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Benefit They're Real! Beyond Belief Push Up Liner 1.4g

3.4 of 35 reviews


4 instalments of $9.75


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4 instalments of $9.75


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Colour your world! Benefit They're Real! Beyond Belief Push-Up Liner is the world's first lash-hugging gel liner in a super handy pen... now available in four new gorgeous shades. Get eyes beyond belief.

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3.4 of 35 reviews

12% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Long lasting


When looking for an eyeliner, I am more interested in long lasting products and prefer them to be smudge proof and waterproof.

After 12 years of trying every eyeliner out there...This one and the liquid water proof eyeliner from MAC would be my top.

It may not be easy to use at first as this product has a rubber angle tip to apply but once you get the hang of it, it glides on easy. Takes me literally 2 seconds to make a wing or cat eye. Also make sure not to leave the cap off as it will dry out and harden.

Everyone has give poor reviews however when you travel, walk in the rain, go swimming, or tan out in the hot sun... this eyeliner will stay on ..

Most Helpful Criticism

Difficult to apply


I’m terrible at eyeliner so I bought this thinking it would be really helpful. This wasn’t the case. The rubber tip is too soft and the product is too hard. The product didn’t go where you wanted.
  1. Won't recommend


    I have a lot of eyeliners so I don't use the same one everyday. I used it once and it was not bad, stayed on for most of the day but by the time I wanted to use it the second time It had dried in the packaging. Won't recommend.
  2. it really stays on


    OKay, super matte, super black, and super long lasting ! It works an absolute treat when you first use it, but i found after a couple of months it dried out. So would recommend using it regularly so product doesn't go to waste.
  3. Difficult to apply


    I’m terrible at eyeliner so I bought this thinking it would be really helpful. This wasn’t the case. The rubber tip is too soft and the product is too hard. The product didn’t go where you wanted.
  4. Hard to apply


    I struggled with the application, I’d either not have enough or too much then the rubber tip was difficult to get a good line. Not a Winner for me.
  5. Difficult to use


    I found this difficult to use. It worked well when I tested on my hand, but it was hard to use on my eyes as you have to apply a bit of pressure which I didn't like.
    I also found that it was a bit clumpy and didn't give a neat line.
    Wouldn't buy it again.
  6. Long lasting


    When looking for an eyeliner, I am more interested in long lasting products and prefer them to be smudge proof and waterproof.

    After 12 years of trying every eyeliner out there...This one and the liquid water proof eyeliner from MAC would be my top.

    It may not be easy to use at first as this product has a rubber angle tip to apply but once you get the hang of it, it gli...
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  7. Bad


    Waxy like a crayon, very pigmented, but that's if you can get it to stay on your lid. The ink pills off very easily into bits. I tried very hard to make this work out for me but it just wouldn't. Too bad, because the design makes sense with the winged 'accuflex' tip -- it was one of the first eyeliners to have this design. Just need a new formulation, please.
  8. Terrible, hard to get out and dries out very quickly


    verified purchaser
    Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed in this product. I had high hopes since I love their matching mascara, however (and I bought it a few times just in case I was doing something wrong or I had gotten a dud-pen) it takes forever to come out to the tip, even after standing there turning the bottom over and over, allowing it to rest, warming it up, I've litterally tried everything. Each time ...
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  9. Horrible


    I bought this eyeliner as I thought the matching mascara was great. Unfortunately the eyeliner was horrible and I couldn't get it to work AT ALL.
    The product was stiff and waxy and was hard to draw onto my eye line with, and at one point there was some greasy texture to it that made me think the pencil was sweating or separating. At that point I threw it out and I am so glad I did.
  10. Messy and awkward


    Not sure about this one, its hard to get the product out and doesn’t apply easily
  11. Difficult


    Hard to use, product doesn’t slide or come out properly
  12. Difficult


    Try the mini because the full size dries out! I find this product too hard to use
  13. Terrible eyeliner


    When I first tried it new, it was ok. Was a bit hard to control the product amount but it was very black. But it dries up SO FAST. Absolutely ridiculous, ended up twisting and discarding so much unusable dry black goop, making it a total waste of money.
  14. Difficult to work with


    As many other reviewers have pointed out this product is not the most user friendly. In my experience I find it to work perfectly well sometimes but other times it just doesn't want to cooperate. A shame as a find that when it does work well it makes a great eyeliner. I would stick to regular ones without any gimmicks.
  15. Okay


    Easy to put on says on all day, I travel and my eyeliner looks great when I arrive. I use both black and blue . Ladies even if you do not have a steady hand you too can have the cat ey
  16. Terrible


    I bought this on the spur of the moment back when it first came out. I usually like gel liners, as they hold well on my lids, which can get slightly oily, and this looked innovative and a bit of fun... But I really should have waited for the reviews and saved my pennies!
    As others have mentioned, this is tricky to use - even if you read all the Benefit material on it and even after lots of p...
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  17. ehh


    for me this product is difficult to use as i have hooded eyes and am a fuller figure faced gal. the consistency is just thick and not very fluid for what i wanted from a pen liner.
  18. Bit of a learning curve


    I like this liner alot, it is a new way of lining eyes and it does take a little time to become an expert at it, but once you do you will love the precision and extreme black colour. It stays on all day, even stays in place in your water line, all day. I will continue to buy this liner
  19. 1 star less than real rating as benefit is not cruelty free :( SOOO essentially 0 if i could


    Idea is there, execution is not good at all. A terrible product in ergonomics AND formula. Useless in applying liner, not precise at all. Just no.
  20. Nightmare to use!


    If you can actually get this to go on, it definitely stays! The liner itself is fine, but the application is impossible. I had to throw it away - such a waste.
  21. So hard to use, even for a makeup artist!


    This is a gel liner in a pen formula, the product comes out so slow so I usually end up with a clump of gel on the tip, which then gets wasted. It is so hard to get a precise line with this and you have to keep going over it to get pigmentation. The product doesn't glide across the eye as it should.
  22. Better liners are available


    Got this in a gift set from Benefit. Not a great product - there are far better liners on the market. I found this really hard to use, the product didn't go on my lid smoothly. It actually pulled on my eye which left a streaky line and hard to define a wing. Glad I didn't buy the full size as would've been a waste of money.
  23. i don't get it


    i bought this when it first came out because i loved the idea that it was super easy to use, designed to be fast and accurate and very pigmented. one of the three turned out to be true - it was super pigmented, for sure.
    i watched a million tutorials but could never really work out quite how i was supposed to use it? it was much more complicated, and much less precise, than most felt tip li...
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  24. Very Awkward to use


    The applicator is very awkward to use and it is difficult to push out just a small amount of product. The liner also dried up very quickly and started tugging at lashline after a few weeks of use

  25. Great, just not on me


    Purchased this as I absolutely love how pigmented the black is, and how easy it is to apply. My eyes are almond and slightly hooded, so I found that within the first hour of applying the liner transferred across my lid which isn't great.
  26. Doesn't achieve a good cat eye


    I've been using liquid eyeliner to achieve a cat eye since I was a teenager but thought i would give this a go. I was able to get a nice line on my lid but failed to achieve a nice clean flick at the end. Found the consistency dry at times too. . I'll stick to liquid or gel from now on.
  27. On fleek


    Happened to be wearing this eyeliner (with the cattiest, fleekiest, feline flick I've ever done) on what was a horrible day, I got poured on by Melbourne's lovely rain, splashed by a car passing by and to add to the wetness i felt the tears coming from feeling like frostbite might hit any moment but literally not even a smudge, it confirms the waterproof status for me.

  28. Not too bad..


    I've had difficulty with liquid liners in the past and I decided to give this one a go based on the whole 'easy to apply' promotion that was being circulated.

    The tube is thick and easy to hold like a pen, which I thought was brilliant. I find it difficult to hold onto the handle of those little tub liners you can get and seem quite common. Creating solid and straight lines with this ...
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  29. Great solid black liner


    I love the thickness and deep true black colour of this liner. It stays put all day too, which is a big plus in my book. I wear a winged cateye, and the applicator pen for this makes the flicked out tip very easy to do. It is however, slightly tricker to use than other pen style liners. The wedge-shaped tip is a little odd, and as the other reviewer said - it does dry quickly.
    The upside to...
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  30. Fantastic product


    Love this gel liner, allows for precise application and no wastage.
  31. Great product


    I've had issues with liquid liners in the past, some are too sharp, the little pots and brushes are way to fiddly and a lot smudge after a few hours. Not this one! I was curious about the effectiveness of the rubber applicator but it's so easy to apply and it stays put. A sign of a good product is using until it's all gone....this one will be used until it's finished.
  32. good to experiment


    For someone who loves her eyeliner I was a bit disappointed as I found it a bit clumpy coming out, once I have used it and it rests it seems more seeps out, and I have to wipe it off in the morning before using. For staying power it is great, it's good for a night out.
  33. Mehhh


    When it comes to lining my eyelids, this product is perfect. However, I found it difficult to do the cat eye with this product. It is lash-hugging and the consistency is good, but I always get stuck doing the flick with this one. I just found the slanted tip difficult to control when it comes to connecting the tip to the lash line. Still trying to perfect my cat eye with this one but I have yet to...
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  34. For a short time only...

    Rebecca Sanewski

    Starting off, I loved the packaging. I didn't love the tip of the pen though. I feel like it made it that much harder for me to put on and I usually don't have many problems. Even though it felt great to hold and look at it probably wasn't practical. Next up, when it's on (contrary to popular belief) I couldn't get a cat eye. But anyway, the formula was great to go on, but after a few hours it sta...
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  35. Watch the training video


    I agree with the reviews so far on this product. It does dry quick and the pen design is not so ergonomically friendly. However, it terms of application, I'd suggest to all who want to try to watch the Benefit training video of "how to apply" before deciding whether to purchase or not. The video helped me immensely in term of using the pen properly.
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