Ultimate Guide to CLOUD NINE

When it comes to ease in hairstyling, you can’t do better than CLOUD NINE. A unique brand of hot tools founded by the original founder of ghd, CLOUD NINE’s revolutionary hair appliances makes styling easy, fast, and safe for every strand.

Ultimate Guide to Cloud 9  - Cloud Nine brush and straightener - 1200 x 800Ultimate Guide to Cloud 9  - Cloud Nine brush and straightener - 1200 x 800

CLOUD NINE blazed its trail into beauty in 2009 with the release of its temperature-control iron, changing the game in maintaining healthy hair while styling. This forward-thinking company has continued to make waves—as well as curls and sleek, straight styles—in the world of hot tools ever since.

CLOUD NINE aims to make tools that work anytime, anywhere, and for any hair. That’s why you’ll find products with adjustable temperature settings, mineral-infused ceramic plates, and a 360-swivel cord with dual or multi-voltage for use anywhere in the world.

Each CLOUD NINE tool has a unique barcode and hologram chip for tracking to ensure each iron is 100% the real deal, making purchasing a worry-free experience.

Perfect for use by professionals and hair-tool newbies alike, CLOUD NINE irons are lightweight and easy to handle. Each tool allows you to control your experience, while the mineral-infused ceramic barrels and plates provide shine and protection against heat damage and breakage.

These game-changing irons are incredible for adding gloss and subtracting frizz while providing shape and structure to the hair for a flawless look every time. It’s not hard to see why the company is so beloved throughout the haircare world, with this attention to detail and promise of a fabulous look without the stress, burning, or breakage that can come from traditional irons.

So don’t wait for beautiful hair! Seize a stunning, new look you can rock every day with CLOUD NINE.

Learn how to create three different textured curly hairstyles using CLOUD NINE

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