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Avène Skin Recovery Cream 50ml

4.6 of 33 reviews


$9.74 x 4

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$9.74 x 4

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  • 20s
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  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Avène Skin Recovery Cream

Avène Skin Recovery Cream

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4.6 of 33 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

great post peels
I love this cream. It's not a heavy cream; It's NOT a gel, but it has a gel like texture. Sinks right into the skin. No fragrance. I really have nothing bad to say about it. My cosmetic dermatologist has recommended this to me. After my skin peels, I need to use light products.

Most Helpful Criticism

A nice cream but not my favourite
This is a nice hydrating cream however can leave me feeling a little oily.
  1. great post peels

    I love this cream. It's not a heavy cream; It's NOT a gel, but it has a gel like texture. Sinks right into the skin. No fragrance. I really have nothing bad to say about it. My cosmetic dermatologist has recommended this to me. After my skin peels, I need to use light products.
  2. Great

    I purchased this after having a reaction to a cleanser (not Avene brand) and it moisturised my damaged skin without irritating it further. I have continued to use this at night as it is a great gentle moisturiser. I have taken one star off because of the high price
  3. Best treatment cream

    Moisturises severely dry irritated skin. Have been using this cream for years. It’s my go to for getting rid of red patchy skin. Great for sensitive skin
  4. Perfect SOS for the skin

    This product absolutely lives up to its name. It is really good at calming and hydrating the skin.
  5. my holy grail.

    I’ve reviewed this product before but it deserves another.I’m on my 4th tube of this & will never use any other moisturiser ever again.I have extremely sensitive skin & have tried more creams than I can count.I hit the jackpot with this one! It leaves my skin so moisturised & plump.It’s not greasy and my skin always feels so soft & moisturised for so long & really sits well under makeup.I get asked all the time what moisturiser I use! .I live in a tropical environment & this cream holds up so well in the heat without leaving me a gross,greasy,sweaty mess.I definitely recommend it,especially to those with super sensitive or dry skin.
  6. Skin saviour

    This brand was recommended to me by a dermatologist as I suffer from rosacea and my skin is extremely dry and sensitive.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the range and this product in particular as I find it so hydrating and nourishing for my dry skin.
    This cream is definitely heavier than other creams I have used but find it is better suited for my skin.
    I think it might be too heavy for someone with oily skin
  7. A nice cream

    I have dry, rosacea prone skin. This is a nicely textured, low irritation moisturiser. That said, I feels like it only deals with run of the mill dry skin - for areas prone to scales or persistent tightness - which unfortunately my skin does when I've been swimming regularly - you need something with more oomph. My search continues.
  8. Beautiful and simple occlusive moisturiser

    If you want something simple, fuss free, and gentle this is probably exactly what you're looking for. It is a very wonderful occlusive I use when I already have an oil or serum underneath.
  9. well-loved, cant go wrong

    well-loved, cant go wrong cream that acts as a barrier against pollutants -- super simple and pared-back skincare that is a fallback for irritated, sensitive skin!
  10. Very hydrating

    I have highly sensitive dry skin and this cream has been very hydrating and calming on my skin. While it is oily at first it is quickly absorbed.
  11. Lovely, but save your money

    This cream would be perfect for those who have very sensitive skin... it has a cooling effect and is scentless.

    Nice, but way too over priced for the amount you get.
  12. A nice cream but not my favourite

    This is a nice hydrating cream however can leave me feeling a little oily.
  13. Gentle

    This is a rich cream ,very rich and easily absorbed .I have used this for a few years for itchy skin from bites and plant allergies as well as dry spots on my nose .It is great no smell and cooling .I have very dry and sensitive skin and I am recommending it for similar skin .
  14. well raved by influencers

    This cream has been well talked about by so many influencers and for such reason, I knew I had to give this product a go. I absolutely love how nice and hydrating this cream leaves my skin. I feel like my skins more plump and gentle after every use. I love it and will recommend to those looking to give this product a go

    This product is really rich and creamy but it doesn’t leave the skin oily at it. Because it is quite pricey, I only apply it on my T zone where I have Rosacea. I have only been using it for a few days but already my skin feels really hydrated, soft, and the redness has lessened. I use the thermal water before applying this cream and I love it.
  16. Morning ritual moisturiser

    I have combo dehydrated skin with rosacea around the upper cheekbones. This is a great moisturiser for the summer when you want a hydrating product that doesn't build up on your oily areas. Really great and balancing for people with combo skin struggling to find a good moisturiser. It's also airtight so a big plus if you have sensitive skin too.
  17. Great gentle moisturiser

    This moisturiser has been fantastic for my combination type skin. I find it is very soothing for the drier parts of my face and not too heavy over the oiler regions. You don't need much for great moisturising effect, otherwise it can feel a bit heavy if you apply too much. Will definitely buy again!
  18. a must for sensitive skin!

    if you have irritable, sensitive skin that breaks out or (worse!) has allergic reactions to perfumed creams, this is the one for you. it does not irritate skin and keeps you hydrated and perfectly balanced. good to use under makeup as well.
  19. best face cream I've ever used.

    I developed extremely sensitive skin & acne rosacea after my second child 8yrs ago & have tried,what feels like every single product to help calm my skin.Nothing ever really worked & would either make no difference at all OR it would make my skin flare up like crazy! I loved the reviews on this cream & already use their springwater mist & love it & decided I'd give this a try...I am so glad I did! It is the first moisturiser I have ever used that 1.Doesnt aggravate my skin in any way...2.calms it & minimises the redness & bumps SO well! & 3.keeps my skin hydrated like no other product I have ever used before.I plan on buying this moisturiser & this one only for the rest of my life lol.
  20. Very hydrating

    It does what it says! Very hydrating and soothing, and I did not experience any breakouts. However, I personally think it was quite expensive for 50ml.
  21. For night time use

    I found this cream was fantastic for moisturising my dehyrdated skin (I work full time in a highly air-conditioned building which dries out my skin, hair etc!) - however I did find it too much to wear under make up - better as a night cream.My skin reacts badly to so many products & finally I have found a cream that suits me. I have noticed a big difference in my skin after only a week of using the product and I cant recommend it highly enough!
  22. awesome

    great moisturiser that really repairs damaged, dry skin. just lovely.
  23. Soft skin

    Makes my skin feel so soft and sinks right in without leaving an oily residue. All avene products seem to be suitable for sensitive skin.
  24. My HG moisturiser !!

    I'm on the 'other' side of 50...just.
    Have tried every moisturiser on the market my whole life, & battling periodic/ongoing childhood & adult acne, now menopausal flare ups & peri-oral dermatitis.
    I decided to use this cream consistently as my moisturiser morning & night for the last 6 months.
    I also stopped using all the active anti-age serums , Niacinamide, vitamin C's, Retinal based products etc.& basically ....well, pared down my skincare regime to ....basic.
    I feel women have been coned into putting way too much on our faces & our skin sometimes just doesn't k now how to function in it's own natural cycle anymore.
    This cream is calming, soothing, goes well under makeup, a few powder pats throughout the day can mattify any oily areas.
    My skin has barely had one pimple, one flareup since. My face always looks 'dewy' & plump by morning.
    If I try any other new product which may cause pimples, I stop it & use this again for a few days & my skin calms down.
    No it doesn't 'shrink' pores or lighten sun spots or reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
    But what it does do, is just simply moisturise my skin & gives it a healthy glow.
    I've lost count of what No. tube I'm on.
  25. Great for dry, sensitive skin

    This is a beautiful day moisturiser. I found it reduced redness in the skin, was hydrating, and sat so well under makeup. It is a fairly light moisturiser but was great for my dry skin. Really lovely product.
  26. A great day moisturiser

    This moisturiser goes great with the sunscreen from Avène. Used in the morning, it soaks into my skin quickly and doesn’t look greasy. It also goes well under make up. Would recommended!
  27. Amazing!

    Had my doubts but this is amazing for my dehydrated and oily skin! I've tried so many moisturisers and oils and none ever really worked for me. Some were too greasy, made me break out, too chemically, too organic or didn't have enough barrier protection to keep my skin hydrated. This is a total god-send! It calms and protects the skin and retains moisture from any serums you use before, leaving the skin smooth and plump!. It doesn't leave you too shiny or greasy and it the perfect make up base. Buy the tube and never look back!
  28. Miracle worker

    I am on norspan patches for chronic pain and after the week my skin in that area is red, hot, sore, itchy and very angry. I’ve been prescribed almost every cortisone/steroid cream available and the best I get is a healing time of a week minimum. I found avene whilst waiting for another steroid cream to be prescribed, and after two days the rash had completely disappeared. This cream is an absolute godsend! If you have any kind of skin condition please give this a go. It’s heaven to sore skin and the thick, pleasant smelling cream is a blissful and more effective alternative to awful chemical smelling steroid creams. You absolutely won’t regret it!!!
  29. perfect for sensitive skin

    My skin goes through periods where anything will just irritate it, this has worked wonders on my sensitive skin, this is my third repurchase love it.
  30. A must have in my bathroom drawer

    This is the best product for sensitive skin. When I get dry patches or areas of rosacea pop up, I use this immediately and find it works wonders. I use only when required
  31. Great for Winter

    This is perfect for the winter time when your skin becomes more dry. It does a good job of healing and soothing the skin without inflaming or causing itchiness to the skin.
  32. Amazing- worked instantly

    I have combination-dry skin and am prone to breaks outs around my jaw, chin and neck.
    I use a prescription, my skin gets so flakey, dry and irritated.
    this moisturizer is like a dream come true. it instantly made my skin feel soothed and i only had to apply it once in the morning and my skin didn't dry out or get flakey for the whole day!
    It didn't make my skin feel oily or cause me to have break outs either.
    this stuff is the best ever!!
  33. I love pretty much everything Avène sells

    I had to go on accurate a harsh drug to get rid of hormonal pimples. After going on this my skin was so dry and sensitive even natural skincare products weren’t working and my dermatologist gave me a few sample bags with different brands of things and a few had Avène things and it was the online thing my skin could folerate for that 8 month period. This is an amazing cream because it really does recover your skin without causing irritation. This is great for sensitive skin but all skin types. My mother tried it and she has dry older skin and saw a difference in her skin texture after just one use. My sister is now hooked on everything Avène!
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