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A simple flower can tell a thousand stories. With award-winning quality, Carrière Frères have perfected the art of capturing a single floral note and transforming it into a candle of utmost excellence.

What could be better than a bouquet of your favourite flowers every day, if not a beautiful Carrière Frères candle?. A Carrière Frères bears not only the scent of the finest, most perfectly balanced fresh flowers, but also a provenance that hails back to 1884 in Paris. With the same lineage of candle making as Cire Trudon, Carrière Frères is a statement about enjoying your favourite things that life has to offer.


Which are the most popular Carrière Frères floral candles?


  • Lavender Candle
    The harvest of lavender comes but once a year, but with the Carrière Frères Lavender Candle, harvest season is enduring. When lavender buds are closed, it is a little too early to pick - when the buds are showing their true blue-violet petals, it is the ideal moment to capture the scent of lavender. 
  • Damask Rose Candle
    One of the world’s most ancient and precious roses. The Damask Rose originates in Syria, where its elegance and sweet scent have been highly prized for centuries. Carrière Frères Damask Rose Candle pays homage to rose that lends its elegance to skincare, perfumery and even dessert. Distilled to either rose otto for fine fragrance, or to rose water for skincare and food, Damask Rose is the ultimate pedigree of rose.
  • Rose & Spearmint Candle
    A limited edition candle created with the spirit of Valentine’s Day in mind, Carrière Frères La Rose Aime La Menthe Candle combines the clarity of spearmint with the elegance of damask rose. The result? An astonishingly clean, green rose that feels modern.
  • Gardenia Candle
    One of the most elegant and delicate white flowers, the gardenia is sensual without being overbearing. Carrière Frères Gardenia Candle captures this tropical flower, bringing forth its sweet spiciness into a home fragrance that is distinctive and uplifting.

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Carrière Frères Damask Rose Candle 185gCarrière Frères Damask Rose Candle 185g
Carrière Frères
Carrière Frères Damask Rose Candle 185g

Smells amazing

Gorgeous rose smell that fills my house when lit. Very relaxing smell. Not fond of the jar
Carrière Frères Lavender Candle 185gCarrière Frères Lavender Candle 185g
Carrière Frères
Carrière Frères Lavender Candle 185g


A nice lavender scent, very refreshing and calming.
Carrière Frères Tiare Gardenia Candle 185gCarrière Frères Tiare Gardenia Candle 185g
Carrière Frères
Carrière Frères Tiare Gardenia Candle 185g


A very natural and interesting scent, it instantly helps to soothe my nerves.