Simone Abaron

CEO & Founder  |  Apotecari

Simone Abaron

CEO & Founder at Apotecari

About me

Back in 2014, I was seated in my hair stylist's chair for a Japanese straightening treatment. With lower-back length frizzy hair, this was a part of my regular regimen. At that time, balayage was also on trend and I asked my stylist if it were possible to combine the two applications. The reality is, the answer should have been 'no', but unaware of the consequences, we proceeded. That day, I walked away with hair above my ears - a result of the two applications reacting, my hair turning to jelly and snapping off. I was distraught, devastated and horrified. We often don't realise just how large a part of our identity our hair is - and mine was gone! As a certified formulation naturopath and nutritionist living in Bondi, I was working day-to-day with a range of Australian brands, formulating products for wellbeing, be they topical or in the 'beauty-from-within' space. I understood that, as a growth process of the body, hair and hair health can be supported from within. I had a look at the market to see what might be available and very quickly realised that there was a gap - nothing was going to help my hair grow with the potency or power I was after, at a quality that was important to me. To get this same nutrition from dietary sources, I would have had to have eaten a kilogram of ricotta cheese per day - and while I love ricotta, I wanted to grow my hair, not to get fat. With my hair in a quasi-80s-bob, I undertook the study of trichology - the science of the hair and scalp, and aligned myself with other industry specialists like Australia's leading stylists - equipping myself to formulate a relevant and potent product range that catered to Australia's most common hair conditions and goals. The scalp - the scalp! - how often overlooked this vital piece of the puzzle is. Trichology coupled with ancient wisdom and naturopathy very quickly pointed out that this is where hair health starts and so, this is where today's Apotecari range starts with our specialist scalp supplement, Crowning Glory. Crowning Glory sits alongside our intensive growth vegan supplement, Mane Event, and our potent plant-based collagen and protein supplement, Hair Food. Hair Food, as a powder, was really important to us, offering users something different to a pill supplement. Sipped as a smoothie or sprinkled over breakfast, we wanted to create what most busy people crave in their day - an easy moment of respite - delightfully palatable, with the knowledge that these ingredients are the best available quality for an exceptional outcome, right down to the last mouthful. Apotecari as a brand is a slice of myself: it's eco-conscious, ethical, uses the best quality ingredients, and understands that people are busy. It fits into a holistic regimen as an easy daily addition, delivers on experience be it the product or the results, and often teams up with fitness, meditation, personal care and spacial-creation specialists in the eco-conscious, luxury space to really elevate one's lifestyle. My partner Aaron and I will often pair our Apotecari with topical products of the same calibre - in our bathroom you'll find Christophe Robin (their sea salt purifying scrub and prickly pear products our staples!) and Aesop's body washes and balms - again, that efficacy and quality so important to us. We know after a full day at Apotecari House, formulating and researching ingredients, and how to enhance men and women's daily regimens next, a deep scalp massage, a boost of nutrients in a delicious meal, time with our pups, Chico and Nacho, and a moment in our rainforest inspired courtyard are our personal 'must's.

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