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Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer 8g

4.6 of 258 reviews


4 instalments of $13.00


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4 instalments of $13.00


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Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

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4.6 of 258 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Benefit don’t only do incredible brow products
Not only do benefit do great brows, this bronzer is incredible. I get a beautiful rich colour with a minimal amount of product and a really nice shimmer. I use this to contour and as an everyday eyeshadow. Love.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice colour
Was definitely a nice colour however it did not last very long on my face whenever I would go out!
  1. Helpful brush

    I do like this product but I feel it’s maybe a bit dark. I am actually olive-skinner and quite tan and only need the slightest dusting when I use the applicator brush. I like that it’s square cut though because it makes it easier to contour on an angle.
  2. A good buildable bronzer

    I enjoy using this bronzer and I find that the colour is really nice on my skin tone. The product is very smooth and it is also quite pigmented. Upon application, I found the product to be very easy to blend and also build up the colour. I often alternate using this as a bronzer as well as a light contour on days I prefer a more natural look. It holds up well on my combo skin and does not fade throughout the day which is great.
  3. This use to be my absolute ride of die but I've moved on to bigger and better things

    I use to absolutely live for this product! I use to tell all my friends about it, however, I've found that it has become a little outdated and there are now better things on the market in my opinion. Can become a little muddy for me now. Maybe it would be worth me trying the Hula in light!

    Still a great product.
  4. Benefit don’t only do incredible brow products

    Not only do benefit do great brows, this bronzer is incredible. I get a beautiful rich colour with a minimal amount of product and a really nice shimmer. I use this to contour and as an everyday eyeshadow. Love.
  5. I like it!

    I'm a rookie when it comes to bronzing and contouring but it seems to match my fairly tan skin. Also love that it comes with the perfectly squared brush. Personally might need a little more practice with it though.
  6. Natural Bronze

    I am a big natural makeup lover and this product does exactly that! I hate streaky orange bronzers that end up looking like contouring powder, but the Hoola is a easy non harsh bronzer! I love it
  7. favourite product

    this bronzer has been my go to for so many years, i have rather pale skin but this shade works really well, its easy to blend out and lasts for a very long time, only had to re purchase once a year if that
  8. Beautiful Bronzer, terrible packaging

    I've owned this bronzer for years now, the value you get out of this packaging is amazing, the only downside is the actual packaging design is terrible. The cardboard slips on the sides often don't align which makes it very tricky to put away in a hurry, and the packaging holds onto dirt and makeup stains very easily. Beautiful bronzer, just would love to see this in a plastic pan.
  9. Perfect for on the go

    Love this bronzer and this is such a great size to pop into your clutch or handbag.
  10. Good

    this is such a cute little bronzer. I also love using this as an eyeshadow. I love it so much
  11. Nice colour

    I really like the colour of this & use it for my contour. Lasts all day & blends really well. I love that it doesn’t have an orangey undertone
  12. Favorite Bronzer

    Absolutely love this bronzer!
    Blends really well and it's the perfect colour for many skin tones!
  13. Holy grail of bronzer.

    I love love love a matte bronze and this is exactly that but better. It’s like a summer vacation swept over your face.
  14. Good everyday bronzer

    I received a free sample of this bronzer and a little goes a long way. Good pigmentation and easy to apply. Not shimmery so good for the day time wear.
  15. Awesome

    looks dark but once blended out suited my pale skin quite nicely
  16. Nearly perfect.

    Exceptional bronzer in terms of formula! Blendable, smooth and looks amazing ontop of foundation. Doesn't look muggy or patchy which is amazing! I find on my skin it has a VERY SLIGHT warm tone the only problem is how light this bronzer is, i rarely wear it alone (usually add different bronzers ontop and use this like a light contour) as its not dark enough for my tan skin, so I'm thrilled theyve released darker shades and I can't wait to try them!
  17. nice bronzer

    really gorgeous natural bronzer. doesn't contain any shimmer so you can wear it on your no makeup days for a little bit of warmth & colour.

    Love this bronzer when I am tanned and want some definition.
    I have fair skin naturally and find it is a bit dark for when I do not have a tan.
    Blends really well and does give a great contour if you build it.
    Certainly a staple.
  19. User of HOOLA for years

    I’ve used this since I was in high school and still love it. Occasionally I wander and find other bronzers I love but this is something I’ll always have in my collection especially for contouring.
  20. Definitely Recommend!

    This was my very first bronzer/contour and it is really good comparing now to other products I've tried. Easy to blend, blends beautifully and suits a lot of skin tones. this is not hyped up for no reason! definitely recommend!!
  21. Fab matte bronzer!

    I've really enjoyed using this bronzer and have repurchased this item twice. It's a lovely non glittery/warm toned contour that blends out like a dream.. Has lasted a long time considering how many times I've reached for it. Downfalls are its price and cheapish packaging.
  22. Nice colour

    Was definitely a nice colour however it did not last very long on my face whenever I would go out!
  23. Go-to bronzer!

    This is my go-to. It's safe. There's nothing spectacular about it and I find that occasionally it can look dirty on the face however when used sparingly it creates a beautiful, natural look!
  24. Great bronzer

    This is a cult product for a reason. It looks amazing on, blends beautifully and has the right undertone. It is not orangey and cakey. I love this on my medium skin tone, it adds life back to my face after foundation. I sometimes even use it in my crease as a transition shade.
  25. great

    my go to! love this! beautiful colour & blends well. can be a little dark in winter if you're light but a light hand and a LITTLE amount on ur brush can fix that
  26. Amazing

    Such a good bronzer! I love it so much it makes me look like I’ve been out in the sun and have a nice natural bronze look
  27. Lovely product

    Very easy to apply and leaves the skin actually looking bronzed and not muddy! However, be careful. It is very very pigmented, so use a light hand and start off little by little.
  28. Love

    Hoola is one of my favourite bronzers. Easy to blend, lasts well and generally ticks every box for a bronzer. I have gone through a countless amount of these!
  29. Love it!!!

    I started using it a few years ago, and its been my favourite ever since! Its easy to blend and very buildable for a darker look! I don't use too much as it sometimes makes me look orange when im having a pale day. The lite one is probably better for lighter complexions (what I want to try when mine runs out), would still highly recommend!!
  30. Only need a little bit

    I love this. A little goes a long way. I will buy again, won’t be for a while as it’s going to last me a long time.
    I also love the packaging.
  31. love this matte bronzer

    a little goes a long way with this product i have medium toned skin and it is the perfect shade for me to achieve natural contoured skin that isn't muddy packaging is also super cute
  32. My ride or die

    Gives you a beautiful bronze summery look and blends easily. Looks nice when I’m tan and pale. A staple in my collection!
  33. Matte Bronzer!

    Great for sculpting/contouring but I would not use this as a bronzer alone. It can go muddy if you apply to much or do not blend properly.

  34. Absolute favourite

    This product is great for a definite matte look. While it does smudge easily and isn't perhaps the longest wearing, it's super easy to apply and has a lovely sheen. Great for those nights out under the lights!
  35. HG status

    Definitely a HG for me - this blends so well and is such a great colour year round. The only downside is that it's fairly pricey and I seem to use this us much faster than other bronzers - but I always repurchase because nothing else compares!
  36. Such a perfect bronzing colour!

    This product is so versatile! I use it to bronze up my face when I'm not tanned but can also get away with using this just as contour when I am tanned. It's super pigmented meaning you only need a tiny bit so it lasts forever. The only downside is the packaging - the cardboard makes it hard to get into the product with some brushes.
  37. A staple

    Gives you a beautiful bronze summery look and blends easily. Looks nice when I’m tan and pale. A staple in my collection!
  38. Nice but...

    Nice product and an OG, the formula is nice although the colour can be a little of depending on skin tone. I feel like I never reach for this product as I have so many more that are alot better.
  39. cute!

    Super easy to use and blend for a perfect bronzed and summery look!
  40. Great bronzer if you think it's worth the price

    Great formula and tone, I have neutral but quite desaturated skin, so a lot of more pigmented products (bronzed, contour, blush etc) look strange on me unless I'm very light handed. This bronzed is so universally flattering that I don't really have to worry about that. That bring said, it had a pretty steep price tag, so if bronzer isn't that important to your makeup routine, or you have a standard skin tone/undertones, you can probably find a product that will suit you just fine at a lower price point.
    If money's not an issue though or you struggle to find products that suit you, this is definitely worth trying.
  41. The best bronzer on the market

    The perfect colour for contouring. Love it so much! Great for pale skin and buildable for darker skin tones. I use every time I do my makeup! Also love as an eyeshadow in the crease
  42. One word - LOVE!

    Corny as this may sound, this is hands down the BEST bronzing powder I have ever used! The texture is super creamy and pigmented and blends in so well. I use it as my bronzer and then also as a contour as the colour builds really well in focused areas. It's also great as a light bronzy-ish tint for my upper eyelids for my every day makeup look. Not a fan of the brush that's included, but this is honestly the smallest negative and this product is a serious 10/10.

    I use this every. single. day! It's such a beautiful colour for my skin, both when I am fair, and have a fake tan on. I little goes a long way, so this lasts FOREVER! Well and truely worth the money.
  44. Great matte bronzer

    This is a great matte bronzer that doesn't have any sparkle to it. Its a great smooth formula that is buildable from light to heavy colour. I am quite pale so find this a great bronzer to use all year around. I also use it on my eyelids to give my face a bit more dimension. The brush it comes with is completely useless so I just throw it out, it lasts ages with everyday use and is really versatile. The packaging seems to stay in good condition despite basically being a cardboard box with a mirror in the lid. Will continue to buy this bronzer.
  45. Love this for bronzing/ contouring

    Not too orange/ deep. Looks great even on mac nc35 skin. Easy to blend and work into the skin, but not a fan of the brush it comes with. The box is also quite annoying and difficult to reach product.
  46. Great

    Great for contouring a bit Matt for a bronzer but for contour cheek bones if works really well. Beautiful soft formula very easily buildable and blends beautifully
  47. Yaaass

    I love this bronzer! Perfect shade and totally buildable, would reccomend
  48. So blendable

    I have extremely fair skin and struggle to find bronzers and contour that aren’t orange but I absolutely love this bronzer! I do find it’s too dark/warm for me to use as a contour shade on my pale skin, but it looks stunning as a bronzer. However when I have fake tan on or use it on my more tanned friends it’s a beautiful contour shade! I also love supporting this line now they have brought out some more inclusive bronzer shades
  49. Great contour

    This is a fantastic bronzer. I use it to contour and it blends easily. One of my faves
  50. Holy Grail

    Hands down, the best bronzer/contour I’ve ever used! Tried so many products and always go back to hoola
  51. So bleandable

    I love this bronzer! Have hit pan on everyone single one I've owned and will always continue to repurchase. I'm olive skinned but get quite fair in winter, and this product is just so buildable and so blendable that I find it suits me whenever. It's very natural and just gives you that "I've been on holiday overseas" vibe. Get it.
  52. Great bronzer for medium skin tone

    This is a must have in every collection if you have light-medium/ medium skin tone. Goes on matte, doesn’t have any sparkle or glitter so it could potentially double up as a contour powder. Smooth application and also buildable on the cheeks depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. The brush is handy but not necessary if you already have a set of makeup brushes. The box packaging makes it standout. Quite pigmented so no need to overload your brush. I would purchase again.
  53. The best powder to mimic a shadow!

    I am now on my second hoola bronzer and i obsess over it everytime i use it! I have a medium complexion with olive/yellow undertones and this is the perfect contouring powder. It provides the most perfect cool toned shadow, blends like a dream, isnt harsh and a little goes a long way. You will get the most sharp yet natural looking contour. Love it!!
  54. Not for everyone

    This looks so orange and muddy on me, there’s no way I can use it. The formula is nice though because it’s matte and blendable. My sister who is much more tanned than me swears by it and uses it everyday. But it’s not for paler, cool skin tones at all.
  55. Favourite contour

    Really love this for contour on my skin, but looks really natural and creates a great shadow.
  56. Great bronzer for pale skin.

    This is a great bronzer, even on fair skin. It’s a cool tone and makes my skin look contoured and bronzed without looking muddy.
  57. Great everyday bronzer

    Great addition to for an everyday wear, It's a great matte bronzer for a subtle look. I have light tone skin and I find a little application goes a long way.
  58. Great Bronzer

    love this product, adds such a nice colour to the cheekbones, is great as a contour and bronzer, easy to use
  59. dismal shade range

    I love the formula however its not very dark and can't use it when i'm tanned
  60. Perfect matte bronzer!

    This bronzer is definitely my favourite. It is the perfect matte bronzer. I have tried plenty of bronzers and nothing compares to this one. Would highly recommend this to all bronzer lovers!
  61. Amazing bronzer!

    This is such a flattering bronzer, I love how it gives me a nice bronzey glow :)
  62. Love this bronzer!

    This was one of the first bronzers I had ever purchased and, since then, I've never looked back! Absolutely cannot recommend this bronzer enough. The formula is fantastic and the colour is perfect for my skin. A bit pricey but lasts a long time.
  63. Best contour

    i love this product. so build-able and easy to blend. i use as a contour, bronzer and even mix a bit with a bit of pressed powder when i have a tan.
  64. contour and bronzer in one

    perfect for medium skin tone, a bronzer and contour in 1
  65. very nice

    Literally every beauty youtuber has mentioned the hoola bronzer and I had always wondered what the hype was about. When I swatched it in store, I thought it didn't look too impressive. But I decided to take a chance and purchased the mini size to try it out. And I must say I understand why it has gotten so much praise. It blends easily on the skin and the shade is perfect, not too warm or too cool. Definitely recommend!
  66. My great matte bronzer

    Love this bronzer! I've given this a 4/5 rather than 5/5 as in some lightings/photos it appears orange on my face! However I like that it isnt too dark for my light-medium golden skin tone. My skin was previously oily and it was great but now that my skin is dry I'll be looking for a new bronzer
  67. Best bronzer for fair skin

    I’ve been using this bronzer for about four years. While it’s relatively expensive, I’ve only had to replace it twice in that time. I have very fair skin and it’s perfect on me.
  68. Nice Matte bronzer

    This is a nice Matte bronzer. However, it’s a little dark/orange for my complexion. Next time I’ll definitely by the light shade.
  69. Hoola

    I absolutely love this bronzer and use it everyday. It frames the face nicely and I even use it as eyeshadow when I'm in a hurry.
  70. Look no further, greatest bronzer out there!

    I adore this Bronzer! I came across it while I lived in America and 3 years later have not looked back. It's so easy to contour and leaves you with the most amazing glow ever! My all time favorite go-to beauty treatment. It always makes me feel a million bucks!
  71. HG of bronzers! Look no further for a matte bronzer!

    I've tried the majority of the high end bronzers and this is by FAR the BEST! No artificial sparkles here, only a natural sun kissed look...even on my pale skin! Try it, It lasts forever and it is the best, most natural colour you will find!!! Everyone always tells me how great my skin looks when I use this with a tinted moisturiser!
  72. one word - PERFECT!!!

    I have been searching for the perfect bronzer / contouring powder for so many years. I finally found this. It is the perfect matte brown and gives the best natural shadow to your face.

    Hoola is not orangey, grey, or taupe like some other products. I love how I can create sculpted face and use it for a sun kissed look too. The brush compliments the product. Excellent for precise application. Considering how little you need, I don't think it's expensive. It will last for quite a while. It is a must have. Worth every penny!
  73. Benefit has done it again!

    This product is amazing! Perfect matte colour for contouring and the small flat edged brush allows for precise shading. Great packaging and ideal size to throw in your bag for touch ups on a night out!
  74. 10/10

    This bronzer is amazing! It's so easy to contour with and the colour pay off is outstanding! It gives you a nice natural glow without leaving you orange. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The only downside is the size i wish it came in a bigger size, and also the price, it is a bit pricey.
  75. Kissed by the sun

    This bronzer is so easy to use and leaves you with a natural, healthy glow. I like to use it with my kabuki brush, but the little brush it comes with is great for travel and to throw in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day. Would definitely recommend this product.
  76. Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder review

    As a bronzer queen, my expectations are quite high when it comes to trying a new bronzer. Hoola was recommended to me as I am a lover of matte bronzers, and I have to say I will never look back! Not only is it a beautiful matte bornzer, but the colour is absolutely gorgeous! It never makes my cheeks look "muddy" or "patchy" and lasts through out the whole day. I've had mine for 3 months now (and use it every day) and I havn't even hit the pan yet. This is my bronzer of choice for myself, and also for all my clients as I find it suits the fairest of fair skins all the way to darker skins. A+ frome me!
  77. Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder review

    When this product first came out my girlfriend and I who practically share a birthday both wanted it. So we bought it for each other. About 6 years later I still have the same one, it still delivers the best colour bronzer I have ever used, and it is still in mint condition. A little goes a long way with this product and I am still just as in love with it as I was when we first met.
  78. Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder review

    I've been using Benefit's Hoola Girl for two years now, and never looked back. It has provided all the bronzing magic I need, and never a reason to be unfaithful. I shall eternally thank the flamboyant and friendly salesgirl who took me under her Benefit wing in late 2006. She showed me, with my light-Irish-Polish-descendent-skin tone, what wonders could be done with the help of Hoola. The brush provided in the box isn't quite satisfactory for a balanced coverage, so I'd recommend investing in a proper bronzer brush to reap the benefits. Ha. However, once you've invested in a good brush and sat down with your Hoola you will find it offers: an even coverage, a beautiful highlighting effect (when applied properly, following the front and back'3'formation: across the brow, down the cheek bones and to the chin), a golden glow and healthy looking colour. No cakey-ness, no uneven lines, no lack-of-blending abilities. All hail Hoola.
  79. love love love

    This bronzer is honestly so great to contour with, such a nice colour no glitter which is a must for me, doesn't work on my skin.
    It is a little pricey but i have the mini & I've had it for a while & i haven't hit pan yet thank god.
  80. A good Investment for sure!

    I waited way too long before I bought this. It is pricey for what it is but I have not regretted it one bit. A little does go a long way so it will take a while to use it all! I have fair-medium skin tone and it is just perfect. Its not orange at all and it is not blotchy it is so easy to use.
  81. Holy grail bronzer!

    Absolutely love this bronzer! It is the perfect shade and it definitely goes a long way. I have recommended it to so many friends
  82. A bronzer than stays bronzed

    I love this bronze, I have an incredibly pale skin tone and found this bronzer doesn't go orange on me like most others. I've found a little goes a long way into giving me a healthy and glowing complexion everyday.
  83. Blends nicely

    I love this product. I brought the mini to try, will be purchasing the large size.
  84. Wonderful and worthwhile

    Ooh lala for my new Hoola. I was a little skeptical with the hype surrounding this bronzer! After finishing my current bronzer I caved in and thought I'd give it a go... my only regret is I purchased the mini size - I'll be coming back for seconds and this time I'll be buying the big box. It's a soft & pigmented consistency meaning you only need a small amount for contouring, warming up your face and using as a neck bronzer. It's suitable for fair/medium/dark skin types, great for amatures or professional makeup artists & as a little goes a long way it does work out to be an affordable product on the market. Buy the bronzer.
  85. Best bronzer ever!

    There are bronzers and then there are BRONZERS! This outshines the lot. So smooth and subtle and very natural looking. Just love it!
  86. Amazing!

    I was skeptical at first about this product however when I did finally purchase it I was hooked!

    I have now purchased this product numerous times for myself and also for my makeup kit!

    I highly recommend this product!
  87. New favourite bronzer!

    I've started with the mini one to test it out as I'm quite picky with bronzers. Definitely going back for a larger size when it runs out. It is a great subtle shade and I love the matte finish. It's the perfect bronzer for everday use as it is a nice natural colour for my skintone which is olive. The brush it comes with provides really good even coverage. It is a great tool to contour with as well!
  88. Great for when I have a tan

    Love this bronzer when I have a tan. Naturally, I have very very pale skin with pink undertones and with no tan, it's a bit heavy. With a light tan, it looks fantastic and during the summer when I develop an even deeper tan, it looks even better.
  89. Best Bronzer ever

    I bought a mini version to try it out in my makeup kit. Mini version is tiny :’D but otherwise amazing product!
    I’m super pale and it still looks really natural, if I have a tan I just pick up more colour. Colour payoff is amazing on everyone I’ve used it on, blendability is incredible, matte finish is stunning on all skin types and ages. 100% love this bronzer
  90. HG Bronzer! Obsessed!

    After reading and watching so much hype I had high expectations and am fussy with bronzer so I brought a mini to test it out. First up the mini is tiny but it packs some product! I love my bronzer and have been using I daily for about 3 months and I’ve barely made a dent. The colour is perfect (I’m a light olive skin tone), the powder is soft and leaves a pretty finish and it stays put really well. Definitely going back for a full size so my mini can stay in my handbag.
  91. Love this product

    What a wonderful product! Very natural looking and easy to apply bronzer! Love also that you can purchase a mini to try. Love Love Love this product
  92. Fantastic

    Fantastic and very natural looking bronzer. Love love love this product!
  93. Worth the price!

    I love the mini hoola, so cute and tiny, the brush is perfect for my small face and applies so well!
  94. Perfect

    This bronzer is a life changer!
    It blends perfect it looks so natural and you don't need alot of product for you to get the look your going for.
    Don't think just buy it! .
  95. Amazing colour

    I love love love this bronzer. The colour suits a range of skin tones and really compliments olive toned skin. The only issue I have with this is that the formula went a little stiff after a while. I am not sure if I got this as part of a bad batch, but it tends to dry up and when you dip a brush into it, it picks up little to no product, which is a shame.
  96. Amazing

    Ive only recently purchased Hoola after long hearing so many great things, i'm so glad I did as this just blends so nicely and alot can go along way!
  97. Fantastic

    after hearing only good things about this product i decided to finally order it and im obsessed, i went for the small compact and its great for travel my new favourite bronzer.
  98. Perfect tone!

    This is by far my fave bronzer! I find it the perfect tone for a bronzey cheek and subtle contour (Brontour if you will). This little box of bronzer lasts ages, just when you think you're about to hit pan it keeps on going! Impossible to get a orangey over done look, it's totally buildable and natural!
  99. Ammmmmazing!!

    This would have to be my all time favourite matte bronzer. It has also become my fave contour too!! It gives you a natural glowy look and doesn't leave you looking orange or over done. The mini is the perfect travel size and I never leave home without it! I can guarantee as soon as you try it you will fall in love with it too!!
  100. holy grail

    I love this bronzer not only to contour but all over my face i have hit pan and ready to re buy it!!! as a makeup artist i find this works on so many different ppl! i also love the smell :)
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