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Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser - Normal/Combo 125ml

4.5 of 65 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.00


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Formulated with key natural ingredients, this soft, light foaming cleanser is as gentle as a milk and more effective than a soap to suit normal or combination skin types.
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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4.5 of 65 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This is a soft gentle, beautiful cleanser.
Creamy and a little foamy.
Does a great job, suitable for my dry(oily/combo skin

Most Helpful Criticism

Really Foamy


You only need a small amount of this cleanser as it foams up quite well. It has a strong floral scent that I personally just don't really enjoy. It left my face clean - almost too clean, honestly and as a result, I don't see myself repurchasing this cleanser.
  1. Gentle


    This is a soft gentle, beautiful cleanser.
    Creamy and a little foamy.
    Does a great job, suitable for my dry(oily/combo skin
  2. works great


    a great little cleanser. makes my skin feel fresh without drying it out. definitely recommend
  3. Great


    This is a very gentle and effective cleanser for my oily skin
  4. Deeply cleansing


    This is all about the lather...fresh scented...step two of my double cleanse, I challenge anyone to find me a cleanser as effective that leaves my skin as comfortable or fresh feeling! I recommend this.
  5. So wonderful


    it legit is a miracle, the best part is that it really is gentle on the skin and i find this really important for people that have sensitive skin like me
  6. Nice but not special


    Lovely cleanser, but nothing special to be honest. On days where my skin was feeling drier than usual, this cleanser did leave it feel a little 'over cleansed' and too try unfortunately.
  7. gentle on skin


    This is a beautiful cleanser from clarins. It is nice and gentle on the skin and lathers up well. Keeps the skin feeling clean and fresh.
  8. Lovely and creamy


    Light and creamy. it lathers well and makes your skin feel really clean and refreshed, ready for the next skincare layers. Smells gorgeous too
  9. Nice


    This is a really nice light, foaming cleanser. You only need a little bit, it goes a long way. I would use this after removing makeup. I have normal to dry skin and didn't find this too drying in warmer months.
  10. Love it !


    verified purchaser
    This has become one of my favourite cleansers to use with my FOREO, a little bit goes a long way.
  11. Faultless!!


    I have such a soft spot for this brand and this cleanser is fab. I have sensitive skin and I actually prefer this cleaner to it sensitive sister product!!
  12. Really Foamy


    You only need a small amount of this cleanser as it foams up quite well. It has a strong floral scent that I personally just don't really enjoy. It left my face clean - almost too clean, honestly and as a result, I don't see myself repurchasing this cleanser.
  13. So good!


    I bought this cleanser for my mum and she loves it! Clarins has a lot of amazing products that are suitable for mature skin, which is difficult to find in a lot of brands. One tube lasts mum a long time, so it's good value too!
  14. My favourite face cleanser


    I have quite a regular skin type - not oily or dry - and this is perfect for me. Has a really lovely, light fragrance and it leaves the skin feeling really fresh. It removes makeup perfectly too, which is a huge plus. I use it every morning and night. Only thing to be aware of - if you have quite dry skin it does tend to make mine slightly dryer after use.
  15. Beautiful second cleanse


    A small pea sized amount makes lots of pillowy foam. Has a nice fragrance, but be aware that it’s quite fragrant so if that’s an issue for you, maybe best to skip this one. Works well with my FOREO Luna and well priced.
  16. amazing to clear skin


    i have very dry skin/ acne prone and this works really well to not only hydrate, as it claims but clears my skin without drying me out
  17. really love it


    I bought this product for my mum, she said it is great.
  18. Good staple cleanser


    I have been using this cleanser since I was 14 (I'm now 32) and I still come back to it. It is a good staple cleanser that does everything that is claims. Not drying and great for the shower.
  19. Soft on the skin

    Regina Fuentes

    Does not leave my face dry after using it. Very gentle on the skin.
  20. I felt very..cleansed!


    I found this a little bemusing...I thought it would foam up more easily but it hardly does...unless you add a lot of water, then I felt it was washing away.
    As other people have said a small amount the size of a pea is ample.
    It has a light refreshing fragrance and I like to use it after wearing a full face of makeup..it got it all off for me, but I wear a light formula. It is perhaps...
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  21. Not for acne prone skin.


    I found this broke me out which is pretty rare for a cleanser to do for me. Feels beautiful on the skin but my guess is its for more mature skin as it is quite moisturizing.
  22. i found it dryed me out


    Made my skin feel tight and dehyrdated
  23. Fine product.


    Normal to Combin skin here, This cleaner has been a good one to use together with my face washer. It leaves a smooth and comfortable base for the rest skin care products.
  24. Drying and Uncomfortable


    I love this when they use it for facials at my local salon, but found that when I purchased it and started using daily at home, it made my skin dry and uncomfortable. I had pretty dry skin at the time, so might be gentle and ok for normal and only slightly dry skin.
  25. Good price


    Helps to remove impurities without drying out my skin. Very gentle and has a light fragrance. A small amount of cleanser is enough to gently remove dead skin, giving you a radiant look after wash.
  26. Gentle yet deep cleansing


    Gentle yet cleanses my skin deeply, nice scent too. Pea sized amount does a really long way so you get a lot for your money!
  27. Good


    This is a good cleanser. Good for sensitive as it's a very gentle cleanser
  28. soft and gentle


    this cleanser is great if you have sensitive skin I can use it twice a day without any issues!
  29. Good


    This is a gentle cleanser that does not strip my face of its oil yet still cleanses it. Great for everyday use
  30. Wasn't the best for my dry/combination skin


    Whilst I found this cleanser gentle (meaning I HAD to use makeup remover prior to washing every time as this cleanser was too gentle to remove everything), it was also drying. It wasn't the best for my skin type
  31. Reliable and gentle


    I’ve come back to this product after many years away. It’s like re-connecting with an old friend. I needed a gentle cleanser for then winter months and this product is perfect. Feels a little squeaky clean whilst wet but once dry I can feel the hydration.
  32. very soft and gentle


    Feels so soft on my skin, it is really gentle on my face but it stills takes off all my make up and excess oil on my face
  33. good


    if you did not have an idea to choose a cleanser, try it.
  34. Fantastic for dry skin!


    This cleanser surpassed all my expectations. I was not expecting much from it, but it left me quite impressed. It is a nice thick consistency, and slightly foams up but not enough to strip your skin. After washing, it leaves your face feeling moisturized and plump! I really appreciate when cleansers add to your skin rather than deplete it of moisture! I do find that a little goes a long way, and s...
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  35. Great


    I am amazed by the clever pharmacy evident in this cleanser. After wetting my face with lukewarm water, I lather a pea-sized amount in my palms, then press it onto my face and neck. I use my palms to gently "suck" the foam upwards five or six times, lifting away impurities. The foam feels like soft clouds of cotton wool and becomes a generous volume many times its original size! A light massage fo...
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  36. Gentle but thorough


    A lovely creamy and foaming cleansing that really does the trick! It cleanses thoroughly and leaves the skin feeling fresh, healthy and looking clearer.
  37. Great


    I really like this cleanser because it has foaming texture and really cleans my face. It's perfect for every day use.
  38. It is worthy, suitable for combination skin type


    It cleans the skin very well without drying the skin in spring and summer as I have dry skin;

    However it is not suitable for me to use during the autumn and winter.

    I will recommend this cleanser for combination skin, for those who have dry skin could try another one for dry to normal skin.
  39. Creamy


    Doesn't foam a lot, just cleanses with a gentle cream formula. Leaves skin feeling not too stripped, but doesn't leave oily residue either
  40. great


    Hands down the best cleanser for combination skin. I've wasted so much money trying to find a cheaper drug store alternative and nothing compares.
    It's non drying, does an amazing job of removing all makeup including waterproof mascara! My go-to cleanser for the past 4 years.
    Works great with a clarisonic too
  41. great simple cleanser


    This cleanser has a very subtle nice pleasant scent. I love how easy it is to use and the results it leaves. It leaves the skin feeling cleansed, smooth and soft.
  42. Great at cleansing but somewhat drying


    I recently tried this out after receiving a fairly considerably sized sample with a purchase here. I am in my early 30s so tend to avoid foaming cleansers as a rule but decided to try this one regardless. You only need a very small amount to get a great deal of lather I found, and it was very soft on the skin - the cleansing was effective and I found all makeup and impurities removed well. The onl...
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    I First Brought this product when I was in Europe a few years ago due to my other cleanser running out, I knew all my friends used this brand so I thought i'd give it a go.
    My Skin can be fussy when it comes to changing Cleaners from my skin breaking out in pimples to having dry patches over my skin.

    But now I"m using this foam cleanser I wouldn't go back. Its such a beautiful...
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  44. its nice


    I bought this about 3 months ago and I have been using it with Clarins chamomile toning lotion for dry skin and daily energising moisturiser and my skin is quiet dry and some very dull but after using this for a few months my skin has never looked so radiant.
    I would buy this again
  45. Good value


    I have been using this for the last 6 months and love it. Skin feels very clean and bright, but it is not too drying, and I find I can use it most days. Excellent value - my husband loves it also!
  46. Great to use in conjunction with their day cream


    I like this cleanser, it has a nice lightweight foaming texture and doesn't dry out my skin. It's perfect for regular use.
  47. Ok product


    I didn't love this product. I found it a touch drying and didnt foam all that much. There are defientaly better cleansers out there for this price.
  48. The Original


    The gentle milky foam, soft scent, and the clean wash brings back of the nostalgia of my very first cleanser. The Original aka Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. There are now many cleansers on the market, however this simple one step cleanser truly does what it claims. Five stars!
  49. Smells a Little Funky, But Works a Treat.


    I have hypersensitive skin with a touch of rosacea, very pale, very temperamental. I have used all manner of sensitive cleansers, natural cleansers, foaming and mousse cleansers, bar and liquid, expensive and not cleansers, and this is one of the best I've come across.

    I can't describe how lovely my skin feels after using this. It feels clean but not stripped, un-irritated, soft, and ...
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  50. Great moisturising cleanser


    I love how moisturising this cleanser is. It is a milky texture and feels like you are moisturising your face in shower. Face feels hydrated after use and so soft! I don’t use this cleanser if I have breakouts but use it daily when skin is clear.
  51. Holy grail cleanser


    I have been using this cleanser for over 10 years now and it is my holy grail. My mum started me on this when I was a teen and I've always had clear clean skin while using this. It makes my skin look fresh and smooth, clears blackheads and whiteheads very effectively and is great for sensitive skin like mine. I have converted many of my friends to this cleanser. I have used other cleansers, some f...
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  52. A high quality cleanser that works!


    I absoutely love this cleanser! It does exactly what it says it does - it makes my skin feeling and looking ultra soft and is really gentle and nourishing for my skin! It removes all traces of make up and makes my skin glow.
  53. Best cleanser I have ever used!


    I used it every night and you only need a tiny bit which makes this tube last a long time. Foams up and makes your skin soft and clean...I have tried them all (from Lancome to other top brands) and this one so far is the best! Love the clean smell as well.
  54. I love this product!


    I have never found a face wash that worked for me until this one! I have horrible acne that I have been dealing with for 10 years! All the other face washes would dry me out, leave me super oily, and I would still have acne. This one keeps me clear with no oily skin and it's very gentle.
  55. My go to cleanser


    I have used this Clarins cleanser for years! Leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean, without leaving it feeling too tight or dry. Kept my skin fresh and glowing over summer, and nourished and soft during winter - win win! Definitely recommend for normal/slightly dry skin types :)
  56. Love this!


    Got a sample of this some place and loved it. A little bit goes a long way. After each use, my skin feels clean but soft. I have super sensitive skin and have no problem with this product. Smells calming.
  57. Nice


    I try and stay away from foaming cleansers these days, but I received this with a GWP so had to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised. It is not drying at all and seems to give a decent clean without leaving skin too tight and "squeaky". I'm not a fan of fragranced skin care, but this was pretty inoffensive.
  58. Love it


    I borrowed this cleanser from my mum once and have since gone on to purchase it. I have oily skin that is prone to break outs.
    This cleanser is so gentle, smelled lovely and felt so smooth on my skin. It removed left over makeup and got rid of excess oil. I felt so clean (but not too tight, not too oily afterwards).
    Would recommend
  59. Lovely to use and works well

    Emily Jane

    A small amount goes a long way, leaves your skin squeaky clean without the tightness. My skin has been feeling fresh and softer since using.
  60. Really lovely


    I really like this cleanser. It smells beautiful too. I used to use Clarins and went back to the cheap supermarket products for a few years but I've found that especially over the summer months, my face has been awful and I've been getting breakouts, oilyness etc which I have never had a problem with before. But after using this cleaner for just a few days, wow - what a difference! You only need a...
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  61. Anonymous

    The best thing about this cleanser is the texture: it actually thickens to something like a shaving foam but with the grab of clay, so it doesn't run everywhere and really pulls the dirt out of the skin. It will take off your foundation, your sunscreen and clean your skin really, really well. I confess I enjoy the smell, too-it is quite strong but isn't soapy, rather it is 'clean' smelling. As adv...
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  62. Anonymous

    This is a lovely cleanser. I was reluctant at first because I've tried to move away from foaming cleansers - but this one goes on almost like a cream. It's lovely to use - feels very luxurious as you work it in. I use Dermalogica Pre Cleanse to remove makeup so I can't comment on the makeup removing benefits - but my skin felt really clean afterwards with no tightness. I've been using this at ...
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