Rachel Bilson's Signature Fragrance Might Be Yours, Too

We haven't seen her much since the epic finale of The O.C, but for me, Rachel Bilson is still synonymous with style and sass. Well, maybe I'm thinking more of Summer Roberts but that's beside the point.

She ruled our TV screens from 2003-2007, and made low-rise jeans and beaded dangly necklaces a thing (never forget), so when I discovered that she'd shared her signature fragrance with Elle Australia, I was all ears.

What's The Fragrance?

The thing that surprised me about Bilson's fragrance of choice was that it's totally accessible. It's not a $500 custom-made scent from a tiny boutique in Paris, it's Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT Spray - a reasonably priced eau de toilette from Cuban American fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez *obviously*.

  • It's a feminine, floral musk fragrance with a refreshing twist of osmanthus and bergamot

  • For Her has heart notes of musk surrounded by a delicate blend of floral notes

  • It also features soft amber and hints of patchouli, for an elegant and light scent

  • It's cleaner and more floral than the parfum, and lasts well on the skin for a toilette

  • The scent is housed in a sophisticated, sleek black glass bottle

I paraded For Her around the office to get everyone's first impressions - I find this is the best way to try and convey a scent in words. The descriptions I got back were "sweet", "pink", "airy", "floral" and "musky". I'd say, imagine what Summer Roberts' perfume smells like - that's it.

Looking For Something Else?

I've been considering purchasing a Narciso Rodriguez fragrance for years now, so when the brand landed at Adore Beauty, I jumped at the chance to find the perfect one for me. Unlike Rachel Bilson, I prefer more masculine, smokey notes in a perfume. That's exactly how I discovered my own new signature scent, Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc EDP.

If you're the kind of person who prefers the smell of men's aftershave to women's perfume, you'll love this. It still has hints of femininity, but the strong smokey notes of musk is what sold me. I sprayed it on myself a few times at work, and had several people ask me what I was wearing. That's the sign of a good fragrance, ladies and gentlemen.

How Do I Find The Right Narciso Rodriguez Fragrance For Me?

I'm coming to the rescue. Yes, I understand it's very hard to buy fragrance online - bear a thought for me having to actually describe fragrances (who even knows what patchouli smells like?!). You can find your match below based on the type of perfumes you usually prefer.

I like masculine, musky fragrances - your match is For Her Pure Musc EDP.

I like feminine, floral fragrances - your match is For Her EDT Spray.

I like fresh, not overly flowery fragrances - your match is For Her Fleur Musc EDP.

I like something in between all of the above - your match is Narciso EDP.