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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml 185ml

4.4 of 237 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.34

Or 4 instalments of $9.34 with LEARN MORE

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A non-greasy, gently fragrant glossy lotion, Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser gently cleanses without drying or irritating the skin.
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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml

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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml Reviews

4.4 of 237 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good cleanser!


I use this most nights and think it doesn’t a good job at getting out dirt and old makeup residue!

Most Helpful Criticism



this is okay, didn't do anything negative to my skin. It is pretty average and probably not worth the money for a basic cleanser.
  1. average


    this is okay, didn't do anything negative to my skin. It is pretty average and probably not worth the money for a basic cleanser.
  2. Good cleanser!


    I use this most nights and think it doesn’t a good job at getting out dirt and old makeup residue!
  3. Gentle cleanser


    I've been using this cleanser for 3 weeks and I'm very happy with it. I have rosacea and sensitive skin and this did not aggravate my skin conditions.

    I watched a youtube video that recommended washing your face for at least 1 minute to encourage blood flow etc and since I increased the time I wash my face with this cleanser, I have noticed that my skin is softer (could be coincidenc...
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  4. Perfect!


    The best cleanser ive ever used (after trying almost hundreds!)
    My skin is super sensitive & dry, with rosacea and this doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped. Best of all it doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients so my face doesn’t sting after cleansing anymore! It’s super creamy, gentle enough that it doesn’t burn or sting your eyes, and your skin feels clean but hydrated and smooth after...
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  5. Wonderful cleanser


    This is a lovely, gentle cleanser that seriously does the job. Remove all oils and dirt from the face, but doesn't strip the skin of natural oils. I find foaming cleansers are too stripping so this milky cleanser is perfect. Leaves the skin super clean but supple and smooth. Has a lovely scent too.
  6. Love this!


    I loveeee this cleanser, I use it everyday, it makes my skin feel amazing and seems to keep it nice and clear, I will be ordering the same again just before it runs out. Highly recommend this one. Love alpha H products!
  7. Lovely cleanser


    I find this cleanser to be really lovely on the skin while doing a great job of cleansing the day away. I find it to be hydrating rather than drying and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.
  8. Wonderful for my mature skin


    The texture of this cleanser is beautiful on my mature skin. Gives my face a thorough clean.
  9. My go to cleanser!

    Mrs TCH

    verified purchaser
    This cleanser is creamy and claming for my sensitive skin. I love the result it gives and is not harsh on my skin at all. My got to cleanser that wins everytime!
  10. Dream cleanser


    Honestly the best cleanser I've ever bought. It's super gentle on the skin, super hydrating and yet actually leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. Couldn't recommend more, definitely my new favourite!
  11. Hydrating and gentle


    I love Alpha-H products, and recently purchased this cleanser. I have sensitive skin and eyes and often find many cleansers irritate my eyes and leave them red and sore. This cleanser is super gentle and does not irritate my eyes or skin. My skin feels super hydrated after cleansing, not tight and parched like some do. I use this as the second step in my double cleanse (following an oil cleanser)....
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  12. Amazing Cream Cleanser


    This is an AMAZING cleanser! It cleanses gently but very well when my skin is feeling oily and grimy. When it's sensitive and sore, it leaves my skin feeling soothed and comfortable. That's pretty bloody amazing in my books! It's a very light cream cleanser that doesn't leave a thick film on skin. It's simple yet does the work of 100 other cleansers just as well, if not better. Worth every penny.
  13. Worst experience


    I love Alpha H products and have never had an issue with them. I also have very durable skin that thrives on chemical exfoliants and is in no way sensitive. For the first time in my life, my skin has reacted negatively to a product. I used this at night before I went to bed to wash off the grime of the day. When I woke up the next day, my face was COVERED in red small pimples. There was not even a...
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  14. So gentle - sensitive skin start here


    This product is a lifesaver and super calming on the skin. During seasonal changes I get dry patches around my chin & lips and the creamy texture of this cleanser + the aloe vera really help to combat this.
  15. best in the biz


    This cleanser was my first non-drug store facewash and it changed my life as a teenager with oily/acne prone skin. It's so gentle but so effective. Removes makeup really well, leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh.
  16. Super Gentle


    I have really liked this cleanser. It is super gentle and doesnt leave any residue. The only downfall is it doesnt remove heavy eye make up.
  17. Great everyday cleanser


    So gentle on my acne prone skin leaves it smoothe and soft. Great for everyday use
  18. Love this cleanser


    I have combination skin and love this cleanser. I use it as a morning cleanser sometimes but most often as my second cleanse of an evening after a balm or oil to remove makeup. Leaves skin feeling fresh and soft without any residue or tightness. A little goes a long way and it goes on really lovely.
  19. Gentlest Cleanser Ever


    With combination skin that is very sensitive I have tried a lot of cleansers over the years. My skin is very dry but still prone to breakouts so I'm always on the search for a good cleanser. I have been using ASAP's Gentle Cleansing Gel which I love, but found the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser almost like a lotion! It's creaming and smooth. And when I used it on my eyes to remove eye makeup it was ...
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  20. Gentle and hydrating


    Perfect, no fuss cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft, clean and not stripped of moisture. A blank canvas ready for serums and creams. I have sensitive skin and eyes, and this doesn't irritate either. Will repurchase again.
  21. Did nothing for me


    Unfortunately, this did nothing for me. I have dry skin, in my mid 20s, which still gets the annoying pimple. This didn't work as well as other cleansers I have used.
  22. Super Gentle


    Love this cleanser and the amount of product you get! This will last me a while. Really gentle, doesn't leave my skin feeling too squeaky clean, removes makeup and works well in a double cleanse. Love it.
  23. Light and gentle


    Gorgeous cleanser that Is gentle enough to use to remove eye make up! Great for people who don’t like that tightening feeling after cleansing. Leaves skin really soft!
  24. My new fave cleanser


    I love this cleanser so much. It is calming and soothing whilst delivering a really great clean. I have combination skin and rosacea, and this has helped so much
  25. Lovely cream cleanser!


    Great price for a lovely cream cleanser that works well as a second cleanser after makeup has been removed. Leaves skin soft and subtle and is not drying. I have had hardly any break outs since using this cleanser with Alpha H liquid gold and PCA ReBalance. Perfect trio for my acne prone, combination skin.
  26. Loved it at first, but then...


    When I first purchased this product I loved it. Nice and creamy and left my skin feeling what I thought was clean and smooth. Then I bought a toner to use afterwards and realised how much dirt was still on my face. If you are going to buy this product i would 100% recommend using a face washer or a something similar to remove to ensure your skin really IS clean!
  27. Gentle on the skin!


    During seasonal changes I get dry patches around my chin & lips and the creamy texture of this cleanser plus the aloevera really help to combat this. This product is amazing and super calming on the skin.
  28. Gentle


    I recieved a sample in one of my orders and decided to use it when i ran out of my regular cleanser. Its is very gentle and cleansers well however i like something with a bit more power. Overall its a good cleanser for sensitive skin types and for someone who just wants to have a clean refreshed face .
  29. Yep!!!


    I bought the 500ml bottle of this and the triple action cleanser and love them.
    I typically have dehydrated skin and love foaming cleansers so at first i was hesitant bcoz its not foaming.. but then maybe thats my problem foaming deyhdrates my skin.
    I use 1 in the morning and 1 at night in the shower to cleanse makeup and love them!
    If i have heavy eye makeup on i do an eye mak...
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  30. Fresh and clean


    The cleanser makes my skin feel smooth and clean after use. You only need a little amount and it lasts a long time before you run out. Great product.
  31. Not a fan


    I brought this cleanser in the hope it would help to remove my makeup and be a great addition to my night time cleansing regime. Unfortunately it takes me 3 cleansers to remove my makeup and after using it my skin still does not feel clean. I definitely won’t be buying again.
  32. Nice gentle cleanser, probably best as a pre-cleanse.


    I purchased this as more of a pre-cleanse or to use on days after I'd exfoliated. It's gentle, has a mild scent and you do get a decent tube of it. I'd say it's probably not the best as a general cleanser replacement UNLESS you have good skin already/quite sensitive.
  33. Average cleanser


    Average cleanser, not worth the price. Not as good as I'd expected from Alpha H
  34. Love this cream cleanser


    I had never used cream cleansers properly before this one. I really love using this as a double cleanser. This product is amazing for sensitive skin and is so hydrating and cleansing at the same time. I loved it so much that in anticipation for running out I bought the bigger size but somehow haven't run out yet
  35. Not for me


    I recieved a sample with my order so I tried it a few times.It’s got a tiny tip so that you don’t waste too much product unnecessarily.This is a gel cleanser so definitely not for me.I’m so used to foaming cleansers so when I use gel cleansers I don’t feel that my face is cleansed enough.Also I don’t want to bother using cotton pads to wipe it off at the shower.But I was advised that it is a very ...
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  36. Great cleanser


    This is such a beautiful and gentle cleanser. It is very calming on my skin and it hasn’t broke me out at all. I love the tube and it lasts forever
  37. Neutral feeling


    I’m not sure how I feel about this product.It doesn’t foam or tingle when applied.So I don’t feel that it’s cleaning my face.It might be because it’s very gentle.So I guess it’s good for those with very sensitive skin.But in my case I think it’s too neutral for me.
  38. Amazing & Gentle


    This product is a lifesaver and super calming on the skin. During seasonal changes I get dry patches around my chin & lips and the creamy texture of this cleanser + the aloe vera really help to combat this.
  39. Great


    Great as a non harsh cleanser in the morning. Leaves my skin feeling amazing and looking less dull
  40. Great gentle cleanser


    This is super calming, and the most gentle cleanser ever, I would highly recommend using a make up remover or other foaming cleanser at night first and then use this as your double cleanser to really make the most of the product. It really smoothing and leaves your skin feeling hydrated. I do feel like I need to use a toner pretty much straight away to really get rid of impurities so if you need s...
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  41. Mind Blown


    Imagine my surprise when I had a facial a few years ago and she told me that my gel, foaming cleansers were not doing my greasy, pore clogged skin any favours and I should try this creamy cleanser from Alpha H.

    Now picture me falling over when I saw the price of all the products and closing my eyes as I handed over my credit card.

    AND NOW picture me looking fabulous wi...
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  42. Awesome product


    Great product. I have very sensitive skin and this cleanser cleans well while not causing any breakouts. Highly recommended!
  43. Nice cleanser!


    Removes makeup well, perfect that it can be used around the eyes too. Cleanses skin nicely, not too harsh - doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Will definitely continue buying this once I run out!
  44. Happy


    Recieved this as a gift, I am totally in love with it. It does not dry out my skin like other cleansers, and I have combination skin. Looking forward to purchasing it.
  45. Stoked with this prod!


    Trialled this in the fan faves pack and then purchased the 500ml bottle before I even finished the 30ml trial because I loved it so much. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and not stripped. You barely need to use anything so I dare say this new bottle will last me at least a year.
  46. Great


    I received a sample of this and was excited as i had just discovered alpha h and just started introducing their products. I love the fact that it balances the ph of your skin and bonus you can use it on your eyes as well as a total face cleanser plus it smells great too. So i have decided to purchase a big one amd use every night to remove makeup!
  47. Gentle


    I received this as a gift from adore. I like this cleanser but it is a little expensive for me. If I see great results I may purchase again.
  48. Love!


    This is my fav cleanser of all time! I have tried so many and they just dry my skin out! I have oily/combo skin and I use this every night to cleanse, I have noticed the difference in my skin since using. I’m on my third bottle and will not be changing! Love that it can be used on the eyes aswell.
  49. Lovely


    This is a nice, gentle, creamy cleanser. I have the triple action as well but I think the balancing removes makeup a bit better. I tend to use the triple action in the morning then the balancing at night. I love Alpha-H.
  50. Great all round cleanser!


    I love this cleanser as its both gentle and does a great job at removing oils, makeup and daily dirt from my skin. It is super refreshing and great to use in the morning to make your skin feel soft and refreshed. The cleanser has a really nice texture and I will continue to buy.
  51. Light, gentle and creamy


    Extremely light, gentle and creamy cleanser. Also great for removing make up. Has a very light gentle scent
  52. Number 1 cleanser


    No matter how many times I try out new products I always return to this cleanser. Removes all my makeup but still has that moisturised feeling afterwards. Love.
  53. Would not recommend this cleanser.


    I checked the ingredients of this cleanser before using it and there were none listed that I was sensitive to, however I broke out in a severe allergic reaction shortly after using this in conjunction with a moisturiser from this same brand. I looked like I had been stung by 10 bees, and once the swelling of my face subsided I had patches of what seemed to be chemical burn. I've never had a reacti...
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  54. Excellent make up remover


    This product is amazing for removing all traces of make up and skin is left feeling very soft. I use liquid eyeliner and mascara everyday and I had a sample if this which I took with me while travelling. I was amazed at how quickly and gently this removed all make up. I will be purchasing this product.
  55. Creamy and nourishing


    I like this cleanser as a little goes a long way, and it's nice and moisturising for winter skin. It's a bit too creamy for summer use
  56. Gentle yet effective


    This cleanser is amazing for a gentle cleanse. I have dry skin and it's great at balancing the moisture in my skin.
  57. So gentle!


    Finally I have found a cleanser that effectively cleans my dry skin, leaving me feeling refreshed, without stripping my skin and giving me an awful itchy, dry tight feeling. The consistency is soft and creamy and after use my skin feels really clean with a pleasant firmness and no redness or irritation.
  58. Ok product


    Don't like it, don't hate it, just very normal, but I do hate the chemical smell, won't buy the full size, I recommend Murad cleanser if you have acne, combination skin
  59. Nourishing and gentle cleanser


    The title of this review really says it all! I actually didn't realise this was a cream cleanser when I ordered it and was expecting a gel. That said, it was lovely to use and I will definitely consider repurchasing in future. It felt really nourishing to my skin, but my face still felt clean and the majority of my makeup was removed on the first cleanser which is great as it rarely happens! The s...
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  60. Purchased after sampling


    I purchased this after receiving a sample and am very glad that I did. It is a very gentle cleanser that makes my skin feel clean but not stripped of natural oils. I really enjoy using it.
  61. A great cleanser


    Have been using this cleanser for just over a week now. I am so impressed. Washes off all my make up and has already started to clear my skin from some pesky pimples other cleansers haven't been able to and still keeps my skin feeling hydrated.
    All the alpha h products come in nice and modern packaging that will look great in any bathroom.
  62. Non-drying


    This cleanser is so effective and doesn’t strip your skin of moisture! I usually use foaming cleansers but not again after this. My skin is left clean, but not dried out and feeling “tight”. I’m loving adore beauty samples as they let me find things better for my routine!
  63. Alpha balancing cleanser


    Beautiful cleanser not greasy at all
  64. Gentle cleanser


    Love this cleanser. It’s great for sensitive skin. I also love the minimalist packaging
  65. Gentle cleanser


    Love this cleanser, it makes my skin feel so smooth and clean. It does not make my face feeling stripped and dry after use. It is gentle, but effectively removes all face makeup and waterproof eye makeup, and does not sting or irritate my eyes. The smell is pleasant as well. Would recommend this cleanser for sensitive skin, since it does not seem to cause any rashes or breakouts to my skin.
  66. Simply the best!


    This cleanser is absolutely divine and leaves our skin feeling clean, yet certainly not stripped of any of its natural oils!! Will be repurchasing again and again but next time in the 500ml bottle!
  67. Gentle and creamy


    I don't normally reach for creamy cleansers because I feel like they're not as "cleansing" on my skin as gel cleansers. But I purchased for its moisturising and gentle description and it did not disappoint. It surprisingly takes off my make out and then I cleanser once more without it leaving my skin feeling tight.
  68. Greasy


    I didn't really enjoy using this cleanser as I found it really thick and greasy feeling rather then cleansing. Overall I'd say that I prefer gel cleansers over cream cleansers as I find them more soothing and refreshing on my skin. I have combination skin so don't like anything heavy on it and won't be using this product again
  69. Nice but not amazing


    I received a large sample of this and used it as my morning cleanser for 2 weeks. My skin felt clean and fresh after using, but there was nothing “wow” about it for me. Just a nice, basic, effective cleanser. I probably wouldn’t purchase as I’ve tried other cleansers that I like better due to scent or texture.
  70. A Nice Gentle Cleanser


    I received a sample sized version of this product in a goodie bag.

    It's a very gentle and light cleanser that was kind to my sensitive skin. It's useful for removing makeup, though it's more of a pre cleanser than an actual cleansing product.

    It does do what it claims but I do need to use a foaming cleanser afterwards or my face is left a little too oily.

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  71. Great everyday cleanser


    Love the tube and simplicity of this cleanser. It is great for everyday use and has been great on my sensitive skin
  72. Lovely and creamy


    a really nice cleanser, it is both calming and does give a good cleanse, it is good for normal to oily types and helps keep my skin clean and oil free during the day
  73. Couldn't get past the smell


    This cleanser was good at removing my full face of make up, it was gentle and didn't cause my skin to react or break out.

    The one thing that really bothered me was the smell.
    It was very chemical and personally I found it quite potent and off putting. It's a shame as I did really like all other things about this cleanser but just couldn't tolerate the smell.
  74. Love!!!


    This is my second purchase of this cleanser. I absolutely love it! Leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and best of all not dry! Best cleanser I have tried.
  75. Sensitivity


    I loved the way this went on and the fact that it is SPF but after the third day of repeated use my eyes started reacting to the product . They went red and were watering which never happens, sometimes my skin can react to a product but never so bad my eyes water. I had to go into the bathroom at work and wipe the product off my face but the reaction stuck around. Unfortunate!
  76. Its alright


    This cleanser is gentle on my skin and not too fragranced. Leaves my skin soft. And this product is environmental friendly which i support.
  77. Loved it!


    This cleanser is gentle on the skin and suitable for sensitive skin-types. Does it's job without leaving an oily residue. Leaves skin feeling clean without stripping natural oils. Only complaint is that you still need to double-cleanse to completely remove make-up, and a lot of product is used. I would buy again.
  78. Gentle cleanser


    I love this cleanser because it’s gentle on my sensitive skin and not too fragranced. Doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight
  79. Not bad


    My skin is on the oily side and this cleanser did well at cleaning my skin however it just wasn't my cup of tea. I got oily within an hour after applying this. This product would be great for drier skin types.
  80. lovely cream cleanser


    Finally I have found a cleanser that effectively cleans my dry skin, leaving me feeling refreshed, without stripping my skin and giving me an awful itchy, dry tight feeling. The consistency is soft and creamy and after use my skin feels really clean with a pleasant firmness and no redness or irritation.
  81. Soft and lovely


    This cleanser feels nice and gentle and is very creamy. I find if best if I use the Alpha H triple action cleanser at night to complement this.
  82. Excellent Cleanser


    This cleanser ticks all the boxes. It is gentle on the skin, removes all makeup including mascara, smells lovely and doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or dry.
    I absolutely love this product!
  83. It’s okay


    This cleanser is not suitable for combination skin in my opinion, it does not cleanse thoroughly enough. Whilst it is not drying it is better suited to more dry skin types.
  84. Simple


    This product is so easy to use and makes cleansing (something I used to avoid) easy and simple. Thanks Adore team for suggesting it.
  85. Non stripping


    This is a nice, gentle cleanser that doesn't strip the skin while still giving a good clean. I tried it as an alternative to my 'normal' cleanser which is double the price and I really can't tell the difference.
  86. Nice and gentle


    I use this to wash my face & make up off. It's pretty good at removing make up. Doesn't irritate my skin which is a good thing as most products do. Love how much product you get too much bigger than I thought
  87. Gentle & non-irritating


    I use this cleanser whenever my skin is feeling really dry or sensitive. I find it’s gentle and non irritating, although deeply cleanses so skin feels fresh.
  88. Not irritating


    Great cleanser to remove makeup - doesn't feel drying or irritating. I would recommend buying the larger size to save money
  89. So gentle


    Great cream cleanser perfect for sensitive skin. My skin absolutely loves Alpha-H, a great cleanser for oilier skin types.
  90. Better for dry skin


    I have combination skin thats a little on the oilier side and whilst this cleanser is gentle it is better for people who have regular to dry skin due to it being more hydrating.
  91. Soft and subtle


    This cleanser is very gentle and soft on skin and would be great for someone with sensitive skin. It does not cause any irritation and keeps the skin feeling balanced and hydrated. I have normal to combination skin but I like to use this cleanser just to remove my makeup etc. I then use an exfoliating cleanser 2-3 times per week and this works well for me.
  92. Polished skin


    I love this cleanser. It makes my skin look so polished and feel super smooth.
  93. Bit underwhelming


    I bought this as I wanted a cleanser that would remove my daily makeup in the shower.
    It’s very gentle and moisturising however I found it didn’t have quite enough power to remove all my mascara off my face during washing although most case off. I still needed to use a make up remover afterwards and my mascara is not the waterproof type either.
    Skin felt clean however not quite what i ...
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  94. Super natural and gentle


    Super soft and gentle cleanser that feels amazing and leaves my skin refreshed and nourished.
  95. Great gentle cleanser


    This cleanser is very nice, I use it at night, to remove makeup and cleanse my face,
    It is gentle and removes foundation and powder very well.
  96. Pretty good


    This cleanser is gentle and creamy on my sensitive skin. It removes makeup pretty well, however I find you have to rinse your face very well after otherwise you tend to be left with a slight residue on the skin. It is pricey but has lasted me a long time. The pump dispenses controlled applications which is super helpful!
  97. Gentle and non-drying


    This cleanser is perfect for normal to combination skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean without giving me a drying feeling. About to purchase my second bottle.
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