Do Pimple Patches Really Work?

Rewinding to my teen years: a gangly, painfully shy, obnoxious and socially inept nerd with teeth too big for her face, but also a highly enviable pubescent kid who got about three zits a year, if that. Then she turned 23, and adult acne hit her right in her smug face. 

Should I Try Pimple Patches?

The Vice Reversa Micro Needling Pimple Patches are a new venture for me. I was handed a packet of them just as my face had broken out in a series of large, sore (semi-blind) pimples and instructed to give my honest feedback.

What I discovered was that the longer it took for a blemish to fully develop, the more time I had to pick or pop it (hello, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation), which is what I desperately needed to avoid. For that reason, these pimple patches are a game changer - see my before & after below.

  • Each patch contains thousands of microscopic actives formed into micro fine needles

  • These microneedles penetrate the epidermis & dissolve to nourish and replenish

  • They penetrate deep into the skin to stop bacteria from forming

  • Vice Reversa's patches also soothe & repair the skin in as little as 2 hours

  • Features hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, totarol, madecassoside & green tea extract

  • Helps to speed up the blemish process for clearer skin, quicker

  • There are 8 patches in each pack


How Do You Use A Pimple Patch?

As you probably gathered from above, these patches deliver a whole lot of goodies directly into the core of your pesky pimple, so you can say night night to those naughty nodules. 

I put mine on after cleansing and toning, stick the little sucker on, and do the rest of my skincare routine around the patch. I then leave it overnight to make sure I get all the goodness. By sunrise, I'm (almost) a new woman. But if you don't trust me, here are the official instructions:

1. Cleanse the area of the face where you will attach the patch, then dry thoroughly

2. With clean, dry hands, open the pouch and take out the patch from the translucent container

3. Remove the protective film. Be sure not to touch the microneedles in the middle of the patch. Place patch onto area of concern. 

4. Push patch into place to assist microneedle penetration. Can be left on the skin for a couple of hours, or overnight.