Cloud Nine Curling Wands and Rollers

The Cloud Nine hair curling and styling range incorporates innovative technology to give you complete temperature control. So you can set the ideal heat to create your desired style—without damaging your hair. Whether you are aiming for neat ringlets, loose curls, beachy waves, runway coils, or simply height and body, the Cloud Nine range has a curling tool to help you achieve a wide variety of hairstyles.

Smaller curling wands are perfect for shorter, tighter, or smaller curls. Or use the waving wands for a more tousled, relaxed 'do. You are limited only by your imagination, as these tools are completely interchangeable! The curling wands incorporate unique Cloud Nine technology that seals the hair cuticle for long-lasting smoothness and shine.

The Cloud Nine Wand is great for classic curls of any size. The Cloud Nine Waving Wand creates the beach waves you have always dreamt of. The O system gives you incredible volume instantly and works seamlessly for an effortless styling process.

Features of The O heat curling system:

  • All rollers come in a range of sizes and heat up in less than 4 seconds.
  • Heat-induction technology means the rollers do not feel hot in your hand.
  • Both the clips and the indicator spots on each roller let you know when they are ready to remove.
  • You can get a perfectly blow-waved style in 15 minutes.

Hair goes through a lot when it is styled with heat. Even with heat-reducing Cloud Nine technology, you still need to use hair protectants for ultimate condition.

Protect your hair with these steps:

  • Apply a heat protectant before styling. It is absolutely essential to keep hair protected when styling with high temperatures. A protective barrier locks moisture in to resist heat.
  • Use a hair treatment once a week to repair existing damage and keep hair nourished and protected against future damage.
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Curling Wands and Rollers

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13 products found
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