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Alpha-H Vitamin C 25ml 25ml

4.3 of 157 reviews

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4 instalments of $17.99

Or 4 instalments of $17.99 with LEARN MORE

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Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum 25ml is a highly concentrated formula containing Ethyl Ascorbic acid and antioxidants to assist the strengthening, firming and preservation of the skin against further UVA and UVB damage.This serum contains a potent blend of new generation technology alongside botanical extracts and the highly effective hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

GREAT - 84% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Vitamin C 25ml

Alpha-H Vitamin C 25ml

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Alpha-H Vitamin C 25ml Reviews

4.3 of 157 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Gentle but effective


Works well for my sensitive skin. I find most vit c serums irritating but I have been using this daily and have been happy with results! Lovely to use and already starting to see some brightening effects

Most Helpful Criticism



Honestly, I don't think this did anything for my skin, other than provide a slight dewiness and barrier. I know its a much cheaper option for vitamin C, but I wouldn't order again and would rather spend more for a product that does something.
  1. Gentle but effective


    Works well for my sensitive skin. I find most vit c serums irritating but I have been using this daily and have been happy with results! Lovely to use and already starting to see some brightening effects
  2. Good Vit C


    I really like this Vit C, I've tried a few and I haven't found any that I like more yet! It's has watery consistency so it doesn't feel like much going on, but I mix it with my The Ordinary Ferulic acid & resveratrol and apply them together, which feels lovely and leaves my skin feeling fresh in the morning
  3. A good place to start


    I feel like this is a very mild Vitamin C serum. It's a good place to start before moving on to stronger products. Alternatively if you have sensitive skin I think this would be perfect for you.
  4. Great product

    Carolyn C

    I am really liking this serum! I see a difference in the tone of my skin and I love the feel of it when I first apply it.
  5. Average


    Feels nice and not over powering smell but I'm almost through a bottle and can't notice any difference in my skin. First time trying vitamin c and will try another brand next time.
  6. Repurchased several times!


    This is a really great intro to Vit C! I've repurchased this a number of times and will continue to do so. I find a little bit goes a long way so I believe it's good value for your money. It's a great light weight serum with minimal scent it also doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky. I find it's helped lighten some of my freckles and contributed to brightening my skin overall.
  7. Doesn't seem to do a lot


    I usually love Alpha H but this C serum hasn't done anything for my skin. Maybe because it's not ascorbic acid.
  8. Great for healing acne scars


    Brightens skin and helps fade the appearance of acne scars. I love vitamin c and this one is no exception! Love it.
  9. Great


    A great vitamin c serum, I felt like it did well for my skin
  10. Good


    I found this to be really good for my skin which goes through phases of being super sensitive. This didn't irritate my skin at all and make it look nice and dewy
  11. Affordable, nice but there’s better


    I got this in the Alpha-H pack with all of the serums in a smaller size. It has a quite watery texture which I don’t entirely enjoy, however it feels nice on the skin and is gentle. I used the entire bottle and I haven’t noticed much difference however it feels nice to apply. I wouldn’t buy it again, but if you’re looking for an affordable, gentle option this would be a nice place to start.
  12. Great Intro for Vitamin C


    I received a sample of this product a while ago, and only recently remembered to try it. It felt fantastic, no irritation, and zero fragrance. I would recommend this product for someone new to skincare or with sensitive skin. However, the percentage is very low, so isn't my favourite product.
  13. My go-to vitamin C serum


    I am a fan of vitamin C! I've always been on the hunt for products that don't excaserbate my redness and his serum as I am fair skinned and prone to sensitivity. This serum falls into my love category. It hydrates (visibly and I can feel it) and gives a nice glow. I've even purchased for my mum!
    I use it in the morning and love the feel it gives for a fresh, hydrated face for the day.
  14. Lightweight Vit C


    I loved the consistency of this vitamin C. I noticed the results after a couple of days and really enjoyed adding this to my routine. It’s a shame it only comes in a 25ml instead of 30ml
  15. Lovely product


    I am a huge vitamin C fan, and I love this product. It is my first time using this brand and I really like it. My skin has been glowing and clear since I started applying it every morning. I will definitely use it again!
  16. Love this product

    "Alli A

    I have been using this product for a while now and I love the light consistency and the gentleness of the product. I don't like anything too heavy on my skin in my morning routine so this is perfect for me. I have also noticed over time that my skintone has become more consistent which is great!
  17. lightweight and absorbs quickly


    loved it!
  18. Repurchased and will continue to do so

    A C

    I repurchased this item after trialling it in the Alpha H sample pack. It gives me a lovely glow and has helped brighten my skin with daily AM use.
  19. worth the price


    I bought this as my first vitamin C serum and am really happy with it, I have noticed a difference in my skin with consistent use and used with SPF 50 everyday. However, because the bottle comes with a dropper, it means the serum can easily oxidize meaning it loses it's power. otherwise, i really like the texture of the product and think it made a difference for me
  20. Not the best as a stand alone product


    The serum has a consistency of water and is a little bit too runny for my liking. I've tried other VitC serums, and they would often leave my skin glowing and smooth, but I don't find that I really see any effect at all after putting it on, only once I apply the alpha h hyaluronic 8 serum after. It is part of my Alpha-H routine and I think it works in cohesion with some of my other products so I'...
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  21. Meh


    Honestly, I don't think this did anything for my skin, other than provide a slight dewiness and barrier. I know its a much cheaper option for vitamin C, but I wouldn't order again and would rather spend more for a product that does something.
  22. Good Product!


    This vitamin c is a very nice product, even for my oily skin. It has made my skin more hydrated but not more oily! Nice and light when applied. Been using for about 6 months now and love.
  23. A great vitamin c! Vitamin C with everything you need


    I’ve tried a few vitamin c’s and this is the one I prefer. It isn’t oily, doesn’t make me break out and gives a nice glow once it’s applied. It doesn’t have a strong smell like other vitamin c’s and considering it’s price point, it does everything it needs to compared to some higher priced vitamin c’s
  24. Light and gentle


    I started noticing uneven tones in my skin and dullness this has 100% helped!! I noticed a difference very quickly which I wasn’t expecting at all, I’ve been warned about how harsh vitamin c can be but this is the perfect mix!! Not heavy or oily still doesnt leave the skin feeling sticky or tingly it’s nice used with a hyaluronic serum as well before moisturiser
  25. Protects


    This protects skin against environmental aggressors and adds hydration
  26. So far so good!


    I purchased this not long ago and so far I've been enjoying it. I haven't noticed any noticeable difference in my skin yet but I think that's because I haven't used it for that long. It hasn't broken me out which is a good sign as my skin is quite sensitive and the Vitamin C serums I've used in the past haven't not agreed with my skin.
  27. Hydrating


    This product is very hydrating and effective on my dry skin. It is very thin and skins into the skin nicely.
  28. Great


    My skin has a glow to it after i have started using it
  29. Feels nice!


    This product is definitely one that is for the long term skin health. It's quite watery to apply, feels nice going on but I don't see immediate results! I've heard Vitamin C is like insurance for your longterm skin, so it's definitely worth it for me!
  30. Brightening


    I have only just starting using this Vit C along with the other Alpha H products (ABC&E) but I can already see some difference in terms of brightening. I'm hoping it helps with pigmentation but only time will tell!
  31. absolutely love


    i love this range, worth every cent my skin it amazing after two weeks!
  32. Brightening and gentle


    This is the second Vitamin C product I've ever tried. I previously tried a powder form and found that it was too strong. I love Alpha H products in general, and this vitamin c definitely lives up to the hype. I apply it in the morning.
  33. Always go with VC


    Apply at night and your face glow in the next morning
  34. Chase that tingle


    Want a reliable vitamin c serum? Love the packaging, the way my skin feels after putting the serum on my skin (a sign the vitamin c is working for me!) and Alpha H is such a well priced brand which consistently delivers.
  35. Refreshing and revitalising


    I saw great results with this serum. It is a thin consistency, which is ideal for layering. It left a slight tingle on my skin, so I started off just using a small amount and gradually my skin got used to it. It is the best Vitamin C serum that I have tried (and I have tried quite a few). I will definitely purchase again.
  36. Amazing beginner product


    I was recommended the Alpha-H Vit C from the adore team as it was my first time using an active Vit C and i absolutely love it. It is a go to in my morning routine just before my SPF and makes my skin look lush all day!
  37. ok product


    This was the first Vitamin C that I used and I didn't see much of a difference in my skin. I would prefer to spend a bit more on a Vitamin C that works to brighten my skin. However, this product was easy to apply and didn't cause any sensitivities
  38. Great everyday product


    I am new to using vitamin c and I felt this was a great one to start with. Easy to apply and I feel over an extended period of time I will see more brightening. How we I can already seem affects after a few weeks.
  39. So far so good


    Have only been using a few weeks so far, but am happy with this product. Have been looking for a Vit C product for a while and am so far impressed. And delivery was super fast, very happy with the customer service.
  40. Gentle vitamin c but the price doesn’t align to the results


    I was surprised with the watery texture, but it goes on nicely and feels lovely on my skin. After the best part of a bottle though I haven’t seen noticeable results. I want to love it but it just doesn’t deliver, especially for the price.
  41. Great


    Really nice serum that soaks in and feels super soft on the skin. Good if you haven’t used vitamin c before, I’d probably prefer something a bit stronger as this is 3%.
  42. Love the new serum range


    Great serum. Certainly pricey but if you're looking for something that makes your skin look great then this is it!
  43. A nice, gentle Vit C


    I found this Vit C very gentle to use. It absorbs very quickly into my skin and leaves it feeling smooth. Its not drying and does hydrate my skin a little, however I would still use a hyaluronic acid serum after if you wanted lots of hydration. I don't notice the scent and I thought it was good quality for the price point.
  44. glow


    This makes my skin look brighter and is not too expensive
  45. Effective


    Quite watery but I feel like it sinks in nicely. Really effective product but takes a while to see results. Better for mature skin, I think.
  46. Easy, breezy Vit C


    Affordable price for the quality. It doesn't dry my skin out and is actually quite hydrating with the Grape Seed! It soaks into my skin nicely and works well with my other products (ASAP Super B Complex, Squalene Oil and Ultra Violette SPF.) After about a month of use, I've already noticed some brightness and plumping of my skin.
  47. I loved it


    This is an affordable and great product that adds Radiance and make your skin bright after few uses. Really happy with this purchase.
  48. quality and good price


    This is a great middle of the road or starter Vit C. Price is excellent and the quality is good. Feels very refreshing and plumping in the morning. No doubt the smell is a bit overwhelming (like most Vit C's) but this dissipates once applied. Vitamin C is an investment in your future so while you may not be amazed by results in the beginning - it is worth the investment.
  49. Instant effect


    I could notice a difference with this instantly! Very hydrating and brightening- the best!
  50. love it


    It brightens my face, tightens my pores, and I'll keep using it.
  51. Light but lovely


    This a very light but lovely serum. It's very nice for everyday use. No strong smell which is nice and definitely doesn't cause any breaks outs.
  52. Clear skin


    I have been using this a few months now and it has really helped to keep my skin clear and bright. For the price I’m happy with it. Don’t expect major transformations but from my understanding vit c is more about preventing damaging than offering wowing results
  53. Lovely serum


    I use this serum under my makeup everyday and it’s really hydrating and lovely. It does have a slightly odd smell to it though - can’t pinpoint what the smell is and it goes away quickly but I always smell it for just a second as it’s absorbing
  54. Easily absorbs and noticing a difference


    I've almost finished the bottle and am sitting on the fence about this one. I think I prefer the La Roche Posay Vitamin C but I've decided to buy another bottle and see how it goes. This product has a a really thin, water like texture so it absorbs really quickly. I haven't really noticed a hydrating effect from the hylauronic acid so I use a separate serum for that. The packaging is great but I h...
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  55. Brightening


    I purchased this after receiving a sample because I noticed an instant brightening effect. It has now become my fav product and I've even got my Mum onto it! I have sensitive skin, and I did not experience any redness or irritation after using this as I have with other vitamin c serums.
  56. Ok product


    The packaging for this is really pretty and it is less expensive than other brands however, it has a very watery texture which makes it sometimes hard to apply - I have to use a fair amount of product to spread across my face because it gets absorbed so quickly. I haven’t seen a significant change in my skin after using most of a bottle. Probably won’t repurchase.
  57. Decent Vitamin C


    I am almost through with my first bottle of this one and I think for the price its a good vitamin C, I think are probably better ones you can get but of course at a higher price point, this one works and I can see results but its not a game changer.
  58. Helps my skin look glowing!


    Love this Vitamin C serum and am on my second bottle now. A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly into your skin. I definitely feel it has helped keep my skin looking bright and glowy
  59. I love this - on my second bottle!


    This has made my skin brighter and happier, literal sunshine in a bottle. It is a nice light texture that sinks in nicely.
  60. Great for sensitive skin


    I recently finished my first bottle of this product. I love the thin consistency of the serum and how it easily spreads over the skin. It also absorbs really quickly which is great for morning routines when you're in a rush. This was the first Vitamin C I've used and I found that it made my skin brighter and did not irritate my sensitive skin- I will be repurchasing!
  61. Nice Serum


    Such an amazing product!
  62. Noticeably softer textured skin with less redness


    Have been using this for a few weeks now, since adding this product to my skin care routine I’ve noticed that my skin isn’t showing as much redness and feels a lot softer to touch! Overall satisfied with the result and would repurchase
  63. Perfect for Beginners


    I was on the hunt for the vitamin c serum and thought i would give this a try. i'm so happy with my decision! it's super lightweight and has the consistency and colour of water. it didn't cause me to breakout which previous vitamin c serums had. only downside is the smell, which has a metal/rust scent.
  64. Alpha-H


    A very mild formula that does not irritate. I have dry and very sensitive skin, therefore I hesitate a lot before purchasing products. I am very impressed by the fact that it didn't irritate my skin at all; no redness, no stinging and all the nasty turn-offs which a lot of vitamin c formulas have. I do find my skin feels softer and my redness around my cheeks has minimised within a week use.
  65. Easy and light


    It's quite an easy product to use. Absorbs into the skin really quickly, and i find a little goes a long way (3 little drops enough for my whole face). However, it isn't as strong as i presumed. I have quite tough skin due to frequent use of active products, so i feel it hasn't really made much of a difference after about 3 weeks of use. I will keep using, hopefully it'll brighten more effectively...
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  66. Great, affordable Vit C Serum!


    I made the switch to this Vitamin C after using the ASAP one religiously and can say that I much prefer this one! The texture is great, and the liquid is very thin making a little go a long way. My skin feels brighter and clearer after using this product, would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great, reliable Vit C serum! The only annoying thing is that it's only a 25ml bottle, not...
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  67. I'm just not sure...


    I wanted to love this as it's a great price point for a vit c and the branding is gorgeous. Unfortunately it feels very watery and I'm just not convinced it does much for my skin? I bought it to layer under my spf as I read that vit c can help supercharge the effect of spf. I will continue using but may not re-purchase once finished.
  68. Great vitamin c serum


    I received a sample of this. This worked well with my oily/normal combination skin, which has become a bit dull with age (I'm 39). It has brightened my skin and no break outs. I would buy this product as I think it is well priced, and a solid product.
  69. Like but don’t love


    I like this product but probably won’t purchase again. I don’t feel like it’s made much of a difference to my skin. It’s easy to apply and absorbs well. No tacky after feel.
  70. Beautiful and effective


    Even in a few days, I have begun to notice that my skin feels brighter and tighter after application. Beautiful, smooth consistency that rapidly soaks into the skin. Also - I have acne prone skin and this doesn't break me out!
  71. Great serum for use under moisturiser


    I have just started using Alpha H's Vitamin C serum. It isn't as thick as I thought it would be - it has more of a water consistency then other serums I have used.
    It soaks into skin well. It is priced well and I think the bottle size will last me a good amount of time.
    I am happy with my purchase.
  72. Love the Consistency

    Jo K-T

    I have been using this Vitamin C for about 4 weeks now. My skin is glowing, there is definitely a visible reduction in pigmentation and fine lines. The consistency is very different to other Vitamin C serums I've used which were more like a paste. But I like the watery consistency very much. It sinks in to the skin easily and a little goes a long way, it does have a slight smell of onions which is...
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  73. Fresh and brightening


    This is one of the first Vitamin C products I have used. It is quite watery but feels really nice on the skin. I keep this in my beauty fridge and apply first thing in the morning. The smell is very fresh and my skin always feels more bright after use. Would re-purchase
  74. Works great


    I love all the alpha h serums, they are really light on the skin, and I’ve noticed amazing results with regular usage. I find this is also really nice in the AM with sunscreen and my makeup on top.
  75. My first Vitamin C Product


    I am quite enjoying this serum. Have been using it 4+ weeks and I have noticed a more even complexion in my skin. Also good value for a Vitamin C serum. The consistency is quite watery and it kinda smells like salami lol. However as this is my first VIT C serum I haven't got anything else to compare it to. Would re-purchase!
  76. Good quality


    This is the first Vitamin C serum I’ve ever tried. I’m now onto my second bottle! This serum absorbs really well, and it goes a long way. Not sure if I’ve had a dramatic improvement in my skin condition yet though but trying to be patient. Considering trying another brand at some stage though to compare
  77. Vitamin C


    This product absorbs so well into the skin! Absolutely love it, I can already see an improvement in pigmentation
  78. Good value for money


    I've tried loads of vit C serums but this one really gave me results the fastest, and it's not too expensive! It sinks in really well- no sticky residues- its gentle enough for sensitive skin too
  79. Great Vitamin C Serum


    I apply this after cleansing and before moisturizing. It is super lightweight, hydrating, and absorbs into the skin well. I have noticed that my skin is brighter, softer and more even. Really happy I have tried this as it is cheaper than lots of other vitamin c serums out there but does a brilliant job!
  80. Highly recommended


    This serum works so well and it’s great value when you compare it to other vitamin C serums. I would highly recommend this product.
  81. Great Product!


    I can see the difference of skin complexion after one week of using this vitamin. Definitely I will buy it again
  82. Near perfect serum

    Alicia L

    I have enjoyed all of the Alpha-H products I have tried and this serum has proved great results in evening out my skin tone, not to mention the cute packaging looks great on my counter. My only negative would be that the smell is quite strange. It smells like burnt rubber? If you can look past the smell you have yourself a good little all rounder serum.
  83. Good value


    After looking into vitamin c serum, I chose to give this one a go. Good price point, Australian made, cruelty free and a few drops go a long way. I definately see results over time up, I tend to have uneven skin tone of light red area or just dull pasty skin, it has cleared my face to be an even skin tone and look more lively. Sometimes I get blackheads, but after the serum that seem to have light...
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  84. Love!!!


    I absolutely love this vitamin c serum! It makes my skin look so much brighter and is lovely and hydrating! A must have in my skincare regime!
  85. Not a bad start


    This Is the first vit C serum I’ve tried and so far it is not bad, nice and thin and sinks in really well. I haven’t noticed a massive change but it’s still early days. I really don’t like the smell though. It smells a bit like garlic.
  86. Actual Results!


    This product has made the largest difference in my skin. I have some pigmentation from sun exposure and it has faded so much thanks to this little bottle! Keep in a dark place as vitamin c can expire quicker when it's exposed to light. Use morning or night for better results. Layer it immediately after cleansing but before any other product then go ahead with moisturizer for faster result.
  87. Love it


    Very light, sinks in easily and quickly. Skin always looks better after use. Not sure of long term but def see immediate benefit. I am on my third bottle.
  88. Not horrible


    No visible results, also super oily.
    I eventually stopped reaching out for as I prefer my other Vit C's.
  89. Brilliant results


    So happy with this serum! It is definitely more cost effective than the last one I was using and has the same, if not better results.

    I have had no irritation from it at all, which is always a concern when I try a new product and after only a couple of weeks of using this I am seeing my skin tone is better, smoother and brighter.
  90. Amazing! Best vitamin C


    I’ve tried a couple of other vitamin c serums so far and wasn’t blown away by them and then I met Alpha H. This serums texture is beautiful, it abosorbs nicely, no sticky feeling either so it works well under your sunscreen. I think it was day two of using this serum, that I realised how much my skin was glowing. It looked so radiant and healthy and now I’m addicted. Another thing I really like to...
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  91. Holy grail


    This was the first vitamin C product I ever introduced into my skin care, and I noticed an overall brightness to my complexion after only a couple of weeks. So great for the price range. Will definitely be repurchasing.
  92. Great vitamin C formula


    I was in the market for a good vitamin C and I found this one by Alpha-H. I really love it and have seen great beenfits for my skin. It is so good!
  93. Great absorption

    Mel N

    I've been meaning to add Vitamin C to my skincare regime and I'm glad I started with this one. The formula absorbs well into the skin and I am already seeing a difference in the brightness and texture of my skin. I would repurchase.
  94. A brilliant every day Vitamin C


    A brilliant, great value every day Vitamin C. I use this under my moisturizer every 2nd day. There is a noticeable difference on the days I use this - my skin texture is smoother and definitely brighter.
  95. Nice, light serum.. smells like onions though?


    I really don't like the smell of this serum.. it reminds me of chopped, raw onion. Aside from that, its lovely and light and I do feel like it's brightened my complexion up since I started working it into my morning routine. I use this of a morning under my sunscreen and it soaks it really well.
  96. No visible results


    This is a nice lightweight serum to apply that absorbs well, doesn't feel sticky, isn't irritating and sits well under other products and makeup. However after using it routinely I'm just not convinced that there is any visible improvement to my skin. Based on this I probably wouldn't purchase this product
  97. Probably too soon to say


    Not sure how I feel about this one yet, the consistency and smell is quite different to the one I've used previously from Aspect and ASAP. It smells kind of mineral-ly like slightly rusty if that makes sense, I definitely think a moisturiser over the top is needed or maybe even mix in with a B serum possibly. I'm not convinced just yet but will continue use.
  98. Jury's out

    Bridget L

    I've been using this in the AM before moisturiser and SPF. It doesn't make other products pill which is a plus but I haven't noticed any particular brightening after a couple of weeks of using it. I've tried the Ordinary Vit C, which I found was very thick and made everything pill, the Clinique Vit C which was nice and zingy but not really brightening, and wanted to try this before the La Roche Po...
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  99. So Far So Good


    The texture is very light and the product absorbs very quickly into the skin. I have only been using it for about a week and my skin feels a bit smoother and brighter, but will need to see if it really works on sun spots. My skin felt a slight bit drier than normal so need to up the overnight moisturizer to something a bit heavier. Also my skin has felt more sensitive to sunlight so upping the sun...
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  100. Love it


    Vitamin C is everything!!! I see such a major difference in my skin when it’s in my routine. I love it so so much and really think it changes how bright it looks!
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