Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser - Combination/Oily

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Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser - Combination/Oily by Clarins


For an ultra-fresh, "soap-and-water" clean. Formulated with key natural ingredients, this soft, light foaming cleanser is as gentle as a milk and more effective than a soap. Make-up impurities are swept away leaving skin‘s natural pH and moisture content perfectly balanced. Skin looks and feels fresh, brighter and more radiant.

Beauty Benefits :
- Thoroughly removes excess oil secretions, surface impurities and make-up.
- Cleanses and purifies, respects skin‘s natural balance.
- Refines surface skin texture and tightens pores.
- Softens and neutralises the drying effects of hard water.
- Leaves skin fresh, soft and radiant.
- Ideal for combination and oily skin types.

DISCLAIMER: This product contains a derivative of aspirin, and should be avoided by people with aspirin allergies. Read this article for more information    


Katafray Bark Extract- prevents moisture loss. Tamarind Fruit Acid- helps eliminate dry skin cells that block pores. Shea Butter- protects, nourishes and regenerates skin. Gypsophila Extract- produces a fine, lightweight and gentle foam. Cottonseed to leave skin soft and smooth. Bio-Ecolia, extracted from natural sugars, helps to preserve the skin's natural moisture balance


Use morning and evening. Lightly lather small amount in damp hands rinsing with cool water in the morning and warm water in the evening. Apply over damp face and neck in circular motions. Avoid the eye contour area. Follow with the prescribed Clarins Toning Lotion.

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Reviews (6)
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Very good cleanser - 23-06-2014 by

This is such a good cleanser. A little goes a very long way so you only need a small pea size amount.

Your skin feels so clean and soft after using it. Some may say it may be a little pricey, but if you consider how much you have to use and how long it will last if you don't overuse, it's actually a very good price for a very good product.

Glad I made the change - 12-06-2014 by

I use to use Clarins Cleansing Milk and when it came to toning, I noticed that a lot of dirt was still present on my skin.

When I received a gift that contained this product, I was amazed of how well it cleaned my skin. As other members has raised, you do only need a small amount; making definitely good value.

You will notice straight away, once you tone, how well this cleanser works, as there is scarce residue of any form of dirt left on your skin.

I love Clarins products; have been using them for several years, and although I was disappointed with the Cleansing Milk, I am very happy in making the change to this product. My skin is visibly cleaner, continues to the feel soft the following day, and I don't have to use a great mass of product to clean my face.

Great product for oily skin - 03-06-2014 by

I am so happy that I found this cleanser. My skin feels very clean, and it does not feel dry. I only need a little pea size amount for both my face and neck.

- 19-01-2011 by

Great product, does what it says it does. I have really oily skin and it really does get rid of the oily feeling and I love how it foams. The only thing is that after I use it it feels really drying and tight even on my oily skin.

- 26-05-2009 by

This is a very basic cleanser that cleans the skin but did not leave my skin dry at all. The product itself is a cream almost that upon application starts to foam. What I really like about this product is that a little goes a long way! This bottle will last ages! It has exfoliating particles however because you only need a tiny amount of product to wash your face, you only get some exfoliating particles maybe once every 3 uses. So it's definitely not for exfoliating in my opinion. This product is heavenly scented and although not offensive (it just smells like soap) it is quite strong so if you are sensitive to fragrance I wouldn't recommend this at all. It's an ok cleanser but nothing special in my opinion.

- 13-04-2009 by

Lovely product that cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling squeaky clean yet soft and hydrated. A littl bit going a long way. I only need a pea size and it foams up heaps. A bit strongly fragranced for my liking otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. Removes makeup although I always use a precleanse product. I would love to try the norm/combo as I like the sound of the cottonseed extract.

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