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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose 100ml + Complimentary Journal  by Alpha-H


Enjoy a complimentary journal with your purchase of the Liquid Gold Rose 100ml product. 

Over the years, Liquid Gold from Alpha-H has become a cult classic and a staple in many bathroom cabinets. Known for its revolutionary blend of active ingredients to help rejuvenate skin for an ‘overnight facial’, the multi-award-winning Liquid Gold chemical exfoliant is a must-have for the beauty elite.

Liquid Gold Rose is a rose-infused iteration of the original, promising the same breathtaking results but with additional moisture-binding ingredients and weightless hydration to aid drier and ageing skin. Encased in stunning rose-gold-embossed packaging, this rose-scented special edition is a perfect addition to the legendary Liquid Gold range.

Key benefits of Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold:

  • Rose-infused reformulation of the original Liquid Gold
  • Contains additional hydrating ingredients for dry skin types
  • Rose scent
  • Stunning rose-gold packaging
  • Additional anti-inflammatory and anti-redness benefits
  • Minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and age spots
  • Skin-smoothing and skin-brightening properties

Is Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold good for dry skin?

Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold has been formulated with dry skin in mind and provides even more hydration than the original. Liquid Rose Gold contains a powerful blend of moisture-binding ingredients to offer instant, weightless hydration and is perfect for those with normal-to-dry skin. The product also includes Hyaluronic Acid to help with water retention and increase moisture levels.

Whilst Liquid Rose Gold is still effective at balancing sebum levels and decongesting pores, the original Liquid Gold is more suitable for oily skin types that do not need additional hydrating ingredients.


Is Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold good for acne?

Liquid Rose Gold has the same resurfacing properties at the original, so both are effective at clearing acne scars. Rose Gold contains additional botanicals that can help reduce redness caused by acne. However, for treating acne itself, there are more suitable products in the Alpha-H range.

How do you use Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold?

Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold should be included in your night-time skincare routine two to three times a week. Simply add to a cotton pad and apply to cleansed face, neck, and decolletage. For maximum benefits, allow the product to work uninterrupted without an additional night cream or serum.

Who should use the Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold?

This exfoliant is perfect for those who love the original Liquid Gold formulation but want more hydration for their drier or mature skin. Liquid Rose Gold also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-redness ingredients, so it is ideal for those who suffer from rosacea and pigmentation.

What are the key ingredients in Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold?

  • Rose, Lotus, and Orchid Petal Extracts are introduced for a gorgeous aroma and to help with redness and inflammation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is included in the Rose Gold version for increased weightless hydration.
  • Glycolic Acid helps to exfoliate and brighten complexions. It also helps clear the way for other active ingredients to penetrate better and deliver maximum benefits.
  • Licorice Extracts soothe and brighten the skin whilst reducing dark spots, age spots, and other pigmentation.
  • Silk Proteins help retain moisture levels in the skin and improve texture and clarity.

What are the long-term benefits of Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold?

Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold provides all the original skincare benefits of Liquid Gold, such as blemish clearing, brightening, and firming. With long-term use, it also provides additional hydration to the skin for a plumper and smoother look

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Game changer for pigmentation spots - 23-10-2018 by

I have been using the Alpha H liquid gold rose for about a year now , and have also recommended to my close friends. All off us have found our skin to become smoother, our acne pigmentation spots quickly faded and brighter skin.

I cycle this product on for 3 months and then off 1 month , and so forth to ensure my skin does not develop a resistance to the glycolic acid.

I found this to be the single best edition to my beauty regime. please note , only use every second day && wear lots of sunscreen as it will make. your skin a bit more sensitive to the sun.

Amazing! - 22-10-2018 by

First of all, this smells so beautiful!! It makes your skin feel really soft the next day and you don't really need to follow it up with a moisturiser or anything (I don't think you're supposed to anyway) but it's actually hydrating enough which surprised me. Would definitely recommend - it would make a really nice gift as well

Go buy it! - 17-10-2018 by

When I thought that the original Liquid Gold was epic.. this brought it to a whole new level.. it works exactly like the original but the addition of the Rose scent formula just makes applying it a dream! I love to inhale the fresh rose smell every time I wipe my face with it and it's so calming and gentle on the skin. Gotta try it for yourself to find out!

The best for sensitive skin - 20-09-2018 by

I have very sensitive skin and was apprehensive trying this. But i love it. My skin has never looked better. Thank you Alpha H i am a true convert.

I love this product - 13-05-2018 by

I love this product. It sits front and centre on my vanity table. I use it every other day, pressing into the skin with a cotton pad. It has made my scars fade so much faster. I haven't tried the original Liquid Gold so I'm not sure how they compare but this one works great and its smells amazing. The lovely rose water scent makes it really refreshing to put on before bed.

Helped fade acne scars - 09-05-2018 by

I have been using this product every other day over the last two months and still have 2/3 of the bottle left.

I have been trying to get rid of a specific acne scar for the past 6 months. After using this product in conjunction with a daily exfoliating scrub and together, I found that the scar has noticeably faded!

I experience a slight tinging sensation after applying the product to my face and neck. My neck starts to itch a little if I do not follow with a moisturiser afterwards - I would recommend putting a moisturiser over the product once it has been absorbed. There is a mild rose scent which is quite pleasant.

groundbreaking - 09-05-2018 by

I love using this, every third or fourth evening.. my skin is noticeably clearer, pigmentation reduced, red marks.. and my skin noticeably glowy also. I dont know much about the ingredients but its improved my skin dramatically!! like an overnight facial..definitely use as a treatment without the moisteriser. love the results

Excellent exfoliant for dry skin - 08-05-2018 by

I have previously tried liquid gold and liked the results, but found it a bit harsh for my dry skin. I purchased this product on a whim and am so happy I did. I noticed results after one use, and no drying side effects at all.

It suggests applying a moisturiser after application but I follow with a serum and the results are as good as anything I've used. Highly recommend if you are in your 30s and fighting early ageing signs.

Different to the original - 08-05-2018 by

I have been an avid user of the original Liquid Gold and thought the new Rose Gold Liquid Gold would be a nice change.
I'm not sure if the forumla has changed but the Rose Gold product had my skin red hot, blotchy and irritated as soon as it was applied on to my skin!
It could just be my sensitive skin but it's something to keep in mind for anyone thinking about changing from the original liquid gold.
I have since gone back to the original and haven't had any problems.

Just as good as the original! - 08-05-2018 by

I go back and forth between the original and rose liquid gold, and find them both great. The scent is divine!

Love this! - 17-04-2018 by

I use nearly every other day, in the morning my skin feels a lot smoother and softer & over time it has helped improve the overall tone of my skin.
I have been using a small bottle I received in a travel kit & will be buying the full size once this wears out.
Please note - if you use this, you need to use an SPF moisturiser during the day!

Excellent product - 12-04-2018 by

I adore this product. Its a staple of my skin routine. Skin feels hydrated and smooth. The rose smell is prominent yet not overpowering. Highly recommend

Lovely but like original Better - 27-03-2018 by

This is just as good as the OG liquid gold but I prefer the original as i feel it makes a more noticeable difference on my combo skin. However I would def use this first if you are new to acids or active skin care ingredients

My skin has never been better - 22-03-2018 by

I love love love this product. I noticed results quickly, and it wasn't long before people started commenting on how good my skin looks. My skin is smoother, and the redness in my cheeks that Ive had for years has significantly lessened. I rarely get pimples since Ive been using this, and if I do, they're very small and clear up quickly (a little dab of Alpha-H blemish control gel fixes it right up) I use it every second night before bed, and don't usually use any moisturiser afterwards to give it an extra boost.This has quickly become one of my skincare staples.

Beauty routine must have - 25-02-2018 by

I'm a regular liquid gold user, and decided to try the rose gold to change it up. I love the scent of this, but still get a great result. I use this every second night after cleansing, and try to leave it at least 10 minutes before putting on my evening moisturiser.

Excellent product - 28-11-2017 by

I have not used the liquid gold product before but decided to try this as the reviews indicated that it was better for sensitive skin. I started using this every second night, however have started to use it only twice a week as I also started to use Eco tan water on my face at night (which I love). This product certainly evens my skin tone and helps to reduce pigment and discoloration on my face. But I can not tell the difference between using it every second night (as instructed), and only twice a week. My husband also uses it, and it has brightened and evened out his skin tone. He was very happy with it.

Great for a lazy-girl routine - 28-11-2017 by

I'm not a stranger to acids. I use a lactic acid nightly and a BHA in the mornings. I had put off trying Liquid Gold as I found that my skin didn't respond much to the glycolic in Pixi Glow Tonic. I thought I'd finally bite the bullet and give this 'miracle liquid' a go after a bout of uncharacteristic adult acne that has left me with unpleasant texture around my jawline and cheeks. While I have a comprehensive nighttime skincare routine, I have really enjoyed the simplicity of just Liquid Gold on cleansed skin.

After several week's use every second night, I can safely say that the glycolic in Liquid Gold has softened the texture around my jaw and cleared some of the congestion that has been concerning me. It also leaves me with a freshness when I wake up- that nice K-Beauty 'shine'. I have not found the product irritating or 'tingly' after use. The rose fragrance is imperceptible to me- next time I will purchase the original Liquid Gold to see how results differ. Pleasantly impressed with the results.

LOVE this!!!! - 13-11-2017 by

I was very hesitant to try this product as I'd read that the liquid gold can be quite strong, and having sensitive skin, I wasn't sure how it would react. However, after reading reviews that the liquid gold rose is much better suited to more sensitive skin I thought I'd give it a try, and I'm so glad I did! It doesn't dry out my skin at all, leave it silly smooth the next morning and I've actually had comments about smaller pores! Love this product and can't wait to see the results after a few months using it! Definitely worth the splurge!

Living up to it's fame - 30-10-2017 by

I love the original Alpha-H Liquid Gold but this takes it up 1 more notch with the calming rose fragrance!! Such a happy feeling to gently inhale the fragrance when applying to my face. :)

In love with this product! - 18-10-2017 by

I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this brand! Only been using this product for 2 weeks and I love it! My skin feels smoother and healthier. I feel less congested around my pimple prone areas. I have combination - dry skin and this product isn’t drying, I leave it on my fresh face for a while and then moisturise before I go to sleep, sometimes I don’t moisturise and wake up with skin feeling great

It is Liquid Gold - 02-10-2017 by

I love this product. I had previously tried the original liquid gold and found it a bit harsh for my skin.
I decided to try this one and it is great!
I get all the results with none of the irritation.
I find it is great for evening out skin tone, getting rid of white heads and just generally improving the overall appearance of your skin.

Great product but the original will always be my first love - 28-09-2017 by

I'm in my mid thirties and although my skin is generally problem free, I have been noticing fine lines, increased dryness and decreased plumpness.
I have been using Alpha H Liquid Gold for just over 3 years and from the first use, I loved it. It is an instant pick-me-up for my skin.
And then I caught wind of Liquid Gold Rose, did a bit of research, and thought a 'gentler' version of Liquid Gold could be just what the doctor ordered, since I also have a bit of redness that flares up when my skin is irritated.
Here are my thoughts: The packaging is very pretty and it smells divine. It definitely feels gentler than the original Liquid Gold. Although its effect is not as WOW as the original, it does deliver on its promises.
I do love the Rose, but my next buy will be the Original.

This product is a game changer!! - 26-09-2017 by

I was worried about using Liquid Gold as I have highly sensitive skin that seems to react to everything with active ingredients. I am so glad that I gave this product a chance. Overnight, my blemishes are reduced and my skin is smoother and more even in tone. It feels like magic! On top of that the smell is AMAZING and I can't get enough of it. The many glowing reviews for the Liquid Gold Range are well deserved. I will recommend this product to everyone I know.

Loving this product xxx - 12-09-2017 by

My experience:
First night I used it and next morning I woke to a satin smooth complexion! It particularly evened out pigmented tone & redness in my cheeks & left only more stubborn imperfections from recently healed blemishes which I'm sure will improve with continued use. My skin even had this soft & super smooth satin-like sheen to it. I couldn't be happier with this product! I now use it 3 times a week and improving all the time :)

My skin:
I'm 47 yo with normal to dry ageing skin. Not many wrinkles but years of sun damage & only sporadically basic skincare. Pigmentation and a few tiny broken capillaries on cheeks & nose & mild blemish scarring on cheeks & jaw line.

My routine:
I start with Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser to clean away the day then Alpha-H Liquid Gold Skin Renewal Wash to prep my skin then I apply LG Rose and finish with my regular eye & lip night creams.

Amazing! - 05-08-2017 by

Liquid gold is a staple in my beauty routine and this is even better! The smell is amazing it's like I'm smelling a bunch of roses everytime I put it on

Like Liquid Gold but Better - 26-06-2017 by

I love Liquid Gold. This is actually better. No joke. It smells like heaven, it does everything Liquid Gold does: leaves your skin glowing and just overall just better. If you want an AHA product, buy this one.

Sensational - 06-06-2017 by

Liquid Gold Rose is outstanding. I am now addicted to the Alpha-H range, I am constantly scrolling through new Alpha-H products to use. The first morning I woke up after adding it to my night routine I was instantly impressed, my face felt so plump and fresh. The scent is so relaxing, it completes the product.

Roses really smell like... - 26-04-2017 by

Let's be honest - if you haven't used Liquid Gold, have you really lived?

I'm a massive fan of liquid gold since I've started using it. I'm in my late 20's with acne prone skin, which is a little dehydrated and I'm trying to prevent any fine lines or wrinkles.I feel like the original liquid gold really help minimise my breakouts and congestion, also it helps calm down any inflamed areas.

Since I've been using the Liquid Gold- Rose I've noticed my skin feels and looks more hydrated and not to mention the rose scent smells beautiful. The rose scent smells similar to the Jurlique Rose range (which is my favourite) and it feels so lovely after applying. For anyone who is a fan of Liquid Gold, I'd recommend stocking up before this limited edition Rose LG sells out.

Liquid Gold Rose review - 26-04-2017 by

I have used the original Alpha-H Liquid Gold before, and it has worked well on my skin.

So I tried Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose without any hesitation. It has a beautiful (not overpowering) rose scent, which instantly charges your senses. I have been using this over a week, every other night.

The next morning - voila, the radiance you have the next day is undeniable. My skin looks fresh, plump, clear, hydrated and less pigmented with tightened pores! It smooths all the small bumps and irregularities on my skin.

This product definitely works, and all I can say is… it is worth the hype :)

A great change! - 26-04-2017 by

I have used the original Liquid Gold 1 - 2 times a week for almost two years now and I love it. I was excited to try this out and was so happy with it! I have combination skin, and sometimes I find if I use the original Liquid Gold too often my skin will start to feel dehydrated. With the Liquid Gold Rose I felt as though I could still use this more than 1 - 2 times and my skin would still see the benefits however feel hydrated and not dry up. I absolutely love the smell too!

If you love Liquid Gold - try this! - 26-04-2017 by

I'm a fan of the original Liquid Gold formula, so when I trialled the new Rose version, I was unsure it'd live up to expectations. But it did - it has additional hydrating ingredients, as well as a beautiful rose scent (which I love!). Liquid Gold Rose is a bit gentler than the original, but still has all the radiance-boosting benefits of the original Liquid Gold! I'm just sad it's limited edition :(

Gentle but effective! - 24-04-2017 by

Liquid Gold got better! My skin type is normal, I can get oily in the t-zone but I'm more concerned with dry patches elsewhere.

This serum gives you that fresh skin 'glow' the next day with an extra hydration boost that my skin sorely needs. I love how this smells - it smells just like a really nice rose facial spray, it's beautiful!

I've been using this for about 3 weeks now, and I can't believe how good this is. I used to use Liquid Gold, but I started using it less frequently after I over-did it a couple of times. I am now using the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose and I can already see how much better this is suited to my skin.

I still use this once every two days as directed, and though 5% is a somewhat lower concentration of glycolic acid you can see a difference.

My skin is prone to dry patches which have been clearing up really quickly with Liquid Gold Rose, and my blackheads seem to be fewer.

All in all - if you've tried Liquid Gold and you've found it too harsh, this is definitely worth checking out!

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