The Perfect Body Care Trio For Every Season

Isn’t it funny how we spend so much time, money and effort keeping the skin on our faces in tip-top shape, but so often neglect the skin covering the remaining 95 per cent of our bodies?

Just as you exfoliate, treat and mask your face, why not do the same for your cute bod?

The key to silky smooth and soft limbs requires a three-pronged approach - exfoliation, targeted treatment, then hydration. 

Instagram-famous brand Coco and Eve’s new Glow Figure body care range features a trio of products that tick off these three steps seamlessly, so let's cover them off.


First, there’s the bright red Coco and Eve Bali Buffing Sugar.

This gorgeous natural physical exfoliant uses an ingredient combination that’s often found in the best body scrubs - coconut oil and sugar.

The best thing about sugar scrubs is that they’re not as messy as espresso body scrubs, because unlike ground coffee, the sugar easily dissolves in the shower and doesn’t make a total mess of your bathroom.  

This particular formulation contains coconut sugar and volcanic pumice, which help buff away dead and flaky skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth. If you regularly fake tan, this is a perfect pre-tanning body scrub to ensure your limbs are ripe and ready before application. 

As well as exfoliating, body scrubs can help reduce ingrown hairs and body pimples, improve circulation and even reduce cellulite and stretch marks, so they’re worth incorporating into your weekly self care routine. 

So, how do you use it?

Well, definitely pop this product on in the shower. Take a scoop out of the tub with your hand and concentrate most of the application on your thighs, bum and belly, using the leftovers on your lower legs and heels. 

If you find you have concentrated dry patches, for example on the backs of your arms or elbows, give these areas a good scrub too. 

Rinse it all off, then you’re ready for the next step. 

"I’ve literally not stopped (sounds strange) stroking my legs since I got out of the bath 3 hours ago. I feel like a dolphin. 10/10! I’m definitely considering buying the whole package." - Chloe M


Body pimples and body acne require careful specific treatment, just like we do when we get congestion on our faces. 

The Coco and Eve Bounce Body Masque is ideal for treating congested skin on the body. 

Hot tip: This product is best applied when you have the luxury of your whole home to yourself, so you can swan around naked while it works its magic. 

The volcanic clay and green tea coffee extract in this body mask help to draw out impurities and calm the skin at the same time. 

After exfoliating, rinsing and drying your bod, slather this onto clean, dry skin on the areas that could use a little TLC. So that’s wherever you might get body acne, or on your bum, legs and stomach. 

There’s a scoop included in the mask, just like in a fancy face cream, so you don’t contaminate the tub with external bacteria. 

Let the mask set for 10 minutes (this is the part where you get to prance around the house in the nude), rinse off and then dry yourself off. 

"I am a mum of 4 and have stretch marks. I decided to give this product a try as I have the hair mask and it's amazing. Used the product and the redness in my stretch marks around my stomach and hips have faded quite a lot and skin feels and looks so much nicer." - Lyndsey


Now it’s time to hydrate. You’ve probably got loads of face moisturisers sitting in your bathroom cabinet, but what about a moisturiser for your body? 

Enter the Coco and Even Body Moisture Whip.

This hydrating body lotion can be used as the final step in this glorious body care process or purely on its own, whenever your skin is feeling a little dry. 

It contains coffee seed extract to help firm up the skin, along with coconut oil for hydration and a tiny bit of salicylic acid to keep your pores clean. 

Keeping the skin on our bodies moisturised, particularly during winter, ensures we remain protected against the elements and makes us less prone to irritation, redness and cracked skin caused by severe dryness. 

"Absolutely insane results from these three products. I took the plunge and bought the bundle as Coco & Eve products have always been amazing for me. SO glad I bought them! My skin is buttery soft and glowing. This also makes for great fake-tan prep. Highly recommend! If you are pondering this purchase, go for it! You won't regret!" - Emma

A Little More Info...

All three products in the Glow Figure range feature a delicious dragonfruit and lychee scent that feels fresh and light, but isn’t too overpowering. 

It also means they all complement each other and can easily be used together, so you don’t end up smelling like a haphazard mix of different fragrances!

And yes, you can use the products separately. If you don’t have time (or just can’t be bothered) to do the full three-step routine, you can just use one of the products on their own, as needed. 

Every once in a while it’s nice to treat yourself to an at-home spa sesh and use the entire trio. 

But on a regular old day, whether you need to exfoliate, treat or hydrate, using just one step is totally fine.