My Mum Is Obsessed With This Hand Cream (And With Good Reason)

If you're below the age of 40, chances are, you probably haven't even thought about the appearance of your hands before. Their texture, elasticity and clarity of the skin - it's probably not high on your list of concerns, right?

Well, if you're piling anti-ageing products onto your face, you absolutely should be doing the same for your hands. In fact, I highly recommend when you apply your SPF to your face every morning, to lather some on the backs of your hands. They are gripping your steering wheel and in the direct line of UV exposure, aren't they?

Our hands are highly susceptible to sun damage and ageing in general, thanks to regular washing (i.e stripping them of moisture) and frequent UV exposure, they are often the first place to show signs of ageing.

So when I came across The Chemistry Brand’s Hand Chemistry a few years ago, I gave it to my 60+ mum to try (not expecting to see noticeable results). Her hands were mildly sun damaged, the skin was rather crepey and they felt a little dry - but these quickly became concerns of the past.

This is the point where I'd usually show you a miraculous before and after, but sadly an iPhone mishap caused that content to be lost forever #RIP. Instead, I'll tell you everything you need to know about this hand cream.

My-Mum-Is-Obsessed-With-This-Hand-Cream-(And-With-Good-Reason) The-Chemistry-Brand-Hand-Chemistry-100ml 0002My-Mum-Is-Obsessed-With-This-Hand-Cream-(And-With-Good-Reason) The-Chemistry-Brand-Hand-Chemistry-100ml 0002

What's So Good About This Hand Cream?

The Chemistry Brand has identified eight signs of hand ageing: brightness, elasticity, firmness, smoothness, density, evenness, hydration and texture. And because this brand sits under the umbrella of innovative skincare brand, Deciem (as does The Ordinary and NIOD), this hand cream has *obviously* been designed to target all of those things.

  • This hand cream features a very highly active complex to deliver fast anti-ageing results

  • It contains a derivative of mushroom shown to be 400 x more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid

  • Algae ferment can increase skin moisture content by 11% in just 12 hours

  • The formula helps to form a protective barrier to reduce moisture loss

  • A unique patented complex also targets firmness, elasticity and smoothness

  • Antioxidant-rich plantago lanceolata also improves unevenness and brightness

  • It comes in three sizes (including a big pump bottle) so you can always have a tube in reach

My-Mum-Is-Obsessed-With-This-Hand-Cream-(And-With-Good-Reason) The-Chemistry-Brand-Hand-Chemistry-100ml 0082My-Mum-Is-Obsessed-With-This-Hand-Cream-(And-With-Good-Reason) The-Chemistry-Brand-Hand-Chemistry-100ml 0082

What Results Can You Expect?

Still wondering what happened to my mum's hands? Well, we both noticed a visible reduction in age spots and pigmentation, an increase in hydration, and a general improvement in their appearance in just 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks. And now that Adore are stocking The Chemistry Brand, I'll keep filling my cart with the jumbo size.

My-Mum-Is-Obsessed-With-This-Hand-Cream-(And-With-Good-Reason) The-Chemistry-Brand-Hand-Chemistry-100ml 0090My-Mum-Is-Obsessed-With-This-Hand-Cream-(And-With-Good-Reason) The-Chemistry-Brand-Hand-Chemistry-100ml 0090

What Does Everyone Say About It?



I’m obsessed with this hand cream! It doesn’t leave your hands feeling oily and greasy, is super lightweight and my hands always feel super hydrated and soft after each use! I have one for home and one for the handbag.

Great for the handbag


I love this handcream so much that I have quite a few of these stashed all around the house and in each handbag! Leaves your hands feeling super soft without them being oily!



Best hand cream ever. Age spots faded. Dryness gone. Hands look 10 years younger. Smells nice and absorbs quickly. Started using it on my face as well and my skin is loving it. Sun damage is fading.