a little dull and haggard. I see results the next day. It applies thick but my skin absorbs it straight away.
  10. awesome


    one of the best products on the market , its thick and rich and doesn't clog pores!
  11. Very Good anti ageing

    Chele Pagno

    I'm 37 years old and this is so far the best anti-aging moisturiser I've ever used. It is quite pricy but also a great investment. I noticed results almost immediately.
  12. Super


    I swear I wake up looking so much younger when I use this the night before! It's so hydrating and non greasy.
  13. Dermalogica Age Smart Super Rich Repair


    This is what you want on your face when you're out on a cold, windy day. It is not messing around! It's a very thick, protective cream that really protects skin from the elements. Used overnight, you can expect to wake up to plump, velvety soft skin.
  14. the perfect night cream


    I love this even though im young twenties. So thick but doesn't leave my skin feeling overwhelmed. Such a luxurious night cream.
  15. Amazing but expensive


    I love this cream, highly hydrating and smells sooooo good. Only downside is the price.
  16. beautiful


    beautiful product that is a bit pricey but definitely worth it
  17. Love this


    I have scleroderma and I use this day and night for extremely dry skin. I can’t live without it
  18. for extra help


    This cream lives up to its name, as it is super-rich and emollient. My skin is mostly normal, but I get occasional patches of dry peeling skin. They disappear with a tiny dab of this.
  19. amazing


    this is an amazing night cream, wouldn't recommend to those with super oily skin though as it might be a bit heavy
  20. Beautiful moisturising cream


    This is a very thick rich cream that really works and leaves my dry aged skin soft and replenished
  21. Thick hydrating moisturiser


    I am in my early 30s with dry skin and I needed something extra in the colder months instead of my regular dermalogica skin smoothing cream. This moisturiser is extremely thick! Think almost the texture of zinc sunscreen thick. But surprisingly it absorbs into the skin beautifully and is extremely hydrating. You seriously only need a pea size amount which means this well packaged pump moisturiser ...
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  22. Lovely

    Kylie Q

    This is a really nice night cream I use when I need s little extra moisture
  23. Just OK


    I'm a huge Dermalogica fan, been using their products for over 11 years and thought that now I'm in my 30s, I will switch from skin smoothing cream to something a bit more targeted but I think I will switch back to skin smoothing cream. Age Smart Super Rich Repair wasn't as rich as they say it is, I felt it wasn't very soothing but this could be because I have dry skin, so for those of you on the ...
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  24. A nice cream but the price is too high


    I tried this cream as a sample. I am in my 40's and all for trying anything to keep my skin looking great. While the cream is nice and rich and smells nice, I am not a complete fan as I much prefer 100% organic brands so I know that what I put on my skin is 100% safe. The price is so high too!
  25. Worth the price


    I've got super dry and sensitive skin and I really love this moisturiser. It feels great on and definitely one of the best moisturisers I've tried!
  26. Great hydration


    I have been using this at night in combination with the Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum. Together these products hydrate my skin really well. I wake up with soft smooth skin in the morning which is a great outcome in the colder winter months when I experience dry skin on my face usually.
  27. Hydrating


    Very rich moisturising cream that is great for when your skin needs an extra hydration boost. Quite rich so I don’t use this all the time, but it’s great to have it for the times my skin needs an extra boost. Good for neck too.
  28. Best night cream


    Have started using this cream again after trying cheaper alternatives. This is far superior.
  29. very nourishing


    This is a very nourishing moisturiser, either only use it at night time or for people with quite dry skin. It reminds me of an ointment still cream with how thick and creamy it is but it does the trick!!
  30. best thick moisturiser


    this is the best night cream ive ever tried. would definitely repurchase despite to cost I think it's worth it
  31. Very very thick


    I personally did not enjoy this product on my skin due to the thickness. I have quite an oily skin so it was a bit too heavy for me. My mum on the other hand who has a drier more mature skin loves the richness of this! Smells amazing.
  32. lovely


    very very thick, rich and nourishing. I feel like this would best suit mature skin at night time, rather than under makeup throughout the day. very hydrating and nourishing. :)
  33. Late to the party, but glad I found this


    Received this as a sample and I’m falling in love again with dermalogica products used this after the shower as my skin gets really dry and made my skin so supple and helped relieve fine lines.
  34. Perfect for sun damaged skin


    This product has made a huge difference to my 52 yr old skin. This is the 2nd purchase, and will continue to keep buying it
  35. Great


    I can't live without this product in the colder months. It's super thick and my skin just drinks it up. Only complaint is the bottle is quite small and I need 2 to get through an average winter which can work out quite expensive. But my skin was really dry before I found this product and I don't want to go back to that feeling so will keep buying
  36. Great


    It's very rich, but easy to absorb by skin. This is the second bottle I purchased. It helped me have a very soft skin during the winter. I used it as the moisturizer after toner and serum, I never have the issue with the redness of my face after using this product.
  37. Great Product!!


    I have been using this product for over 3 years now and can say that it is without a doubt worth every penny! The cream provides an intense hydration for your skin and leaving it feeling fresh and dewy! I use this cream every night and wouldn't use anything else.
  38. The best facial cream EVER!!!


    My skin was awful, always dry and itchy... super rich has given me a lot of relief esp during winter.
  39. Nice moisturiser


    I've received this as a sample, and after using few days in the row in the morning (until I ran out) I'm now thinking of purchasing a full size product.
  40. Good


    Skin type: Dry/combination

    This is great for some intense hydration, too much for a daily product I think but its perfect if im having a dry patch.
  41. Good


    I have tried many quality moisturisers and this is by far my favourite. I have dry skin and this is the only moisturiser that I have found that truly makes my skin feel hydrated. I have received so many complements on my skin since I started using this product. I will definitely continue to use it.
  42. Great product but the price!


    I have very dry skin and just starting to see first signs of aging. My skin drank this up and it helped with the dryness without a doubt. I just ran out and the only reason I didn’t repurchase is I’m trying to find something just as good that isn’t quite so expensive. If I can’t find a cheaper dupe though I’ll definitely repurchase this
  43. Love this

    Kylie Q

    I really love this product. I have combo skin and use this as a rich night cream to give my skin a little extra TLC. Dry or dehydrated skin would love this product.
  44. Super hydrating


    I recieved a sample of this product and it's a lovely moisturiser. Im not sure id buy it only as it is quite expensive, but it is a nice product
  45. I'm really liking this super rich repair


    I use this mostly at night-makes my face feel so moist
  46. Love it

    Ms Zig

    Received this as a sample and geez I’m falling in love again with dermalogica products used this after the shower as my skin gets really dry and made my skin so soft and soften my lines
  47. Very moisturizing!


    This is a heavy and greasy moisturizer, I use it at night. I have dry skin and am riddled with fine lines. I have been using for two weeks and can see a vast improvement in those fine lines and the moisture in my skin. This was a pricey buy for me and I am very pleased with it
  48. Great for the winter months!


    My skin in the past has been combination oily and dry, emphasizing on the dry in the winter. On windy or even breezy cold days sometimes my skin would look chapped like shaved legs without moisturizer. Keep in mind this is my face we're talking about. I started using this. At first I thought it was too thick of a consistency but after the first time OMG my face was in heaven. I'm addicted.
  49. Beautiful


    This is a great rich night time treat for your skin and you don’t need to use much. I strayed to try something else but came back to this. It feels really nourishing. My skin has never been better using these dermalogica products.
  50. A delight at the end of the day


    I have pretty dry skin that doesn't like winter! This Super Rich Repair cream does exactly what it claims to. It nourishes and hydrates my skin and gives instant relief to the areas that get extra dry. I can't live without it in winter and the cooler months but continue to use it through summer as well as it just feels so luxurious. It has a nice creamy texture and is not oily so it's never c...
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  51. Love it.


    I've been using Super Rich Repair for over 12 mths, since it was recommended to me. I use it at night and even some days, when my skin is drier. I love it and will continue to use it.
  52. Good for dry mature skin and works well under makeup


    I am happy with this product however still having slight dryness issues with my mature dry skin. I'm not sure if anything will help me with my dry skin at the moment (crazy change of life) but so far this is the best product I've tried. I team this with Dermalogica serum and SPF under my makeup daily and also use at night when I am super dry, on top of my other night serums and replenishing oils...
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  53. Great product


    I really like this product, a little goes a long way. If you use too much it does leave your skin feeling greasy.
  54. Rich Night Repair


    This is new addition to my skincare, great as night repair for dry and dull skin, works well if alternating with other products. It feels thick and creamy, spreads well. I think it is worth while spending extra money on this product, especially when it’s on sale at Adore website
  55. love this cream


    Love this cream, its rich and creamy. It does leave a bit of a film on the skin after though.
  56. Love the product but not the price


    Great product. I got a sample of this with my last Adore order and I have to say I was impressed. Really liked how it felt on my skin - very nourishing. Its rather on the pricey side though and although I'm not indisposed to spending $100 on a facial product, Im just not sure that in this instance your getting $100 worth of benefit :o/

    Do love the product though. I would purchase it i...
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  57. Lovely Product


    I have used this product and absolute love it as it is a day cream, night cream, and a terrific repair product for very dry mature skin. The only draw back is the price, very expensive for 50grms....
  58. Anonymous

    When I use this product, I get skin irritation (eczema?) on my fingers no matter how much I wash my hands afterwards. Weirdly, the skin on my face doesn't get irritated but it's difficult to apply if you can't use your hands!! Very expensive I'll have to bite the bullet and go back to it every couple of weeks when the skin on my hands stops flaring up. A pity as it left my skin on my face feeling ...
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