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Alpha-H Vitamin B 25ml 25ml

4.5 of 135 reviews

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4 instalments of $15.74

Or 4 instalments of $15.74 with LEARN MORE

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Fortified with niacinamide and copper tripeptides, Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum 25ml is the potent anti-ageing serum that you need to get your bounce back. Don't let your lifestyle show on your face - Alpha-H Vitamin B Serum takes on environmental factors linked to premature ageing, and assists in hydrating and plumping skin.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Vitamin B 25ml

Alpha-H Vitamin B 25ml

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Alpha-H Vitamin B 25ml Reviews

4.5 of 135 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

SO hydrating!

Carolyn C

I'm really loving this serum - so nice and lightweight and I've definitely noticed the extra hydration it's given my face

Most Helpful Criticism

Not a fan of the neon blue colour


I received a sample of this product, and the first thing that caught my attention was how bright blue the serum is! To be honest, this deters me a little - personal preference of my skincare not being so neon. However, the colour disappears as soon as it goes on skin. It's a great product for this price, however I don't find it provides long lasting hydration, and makes my skin feel tight after a while.
  1. SO hydrating!

    Carolyn C

    I'm really loving this serum - so nice and lightweight and I've definitely noticed the extra hydration it's given my face
  2. Hydrating


    I really loved this product. I found it left my skin super hydrated and glowing. Would definitely recommend, especially for these colder months.
  3. Great product


    This product aborbs quickly and you only need a tiny amount! Can be diluted and applied with another face serum or moisturiser. I've definitely noticed a more hydrated feel and appearance since introducing this product to my skincare regime.
  4. Kinda sticky


    I was a long time user of The Ordinary's Niacinamide but wanted something with copper peptides so tried the Alpha H Vitamin B. As a vitamin B, it did it's job. I'm not sure if I saw much of a difference with the copper peptides. I have combination skin and I didn't like the texture of this product. It felt very thick and sticky and did not spread well. Won't be repurchasing.
  5. Great product


    Vitamin b has become a really important staple in my skincare routine. I’m loving the glowing effects and have seen great progress in my scars being lightened. Love it!
  6. Not a fan of the neon blue colour


    I received a sample of this product, and the first thing that caught my attention was how bright blue the serum is! To be honest, this deters me a little - personal preference of my skincare not being so neon. However, the colour disappears as soon as it goes on skin. It's a great product for this price, however I don't find it provides long lasting hydration, and makes my skin feel tight after a ...
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  7. I love how this product absorb nicely on my skin.


    I love how this product absorb nicely on my skin. This is a great serum for daily routine.
  8. It smells funny

    Mrs S

    I don't think I persevered with this product for long enough because the smell really put me off. I gave it to my husband to use and even he didn't like it very much and he's not particularly fussy. I still use it every now and then but I think there are better products on the market.
  9. Glowing!


    This product applies so nicely and I've already noticed a more dewy and hydrated appearance in my skin, particularly when combined with other alpha h products
  10. Hydrating


    Goes on very nicely, and doesn’t pill with other products. Great under makeup. I’ve noticed a difference in hydration and plumper tights skin
  11. Holy grail serum!


    I always thought that I was reactive to niacinamide as I used another cheap niacinamide serum and it broke me out and made my skin itchy. However I thought I would try again as I've read a lot about the benefits of niacinamide to sensitve/reactive/compromised skins, and wanted a serum that uses niacinamide at 5% which is the level at which it is clinically proven to be effective. My skin loves thi...
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  12. doesn't cause my skin to react


    a great purchase ! i have had retinol products in the past that have caused my skin to react and crack but my skin was absolutely fine with this one
  13. great allrounder


    Fantastic hydrating serum with a delightfully tacky finish, great for dry skin in the morning or at night. Great when you need some moisture, or when you've had a breakout and need some magic copper healing. Have purchased this repeatedly and its a great allrounder to have in the cupboard. I layer this up bigtime in the winter.
  14. Great all rounder


    I love this serum, I’ve purchased it twice. It’s hydrating and after several months of use I’m sure my skin appears brighter.
  15. I like it!


    I didn’t realise how good this was until I stopped using it. My skin loves it. I can’t put my finger on what it does but my skin just looks so much better when I use it! I pair it with a BHA toner every am and pm.
  16. good


    this is a good vitamin b serum, absorbs well and the packaging is nice
  17. Great hydration and value for money


    This vitamin B serum has great ingredients including copper peptides and niacinamide. I tried this serum first in the Alpha vitamin sample pack after breaking out and having irritation from Aspect's B. Im now onto my second bottle and have noticed significant improvement in the hydration and texture of my skin. There is minimal fragrance, easy to apply, and doesn't pill under other serums, sunscre...
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  18. The Best


    I love this serum, perhaps the best I've ever used. I have extremely dehydrated skin and this has done wonders in changing that. It absorbs well into my skin and leaves me feeling hydrated and plump all day.
  19. Undecided


    Nice smooth formula that doesn't pill under any of the other products. I personally can't see the difference when I do and don't use this product.
  20. It was ok


    It works fine on my normal days. I would avoid when my skin is feeling irritated!
  21. A great addition to morning skin care.Vit B with all the trimmings!


    I love this vitamin B especially with the added peptides. It’s a bright blue colour and is on the thicker side so I use it after vitamin c in the morning.

    I think the combo vitamin c and vitamin b has done wonders to my skin-more youthful, glowing and helps with acne scarring
  22. Disappointed


    Unfortunately my skin reacted to this serum. It became red itchy inflamed and hot sensation.
  23. All round effective


    This serum is affordable and it works - very easy to spread and soaks in well. The peptides i feel gove it a bit more oomph. I see a nore refined skin texture more hydration. And this one is easy to layer over exfoliants

    Niacinamide is an essential serum imo, but i haven't had the best luck with finding the perfect one. The Ordinary is cheap but too tacky/sticky... Paula's Choice is ...
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  24. Great serum


    Great value! This niacinamide serum was gentle on my skin and didn't pill with any of my other products. Will repurchase!
  25. Good product


    I bought this as an alternative to the ASAP B serum - this did not disappoint. I love the inclusion of copper tripeptide, one of the most well-studied peptides for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. However - upon finishing the bottle I realised that the vibrant blue colour does not come naturally from the copper inside but is added colouring. Not sure why this is needed for a face serum - seems a ...
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  26. Solid Niacinamide serum


    Good serum. Haven't got dramatic results, but you wont with Niacinamide really. It will always be a a part of my routine anyway. I love the addition of copper peptides.
  27. Lovely addition to my routine


    I really like this Vit B serum- I only removed half a star because it stays really tacky on the skin. Great ingredients and packaging and does a good job.
  28. Nice product and great price point


    The serum works really nicely on my acne-prone skin and have seen some improvement from use. Really great price compared to other niacinamide serums.
  29. It's okay!


    I found this product overall okay. Nothing amazing, and it smelt a bit strange.
  30. A staple in my skincare routine


    I have been buying and rebuying this Vitamin B serum for years now, and it has been the best thing for my skin. It is my little first aid bottle, and seems to fix whatever is going on with my skin (e.g. breakouts, dry and irritated). I use it nightly in combination with the Essential Hydration Cream.
  31. New love


    I have just purchased all of the Alpha H products and I am obsessed with all of them - but this one in particular! My sensitive rosacea skin likes it and it doesn't cause irritation. I like the bonus soothing ingredients and would recommend for all skin types
  32. Great product great value for money and has controlled by mask pimples that I was getting highly recommend this product, has made a huge difference to face.

    Ms z

    Great product has made a huge difference to my skin will repurchase
  33. New found love


    This is such an underrated product. A cute little bottle packed with so many antioxidants and goodies. I love the texture of this, not too heavy and easy to pat into skin. I'm an oily girl and find it doesn't feel heavy on my skin, even in the morning when i layer SPF and wear foundation. The price point is fantastic for such a hard working serum!
  34. A bit too sticky, didn’t love the feel of this


    This wasn’t my favourite of the Alpha H serums I received a sample of. It felt very sticky on my skin and I didn’t like the feel after using.
  35. Bang for your buck


    I switched to Alpha-H after trying Asap’s super B. It’s a bit cheaper and I’ve had better results - maybe from the addition of copper peptides. The consistency is stickier in comparison, but sinks in easily when patted on to slightly damp skin. Love it!
  36. Vitamin B packed with lots of great ingredients


    I wanted to try this after seeing some of the girls talk about it on IG. I'm really liking it, it's got a nice light texture and the colour is so pretty! A little goes a long way.

    I really like that it not only has Niacinamide, but also Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid and peptides. So many great ingredients packed into one serum! Also priced reasonably well for a cosmeceutical product....
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  37. A big fan


    Alpha H, the brand continues to delight with an easy crowd pleaser with their serum range. This serum is ultra light weight, glides on skin and quickly absorbs. Considering I received a sample, I haven't used the serum long enough to confirm if it works however, the brand is efficacious and delivers results. I wouldn't pass on it. Big fan!
  38. Can't fault it


    This is a really lovely product, with the consistency reminding me of ASAP's Super B serum. I received a sample of this and it was really hydrating and nice to use. I can't fault it. Would definitely purchase!
  39. Moisturising!


    I use this on my oily skin to hydrate and I love the light texture. Its not greasy so it's perfect for my oily skin. So far I have not seen any major improvements on my skin but do find it moisturising.
  40. good product


    I wasn't a big fan of the alpha-H vitamin C so i was doubtful to try their vitamin B but I'm glad I did. It worked to control oil production throughout the entire day and is a cute colour
  41. Fantastic serum


    Saw results in the next day. Immediately noticed my skin was brighter and more even. Absolutely love this serum range.
  42. Impaired Barrier


    My dermal therapist told me I had an impaired barrier (due to overdoing the retinol and C during iso), she asked me to start using vitamin B and Squalane and so I purchased this one as I love Alpha H's Hyaluronic acid. It has definitely helped repair my skin and I can feel it's natural texture has come back, about to purchase my second bottle
  43. Like it


    Another great serum from alpha h. It is very affordable in comparison to other vitamin b serums available in the market. But it works wonder and I could see a difference to my skin straight away.
  44. Love this product


    This is my first vitamin B that I’ve tried, but really love it. I feel like it brightens and moisturises my skin. The perfect match with my retinol
  45. Really worked for me


    Bought on a recommendation from a friend and it really worked to start reducing pigmentation left over from pregnancy. Excellent in the morning under moisteriser and make up!
  46. All time favourite!


    I love the Alpha-H vitamin B serum, its extremely hydrating and works miracles when I use it in the morning. I feel like my skin looks brighter and more hydrated throughout the day.
  47. The BOMB


    I purchased the 4 pack of sample serums at first from Alpha H and this was my least favourite and least used. That is until that’s all I had left and I started using it everyday, and now I’m obsessed. It’s a lovely blue colour and it feels like a big drink of water for my skin. Love it
  48. Nice


    I like this product. I have used a few different B serums over the years, this one is up there quality wise. It is very hydrating and does pile on the skin like some serums can. I have found using this product my skin feels and looks more plumped. Nice product. Only negative is the amount of the product you get. Standard seems to be 30ml.
  49. Holy Trinity


    This is a great product with Niacinamide, HA, and Copper Peptides all in one. It sinks really nicely into the skin and means I don't have to use 3 different products to get these ingredients in my routine. It's also reasonably affordable compared to some other products. Will definitely repurchase!
  50. Best kept secret

    Vitamin Beauty

    After a hard days work, there is nothing better than putting this little magic serum on after my cleansing routine. I swear it makes the days stress waste away. I especially love the new bottle design as it gives you just the right amount of product and nothing escapes down the side, as i felt this was the case with the older style bottles.
  51. Favourite Vitamin Serum


    I love this vitamin serum. I actually changed from ASAP B to this due to the peptide content. It was worth it! Vitamin B has improved my skin tone, complexion and even firmness. There are no conflicts that I have found and I use it daily. I have normal/dry skin and it drinks this up.
  52. Good intro to niacinamide


    this is a great intro to niacinamide, it doesn't carry the price tag of some other ones.
  53. Good product but weird colour!


    This serum feels great on the skin but strangely has a blue colour added (why?) which makes it feel artificial and child like, so strange to have coloured skin care for no reason especially blue!
  54. Love this product!


    Cannot love this product any more! Previously used a cheap Niacinimide which had a thick, sticky texture and never saw any results.
    This texture isn’t sticky and absorbs well. I’ve been using it twice daily and I feel that my skin texture has improved in the last week that I’ve been using it. Will be repurchasing once finished!
  55. Must have


    Love this product,makes my skin feel sooo soft and hydrated
  56. Already have one on backup!


    It really is my Product I Didn't Know I Needed! It's hydrating, reparative, nourishing and gives me skin a boost from within! I have definitely noticed a sense of calmness in my skin (normal to dry skin with eye area prone to sensitivity) and it's one of those products that once it's in your routine, you don't want to part with it! It also has both B3 & B5 which is awesome!!
  57. Love it


    Love the texture of this product. My skin feels soft and hydrated after applying. I use morning and night.
  58. Love this!


    Such a beautiful Vitamin B serum. Super hydrating on the skin, it always feels so plump after applying! My fave B serum is still ASAP's but this is a close second.
  59. Lovely


    For ref: 47 yo, dry skin. This is a really lovely product that makes your skin look and feel hydrated, calm and lovely but feels a bit silicone-y (although I don't think it has silicone in it - not great at interpreting ingredients!). However, I won't repurchase. I think Niacinamide is a FANTASTIC ingredient but still looking for the right product to get this in my skincare. Paula's Choice Niac...
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  60. Amazing - improves appearance of pores!


    I really love this vitamin b serum. After the first night of using it, I could see my pores appeared smaller. This is one of my biggest skin concerns. I really like the texture as it sinks in fast and is easy to apply (pats in quickly). I will definitely keep this in my regular kit.
  61. My new love


    The colour of this is so gorgeous. It absorbs really well and makes my skin nice and plump. I found this much better than The Ordinary one.
  62. Gentle


    I love all the alpha h serums, they are really light on the skin, and I’ve noticed amazing results with regular usage. I find this is also really nice in the AM with sunscreen and my makeup on top.
  63. Best serum


    This serum has made the most noticable difference in my skin than any other I've used (and that is a lot). My skin is so balanced, no more dryness around my nose, no more 3pm oil slick across my forehead smudging my foundation off. It is so beautiful too with the bright blue colour. Love it!
  64. The best serum!


    This serum leaves my skin feeling very hydrated. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I also notice my skin is firmer.
    A very well priced mighty serum!
  65. Beautiful B


    This B serum is fantastic, it’s absorbs perfectly and a little goes a very long way. Two drops covers my whole face. My skin feels so plump after using it and it’s like having a burst of hydration. It does have a strong smell but that does go away as soon as the product has dried. It also layers well under moisturiser. I also must add I do love the blue colour, it’s so beautiful.
  66. My favourite serum


    I have combination skin, and this is my go-to serum to help keep my skin hydrated and plump, as well as stop my dry cheeks from getting flakey and rough. Goes on well, and blends into the skin nicely. It is weird it's blue, but doesn't seem to have any effect on the product, just for aesthetic purposes. :)
    Will definitely buy this again, affordable and great product.
  67. Another great alpha h product!


    I love trying alpha-h products and was so excited when I purchased this serum! I found this product to be super hydrating from the first use, and I look forward to applying it each morning and night as it always leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. Another wonderful alpha h product!
  68. Works on pigmentation


    I like this brand quite a bit due to its result driven nature but when I tried this product, it impressed me even more. After using morning and night consistently, I noticed a reduction in the darkness of pigmentation so I can't be happier! I would love to see even more results when used in conjunction with other Alpha-H products.
  69. Bang for buck


    A great base, feels so lightweight on the skin, and super hydrating. I've been using this morning and night for a week, and noticed I'm waking up with nourished- looking skin.
  70. Vitamin B is must have


    This is the best vitamin B serum I have used - it soaks straight into the skin and immediately brightens my complexion. It's not sticky nor uncomfortable - a great serum to put under a morning moisturiser and makeup. Would definitely recommend.
  71. Brilliant make up base, nourishing!


    I tried this for the first time 2-3 weeks ago and have loved using it every morning since! This is a very lightweight gel-like formula which provides a well moisturiser base. It has not causes any breakouts, in fact my skin is clearer and brighter then I can ever remember it being.
  72. Niacinamide at a great price


    I find this is a great price for niacinamide and does exactly what it should do. A little goes a long way which is great. I do prefer the aspect product more however.
  73. Great


    Love the packaging, product feels great on your face.
  74. Great Hydration!


    I have been using this almost everyday since I bought the product and put it on after cleansing my skin. this product has left my skin feeling more hydrated and not feeling dry and flaky. It has really helped with the overall appearance of my skin and I will definitely re purchase as its daily part of my skin routine
  75. Impressive results


    I had a video conference with Vittoria from Alpha H and she helped me to figure out a new skincare regime using Alpha H. I received my order a week ago and couldn’t be happier with the products. I adore this Vitamin B serum, I use it both morning and night and have already seen such a difference in my complexion- it’s easy to apply and sits well under moisturiser and makeup if you want a serum you...
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  76. Brilliance in a bottle


    I love the serum. Have repurchased many times (I may be on my 5th or 6th bottle?). Soothes my skin, hydrates, nourishes and balances it for the entire day.

    It has a natural scent to it (for some reason it is a woody fragrance to me) but it quickly vanishes. I would say this is great for sensitive skin. I think it has really helped take some of the redness out of my skin (always a plus...
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  77. Great product, but underfilled bottle!


    I was really excited to receive this product after reading its great list of ingredients! Copper peptides and niacinamide are both ingredients that are great for my dry and dehydrated skin. I've had great success with them in products separately before and together they're a killer combo!

    I love the packaging for this, the bottle is a gorgeous pale blue and a minimal design. The seru...
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  78. I like this product but...


    I liked this product, there was nothing wrong with it. Great Vitamin B serum. Blue in colour and has a bit of a scent but I think I prefer the ASAP Vitamin B instead as it’s more hydrating and I saw more of a difference in my skin when using it. This is a good product though if you prefer the Alpha H brand.
  79. Love the new packaging


    Really nice serum, I like to apply it in the morning mixed with the Vitamin C serum and it sinks in really quickly and makes my skin feel great.
  80. Beautiful serum


    The blue colour caught me by surprise but I love this serum! Glides beautifully onto the skin, pairs nicely under other serums and feels really hydrating. My favourite Vitamin B
  81. Caused breakout


    Unfortunately this product caused me to breakout, even when I introduced it slowly. I do have sensitive skin though that reacts to lots of things. This is a shame considering all the other great reviews. It has a very strong scent but this didn't bother me too much as it goes away quite quickly. I think this product would last a long time as you only need a couple of drops.
  82. Great


    This is part of my night time routine. It plumps up my skin and helps my complexion
  83. This serum is IT


    Want a serum that targets all concerns of anti ageing? This serum is great for lines, wrinkles, sun spots and any age concerns, your skin will look and feel firmer, and look much better
  84. Effective and hydrating!


    I have used many Vitamin B serums and it's tough to find one that is budget friendly and does the job.
    This truly does the job! After only two days my skin was more hydrated and plump.
  85. Ultimate Hydration


    LOVE this product, very hydrating, reduces fine lines and is anti pollution. Also love that it is cruelty free!
  86. Fun to apply


    This product absorbs rapidly into my skin which is nice. The scent is slightly vinegary but I don’t mind it as I know it’s related to the active ingredients and added scents to cover up this smell would detract from the effectiveness I think. I love the blue colour which comes from the copper tripeptide so it’s a lot of fun to apply. I recommend purchasing with the vitamin profiling kit as I did
  87. Amazing!


    After one night my skin was noticeably smoother and softer and after using it twice a day for a week my skin is plumper, softer, and more radiant, pores are becoming more refined, and hyperpigmentation is fading. I'm blown away by the results in such a short period of time and can't wait to see what it does in the long-term!
  88. Great product


    still early days but atm im using this with a derma roller to help reduce acne scars - the formula is bright blue and the smell is average. so far it has been easy to use
  89. Very good


    It evens out skin tone, and reduces enlarged pores. It also adds a wonderful, healthy glow/brightness that can't be replicated. I plan to continue to keep this in my nightly routine!
  90. Nice


    Glides on like a dream. Also love the blue colour! Leaves your face feeling a little sticky but it goes away pretty quickly. Its quite soothing aswel. Overall a great serum
  91. Amazing!


    This product is amazing. A little goes a long way so my bottle has been going for a while. I do use this on alternate nights to liquid gold and have found a major improvement to my skin texture, hydration and pigmentation. I have noticed my skin to be more firm, plump and I definitely look more like I have a more natural glow, which is great as my skin naturally can be quite dull. Would recommend ...
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  92. Smells terrible!


    This serum is hydrating and helped to even my skin tone, but I could not get past the smell. It is extremely strong. There are better B serums on the market.
  93. Lovely


    This product helps to brighten up my complexion. Brilliant.
  94. Another Alpha H winner!


    This vitamin B is great! Sinks into slightly damp skin. I've only been using it for a week, but I can see the start of a reduction in inflammation of my Rosacea prone skin. So, far two thumbs up!
  95. Great


    This makes my skin hydrated and it has improved my dryness and dullness a lot
  96. Best for brightness & tone


    Being post-menopause at 50 (with some chronic health challenges) means I often need extra surface help for my complexion as it ages.This product is now a staple for me. The few times I've run out, i notice my skin begins to look duller & gets dehydrated more easily, hilighting wrinkles & pigmentation. From the first use this works for me. The serum is seriously light & lasts really well (can't bel...
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  97. The Best B


    This is the best vitamin B serum I have used - it soaks straight into the skin and immediately brightens my complexion. It's not sticky nor uncomfortable - a great serum to put under a morning moisturiser and makeup. Would definitely recommend.
  98. So gentle and soothing


    I have extremely sensitive and dry skin at the moment and this serum has been so lovely to use. I find it really gentle, calming and hydrating - it is one of the few products that makes my skin happy these days. Just ordered my second bottle so that I have it on standby because I'm getting close to finishing the first.
  99. Sinks in quickly and calms skin


    Love this Vitamin B serum. Unlike other Niacinamide serums I have used, this does not foam up on skin, and sinks in nicely. As long as you don't use too much, it won't leave a noticeable sticky film on your skin. I also find applying to slightly damp skin will also stop this from happening.
  100. Love it!


    My sister got me onto this product and I absolutely love it. I am on my second bottle and have noticed such an improvement in my skin. I apply it to a damp face and it absorbs easily, two drops go a long way so the bottle lasts ages. Great value!
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