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Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini 4g

4.6 of 139 reviews


$7.00 x 4

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$7.00 x 4

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Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini

Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini

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4.6 of 139 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this for contouring
I loooove this product. A little goes a long way, I have had the mini in my make up kit for aaaaages. I like to use it to contour, its a lovely versatile colour and blends out really well. I don't think I'll ever stray from this product <3

Most Helpful Criticism

Didn't suit me
I found this product blends really well and the stying power is excellent however the colour just didn't suit me and could look quite muddy on occasions. I think if you have fair skin, with pink undertones then I'd definitely recommend trying it out in the mini size or consider their bronzers in other shades
  1. Nice colour

    I really like the colour of this & use it for my contour. Lasts all day & blends really well. I love that it doesn’t have an orangey undertone
  2. Didn't suit me

    I found this product blends really well and the stying power is excellent however the colour just didn't suit me and could look quite muddy on occasions. I think if you have fair skin, with pink undertones then I'd definitely recommend trying it out in the mini size or consider their bronzers in other shades
  3. Love this for contouring

    I loooove this product. A little goes a long way, I have had the mini in my make up kit for aaaaages. I like to use it to contour, its a lovely versatile colour and blends out really well. I don't think I'll ever stray from this product <3
  4. Mini size = perfect size

    It is the mini size but I actually think it is the perfect size, considering you end up tapping off excess anyway with the bigger version. It is cute and doesn't take up excess room in my makeup bag. Can't go wrong with Hoola.
  5. Love

    Hoola is one of my favourite bronzers. Easy to blend, lasts well and generally ticks every box for a bronzer. I have gone through a countless amount of these!
  6. User of HOOLA for years

    I’ve used this since I was in high school and still love it. Occasionally I wander and find other bronzers I love but this is something I’ll always have in my collection especially for contouring.
  7. Long lasting, great colour

    I purchased the mini size to try, LOVE LOVE LOVE. There is so much product and a little goes a long way. I love the colour, its buildable, suits my skin and caused no breakouts. I applied this at 8am and it still looked fresh 12 hours later. Will definitely repurchase.
  8. the only bronzer i use

    it is my all time favorite bronzer and the mini size is just so great for travel. it can fit into the smallest bag. the formula is so nice and it blends very beautifully on the skin.

    Love this bronzer when I am tanned and want some definition.
    I have fair skin naturally and find it is a bit dark for when I do not have a tan.
    Blends really well and does give a great contour if you build it.
    Certainly a staple.
  10. Must have!!

    Hoola is a staple in everyone’s make up bag. Still to this day it’s the perfect contour colour whether I’m fair or fake tanned. It’s pigmented and blends like a dream. I’ve repurchased this so many times. A mini usually lasts me 6 months with every day wear.
  11. such a staple

    this bronzer has never done me wrong - it always looks nice, blends well and is pretty much fool proof. I use this all the time and have only just hit pan. I like the small size as it's super convenient to travel with. an absolute must have in my collection!
  12. Definitely Recommend!

    This was my very first bronzer/contour and it is really good comparing now to other products I've tried. Easy to blend, blends beautifully and suits a lot of skin tones. this is not hyped up for no reason! definitely recommend!!
  13. It's such a new bronzer

    This is just gorgeous.. gives you a great bronze look and is great as a base for eyeshadow and blends in beautifully. I have this in the full size & love it so much.. I bought the mini to take out with me.
  14. Fab matte bronzer!

    I've really enjoyed using this bronzer and have repurchased this item twice. It's a lovely non glittery/warm toned contour that blends out like a dream.. Has lasted a long time considering how many times I've reached for it. Downfalls are its price and cheapish packaging.

  15. Cult classic

    Perfect for travel! I have the mini and the original size. This is a great shade for medium or tanned skin and the colour is not too warm so great for creating a shadow under the cheek bone to contour. I then normally go in with a warmer more shimmery bronzer to warm up the face!
  16. Go-to bronzer!

    This is my go-to. It's safe. There's nothing spectacular about it and I find that occasionally it can look dirty on the face however when used sparingly it creates a beautiful, natural look!
  17. Nice colour

    Was definitely a nice colour however it did not last very long on my face whenever I would go out!
  18. Good

    this is such a cute little bronzer. I also love using this as an eyeshadow. I love it so much
  19. Super adorable and great for travel!

    This super cute mini is the exact same formula as the full size and the perfect bronzer to take for travel. I absolutely love it and will purchase again when needed.
  20. Perfect for on the go

    Love this bronzer and this is such a great size to pop into your clutch or handbag.
  21. Beautiful Bronzer, terrible packaging

    I've owned this bronzer for years now, the value you get out of this packaging is amazing, the only downside is the actual packaging design is terrible. The cardboard slips on the sides often don't align which makes it very tricky to put away in a hurry, and the packaging holds onto dirt and makeup stains very easily. Beautiful bronzer, just would love to see this in a plastic pan.
  22. Perfect for Travel or on the go

    I loved this mini size bronzing powder. Even though its quite small there is still a really good amount of product that it will last some time. Perfect to take in my gym bag or on the go. The colour really compliments my light-med skin
  23. great for travel

    the mini version of it is great for travel and fits in a clutch as well. the mini one goes for a long time too.
  24. Natural Bronze

    I am a big natural makeup lover and this product does exactly that! I hate streaky orange bronzers that end up looking like contouring powder, but the Hoola is a easy non harsh bronzer! I love it
  25. Lovely product

    Very easy to apply and leaves the skin actually looking bronzed and not muddy! However, be careful. It is very very pigmented, so use a light hand and start off little by little.
  26. The only Bronzer i have ever been happy with!

    Hoola is literally my one and only bronzer! After years or being not completely sold on any bronzer i used, i finally find my no.1!
    I love that this bronzer is completely matte. not a sparkle in sight! It looks extremely naturally when applied and blends easily. Another bonus is it makes for a fantastic eyeshaow!
    I think the shade is really universal, therefore should look great on most skin tones. Even in the mini size, the product will last you well. I find mini will last me up to 6 months! Not a huge fan of the brush that is included, but i guess thats just a personal preference.
    I highly recommend this bronzer to anyone looking for a matte, easy to use bronzer!
  27. I like it!

    I'm a rookie when it comes to bronzing and contouring but it seems to match my fairly tan skin. Also love that it comes with the perfectly squared brush. Personally might need a little more practice with it though.
  28. For a first ever bronzer

    I purchased the mini version because I’ve never really used bronzer before, but colour is really great. I have a fairer complexion and the colour wasn’t too dark and didn’t shimmer. The brush is not the best but when I used the bronzer with a larger brush it goes on he skin nicely and the colour can be built up.
  29. Great bronzer

    This is a cult product for a reason. It looks amazing on, blends beautifully and has the right undertone. It is not orangey and cakey. I love this on my medium skin tone, it adds life back to my face after foundation. I sometimes even use it in my crease as a transition shade.
  30. Benefit don’t only do incredible brow products

    Not only do benefit do great brows, this bronzer is incredible. I get a beautiful rich colour with a minimal amount of product and a really nice shimmer. I use this to contour and as an everyday eyeshadow. Love.
  31. This use to be my absolute ride of die but I've moved on to bigger and better things

    I use to absolutely live for this product! I use to tell all my friends about it, however, I've found that it has become a little outdated and there are now better things on the market in my opinion. Can become a little muddy for me now. Maybe it would be worth me trying the Hula in light!

    Still a great product.
  32. Benefit Bronzer all day!

    I love this bronzer! I’ve got the mini- and I have a brush that fits perfectly in the smaller box.
    Application is easy- a little goes a long way.
    Can be used as an all over bronzer, or a contour.
    Is isn’t sparkly or shimmery- which is a real pro for me. It looks more natural.
    I’m of light complexion, but often fake tan. It looks great and I often wear it on my face by itself to have some coverage.
    Love love love this product.
  33. I’m glad I tried it

    I’m thinking i need to try lighter hoola shade, I’m way too fair for this. I used the brush provided once and threw it out. This bronzer goes on nicely and blends well.
  34. must have

    The hoola bronzer is hands down, the best bronzing/contouring powder on the market. It's so easy to blend, gives off the most gorgeous bronzy look only with a small amount of product. I use this with the lightest hand since a little goes a long way. For the amount of product that you get, it's def worth the price tag. Mine lasts for so long even tho I use it so often. Highly recommend!
  35. Perfect for contour

    I love to use this as a light contour because it looks so natural and makes me look so chiselled. It is also a fantastic over all bronzer
  36. Great For Contouring

    This bronzer leaves me with a beautiful tan, bronzed look. It applies so nicely and doesn't look muddy at all. It's such a nice shade, and can be used all year round. Definitely my go-to bronzer.
  37. Love this for contour

    Great contouring bronzer. Make sure not to put it on straight over moisturiser though. Can get muddy and look bad. Otherwise looks so good over foundation with a full made up face.
  38. Best bronzer!

    This is the most natural and best bronzer for my olive skin tone and I have been able to use it in both Winter and Summer. Great product!!!
  39. Go-to contour powder

    I love love love this product! It was bought for me as a gift when I first started wearing full-face makeup, as I wanted to contour. It lasted me approximately 2 years, and is a good neutral matte bronzer. I have light skin with a pink undertone, and this colour isn't too warm or neutral. It also blends really well with a duo-fibre brush.
  40. Holy grail

    I have a fair complexion and this bronzer works perfectly for my skin tone. It isn't muddy at all and leaves me looking like i just came back from holiday! I would recommend this for almost all skin tones!

  41. A Healthy Glow

    One of the best bronzers I have used. Gives me a healthy natural glow without looking orange

    My favorite bronzer ever. Perfect for contouring and giving your face a healthy glow. Blends out really well for a natural look.
  43. Excellent quality bronzer

    Benefit Hoola bronzer is a great quality product that is finely milled and blends beautifully. This original shade can be too warm for fair skinned girls like myself. I wanted to love the shade as Hoola is constantly raved about, but the colour just doesn't work on my complexion. Lucky for me, the new Hoola lite is my perfect shade, so I'm thrilled that Benefit have released this new product. Both the original Benefit Hoola and the new Benefit Hoola Lite bronzers are amazing to use and apply really smoothly and give an airbrushed finish.
    I'm 43 with oily to combination skin that is fair to medium.
  44. My Fav Bronzer

    Have been using the bronzer for more than 3 years!! Amazing amazing amazing.

    I don't tend to use this as a all over face bronzer but it is absolutely great for contouring. I have pale skin and the colour still works for me. Just need to press into it lightly with a soft brush. The larger size does come with a contouring brush and it works fine but i prefer to use my own.

    The colour stays on all day and does not look muddy. Would def repurchase once i finish but 3 years and still going strong.

    Gives you the perfect bronze look for any summer goddess look you are looking for.
    Its perfect for many complections, any all skin types.
    My go to bronzer for everyday wear to glam looks
  46. Holy Grail

    I always find myself coming back to this bronzer. It's the perfect shade and blends out so well.
  47. User friendly

    I love this bronzer - it’s perfectly buildable and compliments a large array of skin tones. I use it as a contour and all over bronzer and people do not stop commenting on how tan I look (if only they knew!)
    The formula is very light and highly pigmented so although the packaging is small, you’ll find it seems to never run out.
  48. A decade of "contouring"

    I am usually one who buys a different product every time I run out of something, even if I loved the one I just used but this little gem has been a staple in the makeup case for over 10 years! I have been using Hoola under my cheek bones and along my lids since I was a teenager (not that it would of looked good on a pale 15yr old in the early 00s). Thankfully the Kardashians became a thing and all of a sudden "How to Contour" was the number one on my youtube search bar and this product was never ever replaced. Bonus - it lasts FOREVER!
  49. Good

    Very nice bronzer. Works well with a broad range of skin tones. This small pouch lasts very long so it’s well worth the investment. Won’t need to purchase very often. Definitely lives up to its hype.
  50. great for light skin

    Hoola is amazing for lighter skin tones, all bronzers make me look muddy but not this one! sunkissed all the way
  51. Couldn't live without this bronzer!

    I love Benefit's Hoola bronzer. It has been my go-to everyday product for over a year now. I use it for bronzer, contour and eyeshadow! It's a great neutral shade - not too cool or warm so it fits lots of skin tones.
  52. great product but a bit dark

    I Love this product the powder is super light and it contours great however, having light skin it is a little to dark for me. I gave it to my friend that has a dark tone skin.
  53. perfect healthy summer glow

    this bronzer has the perfect undertone - not too muddy and cool but not orange! it looks like i've been to the beach tanning all summer and just looks stunning in person and on picture. I use it with a fluffy brush as a crease colour for that lazy day makeup too
  54. Beautiful and subtle

    Beautiful bronzer that is not orange and nice and subtle. I often use with my dandelion blush. Mini has lasted me months as well.
  55. Amazing Bronzer

    It’s not too warm so it’s good for contouring too! It’s super easy to blend out and looks great on me! I love it
  56. Radiant glow

    The bronzer has been perfect to add a glow and some contouring to my face. It goes well with a fair complexion but can also be built upon for darker complexions.
  57. Its okay, but is easy to over apply!

    I got this bronzer in the mini to test out and Im not completely sold on it for my skin tone.
    The packaging is great and I think you get a decent amount of product for your money. I love the minis as a good way to text a product out!
    I have also found that its very easy to over apply, but this is probably due to my limited make up skills!!
    I think once winter is over and I have a bit of a tan it will look a lot better on my skin!
  58. My go to bronzer

    I really like this product - I love the colour and how it is long lasting, and a little bit goes a long way.I bought this full sized and it is lasts for ages. This is my go to bronzer. Would most likely repurchase when this runs out!
  59. Try the mini

    I have medium colour skin and this bronzer shows up well without being too muddy or orange. The mini has lasted me months so I’d recommend anyone who is on the fence about trying this product to purchase the mini first!
  60. Best bronzer on the market

    It’s no wonder this is a cult favourite, it is great coverage, a little goes a long way and because it’s on the cooler side it can be used for contouring and bronzing without leaving my face looking muddy. For someone with a light neutral skin tone this everything I look for in a bronzer. I bought the mini version but will definitely be re-purchasing in the larger size. Highly recommend.
  61. Worth the hype

    Bought the mini based on all the reviews & this is definately worth my 5 stars. I loved it the second it touched my face & blended really well despite me not having the greatest brush, but the more I used it the more I loved it so I splurged & bought the hoola bronzer brush. WOW! Glad I did. I can use this bronzer to pretty much highlight & contour my whole face. Love! Full size purchase coming up
  62. Worth to buy

    I was a bit sceptical in ordering this because the last few pictures of the model should a orangy look and I am Asian with ivory skin so it would just look awful. I kept reading all the reviews however which made me decide to get it in the end and I have no regrets! High pigmented and it has a very nice bronze colour! So why 4 star and not 5 star? The brush is really useless, not that great at all.
  63. Wasn't as expected!

    I saw the raves about this product and thought I should try it out. But whenever I use this bronzer the outcome always turn out ashy on my skin. I love the shade but it doesn't sit well on my skin :(
  64. Holy grail bronzer

    Don't bother with any others! This is the best bronzer on the market. Perfect colour for lighter toned skin or build it up.... The consistency is so easy to work with & blend out.. I use this to contour, as an eyeshadow, bronzer etc. Its so versatile!! I seriously can't recommend enough. Also... it lasts a long time. I have had my current one for 2.5 years and still going strong!
  65. Great

    Perfect for everyday wear for a natural looking bit of colour, lasts all day long and can easily be used for a night and day look. The smaller size lasts a long time as a little goes a long way.
  66. Good colour but not long wearing and awkward box package

    Good colour -matches my pale skin.
    It seems to only last an hour on my foundation.
    Awkward box package - I don't think I will buy this again.
  67. Staple bronzer

    Works for every skin tone. Love that it isn't shimmery - therefore it looks more natural. Unfortunately it is quite expensive though. If you have the money, definitely go for it!
  68. staple of my beauty routine

    I love this bronzer! The little brush that it comes with is perfect for creating a slight contour and I then follow up with a softer brush to blend out. It comes in a small box but last me for ages and it's a perfect colour - not too warm or orangey
  69. Good, not great for my very fair skin

    This is such a cult product and I was looking to try a new bronzer after running out of my Nars Laguna, so I decided to get this one. I have very fair skin and cool/neutral tone. I find this a touch too dark and warm for me. I disagree with other reviewers who say this suits all skin tones - people with very fair skin might struggle a bit. You need to use a very light hand and blend a lot. I find this doesn’t blend as well as some other benefit powders or other bronzers I’ve tried. The brush that comes with it is a bit useless.

    Not sure if I’d buy it again, just because of the colour match. Not a bad product, just not great for my colouring.
  70. nifty

    i bought the little version of this just for fun and since i didn't have a bronzer. i used it to contour my face a little as i'm not very good at it but the included brush made it easy. great packaging i must say. even has a little mirror in it. powder is a little dark for me but it works somehow with a bit of blending.
  71. Staple!

    I cannot rave more about these handy little mini Benefit products. So nifty and the company take into account that people need to trial before outlaying hard earned money for the full size item. Seriously, such a winner in my eyes!

    This colour is actually amazing. I was deciding between this and the lite shade. I am light-medium and was hopeful it was not super pigmented so I could get away with this one and I was right. In saying that, a little goes a super long way, I only have to dust it on very lightly over a smidge of the Hoola contouring quickie stick. For reference, I am using GA luminous silk in shade 6.
  72. Love it

    Natural looking, beautiful and matte. Pigmented but blends out easily. If I’m really lazy, this doubles up as eyeshadow.
  73. Great bronzer!

    I was a makeup newbie when I started using this product about a year ago and I am in love! It's so easy to apply and blends out well. It's also a great size and has lasted me about a year (I don't use it everyday though).
  74. 5 stars

    Great bronzer with the right colour and not full of glitter. I'd definitely recommend getting the larger one (not the mini) as the mini is hard to load your brush up with enough powder.
  75. Pretty good

    I bought this as a go to contouring bronzer. I really like it initially but was a little disappointed with how quickly it wore off. But overall I will say the color is perfect for my face and contouring, just may need something else for night time.
  76. Worth the hype!

    I bought this mostly because of the hype surrounding it and was not at all disappointed. It's perfect for contouring lightly and has become my favorite bronzer in my collection. It is perfect for fair to medium skin tones since it's not too heavy on the skin and gives you a nice, natural sculpted look. Perfect for giving a little warmth to the skin.
  77. Go-to contouring bronzer

    This has been my go-to contour colour for years and it lasts ages! I've finally hit pan on mine and I'm devastated. Great product, although a bit expensive.
  78. Holy Grail!

    I've tried so many similar products but always comes back to this. It gives me such a natural look and blends smoothly and evenly. A bit pricey but one lasts me over a year..a little goes a long way! Would highly recommend!
  79. Great bronzer

    I love this bronzer. It is warm toned, and looks great on the skin!
  80. Absolute make-up bag stable

    My favourite everyday bronzer. Some bronzers can just be way too much and as someone with fair skin I can easily control the shade of this with how much I apply. I am never without it!
  81. The most perfect bronzer ever created

    I’ve had a few boxes, and I just love it! So smooth and easy to take with you. A must have in ever makeup kit
  82. Sun kissed

    The most blendable bronzer I’ve ever used which allows you to create a natural sun kissed look, or you can contour with it. The brush that comes with is no good, use your own!
  83. I like it

    Easy to blend and quite pigmented. However, i do find it quite powdery and the package isnt very convenient. For me, it gives more like adding warmth and dimension to the face, rather than a harsh contour.
  84. Bronzed goddess

    I have fair skin, but love to be bronzed so I am always applying a spray tan. This product is great for both fair and bronzed skin tones as you can build it up to be more bronzed or a little more subtle. The brush is also the perfect angle to get right onto the cheek bones!
  85. Great bronzer

    I bought this product in the mini size as a trial but I will definitely upgrade to the large size when I have run out. I have medium tone skin so I tend to blend this with a translucent powder to set my make up and it gives a natural glow without appearing too dark or orange.
  86. Can't go wrong

    This is the bronzer I know I can always rely on 100%. It's the most forgiving formula, that means you can't apply too much, its buildable, its natural and the colour is also the most complementary for a wide range of skin tones - not too cool-toned but also not a orange-y colour! The mini version is also great - don't underestimate its size because it can last an entire year with everyday use.
  87. Best bronzer!

    Love this bronzer! The colour is matte, buildable and doesn’t look cakey. Suits most skin tones. Would prefer if it came in a compact over the cardboard box.
  88. Great product!

    This is great for makeup beginner as the product is simple to use! If you need something for a natural look, this bronzer is nice and subtle. The mini size is great if you want to chuck it in your bag and take it everywhere.
  89. Good

    Looks healthy on the skin, however colour-wise i would give 7/10. it's kind of orangy-pink on my cheeks.
  90. bronze goddess

    The BEST bronzer you can buy!!! makes you look sunkissed, is a buildable bronzer which looks sooo nice on the cheeks
  91. nice!

    A great lil contour palette thats very easy to carry around and reapply for a beautiful bronzed look!
  92. Best seller

    This is one of benefits best selling products for a reason. Really pretty bronzer. Easily blendable and buildable. Great product!
  93. Holy grail!

    Im light in complexion (normally a nc20) and this is my ideal contour colour. I was hooked on Nars Laguna but then decided to give hoola a go as I bought it as a gift for a friend. Oh my! It’s amazing. Never judge a bronzer by is cover! I didn’t buy this for years because I thought the cardboard was tacky... but now I’m obsessed! I love the little brush it’s a great shape. Try it!
  94. love the colour

    I love this bronzer. The colour is perfect and there's no shimmer or orange colour. It lasts all day and I actually like the brush that comes with it. It sheds a little but the shape is good for enhancing the cheekbones. Took off a star because benefit aren't cruelty free but otherwise would give 5 stars
  95. Easy for newbies to "warm the face"

    I'm new to warming my face with bronzers so watched a few how-to videos before attempting, but the products I'd buy were either too shiny, glittery, orange, or dark. This one was recommended by a beauty guru for being none of the above, and now I know why I was struggling to make it look good -- the products were poor. This one has a grey undertone, which mimics shadows. Also like a shadow, it's matte. When it runs out, I'll get the newer lighter shade and see if that's even more foolproof.
  96. Love this!

    Really great formula, comparable to tarte if you have used their bronzers. Love the way it gives a soft natural bronzed look although this shade is too dark for me so definitely go the lite if your pale. The only thing I don't like is although the box is cute its kind of hard to get the product out of it.
  97. Multi use Bronzer

    This is by far one of the most blendable/buidlable brozers! it is perfect for bronzing, shaping out eyebrows if you have fairer eyebrows, eye shadow you name it.
    Perfect shade for a slight sun kissed glow for a more natural look, but can also be built darker for a more contoured look.
    There is no shimmer in the product which i LOOOVEEE how matte this Hoola is.

    Packaging is cute, comes with inbuilt mirror if your on the go and need to touch up easy peasy.

    Overall would highly recommend this product to everyone!
  98. Amazing!

    Have been looking for a bronzer for some time now and decided to give this a shot since the reviews were so good. Only bought a small one but I am loving it so far! It really gives the face a natural glow and it doesn’t cake up on ur foundation or look patchy. Definitely getting a second one!
  99. the rave is real

    Pricy for a bronzer / single pan contour. But worth every penny , the included brush is what makes this super easy for me to reach for and has soon become my go to bronzer and contour shade.

    The product will never end!! , so its worth your money . The brush is great for nose contour and of course any other contour.

    I will repurchase if it ever finishes! I can't live without it.
  100. Too cute

    For such a small box it lasts forever! This is the best for travelling & just the right size... And who doesn't love hoola - honestly the best bronzer on the market.
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