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Benefit BADGal Bang Volumising Mascara Mini 4g 4g

4.4 of 342 reviews


4 instalments of $6.00

Or 4 instalments of $6.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $6.00

Or 4 instalments of $6.00 with LEARN MORE

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BADgals go BIG! BADgal BANG! volumizing mascara is a 36 HOUR* FULL-BLAST volumizing mascara that creates MASSIVE volume without weighing down lashes.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Benefit BADGal Bang Volumising Mascara Mini 4g Reviews

4.4 of 342 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Another benefit product that was unexpectedly a hit! I find some of their products a hit and miss, but this id definitely a winner!

Most Helpful Criticism



This mascara does a pretty good job, but nothing amazing. It is a pretty decent mascara.
  1. Boom!


    Another benefit product that was unexpectedly a hit! I find some of their products a hit and miss, but this id definitely a winner!
  2. Like it so much


    I really like this mascara, the interesting thing is about the head which is very flexible and can help alot in curling the eyelashes and also easier and kinder to them. It is also very volumising and at the same time gave me longer lashes.
  3. Best ever!!


    Love this! Lasts a long time, gives me amazing separation and length. I always get tons of compliments. Worth the money.
  4. Not bad


    verified purchaser
    This product is good but the wand is so thin and small. If u prefer a thicker wand get the jane iredale mascara its very thick
  5. Mascara that does it all


    This is a great mascara. It goes on smoothly without getting clogged on lashes. It gives both length and volume and lasts all day. The small size is convenient. The small size doesn’t dry out if you are like me and don’t use this mascara every day.
  6. Not the best


    Not a fan of the small hard brush, maybe I just prefer fluffy brush. The colour is very dark and the mascara does lengthen my lashes, but I find that it transfers easily to my lower lash and under my eyes by the end of the day.
  7. Best Mascara


    I don't know why but minis are always better than full size. I will always buy the minis, they are convenient in size but also always work better. Love
  8. Yes, it’s good


    verified purchaser
    Very happy with this mascara. Gives my lashes a very full look. Stays on for many hours.
  9. Quite Good


    I received this as a sample in a past order. Quite good, but I'm knocking off a star as I prefer Roller Lash.
  10. amazing


    Amazing Mascara. I love this mascara a lot. This makes my lashes so long and full. It doesn't clump or flake.
  11. Decent


    This mascara does a pretty good job, but nothing amazing. It is a pretty decent mascara.
  12. Bang!


    It definitely gives you volume so tick! It is a little bit smudgy though so do not touch your eyes even a little during the day! I wish it would set a bit more after application to avoid this but aside from that great product. Easy to remove as well!
  13. Too smudgy for me


    I have been wearing this mascara every day at work and I thought it was my face mask somehow smudging my mascara but no, this maraca is just too wet for me. Otherwise I do like the brush. I love brands that do offer mini sizes as its such a waste otherwise, but I wouldn't repurchase
  14. Bangin lashes


    This mascara makes your lashes pop! So volumising and easy to apply.


    I have full-size ad it makes your lashes look soooooooooooooooo long, I am in LOVE
  16. Benefit Best


    Love all of the benefit mascaras and this one is no exception! A little goes a long way, best to wipe some of the product off the brush before applying.
  17. Great volume and minimal clumping


    I received this as a sample and was pleasantly surprised by how good it is! I have tried many mascaras over the years, and have found that even the more expensive ones can be disappointing. There is something about this wand that works really well on this product... it provides great volume and minimal clumping!
  18. Bold, black lashes


    I love this mascara and have used it for the last couple of years. It stays all day, and doesn’t run, clump or streak. It’s a nice, bold black but I find it’s buildable, so can work with a more natural look or a full face.
  19. Perfect for travel!

    Jes M

    The small compact size is perfect for travelling, especially when your trying to save space in your cosmetics bag or trying to keep below that baggage limit.
  20. Wow


    The lashes look wow, you can see that huge difference. Definitely worth the buy !
  21. Amazing volume & length


    In my 45 years I have tried many mascaras, always looking for volume (without clumps) and length.I can say, without question, this is the best of the lot. Reasonably priced, lasts for months, never dries up, provides incredible volume and length etc etc etc. Will be sticking to this lovely for awhile
  22. Love this


    Volumising but not clumpy. Lasts all day and makes my lashes look beautiful.
  23. No more false lashes


    I have gone through many mascaras and this is one I always come back to because no other product compares. It gives me length, drama and volume all in one. The brush coats every lash perfectly. You can build it up for a more dramatic effect and it never goes clumpy or dry and flakey. It's a bit steep price wise but it is worth it! I have repurchased many times and will continue to do so.
  24. Good mascara. smudges easily


    Good mascara. Only problem is I find the formula too wet and smudges easily
  25. Don’t love it


    I may be the only person that doesn’t love this mascara. I find it smudges on me and doesn’t make my lashes look any fuller or longer than a $10 mascara does.
  26. amazing


    This mascara is so good, lengthens and separates the lashes perfectly. Really good for people who want a long, dark but not clumpy look. Especially perfect for the lower lashes because the brush is super thin.
  27. GREAT.


    After now being in iso and not being able to have my lashes done which l miss so much l needed a mascara to help my short lashes and something to make them look great and this mascara does all that. l found 2 coats where enough to get the wow that l love with lashes so ladies who are in iso try this mascara you will love it.
  28. love it


    Looove this mascara! It’s perfect for creating bold eyes. It’s my go to for nights out
  29. Hands Down Best Mascara


    I'm on my 3rd one of these. It is my absolute holy grail Mascara. Every time I wear this I get so many compliments on my eyes and people think I have false lashes on. I love the thin wand and short bristles as I have naturally long lashes so I can really get into the roots of my lashes. It requires a bit of patience and working with to achieve the desired result but it's worth the work. I only wea...
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  30. Oh my gosh!

    Isi Slater

    This mascara is EVERYTHING I want in a mascara! It’s dramatic, super black, lengthening, volumising, doesn’t flake off or give me panda eyes AND hold the curl perfectly throughout the whole day! Fave mascara for sure
  31. sleek, natural and lengthening!


    By far the best mascara I've used in my time. I've always been in search of a mascara that will lengthen the appearance of my lashes without a heavy and clumpy feel. This wand is thin, allowing the lashes to aerate and lengthen without the spider leg clumpage
  32. Love this!


    This one is one of my favorites! It lasts all day and gives you so much volume!
  33. Wow


    This mascara extends your lashes without clumps. It works on each individual lash. I find it’s best to do one coat and let it dry than keep reapplying. It makes your eyes pop!!
  34. gives amazing volume


    vamped up volume so much! stays put all day too
  35. Longest lashes ever


    I haven't used mascara in years but wanted to give it a try to spruce my routine. The results are amazing! My lashes are long and thick, I will be sticking with this for a long time.
  36. Not for me


    I was really excited to try this mascas, however the product is extremely liquid and I got panda eyes after 20 minutes of the application. I preferred thick mascaras and waterproofing.
  37. Drama


    I love using this mascara to make my eye makeup look extra dramatic, if I can't be bothered wearing eyelashes this is my mascara I'm retching for. even my friends have tried to steal this from me after trying it. I'm in love. love the small brush to help separate the lashes.
  38. So much volume


    I love the volume this mascara gives!
  39. Love this mascara


    The best give a long fluffy lash, I have used many mascaras and this is by far the best
  40. Definite Staying Power!


    Loved this mascara, especially if needing something to last a really long time. Something you can wear if you are going to be active or even swimming and I wore this in the ocean and it was still on my lashes and not under my eyes after taking a dip. It can get a bit flaky after long wear but I feel most mascaras do anyways.
  41. Amazing for lengthening lashes


    The only mascara that seems to make my lashes look extremely wrong. The product is also extremely easy to remove
  42. The bomb!


    this is just the best!! so amazing. love the volume it gives!
  43. My fav


    This is my fav mascara. It gives insane volume and two coats of this makes my lashes look almost like falsies. Doesn't go clumpy and transfer proof.
  44. Long lashes


    Not my go-to mascara, but I do like! Definitely gives my short lashes some length!
  45. Great really dark mascara.


    So many people ask me what mascara i use when i have this on. The colour is dark and the effect is dramatic lush lashes. It has good staying power too. I love a tubular mascara so i was surprised i liked this so much. Will definitely keep this in my makeup arsenal.
  46. Great mascara


    This mascara coats every lash of mine and the brush helps to fan them out. Best part is that it doesn’t flake!!
  47. So darn hard to remove


    I was so excited to try this mascara because I love benefits brow products range, so I was certain I would love this too.
    Whilst the mascara is effective and does add volume to your lashes as promised and also separates them nicely, it was so.damn.hard to remove! Like atomic bomb survival worthy! It’s the cockroach of mascaras in terms of removal. I used my face halo initially which normally...
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  48. Awesome!


    I got this as a sample and i love it! It makes my lashes look amazing.


    just great, when wearing these I don't really find the point of wearing fake lashes. Give an AMAZING volume!
  50. Gives me false lash look


    My favourite mascara it makes my lashes look awesome, they don’t even look real. Definitely love it
  51. Like but don't love


    The first time I used this, I really liked it. It seemed easy to use and applied nicely. It made my lashes longer, but in a subtle way. I now feel I don't love it- I can't get big, dramatic lashes, as after a little layering, it goes clumpy. I do like this mascara, but have used better.
  52. Best mascara ever


    I have tried a lot of mascaras over the years but this one is the bom. Until recently I had eyelash extensions but due to an extended holiday I have reverted back to this mascara, my mother didn’t believe me when I told her I no longer had the extensions and it was this mascara.
  53. A little transfer


    I got a little transfer from this mascara. It is also a bit expensive for how much you get. Overall didn't love this.
  54. Great mascara for thin lashes


    I've tried a few mascara from Benefit, and this one was a pleasant surprise for my thin lashes. When yo ufirst open the mascara is very "wet" which I don't like, but after a few uses it is amazing as it catches all my lashes and coat them evenly! Makes my lashes stand out.
  55. Great


    When I used it initially, the product felt a bit wet so there was a bit of transfer to my undereye area sometimes. However after a few weeks, the mascara dried a bit and now there is no transfer
  56. BAD gal!


    I have been using the bad gal bang mascara for a while now and i really like it!It is very nice and lengthening! Also, love that is doesn't flake on me.


    This is my most favourite mascara ever! It gets all of my lashes individually, adds so much length and volume! I LOVE IT
  58. 10/10


    This has become my go to mascara ! Its great as base especially if you like to layer mascaras! A great overall product
  59. Love


    I love this mascara as it really lengthens my lashes creates an amazing look. However, I find after wearing it all day at work I get panda eyes.
  60. Great


    I love the thin brush since it reaches all my lashes and coats my long lashes really well
  61. Amazing


    This makes my lashes look long and full. It does not smudge on most days but sometimes if I sweat a lot, it gets on my skin a bit. But it is perfect on normal days
  62. nice


    I love it This mascara lifts up your lashes and makes them look very long and its very black. dark,
  63. One of my fav


    One of my fav mascaras. Applies easily, gives amazing volume, doesn't smudge and stays on all day.
  64. Repeat Offender


    I cannot count how many times I have bought this! It is just amazing. It separates and lifts so well, and really catches all the smaller lashes. I recently bought a new Too Faced one but came back to this before I even finished that tube.
  65. Good


    I have sensitive eyes and have 'smudgy' problems with a lot of mascaras. I have found this to be the best at the moment for my eyes. I get the occasional smudge with this but it does the job. It doesn't make my eyes red either which is a bonus. A pretty good mascara.
  66. Not a fan


    This mascara will give you volume. I wore it to work and was shocked at how it gave me Panda's eyes by lunchtime. Not a good look! I have gone back to They're Real by Benefit. Sorry Benefit, I love you but this product does not stay put!


    oh my goodness! this mascara is the best one out there! it makes the lashes so black and long! it makes them look thick and luscious and curls them so much! i love this product so so much and Definitely recommend it!!!
  68. Very volumising


    This is great mascara, really lifts up your lashes and makes them look full and dark, i just wish it was waterproof.
  69. Great


    A really great mascara! It gives dramatic results - my lashes are so huge and defined with this. It's a bit much for my everyday look but I love to use it for a night out. I have had no irritation from the product and it's easy enough to remove.
  70. Great mascara


    Really nice mascara, volumising, not clumpy.
  71. Amazing


    This is perfect to keep in your clutch on a night out or in your work bag for touch ups. Amazing mascara and so cheap!!
  72. Pretty good


    Pretty good. Makes your eyes so whispy. Buy
  73. In love with this mascara!

    Miss Na

    When I first tried this mascara I thought it was a bit intense but the more and more I use it the more I can’t live without it! Definitely for those who love a dramatic look (and I don’t mean clumpy it doesn’t do that at all). I just ordered more I highly recommend this mascara.
  74. Fantastic!


    Definitely No clumping! Great volumising mascara and also great staying power. So so happy with this benefit Mascara.
  75. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is my favourite mascara ever!!! I have short, stubby eyelashes and this mascara makes them so long
  76. THE BEST!


    Worth every cent, great mascara, doesn’t clump, applies evenly and perfectly without being too much
  77. Great


    This really emphasises my lashes and does not transfer.
  78. Average


    I bought this after reading all the hype around it and whilst it was good it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. I have so many lashes and this just made them clump and didn’t really make them appear much longer. It was long lasting though and didn’t smudge throughout the day so that was a positive though.
  79. Best mascara yet


    I received this as a sample in the mini size and absolutely love. I have just purchased again for myself and as a gift. Longer, thicker, totally sexy eyelashes with this product.
  80. Not the best - Just ok


    I received this as a sample in one of my recent purchases. This mascara is ok, not the best. I would not spend the money to buy the product.
    It is nice and dark, but doesn't add too much length or volume.
  81. Mediocre


    While this mascara has a lovely deep black colour, it is very clumpy. It takes a while to get the hang of using it to avoid clumps. Also, there seems to be some little flaky bits that fall off after a few hours of wear. I wouldn't purchase it again.
  82. Really good


    Doesn't clump, provides really good volume and stays on all day. I received this as a free gift with an order.
  83. Will be buying again!


    Received a tester of this with my last purchase and took it with me as my only make up item overseas - it did not disappoint. Makes my lashes look longer and fuller without looking too unnatural (which is perfect for me). Would love if benefit released this in a brown but for now - this is perfect.
  84. Lashtasic


    I love this mascara! My lashes look amazing. Only problem I have is that it runs a little so after a few hours I have black marks under my eyes. I might try a waterproof version. Still worth using for the results though.
  85. Bang!


    Ok Benefit, I see you!
    Girl... This mascara is everything. It glides on perfectly plumping each lash every time with no clumps. Just beautiful bold black lashes. I can see why they named this product Badgal Bang, because your lashes will look GOOD.
  86. Not clumpy


    My number one necessity for mascaras is that they are not clumpy, and this mascara certainly isn't. It glides on well and defines the lashes. I really like Benefit mascaras, they always good brushes for application too.
  87. Impressed!


    Received this in a gift bag and I was pleasantly surprised with the formula of this mascara. I'm loyal to tubing mascara, but this mascara gave me really long and perfectly separated lashes. A good travelling or bottom on the handbag back up, but did leave a little bit of smudge after a long day.
  88. Impressed!


    Received this in a gift bad and I was pleasantly surprised with the formula of this mascara. I'm loyal to tubing mascara, but this mascara gave me really long and perfectly separated lashes. A good travelling or bottom on the handbag back up, but did leave a little bit of smudge after a long day.
  89. looks like lash extensions


    OMG this looks so good on my lashes!! i bought it to try it out because its so highly rated and it definitely lived up. Would not recommend if you like a more natural look though.
  90. I wanted to love this


    I bought this after it was mentioned on the Beauty IQ podcast (not as a recommendation, just in reply to what mascara the girls use) but unfortunately it’s just not for me. I did my research and people were raving about it on YouTube for its extended staying power, but I find it gives me panda eyes within about 2-3 hours. Confusingly, this isn’t supposed to happen. When I first used it I was so di...
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  91. Dramatic Lashes Guaranteed!


    I bought this mascara on the recommendation of several 'beauty YouTubers' from the UK. I wear mascara everyday so I'm fussy when it comes to what I like to wear. I bought the mini version just in case I didn't like this. Happy to say I LOVE IT! It does give you very dramatic, thick, long lashes. Probably a bit too dramatic for a working Mum in her 50's doing the school run lol, so I shall save thi...
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  92. Love


    I really love this product for many reasons. It a really strong black. My lashes do not stick together, it creates long and separated even lashes.
    I love that is a small bottle as well, as I don't use it every day and don't want to be having to chuck it away every six months due to hygiene without using half the product.
  93. Good


    This coats my lashes and makes them look extremely long and thick but it can transfer after some hours but that can just be because I have very long lashes
  94. Best Mascara Ever


    I’ve tried so many mascaras looking for the perfect one, and this is DEFINITELY it! It lengthens soo so well and the volume is buildable to whatever you like- HIGHLY recommend.
  95. long lashes


    it is dark black colour and makes my eye lashes look so long and thick. this size is great travel size.
  96. Best Mascara Out


    By far the best mascara I have ever used!
  97. very cute size


    It is great for taking with while travelling. it is most important thing in my makeup bag and makes my lashes look so long and thick. jet black color amazing.
  98. great size


    this is the most perfect mascara and the size is perfect for travelling. definitely recommend !
  99. amazing


    This mascara lifts up your lashes and makes them look very long and its very black. dark,
  100. perfect


    this is the most perfect mascara! it does everything you could ever ask for and more! it makes the lashes look very long, thick, full, curly and black. Definitely recommend!
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