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With 30 years of experience in creating makeup brushes for professional application, Crown Brushes have designed makeup brushes with the makeup artist in mind.

Crown Brushes are the leaders in quality and price, with a broad range of high quality, versatile brushes to bring your makeup game to the next level. Using a variety of different fibres and materials, Crown Brushes help you achieve the best possible outcome using your makeup kit.

Relying on both synthetic and natural fibres, Crown Brushes both embraces and defies makeup artist tradition so that you can choose the right brush for the occasion.


Our Favourite Crown Brush Complexion Brushes:

One of our most durable Crown premium brushes is the Crown Brush Rounded Deluxe Buffer Brush, which is a rounded buffing brush for foundation. This dense synthetic face brush provides full coverage and flawless application.

The Crown Brush Pro Angled Contour Brush is one of our favourite Crown makeup brushes for the application of contour and other cream products.


Our Favourite Crown Brush Eye Brushes:

For blending like a pro we recommend the Crown Brush Deluxe Blending Crease Brush. This Crown eyeshadow brush is great value for the price and provides an outstanding result.

For lining, try the Crown Brush Deluxe Eyeliner Brush, which allows you the perfect amount of precision to perfect a graphic liner look.


Our Favourite Crown Brush Sets:

Both of our Crown Brush Sets come with handy brush roll travel cases for convenience. For beginners looking for a brush set with case we recommend the Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set 16 Brushes and for those after Crown pro brushes try the Crown Brush Professional Brush Set with Case 23 brushes and case.


Are Crown Brushes Vegan?

Not all of Crown Brushes are Vegan, however some of their individual synthetic brushes are Vegan friendly and Cruelty Free!

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Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set
Crown Brush
Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set

Great price

I purchased this brush set at least 2 years ago and I've used them every day since. The quality of these brushes is really good, mine are still in perfect condition despite daily use and regular cleaning. As a daily makeup wearer this set had everything I needed except a larger powder brush and a fluffy eye brush, but at the price you really can't complain. I'm no makeup expert and don't have any ...
Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set
Crown Brush
Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set


These brushes aren’t very expensive so I didn’t expect much but they are great!
They don’t shead a heap of bristles like other cheap brands and they aren’t other cheap brands. Definitely recommend
Crown Brush Pro Flat Contour Brush
Crown Brush
Crown Brush Pro Flat Contour Brush


if you are looking for good cream contour brush this is the one for you. very sturdy brush

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