How I Popped My Retinol Cherry (The Natural Way)

If there is one thing I have learnt during my six months in the Adore team, it’s that retinol is very important. But here’s my dark secret - I’ve never touched the stuff! I will happily offer up my face as a testing ground for almost any other skincare product, but if there was a new retinol doing the rounds, I would always politely decline. 

Partly, I was afraid of my sensitive skin reacting badly, but I was also hesitant because I'm a "clean" skincare girl at heart, and I usually opt for organic and natural products in my routine. So you can imagine how excited I was when Mukti Organics Vitamin Booster Vital A Elixir 30ml landed on my desk. Could I really have found a plant-based retinol that could deliver real results?!

MyExperienceWithACleanBeautyRetinol Mukti VitalAElixir 0052MyExperienceWithACleanBeautyRetinol Mukti VitalAElixir 0052

Are Retinol and Vitamin A The Same Thing?

The vitamin A family encompasses a lot of ingredients including retinol, retinoids and naturally occurring forms of vitamin A like rosehip oil.  Each of these work on the skin in a similar way; they promote cell turnover which helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles, while resurfacing the skin for an even, refined complexion. Vitamin A products are also great for acneic skin as they dissolve surface oil and help to refine pores.

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But Do Plant-Based Retinols Really Work?

In this instance, this gel-textured serum features Rosehip and Buriti Oils which naturally contain vitamin A to fortify and defend the skin. The formula also contains CoEnzyme Q10 and Vitamin E to protect the skin from free radicals.

Since using Mukti Organics Vitamin Booster Vital A Elixir 30ml I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin’s texture, and my colleagues have even commented on my natural glow.  And all without any redness and flaking! If you have naturally dry, sensitive skin, or if you like to keep your beauty on the plant-based side, this product is a great way to introduce your skin to the world of vitamin A. They say you always remember your first, and I’m glad mine was Mukti!

  • I recommend using the Vital A Elixir in the evening after cleansing and before moisturising

  • Make sure you wear sunscreen (all vitamin A products make you more photosensitive)  

  • This serum has a nice lightweight texture that isn’t sticky or greasy

  • Mukti is a certified vegan and cruelty-free brand that uses bioactive native extracts

MyExperienceWithACleanBeautyRetinol Mukti VitalAElixir 0020-2MyExperienceWithACleanBeautyRetinol Mukti VitalAElixir 0020-2

What's Everyone Else Saying?

Reduced acne & dark spots


I've had mild acne all my life and thought it will clear as I get older but no such luck. I purchased the the Vital A and B Elixirs two months ago in the hope that it will help. All I can say is WOW! My skin has never looked better! Dark spots almost vanished and acne greatly reduced. Hoping it will clear all together with continued use.

Smoothest & softest skin


I genuinely do not recall having skin this smooth and soft before introducing the Vital A Elixir into my routine - it just melts into your skin, leaving it so fresh and soft! Also finally have been able to see a difference in stubborn blackheads which nothing else has made as well as overall my skin is brighter.

Glowing skin


This product is absolutely amazing! It brightens, tones and hydrates my skin. I've noticed such a difference in the first four weeks using it, my skin just shines. I got a facial recently and the beautician said she was very impressed with my skin and even said I don't need a facial anymore! 100% buying again.