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Alpha-H Vitamin B 25ml 25ml

4.5 of 70 reviews

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4 instalments of $14.87

Or 4 instalments of $14.87 with LEARN MORE

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Fortified with niacinamide and copper tripeptides, Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum 25ml is the potent anti-ageing serum that you need to get your bounce back. Don't let your lifestyle show on your face - Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum takes on environmental factors linked to premature ageing, and assists in hydrating and plumping skin.
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Vitamin B 25ml

Alpha-H Vitamin B 25ml

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Customer Reviews

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4.5 of 70 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Ultimate Hydration


LOVE this product, very hydrating, reduces fine lines and is anti pollution. Also love that it is cruelty free!

Most Helpful Criticism

Great product


still early days but atm im using this with a derma roller to help reduce acne scars - the formula is bright blue and the smell is average. so far it has been easy to use
  1. Ultimate Hydration


    LOVE this product, very hydrating, reduces fine lines and is anti pollution. Also love that it is cruelty free!
  2. Fun to apply


    This product absorbs rapidly into my skin which is nice. The scent is slightly vinegary but I don’t mind it as I know it’s related to the active ingredients and added scents to cover up this smell would detract from the effectiveness I think. I love the blue colour which comes from the copper tripeptide so it’s a lot of fun to apply. I recommend purchasing with the vitamin profiling kit as I did
  3. Amazing!


    After one night my skin was noticeably smoother and softer and after using it twice a day for a week my skin is plumper, softer, and more radiant, pores are becoming more refined, and hyperpigmentation is fading. I'm blown away by the results in such a short period of time and can't wait to see what it does in the long-term!
  4. Great product


    still early days but atm im using this with a derma roller to help reduce acne scars - the formula is bright blue and the smell is average. so far it has been easy to use
  5. Very good


    It evens out skin tone, and reduces enlarged pores. It also adds a wonderful, healthy glow/brightness that can't be replicated. I plan to continue to keep this in my nightly routine!
  6. Nice


    Glides on like a dream. Also love the blue colour! Leaves your face feeling a little sticky but it goes away pretty quickly. Its quite soothing aswel. Overall a great serum
  7. Amazing!


    This product is amazing. A little goes a long way so my bottle has been going for a while. I do use this on alternate nights to liquid gold and have found a major improvement to my skin texture, hydration and pigmentation. I have noticed my skin to be more firm, plump and I definitely look more like I have a more natural glow, which is great as my skin naturally can be quite dull. Would recommend ...
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  8. Smells terrible!


    This serum is hydrating and helped to even my skin tone, but I could not get past the smell. It is extremely strong. There are better B serums on the market.
  9. Lovely


    This product helps to brighten up my complexion. Brilliant.
  10. Another Alpha H winner!


    verified purchaser
    This vitamin B is great! Sinks into slightly damp skin. I've only been using it for a week, but I can see the start of a reduction in inflammation of my Rosacea prone skin. So, far two thumbs up!
  11. Great


    This makes my skin hydrated and it has improved my dryness and dullness a lot
  12. Best for brightness & tone


    Being post-menopause at 50 (with some chronic health challenges) means I often need extra surface help for my complexion as it ages.This product is now a staple for me. The few times I've run out, i notice my skin begins to look duller & gets dehydrated more easily, hilighting wrinkles & pigmentation. From the first use this works for me. The serum is seriously light & lasts really well (can't bel...
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  13. The Best B


    This is the best vitamin B serum I have used - it soaks straight into the skin and immediately brightens my complexion. It's not sticky nor uncomfortable - a great serum to put under a morning moisturiser and makeup. Would definitely recommend.
  14. So gentle and soothing


    I have extremely sensitive and dry skin at the moment and this serum has been so lovely to use. I find it really gentle, calming and hydrating - it is one of the few products that makes my skin happy these days. Just ordered my second bottle so that I have it on standby because I'm getting close to finishing the first.
  15. Sinks in quickly and calms skin


    Love this Vitamin B serum. Unlike other Niacinamide serums I have used, this does not foam up on skin, and sinks in nicely. As long as you don't use too much, it won't leave a noticeable sticky film on your skin. I also find applying to slightly damp skin will also stop this from happening.
  16. Love it!


    My sister got me onto this product and I absolutely love it. I am on my second bottle and have noticed such an improvement in my skin. I apply it to a damp face and it absorbs easily, two drops go a long way so the bottle lasts ages. Great value!
  17. Cannot live without it


    I bought this after a recommendation from a beautician to help with the effects of steroid withdrawal from years of using topical steroids for my eczema. Has improved my skin dramatically. I use it morning & night. God send.
  18. Amazing


    OMG I love this stuff! It calms down my redness almost instantly. I had terrible sensitivity from AHAs the first day I got this and this serum took it completely away overnight. My only issue with it is that the 2-3 recommended drops don’t spread enough across my face and neck as it dries too fast, so I have to mix it with my hydrating serum in order to spread it properly. But it really does a lov...
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  19. Awesome serum


    Want a serum that targets all concerns of anti ageing? This serum is great for lines, wrinkles, sun spots and any age concerns, your skin will look and feel firmer, and look much better
  20. Leaves an odd residue


    I had high hopes for this because of the niacinamide and B5 but as soon as I applied it, my skin felt a slight stinging sensation although it wasn't too bad so I stuck with it. But then no matter how much I patted it in, it dried on my skin almost a bit like a watery glue texture? In the end I had to wash it off. Also, the bright blue colour (which I found out from the ingredients is dye) was a bi...
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  21. Wonderful product


    I really like this product. I have been using it a few times a week for about eight months. The packaging is nice, and it's easy to use (that is, it's easy to get the product out, and to control how much product you get).

    The product itself is lovely - it's a pretty light blue colour, and I like the smell (I did notice another reviewer said they hate the smell, but I really like it! ...
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  22. Amazing!


    I love this product! Even after one overnight use, my skin looked brighter and felt smoother and softer. 4-5 drops covers my entire face and neck and it absorbs quickly and easily. Some people have an issue with the smell, but I don't mind it at all.
  23. Very Effective!


    I absolutely love this Vitamin B serum! It does an amazing job of brightening and softening my skin, making my dehydrated dry Winter skin look and feel hydrated! Absorbs well into my skin and gives results quickly!
  24. The smell is off-putting


    If you hold your breath for a minute whilst applying this, it's a nice product. But the smell is terrible. Absolutely terrible! If that could be fixed, i'd say this product would be a lot more successful.

  25. A must


    I've read a few good reviews of this product online and can't remember exactly why I decided to buy it .. but that was 2 years ago and it's never left my skincare routine since. It's been great for my skin and has improved the brightness by fading old pigmentation marks like nothing else I've tried. Can't recommend this enough
  26. Received in profiling pack.


    I received this serum as apart of the Alpha H vitamin profiling collection. It’s amazing! I feel like the copper peptides are really working. It does have a strong aroma but I don’t mind it as I’m mainly using this serum at night on a cleansed face. I am noticing such dramatic changes in my skin.
  27. life changing


    this serum is amazing! it leaves my skin feeling super soft and plump, hydrates it and makes it look so much younger, reducing the appearance of fine lines. I love it so much! Definitely recommend.
  28. moisturising


    I find this serum moisturising, but I don't know if it has helped with uneven skin tone. I find it a bit sticky so I usually put a moisturiser over it otherwise it doesn't feel nice to press my face against my pillow at night!
  29. Love It


    I have only recently started adding serums to my skin care routine, but this Alpha-H serum is incredible! It is so hydrating. I just adore the whole Alpha-H skincare range.
  30. Added step to my skincare routine


    This is the first recommendation of a serum to my skincare routine. I use this prior to my moisturiser and it makes my face feel plump and hydrated. It smells a bit weird but goes well with the alpha h moisturisers.
  31. Great for hydration


    A lovely and light serum, that absorbs rapidly into your skin, I find this good in winter, it helps with hydration, and outside weather aggrevators such as wind, and rain. Good for help with indoor heating too. Makes the skin feel nice, soft and plumps it up a little bit. Don't overuse the product, just a little is good.
  32. Hydrating and brightening


    I bought this serum on recommendation from the Alpha-H online team as my skin was quite dry and flaky and prone to acne breakouts. Within a week or two of using nightly my skin was brighter and the acne marks and scars had cleared up. Constantly getting comments on how great my skin is looking. Definitely a must in my skincare routine now.
  33. Great


    I can’t rave enough about this wonder product. The packaging is a glass bottle with a dropper so it feels super luxe to use and is super practical to get exactly the amount you need.
  34. Helps keeps skin hydrated


    I bought the alpha-h vitamin pack that came with 4 serums. I am currently using this vitamin B serum to help keep my skin moisturised especially with cold and dry Canberra winter. And so far so good! Keeps my skin nice and soft and hydrated.
  35. Great hydrator


    I'm now onto my second bottle of this and definitely noticed that my skin was worse in between bottles of this. It's a lovely hydrating serum that supports my skin at work.
  36. Its okay


    I used this consistently for a while and while I did feel my skin was tighter, and hydrated I preferred the Vitamin A serum.
  37. Hydrating but funny smell - prefer the Alpha H E serum


    I like this serum - skin feels hydrated. But it smells like old fires or something - not unpleasant but really odd. Serum feels good and hydrating but I have this and the alpha H E serum and always find myself reaching for that over the B. But would depend on your skin - My is dry and starting to loose volume / wrinkles etc.
  38. Such a nice serum


    I have only recently started adding serums to my skin care routine, but this Alpha-H serum is incredible! It is so hydrating. I just adore the whole Alpha-H skincare range.
  39. So hydrating


    This is my second bottle of this serum as I now can't do without it. Within days of using it I could see the difference in hydrating and balancing out my skin which is normally quite oily. I was told that oily skin could be the result of dehydration which is why I was attracted to this product - to add hydration and it doesn't disappoint. You only need a few drops which makes the product go a long...
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  40. Fantastic product!


    Leaves my skin feeling amazing and soft. The collagen really does smooth and plump your skin over time
  41. very nourishing


    Beautiful product with lovely smell that sinks right into your skin and feels so nourishing and full off goodness. Love using it morning and night.
  42. Perfect


    I got this as a sample promotion and honeslty i find it so hydrating. It doesn't smell the best but I use it at night under my moisture.
  43. Good


    I know the instructions say to use this in the morning, but I find it way too sticky. I have not tried putting makeup on top but I can imagine it balling up if I tried. I will be using this only in the evenings when I am taking a break from Retinols.
  44. Seriously great Serum


    A beautiful soft serum which soaks deep into the skin to hydrate and protect.I have noticed my skins redness diminshing and skin looking freshly hydrated after a long day in an air conditioned office. Product really works.
  45. Great


    Lovely smooth feeling and lovely smell. I use it as part of my morning routine after Vichy 89 hyraulonic and find it good. I’m hoping my wrinkles will dissapear :)
  46. Love this serum!


    There's nothing I don't love about this product - it is lightweight but still feels like it's nourishing skin well, layers well with other products and make up, and leaves skin feeling super hydrated and soft.
  47. Not sure


    Not sure what the go is with this, On paper, it should be perfect for me but it makes me break out. Used it sparingly on other areas of skin so as not to waste the product but definitely can not use this on my face sadly.
  48. LOVE IT


    You can definitely tell that this is packed full of goodness and vitamins, it even smells like its vitamin rich and its super gentle and soft on the skin!
  49. Calmer and smoother skin


    My skin has always looked a bit 'angry' and this has definitely helped to settle my skin and make it smoother and calmer.
  50. Loves this Serum


    I love this serum as it really improves the texture and tone of myskin. I have combo oily skin and I'm in my mid 40's. I notice improvements within a week and also my complexion looks healthy overall.
  51. GREAT serum


    This serum has become one of my favourites. It's lightweight despite being one of my thicker serums and absorbs well into my skin. I LOVE the scent, it's a bit clovey without smelling like actual cloves. It has worked wonders on my redness and is slowly reducing some of my fine lines.
  52. lightweight serum

    Olivia (adore beauty staff)

    this is a lightweight serum, I use this morning and night and I find it instantly absorbs into the skin it is on 25ml so I do wish this was bit bigger but I guess you only use about 4 drops. I have found slowly this has reduced my redness in my congestion and I feel my skin is a lot softer and more hydrated since using.
  53. Good skin hydration


    Easy to apply and noticeable difference. Skin felt and looked healthier, especially throughout the colder months. I'd recommend this product. It's well priced as well.


    This is refreshing, soaks in fast, feels amazing, and leaves your skin smooth and soft. You can notice the vitamin C !
  55. Works well


    I used this serum for three weeks now. I bought it to correct the skin tone and calm the sensitivity. It works!


    Niacinamide is a must-have ingredient in everyone's skin care regimen and this affordable serum packs a punch!! This is my 2nd time repurchasing; it layers well with other products and absorbs quickly into the skin. It's one of those products that while your using it, you're not sure if it's doing anything, but the moment you let it run out, your skin's integrity, resilience, and hydration begins ...
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  57. Oh My Goodness!!! This is the one!


    Three month ago, I developed Papulopustular rosacea. I have always. blushed easily and have always had a tendency to redness, but this was a full blown itchy, burning, very painful pimple like all over my face. Not only was it painful, but inflammed and flaky and there was an increase in wrinkles, because with each breakout, was swelling to the skin. I couldn'h hide it with makeup and would avoid ...
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  58. Winter skin saver


    Wow. This has made an enormous difference in just a few weeks. My skin is maturing but still acts like a teen -tending towards dehydration in winter but breaks out easily. Added this serum in to my routine. So hydrating i have reduced my moisturiser. Skin definitely looks plumped and dewy and feels softer -even around my eyes (although I do not use it directly on eye area as advised). Also breakou...
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  59. So good


    This is a brilliant serum with a great combo of ingredients. I absolutely can't live without this in my morning routine! I'm disappointed they don't do the 50ml anymore but i would recommend this to anyone needing a bit of repair and hydration in their skincare.
  60. Fortified niacinamide


    I tried this upon recommendation from Caroline Hiirons. I've been using the Ordinary Niacinamide, and wanted to try something a bit more amped up with other good ingredients. The texture is water light, blue, and sinks in very quickly. I've only been using it for about a week so I'll need to give it a longer try to really tell a difference but so far it's going well. Unfortunately the 50ml size is...
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  61. Unsure...


    I bought this product about 6 weeks ago and I'm unsure on it. I can't really see results. I also find I am going through the product quite quickly - small bottle. I usually use the asap super b complex serum and decided to try the Alpha-H one for something different. Probably won't repurchase again and will go back to my usual serum.
  62. A+


    For me, this is definitely the best of the Alpha-H vitamin profiling series. Rather than a wishy-washy oil-based serum (which may or may not do anything at all), this is chock full of active ingredients: copper peptides AND hyaluronic acid AND niacinamide AND ferulic acid. It's also light and completely non-greasy. Absolutely love this stuff and will keep buying it for as long as Alpha-H keeps ma...
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  63. Great Serum


    I am pregnant and was advised to use this serum for extra moisture! Many people have commented that I am glowing and my skin looks great. It is gluggy on application but rubs in smoothly and feels light and not oily.
  64. Hyradtion!!!


    This product is so hydrating on the skin! I have very sensitive skin and I was a little bit nervous to try this product as normally anything new I put on my skin makes it breakout. This is not the case with this product and this amazing brand. OBSESSED! I use it every morning and second night( rotating nights with my liquid gold)
  65. Another Great Alpha-H Product


    I have been using this serum for about a week and it has improved the texture of my skin. It looks more plump and glowy. I have used NIODs CAIS with the copper peptides, but I think I prefer this Alpha-H one.
  66. Can’t live without


    I received this as a sample from Adore beauty. Even after using it for a few only days, I noticed my skin looked plumper and my skin tone looked more even. I have used this for nearly 12 months and I honestly can live without it. I use it every morning after applying the Alpha H moisture boosting mist and before applying my sunscreen. It has a bit of a weird smell, but I’ve come to like it. Genero...
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  67. Didn't see results


    I've been using this serum every morning for 20 days straight (I know not a long time) but I have not see a any results, in fact I kept breaking out in the same spot so I decided to stop using this and give my skin a break. I've started using Vitamin C serum instead and it seems to have cleared up my skin. I researched niacinamide and it's supposed to be great for acne but it did not work for me. ...
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  68. not bad


    I have been using this product every morning for at less 8 weeks. The serum texture and smell are great with blue color. My skin is plum and moisturized . But im not too sure it is make any differences in my skin tho. I would try different serum that have a similar price next time.
  69. A Game Changer...in a subtle way!


    I have recently started using this product at a first I didn't notice a huge change in my skin. However, after using this every morning I have found the redness in my skin reducing, as well as a reduction in texture and pores. I find the serum helps my make up stay on longer throughout the day and reduces the amount of oil that my skin produces on a daily basis. I have very oily skin so any produc...
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