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Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme 17g

4.6 of 124 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.74


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While lemon oil softens your cuticles and strengthens your nails, vitamin E helps heal, sweet almond oil moisturizes, and beeswax seals in moisture.
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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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4.6 of 124 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Very nourishing to my nails- I really really liked this

Most Helpful Criticism

Oily balm


This is a really oily balm which gets on everything! It is so very nourishing and moisturising but I cannot use this during the day or whilst writing or typing.
  1. nourishing


    Very nourishing to my nails- I really really liked this
  2. Nourishing


    Such a nice cuticle creme. Makes my nails feel soft and nourished. The pot lasts for ages and is a great size for travel.
  3. Love it


    Excellent cuticle cream if you get dry and chapped skin. It's very hydrating and also smells wonderful.
  4. Then best solution for dry cuticles


    This is the best to apply after getting your nails done, to keep them looking nice and in good shape.

    The scent is light and fresh and the tub lasts a long time.
  5. Smell is amazinggg


    This has a fresh lemon scent and is a beautiful balm to apply before bed. The metal tin can be a bit temperamental but it keeps the balm sealed fresh inside! Just don’t leave it in your car! It will melt the lid shut.

    One of the best cuticle products for dry cuticles and it also nourishes the nails
  6. Hydration nation!


    Love this cuticle cream! I have the driest, most cracked hands and this product has vastly improved that! Highly recommend it.
  7. Fantastic


    I always have really dry hands from using hand sanitiser so much at work. This really helps keep my cuticles from becoming too dry and brittle. Love the packaging too.
  8. Perf


    Does a great job cannot fault it the best for the cuticles
  9. Lasts for so long


    My goodness I just love how I got immediate results within a few hours. It is so good and the price is just worth it. I got mine when it was on 40% off so I'm really happy with the purchase !
  10. Great product


    It really does reduce the dryness around the cuticles, a little goes a very long way. It is effective within a few minutes. Its not something that I use every day but it is an essential that is vital in the house when you have one of them bad dry cuticle days! recommended.
  11. I love it


    works well love it, I tried this at a friends house for a while, and it seemed to do a good job.
  12. Obsessed


    Totally obsessed with this, I love hand creams but this is so much easier to use
  13. Instant results!


    My cuticles are very dry so I've tried almost every product available. This one is amazing - hydrates and softens instantly and with continued use, nails are stronger and shiny. TIP: Use on hair ends between washing.
  14. Good


    This has improved the look of my cuticles over time and is affordable
  15. It works

    Beauty addict

    Got this as a gift. It really does reduce the dry skin around nails. But I wouldn’t buy this myself as I don’t think my cuticles are bad enough to worry about applying a cream to them.
  16. Great for healthy cuticles


    Use this every night for a week, and you will notice a difference. my cuticles were rough and so very dry, but after a week of nightly use they looked and felt so much better.
  17. Beautiful scent and texture


    This product is absolutely lovely. The scent is delicious and the texture is so nice to use on your nails. My cuticles look amazing after I use this product and the price point is awesome. I highly recommend.
  18. Works


    This stuff really works, but it is a bit greasy. Really hydrates and makes cuticles look great
  19. great


    i love this! it makes my fingernails feel so luxuriously cared for, hides unflattering cuticle flaws and smells lovely!
  20. nourishing!


    from the moment i used this cream the skin around my nails felt instantly hydrated. excited to see results after long time use! and all natural! amazing
  21. Great product, great size


    I love that I can just throw this in my handbag and use this whenever I need, it’s super convenient. It is super nourishing and I felt like my cuticles were super hydrating instantly. Will definitely be purchasing more of these!
  22. Wonderful!


    I use this of a night before going to sleep and in the morning I notice a massive difference in my cuticles. The scent is lovely too!
  23. The best nail product


    I love this product. It's incredibly moisturising and I also find it has the best side affect - I believe it strengthens my nails and causes them to grow quicker. This is a bit of a miracle as I have bitten my nails my whole life, so they are thin and brittle. I always notice a difference when I use this product regularly. Also, a little goes a long way which is great. A few reviewers have said it...
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  24. Beautiful product


    This has really helped my cuticles. They weren’t in really bad shape to start with but this has definitely improved them
  25. it works


    A little messy to use but it does really help with my dry cuticles and as a heel balm!
  26. Really Good Product & Smells Lovely


    This product smells great, it helped with my cuticles , not as much as I had hoped, but it is still very good. I like that it is made from natural ingredients. It's reasonably priced and comes in a nice tin.
  27. Lovely cuticle cream!


    Burt’s bees products are really amazing value for money! I love thisbcuticle cream as the texture is nice and gritty, it smells divine and it truly feels like it leaves your cuticles lovely and moisturised!
  28. The best product for dry or chapped cuticles


    This is the best product for dry or chapped cuticles.
    Lovely fresh scent, the tin lasts for a long time.

    I keep a tin on desk and apply every other day. I also like to use it on any chapped or dry skin on my hands or elbows.
  29. Delicious smell


    I love this so much. It's so nice to put on before bed and to wake up with amazing cuticles. I also find the scent utterly delicious. It's a sweet lemon butter smell (almost like a citrus tart). The balm formula is also a nice change from traditional cuticle oils.
  30. Night-time treatment


    I suffer from really dry cuticles all the time!! I am constantly trying to trim, hydrate and tidy them up. I've been using the Bert's Bees cuticle crème at night for the past 2-3 weeks, I only use it at night as it is quite thick and oily. Also if you have fake nails it leaves a bit of residue and dulls the shine. It seems to be working well so far but I also moisturise my hands fairly regularly, ...
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  31. love this!


    Creme works really well and the lemon scent is beautiful! i find it absorbs well.
  32. It’s okay


    Smells lovely, nice and lemony. Does it work? It hydrates a bit but it’s no miracle cuticle saver. It’s super handy to have in your bag and when you’ve got the time it’s nice to put on. It’s not super oily either I find it absorbs nicely.
  33. So nice


    Lovely to carry in your handbag and is super hydrating and smells amazing
  34. Addicting!


    I describe the smell of this product like "lemon cakes".
    It's divine. I recommend using this product at night or not while you're handling paper as it does take a little while to absorb into the skin depending on how much you use. I'd say about 15 minutes until it's really settled. I like to work this into my cuticles thoroughly and then rub any excess onto my fingers. Makes your hands smell...
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  35. Saviour


    I have really dry hands and this saves my cuticles from grossness
  36. Nice


    A little on the oilier side but it really is great for my cuticles and smells nice too!
  37. Works great on dry skin


    Perfect cuticle balm if you have dry and cracking skin. Works great for me! I love the lemony scent and buttery feel
  38. Love it


    I love the smell and texture of this product. It's a super hydrating balm for cuticles. The scent lingers after you use it. So nice.
  39. best


    I love to use this before bed. I always take this with me when I’m travelling!
  40. soothing


    not normally a fan of burts bees as most of the products break me out in a rash but the creme is super soothing on dry skin
  41. Fabulous


    Smells amazing. Feels great and helped me a lot! Been using it for years and years.
  42. great but having hygiene problem


    It was my first lip balm, very big size, and it lasted for one year, even I used it everyday. I love this coz it softened my lips and hydrated them for a whole day. However, hygiene problem became a big problem, I had to use it with my finger tips. After a while, the balm become dirty on the surface.
  43. incredible


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards I love to use this before bed.
  44. Great


    Works amazingly. It keeps my nail moisture and soft. Definitely recommend.
  45. Awesome


    this smells amazing, I apply a little to each cuticle twice a day and it has dramatically fixed my flakey skin
  46. Effective


    I bought this as part of a hands and feet set and loved it. Smells wonderful but not overpowering. Have to massage it between fingers to warm it up as it’s quite thick.
  47. Beautiful


    Ooo this is great! Smells so yummy. My nails and cuticles look lovely and soft. Love this and have been using it for a long time
  48. Lovely


    Adore this scent - so lemony and citrusy! The cream is very very moisturising and great to nourish dry cuticles
  49. Smells so amazing


    I keep this in the car, and massage it into my cuticles regularly. I like it because I can hydrate my (super dry) cuticles without having to take off my rings and get my whole hands all greasy with cream! It also smells so, so, so good.
  50. good to hydrate cuticles


    I leave this in my bag at work and use it probably twice a day. It's great for dry hands especially working in air conditioning all day and it doesn't leave my hands feeling slippery so I can quickly apply it then go back to my normal activities and not worry about slippery fingers everywhere!
    It makes my fingers and cuticles feel very soft and not look as dry.
  51. Great!


    This cuticle creme is great at strengthening my nails! It is oily however it's super effective and I use it all the time!
  52. Great


    I love this stuff! It smells amazing and it keeps my cuticles from being dry and skin peeling back. Plus the tin is so cute.
  53. Great for nail biters


    I am a pathological nail biter and this makes my skin feel so soft. It helps to heal my fingertips and stop me from biting!
  54. smells beautiful


    i usually have very dry finger tips but after using this my fingers have improved a lot. it provides good hydration and smells very nice too
  55. Affordable and effective


    I am a potter so my nails and hands are constantly dry and sore but this is so effective in hydrating and soothing my cuticles
  56. Good stuff


    I have extremenly dry cuticles, but this has made a huge difference, but I find it to be very oily. To avoid getting oil everywhere, I apply it jusst before I go to bed, and wake in the morning to gorgeous hydrated cuticles!
  57. Does what it says


    Softens cuticles and easy to apply, only qualm i have is with the container - i've had mine forever and i find that the product can get stuck in the seal and make it hard to open. Love that a little goes a long way and i've only hit pan after a min of 5 yrs!
  58. Love it!


    Great cuticle balm! This smells so good and worn really well for me. Love that it's in a tin so I can keep it in my bag. It's also really affordable and lasts for ages. Would definitely recommend!
  59. Nourishing (and delicious scent!)


    The product is simple to use and there are visible results. Cuticles and nails definitely benefit after using the cuticle balm.

    The tin can be a bit finicky to open, I often need to use my nails to pull the lid off the base.

    If you like a sweet lemon scent this will make your mouth water! The smell is divine!
  60. Cute and effective


    I’ve had a few tins of this over the years. It looks cute on my bedside. Best at night because it stays greasy for a while. Definitely improves both nails (they look shiny) and skin. Lasts ages.
  61. Great product!!


    Easy to use balm that's really hydrating on the cuticles and smells great!
  62. great product


    I love using this before bed! My cuticles get very dry so I love using this regularly. Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday! I would recommend this to anyone!
  63. healed my cuticles


    I use this every night before bed and it's a life saver!! I suffer from very dry hands and i find this product helps keep my hands and cuticles both nourished and hydrated! Would recommend to anyone!
  64. Very moisturising


    great for dry cracked fingers! i keep it with me everywhere i go!
  65. Use in the PM every night

    Tea Sommelier

    I like to apply Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme from Burt's Bees after hand cream, before going to be bed every night. It sinks in pretty quickly and I love the scent. Honestly, if you are a little lazy and have a habit of applying lip balm or hand cream before going to bed, adding this to your PM habit is quite easy. So even when you leave your nails bare, they look very presentable. The fact that thi...
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  66. Oily balm


    This is a really oily balm which gets on everything! It is so very nourishing and moisturising but I cannot use this during the day or whilst writing or typing.
  67. My fav cuticle cream


    Does what it's meant to do! Give it a try.
  68. Winner


    The tin for this is adorable and the lemon scent is so refreshing. The cream is rich but absorbs quickly, i can see how it would have great results with consistent use
  69. Nourishing


    The smell of this sells me alone! It smells like lemon curd, and doesn't have a fake smell to it at all. I get horrible dry, flakey and peeling cuticles, and this is really nourishing and prevents all the horrible things that hate I about my cuticles from happening! My only con would be, that I wish it was in a better, more convenient container
  70. New favourite!


    I absolutely love this cuticle cream. The lemon scent is perfect, not too overpowering & it soaks right away into my nail bed without leaving any oily residue on my fingers for ages. The price point is great too in comparison to similar products and the size you get in comparison. Love the tin!
  71. Love the smell!


    Love the texture of this cuticle cream. Love using this on my cuticles regularly. I usually put them on before bed to hydrate my cuticles for the next day. The smell is amazing. Could be a bit overpowering for some people, but I find it quite soothing.


    My cuticle skin looks very healthy and it gets all healed.
  73. Citrus bliss


    This product is so lovely, it does what it says and keeps your nails/fingers feeling hydrated. The smell is soooo nice as well.
  74. Love and hate


    I’m in doubt about this product. I love the smell and is really practical to carry around but I didn’t feel much effect as expected. I love this brand but this product in particular not so much
  75. I Like It


    It's a good cuticle cream and does what it says. It has a beautiful and fresh fruity citrus smell and sometimes I just sit and sniff it. It nourishes the cuticles and is really nice but makes my fingers slippery, which makes the tin hard to open up again if I want to apply more. I think if it had a twist cap instead of a push/pull metal cap I would appreciate it a lot more!
  76. Great results!


    This cuticle creme is actually very effective. I had dry hands and very neglected nails. This product transforms your hands - leaving nail beds nourished and able to be pushed back with ease. Recommended highly!!
  77. Beautiful smelling nice and natural product


    I love the smell of lemon and this product is a nicely packaged treat that does what it's meant to. It's a nice one to have on your desk at work as cuticles are often neglected and this packaging is nice and portable. Lasts for ages!
  78. LOVE!


    A super nice cream that keeps my nails healthy and shiny! Nice smell too
  79. Lovely cuticle balm


    I really love this cuticle balm. It has a lovely lemon scent and it really does help to nourish my cuticles and help to repair them. Would definitely recommend
  80. Best


    I love this product, can see an instant difference to nails, they look instantly shiny and healthy and continuous use leaves your nails looking so hydrated and healthy. I'd definitely recommend. Has a great lemon smell as well.
  81. Incredible and actually helps!


    Pros: (basically everything)
    - THE SMELL IS DIVINE (I even tried licking it once out of curiosity but spoiler alert it doesn't taste how it smells :'( )
    - This stuff moisturises your cuticles so well and I even kept track of my nail growth/health for a few months and using it every 1-2 days really strengthened my nails and my cuticles peeled a lot less
    - It absorbs quite quickly...
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  82. Cures dryness


    Hydrating balm that smells good but leaves greasy residue
  83. A little tin of luxe


    I am constantly washing my hands (#mumlife) so my skin is rough and dry, and my nails are becoming fragile. This cream has a lovely fresh scent and feels luxurious to apply. It left my cuticles and nails feeling nourished and hyrdated and looking shiny and healthy. Packaging is cute and very portable. I would definitely repurchase!
  84. smells beautiful!


    as much as I love organic, natural, yummy smelling creams, I cannot use this one, as you are unable to you your hands for a looonnnggg time afterwards as they are was too greasy to be of any use. maybe only before bed?
  85. Effective cuticle treatment


    I have very dry skin and a wide nail bed that causes dry and flaky cuticles. If i remember to use this product regular then i find a big improvement on the look of my cuticles. A pretty little tin and a sweet smelling product.
  86. smells so nice


    I love anything lemon and this smells so good, applies so easily and is calming to apply on the cuticles.
  87. Really helps


    I take this everywhere with me, it has fixed mu cuticles which used to be so dry and cracked. It also smells amazing and the product lasts a very long time!
  88. Holy grail cuticle cream


    The Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme is my holy grail cuticle product! Haven't found anything that has impressed me more than this product. The cuticle "creme" is more like a balm with a refreshing lemon scent. The product is housed in an easy to use tub which can easily be taken with you in your handbag. The cuticle creme left my cuticles instantly soft and moisturised- and the effects were...
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  89. Melts like Butter


    This product is one of the best in the market. I've tried similar product from Lush and this one definitely worth the money. It melts away into your cuticles quickly and smells wonderful.
  90. Holy grail cuticle balm


    Best cuticle balm ever! It smells like lemon pie and works wonders for my dry and cracked cuticles. I have been using this since I was a kid and I still love it. Can also use it on your lips if you don't have any lip balm handy.
  91. Lovely product.


    Got this today and immediately rubbed it into my nails. Such a gorgeous consistency, colour, scent. It looks like you can eat it, and it has softened my skin already. Only notes (not really cons) are that it's probably best to use it at night because it takes a little while to sink in, and the tin may be hard to open for older/less dexterous hands.
  92. Great product!


    This product helps keep my cuticles soft and supple and has such a nice fresh scent! I am constantly washing my hands at work and this product helps to protect and repair from this damage. The packaging is the perfect size for your purse too!
  93. Love the lemon scent


    Super buttery and nourishing cuticle cream. You only need a tiny amount each time. I love the lemon scent
  94. Lovely scent


    I paint my nails a lot and my cuticles tend to be dry. This product has a lovely scent and is lightly moisturizing
  95. Overwhelming scent


    This product definitely softens your cuticles and is great for doing at home manicures however the scent is very overpowering and lingers, not the most pleasant!
  96. Moisturising and smells good!


    Feels really smooth on the cuticles, smells goods and keeps it from peeling!
  97. nice!


    Such a lovely cream that keeps cuticles nice and healthy
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