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Antipodes Worship Superfruit Serum 30ml

4.3 of 46 reviews


4 instalments of $13.50


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4 instalments of $13.50


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Certified organic Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum helps fortify your skin from early ageing.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 81% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Antipodes Worship Superfruit Serum

Antipodes Worship Superfruit Serum

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Customer Reviews

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4.3 of 46 reviews

81% recommend this product

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This has helped my skin tone and has left it soft. It also helps camouflage the smell of my some other creams that do not smell good to me

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure about this


I received a sample of this and it feels nice on the skin. I used this at night and whilst my skin felt soft, it also broke out and it stains.
  1. It works!


    Got this product as a sample gift and tried it and it worked wonders on my aging skin. My face and neck felt soft and even the winkles seemed to lessen. My skin seemed to have a glow about it and the age spots seem to fade also. Very impressed with how it worked for me so I went and bought a bottle. I went back to my original routine while waiting for it to arrive and I can honestly say that as go...
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  2. Fruity


    Smells lovely, makes my skin feel so smooth and lovely! Smells like a fruit smoothie and looks like one too. Only qualm I have is that it pills (not very badly) and sometimes there's tiny bits of what I assume is fruit extracts. A little annoying to layer over, but not a nightmare.
  3. Amazing


    This has helped my skin tone and has left it soft. It also helps camouflage the smell of my some other creams that do not smell good to me
  4. It’s beautiful!


    I received a sample of this with one of my orders and have to say I’ll be purchasing the full size. I have young non problematic skin so I found this was a lovely booster to my skincare routine. It makes my skin feel soft and glowy after application and it absorbs so quickly and nicely into the skin it looks beautiful under makeup!
  5. The smell is amazing!


    I got this as a deluxe sample with my AB order and I like it! It feels lovely on the skin and it smells amazing! Not sure if it's something I will repurchase but I've loved adding it as an extra with my other serums in my night routine.
  6. neck serum


    I love to use this serum on my neck! Works so well and so moisturising
  7. light on skin


    i got it as a gift with purchase and it is very light and gentle on the skin and does not leave my skin dry and patchy. i can use it before my moisturiser in the morning.
  8. Noticeable difference


    I’ve been using this product for months now and my skin feels much more refreshed and less dry. The serum smells great and feels healthy for the skin. It has helped with pigmentation issues.
  9. Great for a serum cocktail


    I use this every morning with a mix of other serums for a hydrating serum cocktail. Leaves my face feeling soft and absorbs the products I put over it well. A few drops will go a long way.
  10. Pretty good!


    I got this as a sample with my Manuka honey light day cream! I really liked this serum it felt good on my skin I would purchase a full size and recommend this product to others!
  11. Not sure about this


    I received a sample of this and it feels nice on the skin. I used this at night and whilst my skin felt soft, it also broke out and it stains.
  12. Great antioxidant serum


    I really liked this serum. It’s got a nice consistency and was very light to apply. I always felt like I looked fresher the day after using it - my skin more glowy and plump. Would definitely recommend it!
  13. Skin feeling great


    my skin has been a bit dry lately and i've added this into my routine and it looks so much better. use this serum before moisturiser every night and is amazing. Would recommend this
  14. Great


    A very nice serum that makes my skin look amazing. Really brightens overnight and makes my skin soft and plump looking. Don’t need much to cover face.
  15. night serum


    I am beginning to have some anti-aging concerns and have started using this serum at night. My dry skin feels much more hydrated the next morning and it has a nice healthy glow
  16. Great consistency. Plumps up the skin nicely


    I got the 10ml version as a free gift and was so surprised to see the colour and consistency of the product, especially after having tried other Antipodes serums before. I took this travelling with me and it works really well to penetrate the my combination/oily skin, and I absolutely love the superfruit ingredients. Lovely product!
  17. Fabulous serum


    I have received this as a free gift. I love it. It made my skin look fresh and radiant. I’d definitely buy this. Amazing product.
  18. Great product


    I’ve been using this product for months now and my skin feels much more refreshed and less dry. The serum smells great and feels healthy for the skin. It has helped with pigmentation issues.
  19. skin looks great


    my skin has been a bit dry lately and i've added this into my routine and it looks so much better
  20. great


    I received this product in the winter skin care giveaway bag (no way would I be able to afford it on its own!) and oh my lord, this stuff is amazing. I have been using it for about a week and every time I put it on I feel it tighten my skin instantly. The only thing is I wish the bottle was bigger, because I'm going to run out soon and it's so expensive.
  21. Face food!


    I usually use serums pretty cluelessly, but I found this one actually made a difference. It has a different texture, but I love that it is natural. It's also a great way to get antioxidants to my skin when I'm out of berries.
  22. Perfect introduction to antioxidant serums


    I have purchased this several times and is my favourite ‘antioxidant’ serum. Like others have said it’s a thick brown fluid that once dry feels tight and definitely needs to be followed with a moisturiser. I usually mix this with hyaluronic acid to make it more spreadable and less likely to leave streaks on my face because that will unfortunately happen due to the colour.

    I usually a...
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  23. super hydrating and comfortable


    I use this in cooler months under my moisturiser and it makes the texture of my skin so soft and plump and really feels so good on the skin. I use this all year round especially when my skin needs to TLC
  24. Hydrating


    I recommend to use this serum at night time, the skin is hydrating and smooth in next morning. I feel a little bit heavy to use in morning.
  25. really great


    really great serum that has helped to hydrate and balance my skin
  26. Hydrating!


    I received a 10ml sample of this and found it to be Hydrating despite being a different sort of consistency and colour to what I’m used to! I wouldn’t wear it during the day due to this but it seems to hydrate my skin when used at nigh!
  27. Nice product


    Nice product. Makes my skin feel great. Is a bit oily looking but skin is when sunscreen is on anyway. Plus if makeup is put over top it’s not noticeable.


    This product is incredible. It makes my skin feel so tight and younger looking! Highly recommend to use at night with your night time routine.
  29. Felt more like rubbing food on my face.


    I didn't particularly enjoy this product. It smells more like food than a serum. It also has a thick consistency and a brown colour. It took a while to soak into my skin and left a brown colour on my face. It just made my face look sticky and a bit dirty. Maybe my sample was just off, but I definitely would not purchase the full-sized product.
  30. Not for me


    I received this as a sample and was really looking forward to trying it as I was in need of a new serum. Unfortunately I reacted to it so can’t continue to use it. It wasn’t heavy or greasy though which I liked
  31. Great


    I initially received this as a sample. I now buy this as a staple. Non greasy and light. Doesn't dry my skin or aggravate my acne. The fragrance smells natural. Great pick me up for dull skin. I also found on bad skins days I could use four drops on its own and it would liven up, brighten my skin and help hide dark circles and is great for a natural no make up look.
  32. Feels great


    I use this serum in conjunction with the Juliet cleanser at night, and find it to be hydrating and smoothing for my combination & sensitive skin.
    The serum sinks nicely into the skin, and feels great.
    My only dislike is the brown colour, which I find sometimes rubs onto my white pillowcases if I don't wait long enough for the serum to completely disappear!
  33. Fruity & Hydrating

    Beauty Bee

    If you like green beauty/skincare, you can't go past Antipodes, they make such great skincare! This serum sinks into skin beautifully and isn't sticky. It smells like goji berry juice to me... I like that they use natural sources of antioxidants. I use it in the morning to protect my skin. It definitely hydrates to boot! Did it lighten pigmentation? not really... but I hope it's helping to prevent...
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  34. Antipodes Worship Superfruit Serum


    I love this moisturiser! I only use it at night as it takes a little while to soak into the skin but it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth in the morning. I’ve really noticed a difference since I started using it
  35. Great!


    I've been using this on my forehead as that's where the ageing seems to be hitting me - forehead lines. I have dry, sensitive skin and so far it hasn't irritated my skin which is good. Will keep using to see if there really are anti-ageing benefits
  36. Helped texture


    This serum goes on beautifully. I saw results from using this after a few days; my skin texture was better and my pigmentation seemed less apparent.
  37. I will never stop buying this


    As someone else said, this serum *can* tint your skin a little if you’re pale, but tbh I mostly use this at night and therefore I don’t really notice it. If I do use it in the morning, any makeup that follows masks it. It’s really not noticeable - more of a golden glow! I will NEVER stop buying this product. I’m 28, and have oily skin and nothing ever really seems to do anything long term for it: ...
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  38. great


    Used 3 drops of this each time and within just a day ive seen wonders. My skin was dry and i used it with my foundation and it gave a smooth finish and used it with my night routine and skin feels extra smooth. Really loving this product so far
  39. Drying


    I received this with a purchase to try and I found it very drying even with oily skin. The product seems to separate and even after giving it a good shake it still goes on skin as a brown goo. I did wonder whether the product sample was old and possibly off. Based on sample given though I would not recommend it.
  40. Unsure...


    I received a small bottle of this with a recent adore order. I've used it about ten times, and am still undecided. On the plus side, it doesn't seem to aggravate my sensitive skin, despite being loaded with actives and potent ingredients. However, without immediate use of moisturiser after I find it drying, and most off putting of all, it stains! I accidentally got a drop of it on my favourite pyj...
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  41. Love it!


    I got this as a free gift from AB and loved it from the first application. I was worried at first because the liquid is a dark brown and thought it might stain, but it didn't. Skin feels instantly smooth and was still smooth as the end of the day.
  42. Like


    It's my second bottle of the Antipodes Worship Antioxidant Serum. I use it for fighting my red acne marks and hiperpigmentation. It works really well
  43. Unsure


    I have been using this product twice a day before moisturiser for 2 months and have sadly not seen any difference in my skin. I was really excited to try this product because it had good reviews and is organic and oil-free.
  44. Good for Sensitive Skin !!


    I have extremely sensitive skin that flares up and breaks out whenever I’m exposed to sunlight for too long. But since using this booster serum I find that my break outs are no longer as bad as they use to be. I like to apply the serum prior as well as after sun exposure
  45. Delicious!

    Beauty Bee

    I was surprised at how much I loved this serum. It smells like grapes and has a dark colour, but the colour doesn't transfer onto the skin. I think my skin was calmer throughout the day when wearing this serum and looked more rested? It's hard to pinpoint the effect, but in any case, I loved it. I use it quite liberally though, so I tend to go through it quickly. It absorbs into the skin really qu...
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  46. A good 'All rounder' serum


    I have fair, sensitive and acne prone skin and found this serum very good. The serum smells divine, absorbs well into the skin and goes well under make up.
    I certainly saw a firming effect to my skin and it appeared to also address my pigmentation concerns. The one draw back I found was that after 1 month of use I found the product was less effective, so it may need to be a serum that is alt...
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