The Chicest Candles You Can Buy For Your Bougie Bestie

A candle is far more than a candle. It’s a piece of art, an accessory, a status symbol. The perfect prop on your Instagram photo, companion to your Sunday night face mask. Plus, they look so damn fancy. Burning money never smelt so good. (Kidding. Kind of.)

They’re the kind of thing that people really want, but are reluctant to splurge on for themselves. Which makes them THE perfect gift for your bougie bestie. (Ahem, or your alter ego. I won’t judge!) 

Why Are Fancy Candles So Expensive?

I’ll be honest. The price tag of some luxury candles can be eye-watering. But there is a very good reason the chicest candles don’t come cheap. Primarily the scent; the main reason for loving them in the first place. High-end brands usually engage a perfumer to concoct those intoxicating scents, with the same delicacy and art that would go into a perfume you’d spritz on your wrist. They also tend to have a much higher level of fragrance compared to lower-end options for a better “throw” (that’s perfume-speak for how well the scent fills a space) and use high-quality oils which can also be exxy.

The Chicest Candles You Can Buy For Your Bougie Bestie Kerzon Tuileries Palais-Royal Candle Cire Trudon Solis Rex Candle [Classic] 270g Lumira Glass Candle – Persian Rose 0002The Chicest Candles You Can Buy For Your Bougie Bestie Kerzon Tuileries Palais-Royal Candle Cire Trudon Solis Rex Candle [Classic] 270g Lumira Glass Candle – Persian Rose 0002

In fact, luxe brand Cire Trudon still make their candles the same way they did when they started nearly four centuries ago; hand-poured in small batches to ensure the scent is evenly distributed throughout the wax in the candle. This way, you’re not overwhelmed by the first few inches and thoroughly disappointed by the time you get to the bottom. 

And then there’s all the extra attention to details. The label, the look, the packaging. It’s not just a candle, it’s an experience. (Tell that to your accountant!) 

Here are four to proudly display, light and enjoy.

For The Friend Who Loves...

For when plane tickets to Paris are juuust out of budget… bring the fragrant blooms of the Tuileries Gardens to them instead. Aquatic top notes reveal a heart of hyacinth and freshly cut flowers, before mellowing to a woody green base. Perfect for eco-conscious mates, this one is made from ingredients and materials carefully chosen to minimise the impact on the environment. It gets the vegan and cruelty-free tick, too. Win-win.  

Inspired by Versailles’ hall of mirrors, this is a light-filled, sun-drenched afternoon in a candle. A gold label and hand-blown glass vase make this feel super luxe. Then there’s the scent; think fresh eucalyptus, leafy green notes and a twist of orange, with a base of clean cedarwood and smoky incense. One to enjoy and savour from the candle house who used to craft candles for the royal court of King Louis XIV. Bougie indeed.

Sleek, chic and sends wafts of exotic rose through the house; yep, this is one seductive candle. The alluring scent boasts fruity top notes of sparkling mandarin, bergamot zest and sweet orange. Budding persian rose and geranium essence make way for a long-lasting, deeper base of soft musk, patchouli and dark amber. This is floral with an edge. Even better? The black matte vase is perfect for reusing once the candle has finished. Flowers, makeup brushes, pens… the uses are endless.

Does your bestie live half their life (in their head, at least) sunning themselves by the azure seas of Italy? Consider this their candle soulmate. Hand-poured, it flaunts a delicate blend of white florals, warm Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian orange, over a clean and calming base of sandalwood and crisp amber. It’s “worth every scent”, according to one review. Delicious.

Brittany Stewart is a beauty journalist and podcaster with an extensive collection of red lipsticks that look the same but definitely aren’t. When she’s not hosting beauty podcast, Beauty Island, you’ll find her searching for the best frizz-fighting, curly hair products and the face mask that will solve (all) her problems. You can find Brittany on Instagram here.