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Clinique High Impact Mascara

4.3 of 71 reviews


$9.75 x 4

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$9.75 x 4

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Clinique High Impact Mascara

Clinique High Impact Mascara

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4.3 of 71 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

one of my all time favourite mascaras
Lovely, buildable mascara, with great impact. I also love the wand and it doesn't dry out.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad at all! I don't love the brush though
  1. Good Mascara

    A good quality fragrance free mascara, easy to apply and clump free.
  2. one of my all time favourite mascaras

    Lovely, buildable mascara, with great impact. I also love the wand and it doesn't dry out.
  3. Loved it

    I wasn't expecting to love this as much as i did, i've been commited to using kevyn aucion mascars recently but i love the fullness this gives to my lashes, they lengthen and seperate without going chunky and gluggy, will purchase again!
  4. Great for sensitive eyes

    This mascara is really good for sensitive eyes! It also performs so well, better than I expected. It adds volume and length! And does clump at all or make your eye lashes sick together. I added 4 coats and it never once started to clump
  5. Non irritating formula

    This is one of the few mascaras that doesn't irritate my eyes. As a big bonus it adds volume, doesn't smudge, and looks great!
  6. Decent

    Not bad at all! I don't love the brush though
  7. Nice

    Nice mascara that makes my.lashes look amaze
  8. Best mascara I’ve come across

    This is hands down, the best mascara I’ve used. I’ll often try another brand only to go back to this one. Highly recommend.
  9. Gentle on eyelash extensions

    i generally avoid mascara these days due to having eyelash extensions but when I do want to wear mascara for events I find this is the most gentle whilst giving volume and boost
  10. My go-to

    This has been my go-to mascara for 10 years. It is on the pricier side but I have tried many others and this is the best for minimal clumping, no panda eyes and longevity of product. It does thicken over time after opening but this doesn't affect the wear. Thickens and lengthens.
  11. A Good Every Day Mascara

    One thing I care about with mascaras is high impact, minimal clump. This mascara is perfect as it is dramatic but does not clump easily like other brands. Great product!
  12. solid product

    Pretty solid mascara, not much different to most though
  13. Great Mascara

    I really like this mascara - lengthens and thickens your eyelashes without making them look clumpy. Would recommend!
  14. Everyday mascara

    Good mascara for everyday use although doesn't accentuate my lashes as well as I would like it to. It is long lasting and doesn't smudge. A good back up mascara for me!
  15. Daily Must Have for sensitive Eyes

    I love this mascara and have been using it for years. It never smudges. I have sensitive skin & some mascaras irritate my eye but not this one
  16. OK mascara, but nothing special

    OK mascara, but nothing special. For the price there are better options.
  17. Not much impact

    This adds some definition but really not much else. It's definitely not high impact as the name says.
    However the brush is a good size, large enough to get most of the lashes in one go, and small enough to get into the tiny inner lashes and lower lashes.
    It applies well with no transfer.
    However it runs a little, and is not smudge proof.
    Also, it doesn't really volumise or lengthen. It doesn't hold the curl and my lashes droop throughout the day.
  18. Okay

    It’s a decent mascara but I won’t purchase
  19. Great mascara

    One thing I care about with mascaras is high impact, minimal clump. This mascara is perfect as it is dramatic but does not clump easily like other brands. Great product!
  20. Great for sensitive eyes

    I bought the black clinique mascara after finding my previous mascara was irritating my eyes. This mascara works really well and doesn't irritate my eyes at all. It also provides a decent amount of volume to your lashes which is great for fair lashes like mine.
  21. Best mascara

    I have re purchased this mascara so many times. Once you try it you won’t go back! It’s so soft and comfortable on your lashes and does not ever flake. So perfect for sensitive eyes.
  22. natural

    good if you are going for a natural look but other mascaras are way better if you want big fluffy eyelashes. Good for everyday use.
  23. Good everyday mascara

    Great for everyday. It’s easy to apply and easily buildable for a thicker or bolder look without being clumpy.
  24. A noticeable difference

    This mascara does wonders for my short lashes. It provides volume and length and lasts all day.
  25. Love this mascara

    I love this mascara and have been using it for years. It never smudges. I have sensitive skin & some mascaras irritate my eye but not this one
  26. Good Mascara

    I received this as a gift - I never thought to get a mascara from Clinique. To my surprise, this is actually quite a good mascara. I have thin straight lashes and only very few mascaras can work for me. This mascara elongated my lashes without clumping them together, did not weigh my lashes down and ruin my lash curling. Looked really nice and lasted well all day. No eye irritation at all.
  27. HG mascara

    I'm surprised at the average reviews. I find this better than Benefit's "They're Real" mascara which is saying something because that seems to be a HG for a lot of people. I got a free sample of this a while ago and was wowed. Basically, mascara can't make your lashes longer, it just gives the illusion of this because most people have very thin or sun-bleached lashes at the very ends, so it's all about the way that the formula and brush coat your lashes, and your unique lash shape and thickness. The way this worked with my lashes was phenomenal - they were coated smoothly right to the tips and the brush got all of them, even the hard to reach ones on my outer lids. Basically made me look like I'd gotten lash extensions. I ran out of it, and used other mascaras in between, and I sort of forgot how long my lashes really were as none of these did that great of a job. I gave in and got this one again, and again I was wowed yet again. This is the only mascara that keeps my lashes separate and not looking clumpy.

    You can use it subtly or pump it right up with lots of coats and it still doesn't get clumpy. The best thing is that you can get it in brown which is something that really lacks with other mascaras - I'm fair and don't like wearing black mascara unless I'm wearing a dramatic eye look (and even then I usually prefer brown). So yeah, in conclusion this mascara (especially the brown colour) gives a great subtle, almost-no-makeup look but still really pumps your lashes up.
  28. Favourite mascara

    This is the best mascara I have found (originally as a free sample)! Easy to use, and always looks great. Doesn’t get clumpy after a few uses like some others and great with sensitive skin/ eyes.
  29. Does exactly what it says

    I received a free sample of this with my Clinique purchase however i’ve used this mascara in the past. It really does exactly what it says. My lashes are huge after and there is no clumping! It does last a while but be careful to tighten the lid so it doesn’t dry out. People often ask me if I’m wearing fake eyelashes when I’m wearing this. I can see why this has been around for years and why the formula and brush have never been changed. However I do think it’s a little overpriced for a mascara. I think $25/30 would be more appropriate:)
  30. Its ok

    Its an ok mascara, there isnt anything i can complain about it. But there are so many better mascaras in this price point. I will not be repurchasing.
  31. Good but Ran Out Quick

    Not a bad mascara but probably not worth $39 as it ran out very quick compared to others i have used.
  32. Great

    It’s a great mascara my only problem is that the formula dries out quickly
  33. Love it

    One of my fave mascaras!
  34. Good quality mascara

    I really like this mascara. It makes my lashes much thicker and longer - no clumps! This mascara looks natural and you can wear it as an everyday look, but you can also build it up to a more dramatic look if you wanted to. Will be buying this one again.
  35. Love it

    Possibly the best mascara out there. Full lash look and not clumpy at all. Love sample size ones as They are easier to apply, but for a good lasting intense mascara, this is the one!
  36. Love

    This is one of my favourite mascaras! Boosts volume really well without getting clumpy and lasts for ages.
  37. doesn’t clump

    I am very picky with my mascaras though I have fallen in love this one mascara. It doesn’t clump yet leaves my eyelashes volumised.
  38. AMAZING!

    I first got this mascara as a sample from Adore Beauty and since then I've been obsessed! My lashes look amazing and full.
  39. Best Mascara

    I've tried many different mascara brands over the years & always come back to this one. Lengthens, volumise, and doesn't clump. Love it.
  40. Must have!!

    I think this is the best mascara! It makes your lashes super long, volumises and doesn't clog. I've received so many compliments since using it. I won't be buying anything else!

    This mascara doesn't clog and it makes your eyelashes look longer, it is also the best mascara to come off and doesn't smudge all over your face. It may be a small addition to your make up collection but it is a definitely a valuable one! I have recommended this to so many people and they now purchase it ongoing.

  42. It's probably more than I'd normally pay

    This mascara is really easy to remove and after a long day, that's all I ask!
  43. Love this!

    This is my everyday mascara, and my absolute favorite! I've tried over a dozen mascaras but this is the one for me! It doesn't smudge and get beneath my eyes and when I tear up (it isn't waterproof but it's pretty dang resistant!). I already have pretty full pitch black lashes so I cant vouch much for volume but it really defines and lengthens my lashes and they barely clump!!
  44. Ride or die mascara

    This is my favourite mascara of all time. makes my lashes so long and doesnt flake at all.
  45. Good quality mascara

    I bought this recently as I had run out of a previous clinique mascara that I was using and was using a cheap brand in the interim.

    I was tired of the cheap brand clumping on my lashes so was looking for a mascara that would apply well and look natural. This absolutely glides on very easily and does not clump at all! Because it doesn't clump my lashes are intensified and emboldened but still look very natural and effortless.

    I love clinique mascaras and I wasn't let down at all by this purchase. I'd recommend it if you want a natural look that also stands out. It isn't as thickening or lengthening as some others though, so if that is what you are really after you may want to try another mascara.
  46. Good

    This is a good reliable mascara. It doesn't add volume etc to my lashes but it does make them look bolder and darker.
  47. Decent

    This is a decent mascara. Not the best and probably good for basic looks.
  48. Good

    This is a good, basic mascara that adds volume without clumpiness. I don't wear mascara much these days, but this is one of the brands that doesn't irritate my eyes. Good stuff.
  49. A good thickening mascara

    A great mascara that is comfortable to wear on the eyes all day long. Great formula that doesn't flake. Perfect if you want to thicken up lashes, gives a doll eyes effect - love it! You can build it up with multiple coasts for a more dramatic effect. A bit expensive, but worth it if you want a splurge!
  50. Nice mascara

    I was given a sample of this mascara and I loved it so I bought the full size. It doesn't clump and gives a great length to my short eyelashes. I love it! It's worth the price and I recommend it :)
  51. Love it!

    I love this mascara, it never clumps my lashes and so easy to apply! I have tried Too Faced best selling mascara but I have to say High impact is my favourite!
  52. Intense Yes

    This is by far the best mascara out there. It gives a thick full lash look and isn't clumpy at all. I love when you get the smaller sample size ones as I find them easier to apply, but for a good lasting intense mascara, this is the one to go for.
  53. The best

    This product would be the make up item that I recommend most to my friends. It is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever tried and I’ve frequently been asked if I’m wearing false eye lashes when I have it on. It lengthens and thickens without clumping and has great lasting power. The best.
  54. Great daytime mascara

    This mascara is perfect for daily wear - can build volume with the more coats you put on. Will be repurchasing!
  55. Nice

    Very nice mascara, it doesn’t irritate my eyes like some other brands do. Looks nice and natural, adds length. Doesn’t clump. Easy to apply.
  56. Non-clumpy mascara

    I usually love lots of volume from a mascara and this isn't the most volumising one I've used BUT I have received so many compliments wearing this mascara. It doesn't clump at all and looks really natural
  57. Packs a punch

    This is one of the only two mascaras that I will use. It doesn’t look clumpy whatsoever and makes my lashes look the longest they possibly can without the use of lash extensions.
  58. Perfect for daytime

    I like this as a daytime mascara for natural-looking lashes. It lengthens and separates my lashes beautifully, without making them look spidery and clumpy. I also have sensitive eyes and this doesn't irritate them at all, plus it comes off easily with water.
  59. Really nice mascara

    Love this mascara- it is soo easy to apply and makes my lashes really bold without the need for false lashes. It's also easy to remove and doesn't give me the dreaded panda eyes at the end of the day!
  60. Great mascara

    Great mascara! I have sensitive eyes and this doesn't irritate them at all! It is also very easy to remove with any makeup remover. Makes lashes look defined and fuller with one application!
  61. Such a nice mascara

    I love this mascara because it makes my lashes so much longer and volumized. It also looks like it opens up my eyes a lot. It's one of the best mascara formulas i've tried. The only downfall is that even a little bit of water will cause it to run. However, overall i really like this mascara! I recommend!
  62. Nice mascara!

    This is a nice mascara that builds a lot of body in the lashes. Fine for sensitive eyes, and easy to remove with a good eye make-up remover or cleansing balm! Have repurchased - in the travel size for holidays too!
  63. Yeah good

    Easy to apply. Separates lashes, not clumpy, good length, not much volume though. Unless a few coats. Like the brush. I’m happy with this for everyday use. I wouldn’t call it high impact but it does make my lashes pop, but nothing major. I probably wouldn’t buy again as it’s quite pricey. But overall a good everyday mascara!
  64. A solid product

    This mascara makes your lashes longer and gives them more body. I am happy with this product but would have to say it is not my favourite. I prefer the benefit mascaras over this product.
  65. Great but expensive for clinique

    I did like using this mascara, however for the price point, there are other better options out there. It didn't get clumpy, and didn't drop throughout the day but I won't repurchase.
  66. Good mascara

    This does give a high impact (pun intended) but not the best out there for the price. I'm definitely a high end mascara person but its not 100% smudeproof or anything so worth a try but not my fav.
  67. Worthwhile product

    This mascara is great for creating voluminous lashes and it seems to last all day. I would repurchase.
  68. Great mascara

    I love this mascara! I got a sample and liked it so much, I bought the full size one. It is great at thickening and lengthening your lashes. Love it.
  69. The best in the business!

    This is my favourite mascara ever! It gives length and volume, doesn’t flake or smudge and lasts all day. I have hooded eyes so most mascaras end up transferring colour on my eyelids, but not this one. I have been using this years, and have tried others but they don’t compare!
  70. Lovely Mascara

    True black formula, thickens, lengthens with no sign or clumping, sign me up

    Doesn't transfer, smudge, flake or wear off during the day
  71. Best. Mascara. Ever.

    I tired this mascara as it was in one of the Clinique Travel Sets that I received as a gift. After one stroke, I knew this would be my new favourite mascara! I have tried SO many mascaras over the years, and this hands down wins. This lengthens my eyelashes so dramatically. Your lashes look long, whispy and full. This mascara does not clump or transfer if you let it dry for a few second. My boyfriend actually asked if I was wearing false lashes when he saw me wearing this for the first time!
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