All The Ways You Can Add Crystals To Your Beauty Routine

Crystals aren't for everybody. Trust me, I get it. Crystal healing is considered a pseudoscience, and there's no scientific evidence to suggest crystals have any healing or energy balancing properties.

I know that. After all, I rely on science to decipher skincare formulas - I'm not usually into wishy-washy ideals. But crystals are one thing I allow myself to be "into". Same goes for my chakra cards. These things make me feel connected to myself and make me feel reassured; the same way religion may do that for others.

We recently chatted to Lee Luu from Sacred Not Scared on our podcast, which you can listen to here, if you want to know more about this practice.

How To Use Crystals In Your Skincare Routine:

There are a tonne of crystal skincare products on the market - the most common ones you're probably aware of are gua shas and face rollers, made from various crystal materials.

Gua sha is a technique that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine practices for centuries which involves a using a “scraping” technique on the body to release toxins and relieve sore or injured muscles. The modernised (and much less intense) facial version of this technique is designed to reduce tension, stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

The we've got crystal rollers. These have also been around for a long time, and are often dual ended with one wider roller on one end, and a smaller roller on the other (ideal for using under the eyes).

Similar to the gua sha, your crystal face roller is designed to aid in lymphatic drainage massage, which can help to reduce puffiness in the face, and to help stimulate circulation in the skin for a natural glow.

Both tools can be used in combination with serums or oils, and I especially recommend keeping your roller in the fridge if you're prone to puffiness or irritation.

Find out how to do a Gua Sha massage in the video below:

How Do I Choose Which Crystal To Go For?

Each crystal is said to have their own unique properties (again, not something that's been scientifically proven, but I did buy a citrine to bring abundance and wealth just in case).

Rose Quartz: According to Women’s Health, rose quartz is the crystal linked to the heart chakra and is often referred to as the ‘love stone’ for its ability to promote a sense of compassion and love. Apparently rose quartz is also a powerful healing stone that can help to increase self-love, ease tension and ward off negative emotions.

Clear Quartz: Known as the healing stone and ideal for pairing with other crystals to amplify their energy, clear quartz crystals allegedly aid in concentration and focus, and amplify any energy or intention. This stone is also said to protect against negativity, connecting you to your higher self.

Amethyst: According to Lee Luu, these crystals are the mother of all the stones, offering protective properties, and the potential to enhance your own intuition. This crystal is also often used as a calming tool.

Jade: Understood to be a 'healing' stone, Jade is said to carry protective properties and promotes prosperity, abundance and good luck.

Now, How Do I Incorporate A Crystal Into My Life?

Gua Sha aims to stimulate lymphatic drainage, to help sculpt the appearance of the face. It’s also great for stimulating blood flow for a natural glow, and relieving tension in your facial muscles - great for those who clench their jaw! Some common techniques include sweeping up from the chin towards the ear, from the base of the neck up to the jaw, along the cheeks from the centre of the face outwards, along the brow, sweeping out, or up the forehead towards the hairline.

It'll be the most expensive water bottle you buy, but boy does it look pretty. This beautiful, high quality glass bottle featuring a clear quartz crystal, promotes a sense of clarity and abundance. It comes with a protective black neoprene bottle cover, and holds between 500-550ml of water depending on the unique crystal.

Made from real amethyst, this tool is designed to promote circulation, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, stimulate the lymphatic system to combat puffiness and water retention, and encourage better absorption of serums and oils. This stone is said to instill a sense of calm and promotes healing and balance, and can be used on the face and eye area with your favourite skincare products.

This cream illuminator contains actual rose quartz crystal powder in an ultra-flattering soft pink hue. It applies seamlessly to the skin, boosting radiance and luminosity. But it doesn't stop there, this highlighter is also enriched with skin-loving noni extract and coconut oil, and it's certified organic and cruelty-free.