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Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Makeup 30ml

3.9 of 48 reviews


4 instalments of $15.50


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4 instalments of $15.50


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Hello…it’s flawless time! The new oil-free Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Makeup builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in. It’s you…just more luminous and healthy looking.

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3.9 of 48 reviews

49% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best foundation for Combination skin


I have an oily tzone and am prone to breakouts. I have been using this foundation for a few years and found it to be easy to put on, doesn't look to heavy, and is great for my combination skin. It is so great you can order this through Adore Beauty - makes it so easy to get when you run out!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not great for oily skin


Didn't love this product and wouldn't use again. I found my skin was left oily and shiny and the product wore off very quickly. I had to use powder over the top to keep the shine at bay.
  1. A Bit Meh


    I have normal to dry skin and love a dewy finish but this foundation just left my skin looking oily. I couldn't get the coverage I needed (medium) and I found it difficult to blend.
  2. Averagely good foundation

    Tegan R

    1 squirt of this foundation gives you light to medium coverage. I do not use this as an everyday foundation as after a short time my face becomes extremely oily. I do usually have oily skin and this foundation does not dry down matte for me without a fair amount of powder on top can turn make for a clumpy appearance.
  3. Only foundation I have repurchased,great for combi skin


    I have always struggled to find a good foundation for me, mainly because of a cakey finish that would enhance any small dryness and not help with oily T zone. This gave me a natural finish yet covered pimples and blemishes and lasted quite a long time. My skin is better now as I have invested more into my skincare routine rather just trying to camouflage the imperfections so I switched to Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser which is awesome, however if you need s but more coverage this foundation for combination skin was the best one I found.
  4. Good


    I do not recommend much to those who have oily skin, it takes a long time to dry on the skin. After it dries it is beautiful. The coverage is average.
  5. Not great for oily skin


    Didn't love this product and wouldn't use again. I found my skin was left oily and shiny and the product wore off very quickly. I had to use powder over the top to keep the shine at bay.
  6. Okay for oily skin


    Was a nice feel, okay coverage, not amazing but good for oily skin
  7. Still Skin!


    I love this product. It is smooth enough to cover blemishes and light enough to let my skin breathe and it feels so light. I love it.
  8. Light Cover


    I purchased this product as a light cover foundation and it has become one of my favourite foundations for the workplace. It is not, however, suitable for the gym. When I sweat it runs down my face :(
  9. Bit of a let down


    feels like paint you use in kindergarten, if your prone to acne - don’t use this foundation .
  10. Looks too orange


    I don't understand how a cosmetic company could produce this, the shade I got was straight up orange on my skin, and I am already tanned to begin with. Not a fan of the shade range at all. The formula itself has a strong scent too.
  11. Oxidises and the formula is too thick


    I have tried a lot of foundations and for my NC20 skin, this foundation is pricey with (in my opinion) low quality, as the formula is quite thick and hard to disperse. It also has a slight orange (?) tint, and the formula does oxidise over time. Not for me, but may be for someone else. Personally found this to be quite disappointing.
  12. Not what I expected, do not recommend this product for oily combination skin types!


    I have combination to dry skin. I got it in shade ivory, at first it suited my complexion nicely, but throughout the day it started to oxidise a lot, making me look abit orange. Not to mention my skin looked really oily. it was a shame, I really wanted to love this product. I wouldn’t recommend this product to oily skin types. Dry skin types may be more suitable to this foundation.
  13. Fantastic


    One of the best foundations I’ve used so far. Can trust it to stay on for a long period of time without smudging. Can go to a full days work and finish with a flawless face of foundation still.
  14. Very light coverage


    This is a nice light coverage foundation. Good if you want a similar look to what a bb cream would provide. I have fair skin and found it hard to find a perfect match as they all looked a little yellow on my skin. It does give a nice finish though and does not like dry.
  15. Incredible


    I love this product. It is smooth enough to cover blemishes and light enough to let my skin breathe and it feels so light. I love it.
  16. Ok


    I got a sample of this and I feel like it's ok. Not the best coverage and not sure I'd buy the full size but it's ok.
  17. Love this!


    I use it during the day. Very good coverage. Doesn't cake or feel heavy. I use it almost everyday and it blends very nicely. Highly recommend!
  18. Oxidisation is not that great


    When I first put it on, I really loved it but after about an hour, this foundation was too oily for me and I have combination skin. It also ended up becoming orange after it oxidised too.
  19. Tried and did NOT buy


    Gets 2 stars because the texture was nice and settled nicely. That's it. It oxidized, didn't wear well at all, and didn't brighten as promised. Glad I tried it before forking out.
  20. Nice foundation but too orange.


    This foundation gives you a nice natural look but it oxidizes too much and leaves me looking orange. I have to use a lightening product to try get use out of it.
  21. good everyday product


    This is a nice foundation that applies quickly - I use it daily for work, nice and hydrating on my dry and sensitive skin. Don't use it for special occasions as I have red patches and the coverage isn't great. I have pale/peaches and cream complexion and use "I'm Pure for sure" ivory
  22. Not great


    Didn't love this foundation. Was so hyped up on YouTube and it didn't feel nice on my skin and the colour I was matched to didn't look good
  23. oilyyy


    My skin is really oily and this just doesnt work. even with primer i'll become oily again within a few hours. Also there is absolutely no colour range!! Nothing for dark skin tones and quite limited for fair skin too....
  24. Absolutely not


    I have terribly oily skin and it just could not last the day, even with primer. The shade range is so small and does not accommodate for dark skin tones nor the lightest skin tones. Not everyone has a tan. For $62 it was such a waste of money, I'd rather spend a bit more and get the Josie Maran foundation, which actually works beautifully for oily skin.
  25. Disappointing for oily skin


    I was really excited for this product after reading other reviews. I wanted a new everyday foundation however it leaves me very oily after about 3hrs. I do have oily skin naturally but this was probably the worst product for my skin type.

    The coverage however is decent and it does feel nice on (before the oil kicks in) ... I wish it was better suited to me.
  26. Fab


    I love this new foundation to bits. I have been using it for a few months and still have most of the bottle left as you only need to use a tiny bit at a time. A little truly does go a long way. Naturally, I have very pink flushed cheeks and this foundation covers the redness very nicely. Before this, I wouldn't touch blush with a ten foot pole. Now my face is left with a 'blank' canvas and I can actually add a little blush back! I also tend to sweat a lot, yet this foundation stays in place for the entire day on my skin! I love the fact that it has SPF25 so I can rest assured that my skin is safe from the harsh Aussie sun! :)
  27. Going out foundation


    I use this for going out. Great coverage and aids flawless skin.
    Not suitable for daily use in my case. Melts and fore head oil seeps after half a day
  28. Nice formula, but terrible shades.


    Love the lightweight formula of this - and feels very nourishing to my dry/sensitive skin, but the shades are all off. I cannot match these yellow under-toned shades with my pale/pink complexion. May be best suited for tanned skins or more olive skintones.
  29. Really lovely


    I have combination skin and this foundation works incredibly well for me. It makes my skin look flawless and radiant, and doesn't clog my pores. It lasts all day and the colour matches perfectly. Definitely worth a try!
  30. Just Cant Make It Work


    This is one of my least favourite foundations. The colour range is super limited and if you do manage to find a match the finish is underwhelming. This is very light coverage but claims to be medium. Its also very hard to layer. I would liken it to a tinted moisturiser.
  31. Not for me


    I have dry and sensitive skin and found this foundation didn't really work for me. It went on really well but throughout the day changed colour and looked very orange on me. I know people who love this so it probably just didn't suit my skin. Overall, i probably wouldn't recommend this foundation.
  32. Best foundation for Combination skin


    I have an oily tzone and am prone to breakouts. I have been using this foundation for a few years and found it to be easy to put on, doesn't look to heavy, and is great for my combination skin. It is so great you can order this through Adore Beauty - makes it so easy to get when you run out!
  33. Not for me


    I loved how this foundation looked when it was first applied but unfortunately it didn't last. Not only did it oxidise like crazy, it also made my dry skin look flaky and oily at the same time. Sadly it's a miss for me.
  34. Beautiful light foundation


    I have been using this foundation for a couple of years now! I have dry/sensitive skin and find that it gives a really nice natural coverage and lasts throughout the day. It also doesn't dry out my skin which I love.
  35. Not a fan!


    Unfortunately, this foundation didn't work for me. It oxidised and turned orange. I had the lightest shade but it was too dark. The coverage is also non-existent.
  36. Great light coverage foundation


    I love this foundation. I have combination skin, and this is perfect for me. It's not oily or heavy. It's quite light, but you can build for more coverage.
  37. Loved it!!


    I tend to have quiet dry skin and found that this foundation didn't cling to any dry patches on my face.
    Some foundations that i have used can make your pores and the texture on your face very prominent but i found that this foundation sat beautifully on my skin throughout the entire day without shifting.
    i thought that the shade i purchase would be too dark for my skin as im quiet pale but i found that it was a perfect match, not too yellow and not too pink.
    This is my everyday go to foundation when i want to effortlessly look like i have flawless skin as it is very weightless and isn't cakey like some medium to full coverage foundations that i have tried.
  38. Gorgeous formula.


    This is a gorgeous light weight foundation that is perfect for everyday and for work. It has a light to medium buildable coverage that looks really effortless on. I personally loved applying this with a buffing brush because the formula is so fluid and I felt like a sponge would absorb too much product. When I wore this I received many compliments for my skin and people were asking me what skincare I use rather then what foundation! I suppose it's because this look very realistic and skin like. Definitely one of the best foundations I've tried. Also love that this has spf and the packaging makes it travel friendly
  39. The best.


    I started using Hello Flawless when it was new product and have never looked back! I have very sensitive skin and often prone too breakouts when wearing other foundations but have never had it with this product. It is smooth enough to cover blemishes and light enough to let my skin breathe.
  40. Feel radiant!


    I can't reccommend this product enough! A light, dewy foundation with great coverage.

    Other foundations can feel like a layer on top of your face. A thick, streaky mask and by the end of the day it feels like your face is sliding off.

    Not with Oxygen Wow. It has flawless coverage and it feels like a part of your skin, it's absorbed and leaves your skin feeling light, moisturised and refreshed. The dewy look is not oily it leaves your skin looking youthful and radiant.

    You can build up the coverage and also pair up with the cover up powder.

    A huge fan of this product and love how I feel and look wearing it!
  41. Natural Beauty


    This is by far the best foundation i've ever used. It creates such a beautiful healthy colour and glow to the face whilst evening out your complexion. It doesn't feel like you're wearing anything at all and most importantly for me, doesn't look like you're wearing foundation. The only downside for me is the amount of product for such a high price.
  42. Not good for oily skin


    I initially tried this makeup in a store in America as one of the girls was wearing it and looks flawless. I loved t at first, but as time went on I noticed that this foundation has gnarly undertones. I look extremely yellow when I wear "petal" which is one of the more fair shades.

    It's also NOT long lasting. Again, maybe this is due to my oily skin but if my face touches one thing, it's rubbed off.
    This foundation works from afar but it's not good to try in hopes of it staying on for a long night out and not looking shiny/discoloured in photos.
  43. Flawless


    I have been using this for a couple of months now, have been trying to find a foundation with the perfect coverage without looking too layered as well as have a natural dewy finish. This is the perfect foundation for that!

    I use a small amount during the day to cover any blemishes for a natural/dewy look and layer in the evening + small amount of powder and stays on all night.

    I find this product is unlike the rest when applying to 'trouble' areas (mine being hormonal - chin) others aggravate my skin, this one almost feels as if it's helping them go away!
  44. Long-lasting dewy natural looking foundation


    I purchased this foundation after its virtues were extolled by a famous makeup artist in one her You Tube tutorials, and I have to agree that it is great. It is light but can be built up to medium coverage, gives a dewy but natural finish and blends easily. It lasts really well (although I use a powder on my t-zone as well) and looks natural. I'm recommending it to everyone!
  45. Evened skin tone, luminous finish, great for every day.


    I found this foundation in honey matched my skin tone perfectly. It doesn't look like you're wearing a tonne of make up. It's quite light and luminous. It does get a bit shiny at the end of the day. A great foundation for everyday when you still want to look natural and healthy.
  46. Fab brightening foundation


    Fab brightening foundation, alwAys makes me look human even at the end of night shifts as a midwife! My all time staple
  47. for a natural dewy finish

    Sarah G (Adore Beauty Staff)

    the most ideal foundation, if you love a natural, dewy finish foundation, that is easy to apply every day, this is the foundation for you! I get complimented on my skin every time I wear it and it lasts all day :)
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