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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask 50ml

4.7 of 101 reviews


4 instalments of $18.75

Or 4 instalments of $18.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $18.75

Or 4 instalments of $18.75 with LEARN MORE

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Introducing the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask, an advanced home peel that blends powerful Combination Hydroxy Acids (CHAs) with a nourishing base of Squalane, Shea Butter, and Fision Hydrate.
  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

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Customer Reviews

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4.7 of 101 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



My skin has never felt so amazing after using this!it feels so plump and hydrated. I even got my boyfriend hooked :)

Most Helpful Criticism

Results, but tingly!

Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

there are two kinds of people: people who love tingly masks, and people who don't. If you happen to be someone who loves a tingly mask, you will be OBSESSED - you need it, buy this, I promise!

If you're more like me, and can't stand tingling sensations in skincare, then best to avoid this and try something different.That said, I'm hard-pressed to think of any mask that is both this hydrating, and this effective.

Moving passed my bias for a second, this is genuinely a lovely mask. I only left it on for 5 minutes because I wasn't expecting the tingling, but I found that my already well exfoliated skin looked more radiant, and felt really smooth to the touch. My skin actually did have that post facial glow, which I wasn't expecting at all.

Word of warning - I can see me overdoing this though. It's super active, so definitely don't use it lightly and be careful about what other ingredients are already in your routine. If you're using Liquid Gold already, just be really careful to not use both - this is a potent mask! Once a week should be plenty, and probably tone down your use of other chemical exfoliants throughout the week before you're sure it's ok to use both.
  1. Amazing!


    My skin has never felt so amazing after using this!it feels so plump and hydrated. I even got my boyfriend hooked :)
  2. The best product I’ve ever used!


    I use this once a week, and everytime I use this I get compliments on how good my skin looks! This is definitely a product I won’t live without!!!! Do yourself a favor and get one now!
  3. Great exfoliating mask


    I received a free sample with my order so I tried it the other night after cleansing my face.The texture is very thick but it absorbs to the skin very well.It tingles so much so that you know it’s working on your skin.As for me tingling laster till I washed it off after 10 min.s.But it’s bearable.My face looked brighter and smooth after the mask.I think I would purchase a bigger size.It definitely...
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  4. Beautiful mask, does what it says it will, other than causing blisters on my lips


    Fab mask, my skin looks plump, smooth and blemishes are pretty much gone! However I accidentally got a little on my lips and it caused blisters in the ten minutes I had it on, so do be careful with it. I received this as a tester and will be purchasing in future to use once a week, rather than the regular liquid gold every second night. I have dry, sensitive skin and this felt soothing after washi...
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  5. Good


    After I have used this , my face looked brighter, smoother. It is nourishing and it does not make your skin feel dry and tight.
  6. Good for a quick overall smoothing product


    I received this as a deluxe free sample and the 15ml tube has last me approx 8 uses. There is a warm and tingling sensation on the skin when applied but goes away quickly once removed (after about 5 minutes). Is great for smoothing my skin out and overall "perfecting" prior to an event where makeup needs to be flawless.


    I love me a mask which improves my skin after one use. I like my skin to look and feel better and this mask did not disappoint! My skin is normally so dull and dry looking, my skin looked smoother and brighter and better and better after each use!
  8. Amazing mask


    Received this as a free tester. Goes on very easy/ smoothly and only need a small amount. Love the tingling sensation. Wipes off very easy with a warm wet cloth
  9. Amazing


    I tried this mask for the first time last night and it is amazing. I love the tingle while it is on your face, the consistency is smooth and it wipes off easily afterwards. Once washed off, it reveals smooth, bright, plump and glowing skin. This is the most amazing peel/exfoliator and will repurchase.
  10. My go to mask


    I love this mask so much. I use it once a week and it makes me feel like I have a completely new face every single time. I will re purchase this until I die.
  11. Great exfoliating masque


    This is a great masque for exfoliation, I find a little goes a long way and you can feel it working!
  12. Ultimate Perfection

    Belle With Love

    This mask removes my texture but doesn’t cause dryness. I’ve never experienced a mask like this as my skin feels plump and hydrated immediately after use & imperfections are visibly reduced. I’m actually amazed at the results.
  13. A must have


    An awesome addition to my weekly skin care routine. Very tingly so you know that exfoliation is happening!! Skin feels great afterwards. A little goes a long way.
  14. Worth the money !


    Me and my partner use this product ! It is just great ! Your skin feels soo smooth and nice !
  15. Perfecting mask


    This is my favourite mask, nothing clears and smooths my skin like it. Definitely worth the money!
  16. Impressive


    I ordered this after reading all the excellent reviews and do not regret it one bit. I have dull dehydrated skin and this product has made a drastic improvement. I leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with the help of a muslin cloth. The first few seconds of application is quite tingly which I don’t mind.
  17. Awesome mask


    Alpha-H Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask is a very good product on the market. I love how smooth my skin is after using the mask. It stings a while but it gone after few seconds. Suitable to use on dry, oil, normal or combination skin.
  18. Works well


    Got it from free gifts.I'm extremely sensitive, only use it lwhen my is stable, nut I also use it on my body to help exfoliate the ingrown hair, it works well.
  19. Fantastic product


    I received a sample of this and am so impressed! My skin felt amazing and so smooth. It’s a little tingly at first but not a problem, will most definitely be buying the full size
  20. Love my skin after this mask


    I've been wanting to try the Alpha H perfecting mask for a while, so I was really happy to receive it as a sample. I've been using it once a week and my skin feels so much softer. The texture is almost like a thick moisturiser. It is quite pricey but it should last a while if you just use it weekly or before special events. It does tingle a bit when you first put it on, but this feeling goes away...
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  21. Great Mask


    I received a decent size sample of this mask in a recent Adore order. The tingle of the mask did not irritate my skin even though it's very sensitive. This mask really brightened my face. Very impressed and considering buying full size even though I already have too many masks.
  22. Good mask


    It's a famous product of alpha-h. I got a sample. Good cleansing mask but I think my skin is so sensitive to use it.
  23. mask and a half


    Awesome mask . Feels excellent and leaves your skin feeling radiant
  24. My face is glowing


    It fades the fine lines and gives a glowy effect! So good!
  25. Loving it right now


    Nice and tingly on the skin, leaves for a beautiful even complexion.. I am obsessed big time!
  26. Intense


    I hate putting this one on, it’s a pretty intense tingle but I do love the effect it has on my skin. Makes my skin bright and glowy
  27. Love it!!!


    After using this products for the last 3 weeks (along with other alpha H products) my skin is clearer, smoother & brighter!!! I love the slight tingle it gives when you put it on as I know it’s doing what it’s meant to
  28. Absolutely love it


    Felt so nice and tingly on the skin when I used it. Smells great and my skin looks fantastic as the moment! Amazing.
  29. Excellent


    Excellent addition to the liquid gold range, a great mask to use once, maybe twice a week. It does tingle a little and you can really feel it working, can make your skin a little red, so definitely use at night before bed for best results of clearer, smoother skin,.
  30. Worth the price


    Lives up the liquid golds hype. This is pretty good, it smells great and really evens skintone leaving a glow.


    This product is a little pricey, however AMAZING! I love this so much! it is so refreshing on the skin, it tingles a bit but you can definitely feel it working! I recommend spending every cent on this product, it is simply amazing!
  32. Reset and refresh with a tingle


    I love applying this and resetting my skin once a week! Once used it leaves you with clearer, more supple looking skin. The packaging is also clever because you pump from the top, rather than remove a lid and expose the product to oxidisation.
  33. Great


    I look forward to my Sunday evening ritual when I get to use this mask! My skin is instantly brighter and I almost always get a compliment on a Monday morning about how my skin is looking amazing. Love love love.
  34. Impressive


    This mask is awesome. Intense in a good way, very tingly while wearing, but the results were amazing. My skin looked so fresh and clear, and also appeared smoother. I’m hooked on this mask, best at home salon style exfoliating make I’ve tried
  35. Amazing but..


    I wanted to 100% love this mask but it was extremely tingly on my sensitive skin, the results were great but with the price tag I think ill opt for another option next time.
  36. Love this!


    This leaves my skin so soft and bright. I get break outs so it's been great for helping reduce these
  37. Favourite


    This is my favourite moisturiser. It tingles a bit going on, but my skin is always radiant and dewy after use. It’s what I reach for when my skin is looking a little dull.
  38. Great


    This mask gives an instant brightening effect to the skin, which feels remarkably soft to the touch afterwards. The mask itself has a different texture to masks I've used previously as it's somewhat watery, and has a tendency to fade away on the skin over the 10 minute activation period. Even though the texture isn't fabulous, it's still a great mask with instant results and well worth buying!
  39. Instant results


    This peel is tingly but gentle and my skin felt so smooth and hydrated even after the first use. Wouldn’t recommend this product if it is your first time using chemical exfoliants but if you have built up to a stronger chemical exfoliant then this is the perfect option! Love love love. Will repurchase again and again
  40. Amazing weekly mask


    This mask is a perfect skin pick me up that provides hydration. I use once a week on Sunday nights to rejuvenate my skin for the week. On my first use I broke out a little, but every time since my skin has improved.
  41. Wouldn't be Without It!


    I absolutely love this mask - I apply it once a week and love the instant results it gives my skin. It instantly makes my skin look and feel super hydrated, nourished and glowing. It does feel tingly as it's on the skin, but that is a great indication that it is working it's magic! I love the fresh skin it reveals underneath! I love the plumping effect too, making my skin super soft and supple! I ...
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  42. Just another product on the shelf


    I received a sample to try and even though I generally use organic products, I thought I would give it a go. I followed the instructions exactly and felt a bit of tingling both times I used it. When I washed it off, I did not feel any significant difference and looking at the price for a full jar, it is very expensive! Unfortunately, I would not recommend and happily return to my organic masque th...
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  43. Good


    This mask has AHA and BHA which can be harsh if your skin is not used to chemical exfoliation. I broke out initially. Be careful not to use more than once a week (and not more than 10 minutes) and to wash off thoroughly. Skin is now reacting better to the mask!
  44. Tingly!


    I received this product as a free sample. I like the Alpha H range but find it a bit expensive so have moved away from it. I have dry, sensitive skin so when I first put this product on I panicked a little as it was incredibly tingly and burned/itched for a few minutes. However I kept it on for the full 10 mins and am quite happy with the results. My cheeks were a little red after but I've woken u...
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  45. Aptly named!


    This mask is amazing. The application is quick and easy, and a little goes a long way. I noticed immediate results, my skin was brighter and more even. It didn’t break me out like other peels, but any pimples I had were cleared up the next day. The results lasted almost until the next application the following week, and I was just as impressed the second time round! Will definitely be repurchasing...
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  46. Face mask converter


    I received this twice as a sample and am hooked. I have never been a big believer in face masks but just putting this on my face felt luxurious. The texture is amazing and leaves a slight tingly feeling which makes me feel like there is actually a decent amount of active product in this unlike other masks. I have very sensitive breakout prone skin and this has left my skin feeling great!
  47. Not for Beginners...


    I've tried this twice - both times when I got it as a sample in an order.

    The first time, I was new to chemical exfoliants. It burnt my skin and made it red and blotchy for a day or two.

    I tried it again yesterday, as I have been using Liquid Gold once a week and The Ordinary Lactic acid 10% once or twice a week. My skin felt tingly but not a burning sensation. When I too...
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  48. My favourite mask


    I love this mask. Very comfortable to wear and easily removed. Leaves my skin refreshed and refined. Use once a week and gives my skin a healthy glow.
  49. Lovely Luminous Skin


    I’m a tingle lover when it comes to skin treatments! Not only do I love the sensation but I know which ingredients are doing this and they’re all great for me. I’d go so far as to say the entire AHA Line is my Holy Grail go to product range for results.

    This mask lived beyond expectations and gave me a beautiful brighter appearance that was soft and well hydrated.
  50. My favourite mask!


    I love this mask so much! It feels very silky going onto the face and doesn't dry or crack so is easy to remove. Leaves skin feeling very fresh and smooth, and has reduced the size of my pores. I love to use this first, then the alpha h balancing and pore refining mask after.
  51. Great


    This mask has AHA and BHA which can be harsh if your skin is not used to chemical exfoliation. I broke out initially. Be careful not to use more than once a week (and not more than 10 minutes) and to wash off thoroughly. Skin is now reacting better to the mask!
  52. Great mask


    I use this weekly and it really perks up my skin. I am 39 so starting to see some signs of aging but finding this a great addition to my routine
  53. Results, but tingly!

    Shannon (Adore Beauty Staff)

    there are two kinds of people: people who love tingly masks, and people who don't. If you happen to be someone who loves a tingly mask, you will be OBSESSED - you need it, buy this, I promise!

    If you're more like me, and can't stand tingling sensations in skincare, then best to avoid this and try something different.That said, I'm hard-pressed to think of any mask that is both this hy...
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  54. This burnt my face


    I got a sample of this with one of my adore beauty orders and it chemically burnt my face. It began tingling and then started to burn. I had significant redness for 3 days.
  55. Does what it says


    I find this to be quite a strong product and for me there is a day or two of "down time", so it is definitely a once a week treatment and shouldn't be left on any longer than the maximum recommended 10 minutes. I'm 45 and I have what I would consider "deep wrinkles" on my neck and a lot of pigmentation on my décolletage and sides of my neck from sun exposure and not including these areas in my sk...
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  56. Love


    Some of my favourite masks! Theres no fun colour, peel, smell, or sparkle to these but they really do the job!
  57. Love


    Some of my favourite masks! Theres no fun colour, peel, smell, or sparkle to these but they really do the job!
  58. Great home peel


    Recieved a sample of Alpha H and I've now bought a couple of items from this brand. Thanks Adore Beauty for introducing me to this! :-)

    Like a professional peel. Can feel the tingling as it exfoliates my skin, gives a nice satisfying glow afterwards. Might be bit strong for those with sensitive skin though

    I have combination skin with oily pores around the t-zone and t...
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  59. Totally amazing


    If just received liquid gold ultimate perfecting mask today. I tried it tonight thinking that it would take weeks before I notice a change or if it does what it say. To my surprise, after I wipe the mask off it was like a instead face lift and that was 5 hrs ago, the skin on my face is still firm.
    I'm 56 and had a hard life, In the past I spent thousands of dollars to get the results I got ...
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  60. at home salon peel


    Feels similar to a professional peel, I don't think it agreed with my sensitive to combination skin. May be too harsh for some skin types but nonetheless it's a inexpensive at home peel!
  61. Like a salon peel


    Amazing peel - feels similar to a salon peel, a little bit of itching and irritation while it’s on so you know that it’s working. Leaves my aging skin soft, smooth and glowing. Best peel product i’ve bought
  62. Worth the splurge


    I was skeptical when I purchased this mask, especially since it was more than what I usually spend but it's worth every cent. After using it for few weeks my skin looks great. It moisturizes beautifully, truly sinks in. So happy I discovered this - definitely recommend.
  63. WOW. Just Wow!


    This is a beautiful product. I was worried about how well this would work and considering the price I truly hoped it would work. IT DID! and it exceeded all my expectations. I have rosacea and it has actually helped to eliminate a lot of the redness and bumpy feel to my skin. You would be silly not to invest.


    Super smooth and lightweight on the skin and left my skin feeling super soft and smooth! A must have!
  65. Lovely mask


    Feels amazing on, makes my skin feel so smooth after. It’s a lovely textured product.
  66. Lovely light texture


    I really like the light texture when I apply this mask thinly all over my face. The first time, I left it on for longer than the recommended 10 minutes by accident and I could feel my face tingling and starting to feel hot. After washing it off, my face was red and I was worried it was too strong for me. However the redness and tingling feeling subsided later and I woke up the next day with a a sl...
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  67. Love


    This is so amazing, I use it weekly and its done wonders for my complexion and skin colour on my cheeks. I love the packaging too its so easy to use.
  68. Ultimate


    Yes, as the name says, its amazing! Not a thick gluggy crunchy mask, but a soft and tingly sensation that is clearly evening out tone and opening pores.
  69. This is pure gold!!


    Had my doubts but they soon diminished after using this mask. I’m certainly stocking up on this one!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  70. this works brilliantly and gives great radiance


    love this product! ... so much so that i have used it twice in a week and only side affect deliciously glowing skin and evened out complexion ... have received several comments this week so have my results confirmed... it tingles a little on application but the tingles cease within about 10-20 seconds ... this will be part of my weekly routine for sure ...
  71. Loving Alpha-H products


    I have post menopausal facial skin and I purchased this mask so I could exfoliate dead skin and simulate micro-dermabrasion that you receive in a beauty salon.
    I must say after ten minutes on my skin this product left my skin looking brighter, whiter and softer. I was impressed with the results as my skin looks fresher and more youthful. I definitely will re-purchase Alpha-H products as I...
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  72. Looking fresh and healthy.


    This is the first time I'm used a mask and felt noticeable results afterwards. My skin is feeling really fresh and firm, it looks and feels smooth and no longer looks tired and dull - it's taken 10 years off my face.
  73. Works well but pricey


    I enjoy using this mask weekly. It doesn’t tingle the skin so I usually wash off before the 10 minutes is up. My skin is left feeling super soft and glowy. My mum commented how radiant my skin is looking lately and that my freckles seem to be fading. Only downside is the price.
  74. Disappointed!!!


    I was very excited about trying this after reading the reviews but for me it didn't work. I had it on for about two minutes and it started to feel like it was burning my skin it was hurting quite a lot so washed it off and the next day woke up with burn spots all over my face!!! that then turned into dry spots looked horrible.
    I have never had this problem before because i wouldn't consider...
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  75. This is magic


    Fantastic treatment, removes dry skin and hydrates. It does everything it says in an overview. Upon application it tingles a bit so may not be suitable for super sensative skin. After treatment my skin looks radiant and smooth, I only wish I could use it more than once a week.
  76. Pretty perfect!


    Super soft and easily moulds to the face, so every inch of skin is moisturized. Not only do my pores feel tighter but they also work great on dry and sensitive skin. Wish it wasn't so expensive
  77. Used a sample, bought the product!


    I received the sample a month ago and today I thought I would give it a try - I’m so impressed with how my skin feels and looks I have just placed an order. Definitely adding this to my facial regime!
  78. Pure luxury


    I received this as a sample and loved it - skin feels hydrated and looks much brighter. I have already ordered the full-sized product.
  79. At home peel


    I received this as a sample and I really like it.
    I left my skin extremely smooth and bright!
    It does tingle, but not as much as some other peels I’ve used.
    It has great ingredients- I’d recommend it to anybody, unless you have super duper sensitive skin.
  80. Great product

    Ms Zig

    Received two of these as a sample and I was rapt felt great on my skin and noticed a different straight away
  81. Amazing


    I received this as a sample product with a previous order. I’m so glad I got to try this! It works, it left my skin feeling like I’d walked out of a beauty salon with a facial..
    I’m going to purchase the jar as I love it so much!!
  82. A+++ Product


    Absolutely love this product. I have used many different face masks over the years and have to say this ticks all the boxes. My skin has never looked and felt so good since using this product.
  83. fantastic, bought after sample


    I received a sample of this and totally fell in love. I'm in my mid 30's with your usual sun blemishes and slowly ageing skin. This tingled a little just like a salon mask/peel. My skin felt incredibly smooth after I washed it off. Loved it enough to buy the full package.
  84. Goodbye texture


    I am obsessed with Lactic acid at the moment and when I saw it was in this I bought it immediately. I have dry/normal skin with fine lines and texture and I found this really smoothed out my rough skin and gave my skin a softness I'm not used to. It does slightly tingle but nothing uncomfortable. The price point is a bit higher than I usually fork out for a mask but it was definitely worth it for ...
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  85. Needs a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


    I thought my original Lavendar Alpha Mask was great but OH MY this one is is totally sensational. You can notice a difference straight away and the makeup applicatoin is beyond awesome. Will be buying this regularly and for my Mum for her birthday. Thank you Alpha.
  86. Lovely mask.


    I received a sample with my last purchase. I have used only once but absoluetly love this! My skin felt amazing afterwards. I am 45 and have pretty good skin but tends to get very dry in winter. This tingled a little on my skin but the results after were lovely. Highly recommend. Will definitely purchase full size.
  87. Amazing


    I have only used this once so far, but I am hooked! my face felt amazing afterwards and the next day too. I cant wait to use it again!
  88. Tingly mask


    This mask leaves a tingly sensation on your face, didn’t see much of a difference to my skin once taken off - except it’s quite hydrating compared to most masks
  89. First time user and will continue !!!!


    I received a sample of this product and I’ve absolutely loved it. I love the mild tingle when applied nothing over powering and when removed, my skin felt so soft and smooth. I will absolutely purchase the full size bottle and start to use this product weekly
  90. Fab


    don’t know what else to say in these reviews, other than they are fab and do what they say!
  91. Amazing


    I have tried a sample of this and wow is it good. I'm really thinking of getting the full product once my sample is all gone.

    Love how nice this makes my skin feel and look.
  92. Great product line!


    I have used the free sample and am about to purchase this product, firstly I thought I'd give a shout out to the positive effects of this brand. I use Dermalogica range and Alpha-H and both are amazing, well worth the coin. I am 49 in September and am happy to say I don't get mistaken for a woman on the close side of 50. My skin has been well treated to sun and surf over the decades and the lux...
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  93. Amazing


    I received a sample of this and for whatever reason thought it was one of these cloth type masks. It wasn't -and I applied the cream mixture. Whilst thick, it wasn't greasy. Tingled for a bit but not badly. I was amazed at how my skin was after using it. I am a mature aged lady. My skin tightened up and looked very smooth. I liked too that it was easy to remove. It's definitely on my wish l...
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  94. Not the best for sensitive skin


    I have never used an acid-based face mask before, so I have nothing to compare it to. However, it didn’t really give me the results that I was hoping for considering the other reviews. One positive is that you don’t need much product to get good coverage, so my free sample package was enough for a few masks. However, because I have quite sensitive skin I found the tingling to be very uncomfortable...
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  95. Amazing


    After receiving this as a sample from Adore Beauty I loved it so much I bought the full size product. It definitely lives up to its name as liquid gold. The mask is easy to apply,comfortable to wear, easy to rinse off and the results are amazing. My skin felt and looked absolutely fabulous ...clear,fresh and glowing. I love to use this mask twice a week although I advise to start with once a week ...
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  96. Amazing


    I liken the Alpha-H range to products that do much more than you think, i.e. I use Richard Jackson's Flower Power for outdoor, indoor plants, fruit and veg., I only need that one product to do all.
    Alpha-H does the same for my skin, at the age of 70 come December, I have no wrinkles on my skin save those around the eye's commonly referred to as 'laughter' lines which may be the case....
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  97. Same Salon Results


    I received a sample of this recently and was excited to try it - it definitely lived up to my expectations and I feel it gives the exact same result as a chemical peel that I would have normally done at the salon! It is easy to apply and throughout the 10 minutes that I had it on my skin, I felt some tinglyness...but not too overbearing. The tinglyness is good, because it lets me know the product ...
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  98. Ouch!


    I have oily congested skin that's prone to getting a lil dry in the winter wind. I got a sample of this and I used it tonight and oh my god it burns so much. I wasn't sure I could keep it on for the required ten minutes but I persevered. I've washed it off and my skin is smooth and bright like a juicy nectarine and not nearly as red as I'd anticipated given the sheer acidic burn. Knocked a star of...
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  99. Liquid gold


    True to its name - this mask really feels like liquid gold. After receiving a sample of this product, it's definitely won me over. I have very sensitive skin and ensure I only use high quality products that care for my skin, and I think this made the cut. The mask is so smooth and washes off smooth as well, no scrubbing needed. There is a slight tinging sensation, similar to Vitamin C powder. ...
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