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Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips 125ml

4.3 of 90 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75

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4 instalments of $8.75

Or 4 instalments of $8.75 with LEARN MORE

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Effective and gentle, non-irritating eye and lip makeup remover, suitable for all skin types.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Customer Reviews

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4.3 of 90 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

melts down makeup


it melts down the waterproof makeup and is such a convenient product when traveling. i usually have to wash my face after but it makes the waterproof makeup soft and easier to remove.

Most Helpful Criticism

Maybe I don't know how to use this...


Am I meant to just smear my makeup all over my face with this, or...
Once it is all washed off my skin feels like I have just primed it before makeup.
  1. melts down makeup


    it melts down the waterproof makeup and is such a convenient product when traveling. i usually have to wash my face after but it makes the waterproof makeup soft and easier to remove.
  2. Great for eyes


    This is a really good makeup remover, especially for eyes. It's gentle yet effective and doesn't sting your eyes when you swipe this over to take mascara and eye liner off
  3. clean skin


    this is such an easy remover and gentle on the skin especially the eyes. breaks down my mascara so well
  4. very gentle


    this eye and lip makeup remover is great for removing stubborn makeup. it is very gentle on the lids and doesnt dry them out at all. Definitely recommend!
  5. Really works for waterproof makeup


    Truly the best eye makeup remover I have ever tried. It takes EVERYTHING off in just a little bit of product. I finish with a couple gentle swipes to get any remaining makeup off. Gentle and does not irritate. Highly recommend if you wear a lot of eye makeup!
  6. Good


    It is very easy to apply on a cotton pad and quickly removes all eye make up in a couple of swipes. Gentle on my skin.
  7. so gentle and soft


    This is so gentle and soft on my skin, easpecially the eye area which is so delicate. Im so glad clinique came out with a remover specifically for the most delicate parts of the face! It works so nicely, I will definitely be re-purchasing
  8. not happy with this one at all


    this felt so bad on my skin, it was so oily and just felt like it was clogging my pores while hardly removing my eye makeup
  9. Best makeup remover


    This is one of the best makeup removers available. It doesn’t an amazing job of removing my stubborn eyemake up as well as Ted lipstick. Super gentle as well
  10. Maybe I don't know how to use this...


    Am I meant to just smear my makeup all over my face with this, or...
    Once it is all washed off my skin feels like I have just primed it before makeup.
  11. not a fan


    didn't like this one at all, it smeared my makeup everywhere!
  12. Easy remover!


    A really good oil based remover that literally removes my dry mascara in a couple of swipes!! so good would definitely recommend
  13. Ok Remover


    A good remover to remove base level of makeup- a good scrub and toner still needed to be used to completely remove all makeup!
  14. Lovely makeup remover


    This is one of my favourite makeup removes. I find it gets rid of most of the eye makeup, however I have to go in a bit when it comes to waterproof mascara. It feels lovely on the eyes and it quite gentle. Would recommend!
  15. Ah-maz-ing


    This is my absolute favourite way to remove makeup! It removes all makeup - even mascara with a simple swipe and leaves the skin feel soft and clean. I also love that you only need a small amount per use.
  16. Smells great!


    I love clinique and this hasn't let me down at all. Love it.
  17. good


    This works well to remove eye makeup and lip makeup, it's not as harsh as some other makeup removing products
  18. Best eye makeup remover


    I have been using this for years. I have tried other brands that claim to remove long-wear eye makeup but they do not work as gently and effectively as this. I was getting panda eyes upon waking with other products - yuck!

    Nobody wants to be rubbing the eye area vigorously to remove makeup!

    This is my absolute go-to!

    Just remember to shake it before use!
  19. Good makeup remover


    I got this make up remover in a set. It works really well but i think there are cheaper make up removers that work just as well.
  20. Take the day off make up remover


    Received a sample with order yes it does what it says, nice feel on eyes woukd definitely use all the time
  21. Favourite eye makeup remover


    This makeup remover takes off all the makeup including waterproof eye makeup and hard to take off lip colour. Have tried many others and always go back to this.
  22. WOW!


    This make up remover takes off everything! You really don't need much of it on a cotton pad! Even mascara, eyeliner etc takes it off on one wipe.
  23. so effective


    wear a lot of different water-proof things, like long hold lipstick, waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Using a cleansing towel or just the Clinique facewash oftentimes doesn't remove everything and leaves traces of make-up in and around my eyes.

    This oily formula is very light and I put it on a cotton pad. Then I gently massage it over my eyes and it removes everything with...
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  24. Perfect for heavy liner/mascara and lip colour


    I am now on my third bottle of this makeup remover. I wear long-lasting liner, mascara and sometimes lip colour. I love that this product removes these stubborn formulas. It is so effective and gentle on the eye area - because let's face it (no pun intended) nobody wants to be tugging or rubbing vigorously around the eye area. I'm a true fan and convert!
  25. Gets rid of everything


    I always fall back on this as a reliable make up remover when a cleanser has let me down. It’s quite gentle around my eyes and doesn’t give me the blurry eyed side effect I have had with some oil cleansers.
  26. Nice product


    I wouldn't rave about how amazing this is but certainly glad to have it, it is very gentle and good after a bug night out.
  27. Super gentle


    Super gentle, especially on eye area. Doesn’t strip skin of natural oils and takes makeup off so well!
  28. So gentle and effective


    This is so good for removing makeup and is so gently, I will recommend!
  29. More gentle version


    More gentle version of the other take the day off remover. Takes my makeup off really well
  30. Good makeup remover


    I received this as part of a gift pack and it did a fabulous job at removing both mascara and foundation. Would buy again.
  31. Have been using for the past 10 years


    I don’t normally use Clinique products but I swear by this one. I’ve been using it for the past 10 years. It’s the best make up remover and you only need a small amount so it lasts forever.
  32. Great


    I like this product alot, it removes make up well and it's very sort and gentle on the skin. Would buy again.
  33. good not great


    I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky! Not the best for removing waterproof though
  34. Effective make up remover


    Effective multipurpose make up remover for lids, lips and lashes, great for senstive skin and fragrance free.
  35. Great but...


    It works exactly as described but so does a lot of cheaper makeup removers.
  36. Works well.


    Love this. It takes all my makeup off and is a fabulous product. The only thing i struggle with is the price
  37. very useful


    A fast way to remove your eye make up without struggling too much.

    It does let your skin too oily so you need to use a facial soap to finish the cleaning, but it is practical and works well.
  38. Not worth the price


    Does what it says, but don't think there is much difference to any other cheaper makeup remover. Wouldn't buy it again.
  39. Great accompaniment to the balm


    I use this along with the Take The Day Off Balm when I have heavy eye makeup on and it works so quickly and effectively to take my makeup off. I love that I don't have to use too many make up remover pads with this product.
  40. Only makeup remover that works so well.


    I have used so many makeup removers and always go back to this one. I put it on a the big round swissper pad and the makeup comes off instantly. It is extremely gentle and doesn't irritate the eyes at all. I also find that it hydrates the eye area so there is no drying out of the lids, lashes and underneath the eye area. It removes lipstick so efficiently. I so recommend this product.​
  41. Gentle Makeup Remover

    Ngoc (Adorebeauty Staff)

    I ran out of my Bioderma remover and tried the Clinique one and usually my skin is quite sensitive so this was good to remove with.
  42. It works but felt i had to wash face afterwards


    Does what it has supposed to do but i felt it left a lot of residue so had to wash face thoroughly to remove it all..it did leave a small amount of liquid eye liner left but more product probably would of removed it
  43. Very Gentle and takes off my waterproof mascara


    Does the job pretty well whilst being gentle to the eye. I was scared it will sting the eye but felt like water, only thicker. Definitely, recommend to those who wear heavy eye make-up
  44. Effective!


    When using this to take my make-up off, it moisturises my face at the same time. A lot of make up removers really dry the skin out and leave it feeling dull. This one is GREAT! My skin feels nice and refreshed. I have sensitive combination skin, no irritation occurred.
  45. The best!


    This is the best eye make up remover. I have been using this for a long time. I wear liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara as well as long-wearing lipstick. I use this on my eyes and lips only and then cleanse my face with my favorite cleanser. Just remember to shake it well before use! I highly recommend!
  46. Best makeup remover, hands down!


    I strayed away from this and tried a micellar water to remove my makeup, thinking that I could find a more cost effective product. Biggest mistake ever! There is no replacing the quality of this product. The oil-based formula is a blessing for my dry T-Zone and is removes even waterproof mascaras and liquid liners SO easily. Squeaky clean every time and a little goes a long way.
  47. average


    I received a sample of this and have loved using it! I have sensitive skin and it's very gentle on my eyes. I feel like it does a good job taking off eye make-up. I have used other more affordable options, so I'm not sure if I will necessarily purchase it, but the product itself is great!
  48. Removes makeup instantly


    Great cleanser, it takes off make up very quickly including eye makeup. It isn't super hydrating so I use it as a 'pre cleanse' to take off makeup before going in with my regular cleanser.
  49. Great pre-cleanser Product


    This is a great oil-based cleanser to use before your regular cleanser. It primes the skin for a good clean. I have normal-dry, fair skin and really like this product.
  50. very oily


    It definitely does the job at removing make up but it is sooo oily and sticky feeling, you definitely have to wash your face with a lot of water to get the oily feeling off your face, you couldn't just wipe it off with a cotton round or tissues.
  51. Gentle and non-irritating to the eyes


    I got a mini version of this makeup remover as a part of a gift set and I love it! It's lasted me a long time and is super gentle on the eyes and lips while effectively removing all my makeup. I will definitely purchase the full size product when I run out of the mini.
  52. Removes even the most stubborn eyeliner


    I find this is great for removing stubborn makeup and eye makeup. There's no smokey eye this can't defeat.
  53. Quick application


    I often receive this in GWP's so I admit I haven't purchased it myself, but it is a safe makeup remover especially for the eye area. I would purchase a complete makeup remover lotion rather than this speciality one.
  54. Use it for ages and never had an issue


    I think this product works extremely well! I’ve used it for a realllly long times and never had any problems with it. It’s nice and gentle. I reccomend if you can get your hands on it :)
  55. Love It


    This is my go to eye makeup remover for waterproof and stubborn eye makeup. It is very oily so be aware of that but I'm sure that's why it removes makeup so quick and easy. I always wipe my face over with a cloth or makeup wipe just to remove any excess oil.
  56. Works on everything


    Waterproof mascara, hard to remove liners....this stuff breaks down everything. It’s very oily though but I can deal with that for something so effective. Worth the price and is gentle on the eyes.
  57. Great make up remover


    I prefer an oil for my first cleanse, but this makeup remover is really amazing! It feels lovely, doesn't sting my dry skin, and removes really stubborn mascara or lip stains. If makeup remover is your thing, this needs to be in your cupboard!
  58. Great for stubborn makeup


    I find this is great for removing stubborn makeup and eye makeup.
  59. Effective but not perfect.


    I am currently using this product again, usually alternating with another couple of brands. It works well on lids & lips but takes more effort on the lashes and would benefit from some extra time to soak the cotton pads & leave a little longer.
  60. Effortless makeup remover


    This is my go to eye makeup remover for waterproof and stubborn eye makeup. It is very oily so be aware of that but im sure thats why it removes makeup so quick and easy. I always wipe my face over with a cloth or makeup wipe just to remove any excess oil.
  61. Best


    This is the best makeup remover. It’s so gentle I love it
  62. Powerful and no nonsense


    It works really well and is effortless. There’s no tugging and I can usually take a winged eye and heavy mascara off with one cotton round soaked in this.

    It’s not anything more special than the excellent neutrogena one though, which is much cheaper.

    The smell is fine, it’s quite oily and leaves a bit of a residue but nothing to be alarmed about.
  63. My go-to


    This works perfectly to remove eye makeup - no need for any rubbing to remove the makeup. I like that it doesn’t leave any oily residue on my skin.
  64. Works


    Does exactly what it says and really takes everything off (and easily). The consistency is very oily so I always make sure I wipe over my face afterwards just to make sure its not sitting in my pores all night. Great for eye makeup removes it almost instantly. Also great on the whole face after a night out with heaps of makeup it doesn't miss a thing!
  65. Removes all makeup easily


    Really removes all the hard makeup (Mascara eyeliner etc) really easily. Be mindful that it is a very oily consistency which is expected from a product that is going to remove all your makeup.
  66. My favourite eye makeup remover of all time


    As my summary says above, this product is my ride or die. It removes absolutely every trace of my mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner and I cannot live without this. It even removes my lip stain (nothing else removes that thing!!). I will keep repurchasing till the end of time.
  67. Removes Most!


    This is a great Makeup Remover that I used daily. I did find it took a bit longer with my waterproof mascara than I would have expected. Removes everything else with ease. Isnt too greasy either but would always use it before jumping in the shower and cleansing afterwards anyway. Definitely my favourite Remover so far.
  68. Does what it says


    This makeup remover really does what it says and removes ALL makeup and easily. Doesnt miss anything. Be aware that it is an oily consistency (Which makes sense to get all the makeup off) so sometimes its best to just wipe the face over after it to remove any excess.
  69. Great makeup remover!


    Great makeup remover that is free from perfumes/scents that can irritate the skin. Works really well at removing stubborn eye makeup without having to rub too hard! Does leave a bit of oily residue on the skin which some people might not like, however it makes my skin really smooth and soft after each use. Would recommend!
  70. Good but could be better


    I'm a big fan of the take the day off range (especially the cleansing balm) so I had high expectations for this bi-phase remover as well. While it is effective at removing stubborn eye makeup including water proof mascara, I find it requires a bit more tugging than others in the same category and also leaves my eyes a little blurry afterward.
  71. Must have


    Great biphasic makeup remover, need to shake it up to use. Great for eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Cheaper alternative is Loreal.
  72. Love this


    When I need a makeup remover, this is definitely one I can rely on. It doesn't irritate my skin, and I even use it on my 10 year old daughter who dances, and it gently removes thick, heavy stage makeup easily without me having to scrape it off her face. I recommend this as it makes removing makeup feel like a pamper session.
  73. It does the job


    Received this in the promo. It does what it is suppose to. Easily takes off my eye make up. But for this price, there are supermarket brands out there that can do the same job. It says it's for lips too so that could be the advantage but i don't normally wear long-wearing, hard to get off lipstick anyway. So, no use for me there.
  74. Great for removing makeup!


    This product really does what it says - it takes all your makeup off effortlessly. It is really oily which makes sense because its getting the makeup off so keep that in mind but honestly works a treat getting off every single bit of makeup. I usually only use it on my eyes and if I use it on my face im sure to wipe over with a makeup wipe just to remove the excess oil. My face always feels great ...
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  75. Effective and gentle


    I use this with cotton pads and just hold them over my eyes for about 10 seconds each. I don't wear waterproof mascara, but I can guarantee this works for all other kinds of mascara and eye makeup. I usually tend to wake up with leftover eye makeup around my eyes, even if I cleanse really well, but with this remover I've found that I can remove every trace of makeup. It also works great with long ...
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  76. Great for taking off makeup


    I recently started using this product, it can be quite oily on the skin but it does what its mean to and removes all eye makeup and does it quickly. I use it on my entire face and the makeup comes off so easily. I recommend wiping off any excess if you have oily skin.
  77. Not my favourite


    I am a big fan of clinique products, I received this makeup remover as a sample (one of the best things about clinique is their generosity with samples). I was excited to try it, however, since I have oily skin this was not a great product for me. It took all of my makeup off including waterpoof eyeliner and mascara, but it left an oily residue on my skin. I would recommend this product to people ...
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  78. Works well but too oily for me


    It does work but I really don't like the feel of it - it's too greasy for me
  79. Super oily and unpleasant


    I'm a big Clinique fan but I don't really like this makeup remover. It's extremely oily and feels very greasy. Not good for contacts wearers!
  80. Gentle yet effective


    Very gentle yet removes very trace of makeup. I have sensitive skin and some of the other makeup removers sting badly on my skin. I don’t mind the oiliness as I normally follow with a Clinique facial soap cleanse.
  81. disappointing :(


    this got in my eyes and made my eyes blurry for like 15 minutes afterwards, it felt very very oily and sort of felt like it stayed on my skin afterwards like I needed to wash my face 3 times just to get rid of it :(
  82. Good Makeup remover


    I have dry acne-prone skin and this is a good makeup remover for eye makeup and lipstick.
  83. Good eye make-up remover


    This is a great eye make-up remover - it's oily texture helps remove stubborn mascara and eyeliner. Great for dry/sensitive skins. I continue to repurchase this!
  84. SO bad


    This is just a greasy mess! oh my god... I got this as a sample and it literally turned me into a panda with mascara just everywhere, on my cheeks and in my eyes I ended up needing to use a different product just to get this product off me ! not a fan unfortunately ):
  85. Does work but not for sensitive


    This remover is effective, but after a few uses, immediately after my eyes would sting and feel irritated. I wasn't able to use the rest of the bottle - if you have sensitive skin I would recommend trying a sample first. I didn't use the rest of the bottle unfortunately.
  86. Love it!


    As always clinique never disappoints! It removes everything easily and gently, and perfect for travelling!
  87. AMAZING product!!


    I’m not usually a fan of Clinique products, but I happened to get this as a sample with an order and thought I’d give it a go and WOW! if anyone has ever worn MAC pro longwear concealer, you would know how hard it is to remove it completely, but this make up remover takes it off in one wipe! I’m so shocked and also glad that I’ve stumbled upon this product! will definitely be a staple in my kit fr...
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  88. Where has this been all my life


    Finally an eye make up remover that actually does what its supposed to do - remove waterproof mascara! Cant believe I only just discovered this. I will never use anything else again!
  89. the best!

    carly (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is my go to remover for eyes and lips! removes everything easily and gently, no irritation no oily residue in your eyes.Love!!!
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