You’re Not Going To Believe The Results Of This Blonde Shampoo

This ‘before and after’ photo below was my first real introduction to Pureology’s new Strength Cure Best Blonde range. This result was after ONE wash.

Gobsmacked, I immediately needed to find out how this formula was different to all the others on the market.


What You Need To Know:

– The Best Blondes range features a shampoo, conditioner & treatment

– Caters to all shades of colour-treated blonde, highlighted or lightened hair

– The formula is sulfate-free & vegan-friendly

– Neutralises brassiness & instantly brightens ashy tones

– Also strengthens & rebuilds damaged, dry, brittle hair

– Protects against heat damage, colour fading & further breakage

– Leaves colour looking refreshed & the hair feeling soft, shiny & hydrated

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Desperate to see more results, we invited three blonde beauties – Brooke, Shontina and Annaliese – to experience the Best Blonde range and have personalised consultations with Pureology’s ambassador, Chad Wijayatilake.

Since I knew you’d all have questions, I asked Chad everything you want to know before you invest in yet another blonde shampoo:


How do different blondes get the best result?

“If you’re more of a creamier blonde, leave the shampoo in for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse out. You can leave the conditioner in your hair for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.

If you’re more of a platinum blonde and can’t stand warm tones in your hair – shampoo twice and leave in hair for 5 minutes, rinse out thoroughly and leave in the conditioner for up to 15 minutes. You’ll get the coolest blonde you’ve ever had.”


What makes this formula so potent?

“The reason why Pureology’s Strength Cure Best Blondes is so good is that the shampoo has a violet tone that counteracts yellow, and the half blue and the half violet toner in the conditioner counteracts orange and yellow. It really controls any unwanted warmth – it’s the most effective purple shampoo I have ever used.”


What other benefits, apart from toning, does this formula offer?

“Best Blondes not only takes care of unwanted warmth but also strengthens the hair. Strengthening Keravis help replace the cysteine bonds and heals the micro-scarred cuticle to restore strength, leaving hair feeling soft and shiny. Not to mention Pureology’s exclusive anti-fade complex is also in there to help protect your colour from the harsh UV rays.”


Is it really necessary to use the conditioner too?

“Yes, it’s really important to get the conditioner. Conditioner helps close the hair cuticle back down after the shampoo and also softens and adds shine to the hair. If you are more of a creamy blonde, then the Best Blondes Conditioner can be replaced by the regular Strength Cure conditioner instead.”


 What Was The Final Verdict?

Noting they felt like they’d all “just had a fresh colour”, and that their locks were significantly softer and shinier, Brooke, Shontina and Annaliese also commented on how healthy their hair felt afterwards.

If you’re yet to find your holy grail blonde care products, Pureology’s Strength Cure Best Blondes could be it.


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