Did Someone Say Skincare Fridge?

If you already thought there were lots of unnecessary beauty products on the market, look away now, because this one might tip you over the edge. Now, I'm all for somewhat unnecessary products (hence our podcast segment, "product we didn't know we needed"), so I was super excited to see whether a skincare fridge was actually worth the hype.

Initially, I was sceptical. As I usually am. After all, skincare products are formulated to remain stable at room temperature, so unless advertised, they shouldn't need refrigeration. Which remains totally true - however, upon investigation, I learnt that quite a few of my fave products might just be made better in the fridge.

What Kind Of Products Can You Put In A Skincare Fridge?

Let's just preface this by saying, I don't recommend emptying your whole bathroom shelf into your new skincare fridge. The general rule with skincare is to keep it out of hot, steamy bathrooms, and shielded from direct sunlight.

Not everything should be chilled, including oil-based serums and facial oils, however unstable ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin A may benefit from being in a cooler environment.

Here are my suggestions for what you CAN keep in your skincare fridge:

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks go very nicely in cooler temperatures, making them the perfect addition to your skincare fridge. Having your favourite hydrating or calming sheet mask chilled can help to further decrease inflammation, puffiness and redness.

Sheet Masks

For the same reasons as your sheet masks, storing facial tools like jade and rose quartz rollers, as well as gua sha tools in your skincare fridge might make it a little easier to combat puffiness. If you suffer from inflammatory conditions like rosacea or acne, you may find the coolness of the tools running over your skin reduces skin discomfort.

Face Mists

I've used this old trick for years during the summer months. Store your fave hydrating or cooling face mist in your skincare fridge to sprtiz over your face, neck and chest on hot days. And even better, if you find yourself with a nasty sunburn, it's the most soothing thing ever.

Face Mists

If you want to, you can also store your gel-based moisturisers in your skincare fridge for a cooling effect when you apply to the skin. I recommend this for anyone who retains a lot of heat in their skin (generally those with inflammatory skin concerns). An aloe gel like asap Soothing Gel is an absolute must in summer too, in the event of sunburn.

What You Need To Know About The Beauty Fridge:

  • It's not as cold as your kitchen fridge - the temperature ranges between 3ºC-10ºC

  • It also has a heat setting (50-65°C) which is perfect for hot towels or wax 

  • The Beauty Fridge has a 10 litre capacity, with two removable shelves & door storage

  • It can also preserve and extend the shelf life of nail polish, perfume & lipstick

  • Keeps selected skincare products fresh in a cool, dark environment

  • It operates super quietly, and has side handles for easy portability

  • Makes an excellent gift for any skincare or beauty junkie