All The Home Comforts We're Adding To Our Staff Orders

We’ve all been spending more time in our homes of late, becoming intimately familiar with every nook and cranny. The upside (apart from more nights on the sofa)? We’re possibly more invested than ever in making it our dream space.

So it’s no surprise that topping our wish-lists now are some stylish home comforts.

Home fragrance combines the best of beauty and interiors. And if your sofa is already overflowing with cushions, it’s an effective (and far cheaper) way to change up or brighten your home space than fully redesigning or redecorating.

But an overly artificial home fragrance from Kmart or a plain bar of soap doesn’t always cut it anymore.

According to architectural and interior designer and co-founder of The Two Homers Design Studio, Jess Homer, smell is an often overlooked sense when it comes to interior design.

“Fragrances and smells have a powerful effect on our emotions and can trigger certain feelings and associated memories. When used correctly, we can use them to set the tone for the mood and feeling of the space” she says.

While there’s room to play, she believes certain fragrance products are better suited to different areas of the home.

“Room sprays are a great option for bedrooms and linen, home fragrance diffusers make a lovely touch to a bathroom or powder room, and candles add a nice touch to just about any space.”

I bet you're wondering (since we have access to a whole plethora of home fragrances) which ones we're eyeing off and adding to our carts. So let me tell you - these are my top four.

The Room Spray:

Lola James Harper #14 The Surf Shop of Stephane Room Spray 50ml

Think of room spray as perfume for your space. 

“When selecting home fragrance, I always go with my first instinct. If it doesn’t sit right in my stomach, it’s a no. It’s all about trial and error,” says Melbourne-based interior designer and founder of Tennille Joy Interiors, Tennille Burnup.

Room sprays are also perfect for times when you can’t light a candle (young children or inquisitive pets, anyone?)

Lola James Harper was founded by a musician and photographer, so the scents really do bring memories and experiences to life with incredible detail. With woody notes heightened by tuberose and monoi, this one will transport you to a beachside workshop, surrounded by wood, wax and rolling waves outside. Surf’s up.

The Incense:

Maison Balzac The Glass Pebble- Amber

A cut above your typical reed diffuser, the incense holder from Maison Balzac is a piece of art in itself - and worth showing off.

Tennille recommends placing on top of a stack of coffee table books on a shelf.

Simple and sleek, it has a hole that can fit any incense, although I highly recommend trying some of the beautiful options from Maison Balzac themselves, which you can browse here.

To enjoy, ensure you’ve put it out of the way of anything flammable. Once your incense is in the hole, light it, let it burn for about 10 seconds so it catches, then blow it out. It should release a thin plume of smoke which will keep it burning slowly, spreading the scent gently around the room.

When it comes to incense, Jess recommends staying clear of anything too intense.

“I’d recommend choosing more subtle scents, especially for ‘burning’ fragrances as heat intensifies the smell,” she says.

“You want your fragrance to be more of a background scent rather than something overpowering.”

The Hand Soap:

Compagnie De Provence Liquid Marseille Soap Black Tea 500ml

Once the domain of fancy hotels and restaurants, upgrading your basic bar of soap to a beautiful-looking and smelling hand wash is a sure-fire way to make even the most mundane of tasks feel a little bit more special. And yes, they look good on Instagram too.

Forget the predictable brown bottles and instead go monochrome with this one from Compagnie De Provence. C’est chic, non? Perfect for your bathroom, laundry or by the kitchen sink, the fresh and reinvigorating scent carries notes of black tea and blackberry - developed by perfumers in Grasse.

Obviously. Made from 95% natural ingredients, you can also recycle or refill the beautiful glass bottle when you’re done.

The Candle:

Kerzon Tuileries Palais-Royal Candle

I love the scent of this candle all year around, bringing the rich and vivid scent of Royal Palace Gardens of the Tuileries in Paris. Think: hyacinth, freshly cut flowers and slightly aquatic notes. Even better, Kerzon candles are vegan, cruelty free and environmentally conscious too.

“I like to have a candle burning in the bathroom when hosting dinner parties. It gives an element of surprise in both ambience and smell - and I always have compliments from guests when they return about their bathroom experience,” says Tennille.

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