Working From Home Desk Essentials: Beauty Edition

If you’re anything like me right now you’re probably thinking ‘this is crazy! How did my hands get SO dry! OMG the world is shutting down! Why isn't anyone staying home?! …ummm what was that? Did I just hear somebody COUGH!’

Although you know what, I think it’s totally fine to have somewhat mildly panicked thoughts like these because we’re living in unprecedented times, and we're learning brand new (sometimes daunting) information every day.

So, for those of us that are required to get work done in solitary confinement (because #socialdistancing is important), here are my working from home tips.

How To Stay Focused While Working From Home:

As somebody who has freelanced for the past seven years, I feel as though I’ve been in social isolation for long enough to help a sister out. Because, while initially the prospect of working from home is enticing as you might not need to do your hair or makeup AND you have 24/7 access to a fridge to snack from, it can actually be quite hard to get stuff done when your house is filled with distractions.

So before you download TikTok and learn all the moves to Renegade instead of getting anything done, try the following:

  • Make to-do lists & tick off tasks as you go

  • Get dressed (your robe and PJs don't count)

  • Get into a proper 9-5 work routine (set working blocks between snacks)

  • Take regular breaks & take a walk outside over your lunch break

  • Try to video conference with your work pals when you feel yourself going insane

and most importantly,

  • Create a functional at-home workspace

This is my number one rule when working from home. A home office environment is everything. Even if you just shut the door and pretend your cooped up room is bigger than it is. Or clear your dining table/set it up to work from, styled with cool things for your home office.

You have to have somewhere to work from filled with all your ‘work from home accessories’ – that isn’t your bed (not gonna lie, I have done that before). A bed = comfy. And you know what comfy leads to? Online shopping. Stalking boyfriends from years gone past. Plus, your Osteo and your back won’t be happy. So create a nice space to work from filled with things every home office should have.

Some of my favourite work from home accessories are:

WATER because duh, it’s one of the best things you can do for the health of your skin. Also since right now, protecting your immunity is key, drinking two-three litres a day should be a non-negotiable and a bougie crystal infused water bottle can help get that done. It also holds around 500-550mls of water so you can easily carry it around your house and you can choose the crystal you want your bottle to be made with. Rose quartz = love and peace, amethyst stimulates the mind and enhances creativity and clear quartz helps with clarity and balance. It’s a fun way to help you reach your water goals. 

I am President of the club ‘every work space (and handbag) needs a face mist’ and I cordially invite you to join. Work environments suck the life out of skin especially when you live in a dry environment so making time to re-mist, re-hydrate and re-coup = great ways to break up your day and I swear it makes your makeup look better. Anyway this La Roche Posay mist is one of my faves, because it’s ingredient list is literally just: thermal spring water. So it will suit every skin type no matter what. I used to even use it on my baby post bath so it’s very versatile. However, for the purposes of our make believe workplace scenario let’s just call it a wfh essential.

If your hands don’t feel like you’re wearing gloves made out of lizard skin right now, then something is definitely up. Because don’t we all need a hand balm to pop moisture back into our heavily Dettol-ed paws right now? Enter: Aesop, legit everybody’s fave hand cream. In fact, I’d honestly add to cart ASAP as it’ll probably sell out madly in the next fifteen seconds. It’s vegan, cruelty free, Aussie made, not too oily, or thick, doesn’t leave a greasy residue, hydrates skin using premium botanical oils – but most importantly looks incredibly chic in a work space.

And lastly, don’t we all need a little aromatherapy right now to set the mood? I love this essential oil diffuser because not only will it help induce calm in our home work space surrounding BUT it’s black and will work with pretty much every work space as well. Which makes it very convenient, and is definitely something that people who work from home need. Add a few drops of the Black Chicken Remedies Respire Essential Oil Blend to clear and refresh your airways while you work.