Is Cosmedix Cruelty-Free?

For animal-lovers and ethical buyers alike, ‘cruelty-free’ products are incredibly important in the beauty industry. But for such a simple term, there are a lot of complications behind its exact meaning. Each country and governing body has a slightly different philosophy on what makes a product cruelty-free. So, how can you tell if your product truly is? Well, that depends on your own definition and what you’re comfortable using.

What is the Definition of Cruelty-Free?

The bare-bones definition of ‘cruelty-free’ means that the finished product in front of you hasn’t been tested on animals. If that sounds good to you, perfect! However, there are many factors involved in the development of that product before it hits the shelves. This is where the definition of ‘cruelty-free’ gets a little bit complicated.

Some brands claim their products are cruelty-free but still source ingredients that are tested on animals. Other brands sell in areas of the world where testing on animals is a requirement for sale in that specific location. If you’re serious about ethical buying, ensure you review each brand’s site for how they specifically define cruelty-free. That’s the best way to ensure a brand’s production methods align with what you feel is ethically responsible.

So Is Cosmedix Cruelty-Free?

Not feeling up to such research? Cosmedix is a transparent brand formulated by skincare professionals. As such, we know that Cosmedix is a fully cruelty-free brand, from supply chain to finished product. The company also doesn’t sell its products in any areas where animal testing is required by law. For even the most scrupulous buyers of ethical products, Cosmedix fits the bill as a cruelty-free brand, so every purchase from Cosmedix is one you can comfortably use and enjoy with no worries.

Cosmedix’s transparency extends far past its cruelty-free status, however. A principled brand, Cosmedix doesn’t include any ingredients that could pose harm to humans or animals, and it utilises organically grown ingredients whenever possible. You can rest easy knowing your routine is fully on the up-and-up when you purchase Cosmedix’s high-quality, ultra-gentle skincare.

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