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Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 7g

4.7 of 112 reviews


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$8.75 x 4

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  • Sheer

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

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Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

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4.7 of 112 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Already recommended to a friend because it is amazing
I recieved a sample of this oil and have not stopped using it. I applied it consistently while travelling and found my lips stayed healthy. I have begun recommending it to friends because I love it so much.
It does not work well over other lip products and I often wear it to bed because it is quite thick. But I love the results and always keep it on me

Most Helpful Criticism

very oily
This is really oily lip oil that is the only down fall it is very slippery on the lips. However I just use a tiny little bit so it doesn't slide everywhere and that does the trick. Also means my product lasts a lot longer!
The colours are very nice and natural and subtle too - I have tried this over a lipstick and it just melted my lipstick so probably not a good idea. Just use it by itself.
  1. Nice but Sticky

    I like the subtle colour of these (purchased candy pink and honey) and the luscious shine. They do have a bit of stickiness to them, and mild conditioning. Although I like these, I only use them sparingly and would still prefer my regular lip balm to condition my lips
  2. Already recommended to a friend because it is amazing

    I recieved a sample of this oil and have not stopped using it. I applied it consistently while travelling and found my lips stayed healthy. I have begun recommending it to friends because I love it so much.
    It does not work well over other lip products and I often wear it to bed because it is quite thick. But I love the results and always keep it on me
  3. Super hydrating and super shiny

    Love applying this during the day and before bed as a sort of lip mask as it’s very hydrating, and looks super shiny and glossy. But the only issue is that it cannot be applied over lipstick as it breaks it down, but I don’t really mind wearing it by itself.
  4. Great lip oil

    I received a sample in shade Honey, from adore beauty and it is literally the best lip oil/gloss I’ve ever tried. this product is super hydrating on my dry and chapped lips and make them super soft while adding a beautiful plumpness and nice glow. Very safe and comfortable to use and can also be applied at night before bedtime. I highly recommend this lip oil, and will definitely purchase the full sized honey oil next.
  5. Great lip oil

    I received a complimentary sized lip oil, in shade Honey, as a gift from adore beauty and it is literally the best lip oil/gloss I’ve ever tried. this product is super hydrating on my dry and chapped lips (from using too much matte lipsticks) and make them super soft while adding a beautiful plumpness and nice glow. Very safe and comfortable to use and can also be applied at night right before bedtime. I highly recommend this lip oil, and will definitely purchase the full sized honey oil next.
  6. Perfect amount of colour

    I love this product. I don't normally wear lipstick so for me this is the perfect hint of colour while keeping my lips hydrated.The texture is really smooth and it has a nice scent too. I prefer it to lip glosses with a hint of colour because it isn't sticky at all and has a more natural look. Will definitely buy again.
  7. Awesome

    very oily but is amazing does the job. recommend this to anyone with dry lips!
  8. Supple and glossy lips

    I have very dry lips, especially in the winters months. This is my go to and remedy. I have noticed a huge difference since using this. I have been using it for alittle over a year. I can’t fault it, it makes my lips supple and no dryness whatsoever.
  9. very oily

    This is really oily lip oil that is the only down fall it is very slippery on the lips. However I just use a tiny little bit so it doesn't slide everywhere and that does the trick. Also means my product lasts a lot longer!
    The colours are very nice and natural and subtle too - I have tried this over a lipstick and it just melted my lipstick so probably not a good idea. Just use it by itself.
  10. Great but expensive

    This is sooo nice. I think it’s quite luxurious but probably wouldn’t continue to purchase it but it’s still really nice. I think it’s too expensive but nice for a treat!
  11. Locks in moisture

    I'm hooked on this lip oil. I wear it over a lip tint, I use it on its own on no makeup days and every night I put some on so my lips are ultra moisturised in the mornings for whatever lipstick I chose to wear that day (some can be drying) It's not sticky and actually has a nice consistency. Now that Winter is here in Melbourne, I think I'll be investing in a few extra tubes!
  12. Lush lips

    These comfort lip oils are divine, super glossy, smell lovely, and a few of the colours give a subtle tint, love them
  13. Long lasting, conditioning treat for the lips

    The texture is thick without being goopy. It conditions my lips and the feeling of moisture last quite awhile which I'm pleasantly surprised about. I bought it in shade tangerine. There isn't much colour but I'm ok with that. It has a slightly sweet scent which is pleasant.
  14. Amazing!!

    I have super dry lips and this always brings moisture back into my lips, leaving them feeling nourished, soft and hydrated. It's amazing and I highly recommend this!
  15. Highly recommend to those who have chap lips

    It moist the lips very well with comfortable applicator which is easy to apply evenly.
  16. Hydrating

    Love this during winter - a nourishing lip oil with a glossy finish. Weartime is comparable to a regular gloss - a few hours, but hydration lasts a long time
  17. average

    I like everything about these except the oily residue on my lips. I felt like I couldn’t do anything while wearing it because it would come off. The value is great, just not a fan of the consistency. i probably wouldn’t wear this on a regular basis but if it was a color I liked then maybe i would wear it.
  18. In love

    My new favourite lip gloss ! So nourishing and beautiful. Will definitely buy again.
  19. The best thing for your lips

    I’ve only ever finished an entire lip product on 2 occasions, one of them being this lip oil. It feels so good on the lips and also gives you that lip gloss feel while nourishing. Amazing!
  20. Perfect lip conditioner

    Received as sample in raspberry, loved it so much I went to clarin to purchase the full one in honey. Hydrated yet velvety and beautiful.
  21. super glossy and hydrating

    I was a little hesitant about spending over $30 on a lip gloss/balm product, however I absolutely adore this product and have absolutely no regrets! I have the shade tangerine and find that it adds a beautiful warm flush to the lips. the formula itself is great too - it is super hydrating and comfortable, and makes your lips look like glass. can't get enough!
  22. Gloosy and plump

    Great for work. I have this in the shade Candy pink and its a lovely work staple for me. Nice and glossy and makes my lips looks plump - a little goes a long way. It lasts surprisingly well for a gloss and while very nourishing and thick I don't find it annoying like other glosses. It wears well and I often like to layer it with a simple lip stain underneath.
  23. Gorgeous but be careful when picking a shade

    If you aren't into super bright pinks do not buy the shade 'Candy Pink'! I purchased this shade thinking it'd be sheer but I was wrong. Even after immediately wiping off, it still stained my lips barbie pink the entire day. The product itself is still beautiful though and it was y consumer error of buying the wrong shade because 'Honey' was sold out. I'll probably end up passing this one on to someone else and repurchase it in the right shade when it comes back.
  24. Absolutely love

    Can't wait to try all colours - have the raspberry red oil and is absolutely amazing for the cold weather in Australia drying my lips. Is really comforting and nourishing- an amazing, nicer alternative to lip balm.
  25. Lip saver!

    I suffer from very dry, chapped lips like you couldn’t imagine, and this is why I worry every winter coz it can get really bad... well I guess it’s safe to say not anymore ;) I got to try this product as a sample from my last purchase, and boy was I ecstatic to discover this! I can’t praise this product enough, just go and try this yourself, then you’ll know It’s true :)
  26. Used mine up!

    I bought this a while back in the shade 'Honey'. I actually used it up! Which is rare. I almost never use up lip products. But during a stage where my lips were so chapped they were bleeding, this lip oil actually fixed my lips! I was a bit sketchy about how very yellow the 'Honey' shade is, but it just added a little warmth to my lips. It's thick and a little sticky, which keeps it on longer, but it doesn't do that awful stringy thing glosses have a tendency to do. It also gives the lips a ridiculously glossy, juicy, full look, which I love. I don't think I'd buy the 'Honey' shade again, but I definitely plan on buying more because I loved it so much!
  27. Mint

    I've tried the mint flavour and I love it so much I can't wait to try the others! The formulas non sticky and is really hydrating and glossy. I also enjoy the applicator and great taste.
  28. High gloss and scent over your lippy without the stay on effect sadly.

    Received the red berry as a sample and loved everything about it to begin with, however I found no hydration or plumping with use. It’s too expensive considering it dosent stay on for long and I found my lips dehydrated after applying 3 times on a night out! There are much better lip gloss oils out there and find Jane irredale offers more than this product alone. Loved the gloss but found it sticky and non-drying on my lips.
  29. Amazing! My favourite lip product!

    After getting my lips tattooed they are often dry and sore and this product brightens and soothes! Will definitely purchase again!
  30. sheer tint

    I use this as a lip tint (very sheer). I have the colour Red Berry and it gives a nice touch of colour back to my lips. The oil texture is a bit uncomfortable at first, but soon sinks in. Not a very longlasting lip product (like all lip tints)
  31. Love

    Love this product. Love the way it makes my lips feel so smooth, moistured and soft. The best lip oil everrrrr.
  32. I love this

    This is the perfect product for keeping lips moisturised and with a touch of colour so on my light makeup days this is perfect. Heading into winter with this! Easy to apply and not sticky.
  33. Hydrating & nourishing

    I would never purchase this product if I hadn't received a sample, but I'm glad I did! Most lip glosses and balms leave my lips in worse condition than when I started using the product, but the Clarins Comfort Oil is the opposite. It looks, smells and feels so lovely. The colour of Red Berry is super subtle and I'd love to try some of the other colours!
  34. Beautiful

    I received this in Red Berry as a tester (thanks, Adore) and I'll definitely be buying the full size. I have medium-deep tan skin and the shade looks great - it adds a lovely reddish gloss, enough to show up on my darker, pigmented lips but not so much that it looks unnatural or too pinky. Cosmetics are still very much produced for paler consumers so it's nice to find a product that works on deeper skin tones too. It's a perfect one step morning option and I've been grabbing this wherever I'm in a rush, as it both hydrates and adds enough 'polish' to make you look like you've put in effort! Lasts a reasonable time on the lips and, while it can be a little sticky as it dries down, it's mostly very comfortable to wear. A new favourite for me.
  35. Great alternative to lip balm

    Super easy to apply so it makes it more convenient than lipbalm.
    The consistency is more like a gel than an oil - it is soo thin but it doesn’t make your lips feel like a slip n slide either.
    Super nourishing especially on cracked lips and in winter!
    Best thing apart this product is the hint of colour just gently stains your lips enough to brighten them while keeping them hydrated!
  36. Surpisingly great!

    I love these lip oils! Hydrating, comfortable and great colour if you go for the pink ones. Feels like a treatment and looks like a lip gloss. I'm a convert and can't wait to buy more!
  37. Addictive

    I have the concistancy of lip balm. This provides a nice alternative that nourishes and rejuvenate your lips. Highly recommend
  38. One of the best lip treatments

    I received the red berry oil as a sample recently and I fell in love with it! Clarins always has a wonderful reputation and this is no exception. I wasn't sure of the application of a lip "oil" so wore it more as a lip gloss rather than a primer for lipstick as the description on here says. It has a nice subtle red colour which smells so amazing!
  39. Love it

    Received red berry as a tester with a purchase and I love it! Subtle colour yet so beautiful. I love it. It’s super wearable.
  40. mmmmmmm....DREAMY

    Red Berry - Where have you been all my life.
    I was very surprised that i would be able to get a lip oil with such an amazing scent. It makes your lips very hydrated and you just want to eat it...!

    Cant wait to grab another scent.
  41. Next level shine

    I have this in the shade tangerine - not the shade I would have picked from the pictures shown but I saw it on YouTube and it is a lovely subtle peachy colour on the lips. I lost my first tube of this and tried to make do with the lip products I had, but nothing compares to this - I had to repurchase. It smells delicious and is super shiny. The only downside is it doesn't have much staying power but I think that's to be expected with a gloss.
  42. Love it

    I received this as a tester and I love the smell and look of this product! It is quite pricey and feels and looks a lot to me like a lip gloss. I normally don’t go for lipglosses much because of the need to reapply but I do really like this one because of the smell and the hydration.
  43. So nourishing

    I love this. I was sceptical about trying a lip oil but it’s not greasy or sticky. It is very nourishing and good for daily wear. A bit glossy but not too much so. Light tint.
  44. Luxury

    Received this as a sample and will definitely purchase full size. It is so luxurious and hydrating, I use it day and night and love it!
  45. Love this lipgloss

    Very moisturizing, shiny and hydrating. My lips feels much much better since I have been using this.
  46. Moisturizing too

    I have been using this lipgloss for about 8months now, I noticed a difference in my lips ( very dry n rough) when I ran out of it for a few weeks. It really makes a difference and looks great too. Ultra shiny when applied
  47. Soft Lips in an Instant

    This product is gorgeous to wear and smells delicious. Fantastic if you just want a natural look or pop over your fave lipstick for instant shine.
  48. Pretty & Lush

    I really enjoy these, I have the Honey, and Candy Pink. Keeps my lips moist, looking lush and a lovely hint of colour. It does have a slight stickiness to it, I still find it great! While I wouldn't use this over my regular lip balm, I think it's great to use on Nights and Days out to keep your lips looking great
  49. Beautiful gloss

    I love these oils! Non sticky, give a beautiful gloss that doesn't look like it's thick and gloopy. I got mint which is a lovely clear gloss and Candy which is a beautiful pink that seems to leave a bit of a tint that lasts after the gloss has gone. I feel that they are doing something for my lips as they don't make my lips feel dry once the gloss has gone, also the gloss lasts for ages!
  50. Mint shade - perfect clear lipgloss

    I initially bought this because I was intrigued by the description of a ‘lip oil’, but it definitely isn’t an oil it is a thick-ish gloss consistency. The applicator is large and paddle-shaped which makes for easy application and also precision around the edges of your lip. I find all lipglosses/lip balm to be rather drying, but this isn’t too bad. It lasts a decent time too.

    The best thing about this product is how it looks, it makes your lips so look so damn juicy and definitely brings attention to them.

    I bought the shade mint. It doesn’t offer a plumping effect as described but can feel the cooling peppermint/menthol effect when applying. I would definitely re-purchase

  51. Glossy hydrating goodness!

    I loooove this. It’s the most perfect hydrating gloss. I have the shade honey and I layer it on top of the clarins water lip stain in red water and it looks amazing! It’s has lasting hydrating power as I find that even once it’s rubbed off, my lips still feel super moisturised. The packaging is gorgeous and luxurious.
  52. Interesting, but works!

    I was quite skeptical about this product as I thought it would feel too much or uncomfortable on the lips and slip right off however it does actually have decent lasting power. Also the selection of colours is gorgeous.
  53. Perfect!

    I love this product, it is super moisturising and has the added benefit of also giving lasting glossy finish.
  54. Luxe gift

    I bought this in the shade honey for my mum, it makes a luxe little gift and she loves the scent of it. It leaves a bit of a gloss on the lips and keeps them hydrated
  55. Adorable lip oil

    I really love this lip oil. I received it in a gift set and didn't use it straight away as I thought it's a greasy lip oil, until one night my lips were so dry. So, I gave this product a try. Omg! First, it smells so amazing. It's not greasy at all. the oil name confused me that it should be something greasy. But the texture is so nice and oiliness is enough to comfort the lips. Best of all, which made me write this review is when I woke up in the morning my lips were so soft with a light pink tint. I am really happy with this product and gonna use it every night. I highly recommend this product.
  56. Love this product!!

    I’ve been looking for a less expensive version for my hourglass lip oil and I’m pleasantly surprised by this product. What I love about it the most is the fact that it’s hydrating yet not sticky . It’s does the job and a little goes a long way too. It’s a fantastic product .
  57. very nice

    A super hydrating and luxurious oil that makes my lips super hydrated and moisturized. The packaging is so cute and I take it everywhere
  58. Hydrating

    Love this. Smells amazing and it’s super hydrating
  59. Worth the cost

    Gorgeous lip oil that leaves my lips soft, plump & hydrated. Nice shiney very light tint, can be used over lipstick for a glossy look. Not sticky & stays on!
  60. Seriously amazing

    The amount of hydration and comfort this lip oil provides is astonishing! So beautiful and smooth on the lips, whilst providing shine and the goodness of all the oils. After it wears off my lips feel baby smooth and hydrated. I love applying this at night! The scent is delicious as well. Can't recommend it enough! I'm thinking of getting a few as stocking stuffers this year.
  61. Shiny

    I love this Lip Oil! It applies Super Shiny and stays just on your lips. If I apply lipstick first and then the oil It makes a fantastic look to finish your makeup. You can feel it still on even after Coffee (Yay)
  62. Expensive but works incredibly well

    I received this as a part of a gift and I absolutely love it but due the price I use sparingly. I often only use before bed when my lips are particularly dry so when I wake up they are soft and re-hydrated. This lip oil definitely serves it's purpose and I highly recommend purchasing it if it's within your price range.
  63. Good product

    Leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated after using it!
  64. Not hydrating at all

    I don't understand the hype of this product! The positive reviews on here must be from people that don't have super dry or chapped lips. I have been using this product for about 2/3 weeks now and I find it useless. If anything, it's making my lips worse! It doesn't do anything to hydrate or heal chapped lips and it only lasts about 30 minutes before I have to apply more. The smell of the Honey 01 one is beautiful, but that's about it. If you want a basic lip moisturiser, then this is probably fine, but if I wanted that, I would just spend $10 on a lip balm from Priceline or $4 on Paw Paw Ointment at a chemist.

    For people with seriously dry lips, the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Intensive Lip Balm and the NUXE rive de miel are much, much better. Don't waste your money on this!
  65. Instant comfort for dehydrated lips

    If your lips flake even with regular lipbalm use, give this a try. It is instantly comforting and hydrating. My lips has never felt better. Lip lines seem to also be less palpable. It is also not sticky and is just... A life saver
  66. Comfortable

    I have this in Candy Pink which is a translucent bright pink in the tube but looks clear on the lips. I think it changes colour though, because after a few seconds. My lips do look pinker.
    But Inlove how there's not much colour because I can use it on no makeup days too. And it feels more like a lipcare product rather than a cosmetic product.
    This is a fantastic lip oil, it applies smoothly but is not too slick or sticky, it's just the perfect consistency to feel like it will stay on my lips but not be sticky.
    And it does stay on my lips quite well. It feels comforting and soothing to my dry and chapped lips. My lips feel softer after this has faded, so it's actually improving them too.
    The tube is great and the applicator is easy to use.
    The only thing I don't like is the scent, it's a really strong artificial fruity scent. But it does dissipate quickly.
    This is a great lip oil and I highly recommend it!
  67. I am addicted

    I love this lip oil. My lips are less dry and feel fuller. Only problem is, I am totally addicted and need two more of those, so I have one at work and one in my purse. Will try a more coloured one next time.
  68. Comfy glossy oils

    Great for cracked and dry lips, makes them soft afterwards!
  69. Love it

    Time owned/used: 1 month (used it 2-3 times per day)

    Type: 01 Honey

    Smell: soft, almost vanilla not over powering and a little musky. Very nice smell.

    Colour; none, just seems to brighten the lips slightly.

    Applicator: awesome, super soft and broad, making it very easy to apply. Soaks up the product well so you always get a good amount on the brush.

    Value: Using it at least 2-3 times a day for a month so far, and I've used up about a third of the bottle. It looks small but seems like I'll get a good 3-4 months out of it with a good amount of use. Given how lovely it is on the lips and how much use you can get out of it, really good value.

    Product: It feels great on the lips and definitely smoothes them out. You can tell you have some oil on your lips but because it is tacky (sticky) it doesn't look runny.. Makes your lips look very soft. Definitely does what it claims. It is a little bit sticky but nothing major and you don't notice. Lasts on my lips a good 2-3 hours unless I am eating or drinking then it comes off a little but I don't always need to reapply after. My lips are very dry and peel because I lick them when I am anxious. Because this stuff is so thick and lasting it makes it hard for me to damage my lips when I am wearing it.

    Overall: definitely worth the purchase. Wear it alone or under lipstick or over lipstick. Value for money is good too.
  70. Delicious!

    I absolutely love this lip oil! It doesn't actually have an oily consistency or texture at all, which really surprised me. It's more gel like and deliciously hydrating. I love that they've released a whole host of colours and flavours! I have honey, raspberry and red berry. Red berry is the only one of my Lip Comfort Oils that leaves a slight colour/tint on my lips. Raspberry is pretty much translucent/clear despite being pink in the bottle. They are light on the lips and nicely hydrating. I can't wait to try more!
  71. Love it!

    This is a great product! I use it mostly at home and it has improved the texture of my lips. I look forward to using it. May not last long on the lips but the product goes a long way. Been using regularly for a few weeks and barely any product missing from tube. I got the raspberry color, not a lot of pigment so don't be afraid of the stronger colors.
  72. Gorgeous!

    I love these lip oils... My lips need this beautiful nourishing gloss, the gold flekky one is a bit of fun and glam over your lipstick in the evening!

    A combination gloss/conditioning product that nourishes and plumps lips for a pretty pout. I love wearing it alone for day and teaming with lipstick for extra drama at night.

    Absolutely love this lip oil! I only discovered this product recently and oh boy I am in love. It smells amazing, the applicator is the softest smoothest I’ve ever used, it hugs my lips. I have the shade raspberry which tastes/smells amazing. I don’t see any colour but that’s what I want. Can’t wait to collect these all!
  75. Red berry best red

    Very hydrating and glossy
  76. Beautiful

    This lip oil is seriously pretty and it stays put without feeling like paint. Worth the price, very nice product.
  77. Worth every cent

    Lightweight and not too tacky, and provides enough hydration to help repair dry lips (especially windburnt!) if applied before bed. It's great for popping over long wear lipsticks if you're looking for a little extra shine. Would repurchase.
  78. Amazing

    Started using this in winter when I had really bad windburn, a thick layer of this over night and my lips were literally back to normal in the morning, I use it every night now, it also smells and tastes amazing lol
  79. Gorgeous Lipgloss

    Its very hydrating and the sheen it gives is awesome, at first it can be a little sticky but hand down the best one ive tried so far.
  80. Nice gloss which plumps your lips up

    I am on my second bottle of the mint. I really love it for it's high gloss and the plumping effect it has on the lips, the mint one especially as it has a tingly menthol feel. It feels very moisturising without being sticky when on. However it doesn't stay on long and loses the moisturising power rather quickly.
  81. What's not to recommend?

    This is the first I've heard of a lip oil and I'm in love. The applicator hugs your lips perfectly, the smell is amazing and it lasts forever on your lips. I purchased the honey and pink candy shades and will be getting more, maybe even the water stains to plump up the colors!
  82. Highly recommend

    This product is literally the best lip product EVER! If you are looking for something to moisturize your lips, then look no further! It is more of a gloss (but wayyy less sticky) but has all of the nourishing benefits of an oil. I definitely love to apply it at night right before I go to sleep. My lips are super soft and moisturized in the morning.
  83. gorgeous!

    Very luxurious, I love it!
  84. Nice gloss that isn't sticky

    This is such a nice gloss, so nice in fact that I'm off to buy another colour. I got the honey colour which is basically neutral. It is such a nice feel on the lips and feels nice and light but gives off a perfect shine.
  85. glossy

    looks really glossy which im not normally into but it looks nice and isn't drying
  86. Beautiful Glossy Lips

    Life saver in the winter months... Really hydrating and looks gorgeous on. I got the honey one, it smells divine and is thick without being sticky. I'll be back to buy more that's for sure
  87. Nourishing and hydrating

    I have very dry lips especially in the winter and purchased this after hearing friends rave about it and it really is incredible. It gets rid of any dryness on my lips and also gives me the nicest and subtle colour. I have the shade tangerine and it suits me so well. This really is a great lip treatment and i would recommend it.
  88. Glossy and hydrating

    Very comforting on the lips and the red colour is gorgeous
  89. Lived up to the hype!

    I read all the rave reviews about this product so decided to try it.....well now I’m adding to the rave reviews!

    The candy pink is a gorgeous everyday natural colour and the gloss itself if fabulous.....not too sticky but long lasting and moisturising.

    Will definitely buy this product again.
  90. Love it!

    I generally hate anything on my lips but this is the exception it is not heavy or sticky it’s hydrating and has shine.
  91. Lovely

    I enjoy using the oils when my lips need something a bit soothing. I like the bright red one as it imparts a lovely colour that stays around a little longer. I have tried 3 of them and all of the scents are nice.
  92. What a gem!

    I’m so glad I stumbled on an adore blog on this. It’s amazing!
    I wouldn’t so much use it as a lip treatment but as a gloss it’s amazing! I have it in tangerine. It isn’t heavily pigmented. It makes my lips full and luscious but doesn’t look or feel like a heavy gloss. I can’t stop looking at my lips. This will be a summer staple for sure. Can’t wait to try the other colours
  93. Lovely

    I really love the way this oil feels on my lips. It isn't sticky or overly heavy, it just sits comfortably on the lip. I choose raspberry which has minimal pigment but it is exactly what I wanted from a lip oil. I LOVE this lip oil.
  94. Super glossy!

    I was looking for something similar to the Dior Addict Lip Glow and this is perfect!

    I got it in the shade candy pink for the custom shade/colour change effect.
    I love the tint of colour it gives, it feels moisturising on the lips and is super glossy without being sticky.

    It also smells super sweet like lollies which I love but some people might not be a fan of.

    This is the perfect combination of gloss and tint.

  95. One of the best

    Lovely for dry lips, really smooth and moisturizing without any stickiness. The light gloss really makes it a more worthwhile purchase than similar products.
  96. Saved my lips

    I bought this product because I have sensitive dry skin. In winter my usual lip balms just arent cutting it. This product literally saved my lips. I no long feel those dry, chapped, tight lips. When it says its a light lip comfort oil, it really is! Would definitely recommend if youre fed up with traditional lip balms and dont mind a bit of sheen to your lips.
  97. Plump

    I bought the mint Clarins Light Lip Comfort Oil. So happy I did. It’s an all in one gloss and treatment. It’s not sticky at all. Excellent quality. The menthol tingle is light and fresh. Love the bottle and the shape of the sponge so easy to apply and a real pleasure. Will probably try the candy pink next.
  98. Glassy as!

    I bought the pink one and I got so many compliments on my lips/they looks kris Jenner glossy.. so you know it’s amazing!
    Also have the red one and they’re both amazing!
  99. Plump lips

    I love this because it’s super hydrating especially before a matte lipstick. I also love wearing this by itself because it gives the lips a nice plump and healthy look without being sticky or goopy.
  100. Super hydrating

    This is super hydrating. I only need to use a very small amount of this and it does a great job.
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